The Wasp Stung Peeper

wasp stung peeper

year old Darrell Todd’s luck ran out on the day he tried to spy on
the girls in the shower hut at Rosy Glow camp, where he was spending
the summer. He was just getting into a position where he could see
through an open skylight window when the tree branch be was balancing
on have way and he fell with a winding thud into a fork.
his horror he realised he trapped, and to make matters worse, not
only had his shorts, which he had undone, with the intention of
jacking off as he watched the girls, fallen down, but his underpants
had caught on a branch, pulling his bottom upwards in a painful and
embarrassing wedgie.
snowy white butt cheeks and part of his little tight pink anus, we
fully exposed, and due to his position between the branches, he was
unable to reach back and either free his snagged pants, or cover
himself in any way.
struggled to free himself but to no avail and in fact just managed to
wedge himself even more tightly between the branches.
he was frantically trying to think what to do, he became aware of a
loud buzzing noise behind him. He looked back over his shoulder,
and between the branches which were holding him like a vice, gasped
in horror at what he saw.
inches from his uplifted and very bare bottom was a large wasps’
nest, with a number of it’s buzzing inhabitants either crawling on
the nest, or flying around it. From the angry sounds they were
making, it was clear that they had been disturbed by his fall, and
were not pleased.
froze, beads of sweat glistening on his forehead, anxious not to
further attract the wasp’s attention to his exposed and vulnerable
bottom. However, wasps, with a nest to protect, are naturally
inquisitive creatures and some were already buzzing perilously close
to his naked and, despite his efforts to prevent it, quivering
cheeks. With sickening fear, he realised that his predicament was
far worse than he had imagined.
thought of shouting for help, but fear of disturbing the wasps, plus
his masculine pride, made almost as afraid of the girls coming and
seeing him in this humiliating state
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had been in this uncomfortable, humiliating and very dangerous
position for about 20 minutes, with wasps flying closer and closer to
his exposed derrière when he heard the sound of someone approaching,
and two of the camp handymen, Bart and Sam, came walking down the
path both dressed in full beekeeping outfits. The two men stopped in
amazement at the sight of young Darrell Todd pantless and trapped
between the branches of the tree, with his bare, wedgie elevated,
backside right next to the hornet’s nest..
help me, my foot slipped, and I’m trapped!” whispered Darrell,
holding his finger to his lips, as he was still anxious not to
disturb the wasps
were you doing up the tree?” asked Bart Wickett
by the window to the girl’s showers” added Sam Burgess, knowingly
raising an eyebrow
your pants, round your knees?” interjected Bart, the younger of the
two, with a grin
… er ..I…!” stammered Darrell
were peeing, weren’t you?” Snarled Sam “Looks like you are about
to get just what you deserve!”
.. I … er ….please get me down….!
Sam I know we were supposed to remove those wasps” grinned Bart
turning to his mate “but it sure seems a shame to disturb them when
they have such a peachy target to play with!!”
right!” laughed Sam Burgess in agreement “Leave em’ be a while!
… but lets wake them up a bit first” he picked up the garden fork
which the men had planned to use to dislodge the wasps’ nest, and
instead began hitting the side of the nest, causing a swarm of angry
buzzing wasps to come flying out, looking for something to attack.
PLEASE!! … Guys don’t do this …GET ME DOWN!!” Yelled Darrell in
the words has barely left his lips when the first fire laden stinger
jabbed hard into the centre of his right butt cheek.
OWWW!” screamed Darrell as the agonizing pain shot like a well
aimed bullet into the flesh of his athletic but still tender behind.
The first wasp was quickly followed by a compatriot, equally intent
on attacking the perceived enemy with its fiery stinger. The handsome
still pale object, right in front of their nest, presented to them as
a perfect target on which to vent their fury.
a third and fourth wasp launched their tormenting attacks on the
unlucky Darrell’s posterior, the one jabbing the centre of the right
butt cheek, whilst the second simultaneously jabbed its tiny but
venom laden stinger into the sensitive skin at the very base of the
young jock’s right but cheek.
….. OUCH!! ….AAAAOWWW!” screamed Darrell jerking forward as if
kicked my a mule. Unfortunately this just resulted in forcing the
unlucky lad further over the branch while the snagged pants lifted
his bottom higher, further spreading his cheeks and presenting an
even more exposed and welcoming target to the oncoming wasps.
two men let out loud guffaws of delighted laughter at the sight
before them, neither man was naturally cruel, but it appealed to
their sense of justice to see the handsome young man paying such a
painful penalty for his actions.
Leaned towards his workmate “Don’t you think he has had enough
now?” he said, he will be sore for days.
yet” replied Sam “My daughter would have been in that shower, let
a few more of the little bastards sting his ass first!” with that
he delivered a further WHACK to the fragile nest with the fork
OUCH!” yelled Darrell, as another two of the “little bastards”
did just what Sam Burgess has hoped they would, stung his now well
stung bottom.
the already stinging pain peppering his behind, the terrified young
jock, then sensed a wasp landing on him and crawling over his bottom.
With a growing sense of dread, he realised that the tiny, but
ferocious creature was heading towards the crack between his butt
cheeks, where as the sensation of cool fresh air told him, his anus
was now fully exposed.
off me, you little …..!!” Darrell whispered frantically,
attempting to shake off the insect, but the wasp relentlessly
continued it’s advance, up to the smooth still unstung slope between
the cheeks then, like an explorer surveying new terrain, it continued
down the valley towards the puckering pink oval at its base. Within
moments the tiny feet were now tickling the tense but sensitive petal
like skin at the lip of Darrell’s tight, virgin portal.
what was about to happen, Darrell shuddered involuntarily, a reflex
which was to have painful consequences. The movement, though slight
to a human, was not unlike an earth tremor to the startled wasp,
which instantly jabbed it’s stinger into the trembling pink flesh,
and released a full does of its searing venom deep into the rim of
Darrel’s most sensitive spot..
pain which the young, would be, peeper had experienced in his 18
years of life had hurt as much as much as been stung on the asshole
by a wasp!
is such a shock to the system that his body jerks forward, freeing
himself from the branches, tearing his underpants off and sending him
hurtling out of the tree.
and Sam jumped forward and caught the falling youth, before he hits
the ground, where he would have most probably broken some bones.
struggles to his feet, he was now naked from the waist down, as his
shorts had come off as he fell. Then, instead of thanking the guys
for saving him, he yelled at them “You fucking jerks!!, its because
of you those fucking wasps stung my fucking ass!! ….. And it
fucking hurts!!”
as much as it is about to hurt!” snapped Sam, seizing Darrell’s ear
between his thumb and forefinger.
by Bart, Sam dragged the protesting young jock towards a tree stump.
He sat down and pulled Darrell across his lap
are you doing? Let me go you creep!” protested the now very worried
way kid!” smiled Sam, “You are going to get the spanking that
dirty little peepers like you deserve!
you have!” laughed Sam “right there!” WHACK!! “and there!”
that Sam began spanking Darrell, making sure that as often as he
could the palm of his hard rubber glove covered hand lander right on
the raised angry red spot where the wasps had left their mark, as
Darrell struggled an hollerred in agony!
turn next!” laughed Bart
your turn Buddy” replied Sam “I am having far too much fun!!”
resounding SMACKS!, each accompanied by an increasingly more shrill
cry of pain echoed around the camp, causing campers and staff to
hurry over to see what was causing the commotion.
Darrell, he was paying a painful penalty for trying to spy on the
girls. He would not be able to sit down for days, or show his face
for a lot longer.
was the day that Darrell Todd’s luck really ran out!

