The Shaman’s Revenge (Part 8)

Shaman’s Revenge (Part 8)
reluctantly, and with a glum expression on his handsome face, Jordan
slunk down the road, heading towards the College infirmary,
accompanied by the now casually dressed Ranger, whom Jordan’s Dad had
irritatingly asked to accompany his son to his medical appointment.
Although it was yet another hot day, Jordan wore an extra sweater
over his T-Shirt and, instead of shorts he was wearing jeans. He had
felt the urgent need to cover his body when in Officer Tartarus’s
, as the way the Ranger looked at him, with that
sardonically amused twinkle in his dark eyes made the younger man
feel very exposed.
any event, the ranger had seen more than enough of his body already!
and me are gonna’ have tons of fun, now I am your neighbour!” said
the Ranger, his friendly words somewhat belied by the cruel twist of
his lips “just you wait an’ see!”
you say so!” muttered Jordan, very much doubting that any time
spent with this new neighbour would come anywhere close to being
what seemed like no time they were in the main hallway leading to the
College medical facility and Jordan made one final attempt to avoid
the inevitable “Okay ..uh … Sir!” he said “there’s no need
for you to wait around, In can take it from here..”
chance Buddy!” smiled the Ranger “I promised your Daddy I would
see you all the way to the doctor, and that is what I an gonna’ do!”
he pointed to the infirmary door, “after you kid!”
shoulder’s slumped even more, he knew there was no escaping from what
was coming.
they entered the main medical room, they saw the Doctor sitting on a
chair, apparently reading some notes. he looked up “Ah! Jordan”
he said “You are on time for once … and who is this you have
brought with you?”
Caleb Tartarus!” replied the
ranger “but you can call me ‘Ranger’, I am acting guardian, just
here to see that young Jordie got here safely”
cringed, nobody had called him “Jordie” in over a decade, and he
hated the name.
asked the Doctor “I am sure I have come across that name before …
is it of Greek origin?
Ranger raised an eyebrow slightly, but didn’t respond to the
question, instead he asked “As I understand it, Jordie needs some
injections in his little bottom?”
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replied the Doctor “Jordan, I would like to discuss the results of
your latest tests, but first you need to remove your clothes!”
Doc! Why do I need to be naked?” Jordan groaned “couldn’t I just
loosen my pants a bit?!”
Doc says you gotta’ git naked fella’!” interjected the Ranger “so
do as you’re told and git stripped! … now!”
as you are told young man!” added the doctor
Jordan began removing his clothes, his mood sinking even further
towards the floor. He had always been proud of his body, but now he
had come to hate being exposed, especially in front of the grinning
clown of a ranger.
instructed Jordan removed all his clothes until he was naked, apart
from his white socks, and stood in front of the two men, feeling like
some sort of exhibit, or a slave about to be auctioned to the highest
doctor then looked back down to the notes he had been studying “I
regret we are going to need to increase your treatment Jordan!” he
in …increase…” stammered Jordan “you mean … like ..
more?!” he stepped back and immediately felt the ranger’s
restraining hand on his shoulder.
initial prescription was too conservative I am afraid” frowned Dr
Schultz “We will need to extend the treatment for a further week
and increase the dosage to two injections in each cheek, three times
a week!”
have got to be fucking kidding me!!” yelled Jordan, his voice a
shrill with a mixture and anger and fear “I getting out of here!”
he attempted to reach for his clothes, but the ranger’s grip
tightened, holding him firmly in place.
are not going anywhere Buddy” growled the ranger, the menace in his
voice unmistakable.
Jordan was beyond being intimidated “Fucking let go of me! I ain’t
taking any more needles in the butt …NO WAY!!” he snarled
furiously attempting to struggle free and aiming a blow at the
Ranger’s chiselled jaw, but succeeded only in hurting his hand, as
the ranger continued to hold him firmly.
the Doctor strode across the room and also took hold of Jordan’s arm,
and between them the two men forced him face down onto a small
medical trolley, as the young swimmer continued to struggle protest
and kick.
need to tie the varmit down!” said the Ranger “I guess you don’t
have any rope handy?”
this do the job?” replied the doctor producing two large rolls of
plastic wrap “A smart salesman sold six boxes of this stuff to my
assistant, saying it could be used for bandaging serious burns!”
more like something I’d wrap a ham sandwich in!” replied the Ranger
“but, yup! That should do it!”
the ranger held the yelling Jordan down the Doctor used his bandaging
skills to swiftly wrap the plastic cling film wrap around Jordan and
the trolley, until he was firmly secured.
the Ranger was satisfied that Jordan was wrapped tightly, and could
not free himself, he stepped back studied their handiwork with a sly
grin on his face. “Now, I’d say that is a perfect target!” he
drawled grinning at Jordan’ fully exposed and now uplifted bare
bottom “If I say so myself!” he winked at the Doctor “and
provides you with full access for whatever you have to do!”
then turned and picked up one of the four syringes which the Doctor
had prepared in advance of Jordan’s visit and a malevolent sneer
began to spread across his face “Say Doc” he asked “have you
ever played darts?”
ago” replied the Doctor, “but not since my freshman year”
darts or British Darts?” asked the Ranger
I think..”
