The Shaman’s Revenge Jordan and the Speedos from Hell (Part 1)

The Shaman’s Revenge

Jordan and the Speedos from Hell

(Part 1)

It was early on a late summer morning, and the sun was just peeping through the curtains of the small bedroom where Jordan had spent the night. Jordan’s new guardian come baby sitter the Ranger had forced him to give up his usual, much larger bedroom, to his visiting cousin Harley. Who, he had been informed, knew how to behave like a well bread young gentleman man, and therefore deserved a better room.

Muts that behave like coyotes don’t get to sleep in the kennel!” the Ranger had said, pointing Jordan in the direction on the guest room, a room Jordan had disliked and avoided ever since Aunt Blossom from Boise had died in it when she visited a few summers back.

That, combined with the spanking he had received for some misdemeanour earlier in the evening meant Jordan had retired in a very bad mood, with the result that he slept badly and was beset my unpleasant semi-conscious nightmares. In the most vivid of the nightmares, the Ranger in the jousting regalia or a medieval knight and on horseback was pursuing him across a wild and empty landscape, jabbing at his bare behind with the pointy end of his lance.

These nights the Ranger featured in most of Jordan’s nightmares, invariably cajoling and bullying him while simultaneously assailing his exposed rear end with some instrument of torture.

Jordan could therefore be forgiven for imagining he was still dreaming when he heard the the familiar voice booming “Time to get up ya’ lazy bug in a rug, there’s a treat in store for you!”

However, he was instantly wide awake when the Ranger jumped onto the bed, sat on him legs, Trapping him face down, and whacking his exposed bottom with the rubber sole of a beach shoe.

OW …OWWW! That hurt” complained Jordan angrily “Stop it man!”

Don’t be such a wimp!” laughed the ranger “You should be happy, this is a special day!” he continued to enthusiastically spank his captive prey with the rubber shoe.

The day didn’t seem special to Jordan, and it seemed even worse, when he spotted his cousin Harley, standing in the doorway, watching with a sneering grin on his scrawny face.

Before your surprise though..” said the Ranger, putting down the beach shoe “You have to have your shots!” He took one of the syringes from the dish he had brought with him, which Jordan had not noticed, until that moment and which was perched precariously on the corner of the bed.

Oh No! Not That!” Yelled Jordan but before the words had left his mouth, the Ranger had jabbed the needle hard into Jordan’s left butt cheek, causing an angry yell of pain to echo round the house.

Jordan struggled to free himself and avoid the second jab, but the Ranger swiftly climbed on top of him, sitting on his back and holding him firmly in place. “Harvey!” he called “Come hear and give your cousin the second jab.

Harvey quickly scuttled over and gleefully did as requested

Jordan struggled helplessly, seething with fury at the humiliation of had his butt injected by his hated cousin, who he knew would be enjoying him self and would seek to make the injection as painful as possible.

Hold on!” ordered the Ranger “That’s the wrong cheek … damn too late! You have injected him the same cheek I just did!!”

Sorry!” squeaked Harley “I got confused … should I get another needle?”

NOOO!” yelled Jordan “That’s enough!”

In that case you will need a second shot this evening” Replied the ranger

Jordan scowled moodily, he had a reprieve, but only a temporary stay of execution, as he still had a further injection to look forward to.

Now for your treat!” grinned the Ranger as he finally climbed off Jordan “I had a discussion with the Doc and he agrees that you should now be allowed occasional breaks from the current bare butt treatment!”

Jordan, who had been sulkily scowling and rubbing his sore behind perked up immediately at this unexpected turn of events.

Only very limited to start with!” he put his hand in his pocket and brought out a tiny pair of blue speedo swimming briefs, which he held out towards Jordan.

You can wear these to go swimming for a few hours this afternoon!”

Although a break from the embarrassing nudity was a welcome surprise, Jordan was confused and a little dubious given the size of the garment being offered to him. “They are very … small!” he said

Nonsense!” Replied the ranger “They are perfectly big enough, come and try them on!”

Jordan didn’t need asking twice, he leaped off the bed, grabbed the proffered speedos and quickly pulled them on, before checking himself out in the mirror.

The speedos were indeed very brief, the shiny blue fabric barely covering his groin and most of his butt cheeks! “Man but these are skimpy!” he complained

The Ranger laughed and gave Jordan hard slap across the seat of the tiny swimming briefs. “You are such a spoilt brat Jordan!” he said. “I told you the break was to be only a limited one! Those trunks are perfectly adequate, in fact I think they will serve their purpose very well indeed!!

To be continued…..

The Shaman’s Revenge (Part 16) – Jordan and the Credit Card Bill

The Shaman’s Revenge (Part 16)

Jordan and the Credit Card Bill

Still holding Jordan firmly by the ear, Ranger Tartarus dragged the protesting and stark naked 19 year old into the living room, where to Jordan’s embarrassment three figures were waiting for them. Two policemen, and an older gentleman, whom Jordan recognised as their neighbour old Sam Huckerman, someone he had certainly not been hoping to see.

All three man had serious facial expressions, but there was a glint in each of their eyes which made Jordan keenly aware of his nakedness, He quickly clasped his cock and balls in his hands in an effort to at least hide them, although he had a creeping suspicion that, like the ranger, they would have equal, or likely greater, interest in another part of his anatomy altogether!!

