7 Replies to “The Frat Boys and the Bee Keepers”

  1. I am wondering if the bees would sting just because of the honey on the bottoms? Or do they know that the boys have tipped over their hives?;-)

  2. I love it when cocky boys with muscular behinds get stung and bitten by tiny creatures which they would just crush normally. please more!

  3. Wow somehow I think I was destined to find this site, you keep showing hot pics of gay guys getting their butts punished by insects, and I am gay and work in pest control haha!

    Unfortunately I don't like this pic too much. Very messy and the men laughing at the guys aren't hot.

    Would be much better if the gay guys were tied butts up and a bunch of the bees were stabbing their stingers in and out of their brief butts while a bunch of hot straight guys pointed and laughed at them!

  4. I too like the idea of the guy getting stuck in his butt over his briefs. Even more so than naked sometimes. Peter you got to e mail me so we can exchange ideas.

  5. The real fun comes later when the pledge master bends these boys over and smacks their already stung bare behinds with a nice big thick frat paddle!

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