13 Replies to “The Wasp Stung Peeper”

  1. Loved every sentence of it. 😉 Will we see more of Darrell's bad luck in future posts? I mean summer camp feels like such an ample opportunity for bad luck. What happens for example if Darrell take a late night skinny dip in the lake and somehow loses his clothes. The horrors that could happen to his naked unprotected and still sore butt in that situation…

  2. I love, how you contrast the atheltic build of that blond jock, his strong legs but tenderness of his butt being defenceless against small insects crawling over his posterior. Would love to see a goosebumb there next time…He was probably too arrogant to think about getting stung by such small creatures.

  3. After they finished with Darrell, Sam told Bart (after a a call from the office) to fix a leak in one of the dorm showers. 2 hours later, Sam catches Bart talking up the girls outside the dorm locker room, having not fixed the shower leak. Sam is fuming as they repair the leak.
    What happens next, and what happened to Darrell?

  4. It's Friday, Pete enters the dorm room he shares with Darrell, hearing muffled whimpers. He goes to Darrell's door, shocked he sees Darrell laying on his stomach naked with a red behind.
    Sitting softly on Darrell's bed, (who jumped with Pete's touch, noticing what looked like insect bites.), "Relax, I'll be right back, don't move." Returning shortly, neosporin in hand, quickly spreading the ointment on both cheeks and down the crack.
    Sam gets a call from the dorm Matron, "SHOWER STILL A MESS"!!! Bart was left to clean-up.
    Since Bart, (no answer) (phone goes to voice mail), Sam sends his son-in-law, Jake to do the job. 45 minutes, Jake has the shower spic & span and back to the farm, but leaves a soapy sponge (found by the Matron, thank God no one was hurt said her text to Sam.) on the floor. 45 minutes was also the time Bart had to report to Sam's farm, according to the urgent text Sam sent him.
    What's next for this errand group of young men???

    1. Hi Cadrunne

      Thanks for the next instalment of your story, however, can you please amend it to remove references to persons under the age of 18. Then I will be happy to approve it. It is getting interesting

    2. Great work! I love that expanded upon a post called A Sting in the Tail. Always wanted to see what would happen if the "Trespassers will be Spanked " sign came true for that bad boy's butt

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