A painful landing

This scenario was suggested by R from the UK, a visitor to Sore Bottomed Guys.

Any suggestions as to the story behind this? Here is my suggestion:

Aaron Carmichael learnt his lesson for bullying his little brother Tim the night he snuck down to the cellar where he kept his secret stash of pot. Too late he discovered that Tim had set a trap for him.

yelled Aaron as he he bounced heavily down the steps on his bruised bare butt, little knowing that Tim had left some special treats for him on the lower steps.

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5 Replies to “A painful landing”

  1. Can't seem to send an email so will use this comment box 🙂
    One would be another spanking machine, maybe one that not only spanks but also scrubs the boy's cheeks till they're red and sore.
    Another would be a swim team spanked by the coach for not doing well and tied up for a shave, each one having his pubic hair completly removed.
    Lastly is a personal fetish of mine, where a jock is tied up by a teacher and for behaving like a baby he is given a burning ointment on his behind, making it burn red and then dressed like a baby (diaper, dummy). in pain he runs outside to where everyone sees him dressed in this way and as he passes a door, the diaper is ripped off and he is exposed, flaming ass red to everybody and limp cock shown 😉

    Keep up the good work, hope you like my suggestions! 🙂


  2. A hornet flies through an open window into the baseball team's locker room and lands on the bench, just as the team come back from taking a shower.

    The team captain, a handsome arrogant blond jock, drops his towel and starts to sit down right on the hornet.

    The angry hornet, seeing the firm smooth and shower dampened butt coming down to crush him, flies up and stings the jock hard on each cheek, and then finally on his exposed "rosebud".

    The jock jumps up crying in pain and clutching his burning butt.

    One of the other players laughs at him, this infuriates the jock, who jumps on the guy and starts beating him up.

    At that point the coach enters, and seeing the team captain beating up one of the team, and starts angrily spanking him with a rubber "flip flop" sandal, on his bare, hornet stung bottom.

    Of course this hurts so much that the jock can't help but cry, and is mortified with humiliation as all the team laugh at him.

  3. Now I would almost PAY to see this one live. Perv bouncing down the stairs out of control only to land down hard on that pointy helmet lol. Would be great on 'America's Funniest Queer Home Videos' lol.

  4. Seeing the pointy helmet waiting for the guy to land down hard on it – made me really hard!

    Also good thing he is wearing a jock otherwise he would ruin the seat of a pair of perfectly good briefs!

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