are similar, ‘cept the dart board is different ..” he paused “and
we have a very different dart board today” he pointed at Jordan’s
do you mean …?”
ranger held out a syringe “You wanna’ have a go at hitting the
target?” he asked
what the Ranger meant the Doctor smiled nervously “Are you
serious… that’s a bit unconventional…” he replied
but sure to be fun … if not so much fun for young Jordie Boy!”
laughed the Ranger, there was no doubting he was serious
had not taken much note of the conversation, being more focused on
unsuccessfully attempting to extradite from the plastic wrap
attaching him to the metal trolley, but the words “not much fun for
young Jordie boy” attracted his immediate attention. He struggled
to comprehend what the Ranger was talking about, without being able
to turn round he could not see the man’s face, but was sure it would
be wearing the characteristic cruel grin. He guessed the Ranger had
something nasty in mind, but could never have imagined what his new
neighbour had planned for him.
am not sure about this …” chucked the doctor, his professional
ethics fighting a losing battle with his excitement at what was being
me show you!” said Ranger Tartarus,
lifting the syringe in the air, closing one eye, whilst taking air,
and then threw the syringe hard and skilfully at Jordan.
let out a shriek of pain as the needle jammed hard into the lower
part of his left butt cheek. Any injection is painful, but when the
impact is the result of the needle being thrown hard and from a
distance, the sensation was magnified ten fold. “What are you
Fucking ####s doing? … that fucking HURTS!!”
good shot! Laughed Dr Schultz, his ethical reluctance evaporating
with his desire to emulate the Ranger. “Let me have a go!”
you are” Tartarus handed a second syringe to the doctor, whilst at
the same time picking up a third “meanwhile I will see it I can get
the right butt cheek!”
that, he threw the syringe he had just taken straight at Jordan,
hitting the target hard in the right butt cheek, resulting in another
yell of pain from the unlucky young athlete plastic wrapped securely
to the medical trolley.
turn … my turn!” cried the Doctor, his childlike excitement
belying his thirty eight years of life and characteristic mature
professionalism. He took aim and threw the third syringe which
again pierced their unhappy target’s left cheek.
more!” Laughed Officer Tartarus, raising his hand and letting lose
his final “dart”
impact of the fourth syringe jabbing into his burning behind made
Jordan lurch forward, which in turn caused the trolley’s wheels to
start turning as the trolley began rolling towards the door, picking
up speed as it did so. Jordan’s head hit the door, acting like a
medieval battering ram and throwing it open.
trolley, with the unhappy cling wrapped cargo on top, sped through
the door and out into the main hall.
was then when another of the unlucky coincidences, which had plagued
Jordan’s life over recent days kicked in, as the college janitor had
only just washed the floor, using a new wax based detergent, which,
while still wet, as it was then, made the floor extremly slippery.
As soon as the wheels of the trolley hit the wet floor, the speed of
its trajectory increased sending it hurtling across the hallway in
the direction of an open window.

Janitor gasped in stunned amazement at the sight which greeted him. A
naked young male, strapped to a medial trolley with with what
appeared to be sandwich wrap, and with four medical syringes sticking
unto his butt cheeks trundling across the just washed hallway at
escalating speed, was not something he had ever expected to see, or
something he would soon forget.
the trolley hit the wall on the other side of the hallway it bounced
upwards and tipped forward, sending itself and Jordan flying through
the window. The force of the collision caused the plastic wrap to
tear, separating Jordan from the trolley, as they both briefly seemed
to hover in the air, before hurtling towards the ground below.
window was on the fourth floor and Jordan knew for sure that a fall
from such a height would inevitably cause either death or serious
injury. He closed his eyes in blind terror and tensed his body for
the bone shattering impact to come, as the events of the last two
weeks sped through his mind. His run of bad luck had clearly been
leading up to this fatal conclusion.
fact, instead of being killed or injured, Jordan was to experience
the first instance of good luck he he had encountered for some time.
However, the degree to which this luck was “good” was somewhat
of hitting the hard ground below, Jordan’s fall was was broken by
landing in a garbage dumpster full of waste from the College canteen.
A mixture of rotten fruit, rancid pork and week old discarded bread
and pasta provided a soft landing, if a rather unpleasant one,
especially for someone with Jordan’s fastidious tastes.
weight of his body caused him to sink into the foul smelling mush,
which absorbed his body from head to waist, leaving his lower body
and cling film wrapped legs now uppermost and sticking into the air.
his head was in a pocked of unpleasant smelling air, enabling him to
breath, the rotten mush above held him firmly like quick sand, and
the more he struggled the more firmly it seemed to grasp him.
his predicament, Jordan’s survival instinct kicked in and he realised
that continuing to struggle could cause the air pocket to collapse,
in which case he would suffocate.
only option was to stay still and hope that the air would last long
enough for him to be rescued.
for Jordan, it was over half an hour before rescue came. And for all
of that half hour Jordan remained upside down encased in rotting food
waste with four medical syringes jabbing painfully into his uplifted
bottom, as Dr Shultz’s special serum gradually drained down the
needles into his backside, where it would only add to the further
discomforts which were heading its way …..
Be Continued