Matador Rafael Cerro jabbed in the butt by bull

Spanish Pin Up Matador Rafael Cerro

Bull spots the target

Animal lovers may view this as a form of poetic justice,when an arrogant bullfighter gets a sharp bovine horn up the butt.
Rafael Cerro is on of the pin-ups of Spanish bull fighting, who’s entry into ring is invariably greeted with cheering crowds and screams from his female (an presumably some male) fans.  However in June this year the screams of appreciation changed to cries of horror when one angry bull turned the tables on the handsome Rafael.    


Lowering its head and charging the bull hits the tempting target dead-centre

 Lifting the shocked, mortified and very sore young matador into the air
 and spinning him around in front of the horrified crowd
How painful, how humiliating, it must have been close as to which smarted the most Rafael’s bottom or his ego?

Amazingly Rafael escaped the attach with just some painful bruising and a few embarrassing memories

 News story

Thanks to CD for pointing me to this story

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  1. Peter –Notbeable to sit for a week is a PoorEstimate I would think it would be much. Longer .Maybe you should reevalate Your estimate

  2. Yeah it is only an estimate. Do you think maybe a month? I think I could better judge how long if I got the point of the bull's horn stuck up my rear end. Then I would know for sure. It would however ruin a good pair of underwear. But I'd get over it.

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