It was so “so damn embarrassing being totally naked while being stared at by fully dressed people” he thought, without knowing how much more embarrassing his situation was about to get.

Finally releasing Jordan’s ear, Ranger Tartarus turned to him, with what passed for a serious expression, but with the usual mocking twinkle in his eyes “These Officer’s want to speak to you Jordan …. regarding an … unexpected discovery …. I made earlier!”


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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 20 Chase’s Shocking experience

The Shaman’s Revenge Part 20

Chase’s Shocking experience

The uncomfortable and humiliating experience with the soap had left Chase in a very angry mood, this combined with the fact he had been placed in a cell with three big, strong, long term convicts who’s idea or recreation was spanking his butt, was stinging the young would be mugger’s pride as much as his bottom, and increasing his bad temper.

To make matters worse there was still no sign of the promised prison uniform. As a result Chase was still stark naked, which, in itself was embarrassing and inevitably made him the butt of the other convicts’ cruel sense of humour.

This came to a head when he was making his way back to his cell and a convict blew a loud wolf whistle and mockingly shouted “That’s a cute little butt you got there Blondie, I bet your new Daddies just LUV spanking that!”

F***ing shut up!” snarled Chase spinning round, and punching the mocking con on the jaw, knocking him to the floor.

In his anger, Chase had not noticed two prison guards standing nearby, until they immediately rushed forward and grabbed hold of him.

That was an act of violence, which is strictly against prison rules!” one boomed

Tell that to my damn cell mates!” snapped Chase “What they do to me is sure violent!!”

The guard ignored Chase’s reply and continued “There is a punishment for cons who act violently!” He said “And that’s the electric chair!”

What the …?!” Chase was stunned and confused “cut the crap!”

It’s not crap Buddy!” replied the second guard, leaning close to Chase’s face “You are getting the electric chair!”

Yeah! Ol’ Buttwarmer will teach you to behave!” grinned the fist guard maliciously

What are you talking about?!” asked an increasing alarmed Chase

You will see!” laughed the the first guard as the two officers began pulling Chase down the walkway between cells

Chase, couldn’t believe what was happening, surely they were not planning to execute him just for hitting someone, especially as con he had hit was already sitting up and rubbing his chin. He had heard the state still permitted the use of the electric chair, but only for murder, after a trial and years of appeals, so how could this be happening?

Were the guards planning to kill him? He was starting to get seriously scared. “Guys … be reasonable .. I only tapped him…!”

Yeah?” sneered the second guard “like you only tapped your girlfriend?” then the two men continued to drag Chase through the prison. How come they all knew about his fight with that bi**h Sandie Ann?

The guards led Chase down a flight of stairs and down a corridor to a large door, which they unlocked and pushed him in.

In the middle of the room was what appeared to be a metal chair, with a strange object protruding from the seat. This did not resemble any illustrations Chase had seen of execution style electric chairs, but he certainly did not like the look of it.

Before he knew what was happening, the two guards, acting in unison, turned and lifted him off the floor, each with one arm under his shoulders and the other under his knees. They then began carrying him towards the metal chair.

As they approached the chair, Chase realised that what he had thought was an object resting on the chair, was in fact moulded into the seat itself in the same metal and shaped like a large erect male penis.


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The Shaman’s Revenge – Part 19: Next Morning

The Shaman’s Revenge – Part 19

Next Morning

A mocking voice rang out in the prison shower room “Hey Blondie! You dropped the soap!”

Chase turned round to see three grinning faces all looking at him with malicious sneers, the tallest of the three naked men pointed to a bar of soap, which Chase suspected had been deliberately placed on the floor. He knew for certain he had not dropped it, as the bar he had used was on the edge of the sink next to the showers.

Aren’t ya’ gonna’ pick it up then Blondie?” continued the tall convict.

Even though it wasn’t his soap, for a moment Chase wondered if the best way to avoid trouble might have been to just pick up the soap, however, from the expressions on the men’s faces he guessed that was just what his tormentors wanted him to do. He had heard tell that it was dangerous to bend over to pick up the soap in prison showers and decided not to take the risk.

It ain’t my soap!” he replied in as casual manner as he could muster “I didn’t drop it!”

So you’re not gonna’ pick it up?” sneered a second convict.

No!” Chase replied defiantly

The tall convict sauntered over to where the bar of soap was lying, he picked it up and held it towards Chase “See, I picked it up for you Blondie!” he grinned “You are an untidy little blondie brat aren’t you!” his grin broadened “Are you gonna’ put it away now?!”

I told you Buddy, it ain’t my soap!” snapped Chase beginning to get irritated by whatever silly game the other guys were playing

Hey, guys” laughed the tall con, “Little Blondie Bubble Butt is refusing to put the soap away!”

Shall we tell his three new Daddies?” laughed a second convict “I expect they will spank his cute little blond butt all night again, if we tell them!”

They’ll spank him anyway!” laughed the first man “They’re Spanking Daddies!”

Screw you!” growled Chase, angered by the reference to his cellmates earlier attack on him.

Oh my! What a rude little brat Blondie is!” cried the tall convict in mock surprise “I suppose we’ll just have to put this here soapy bar away for him, won’t we guys?”

Yeah we’ll just have to put it way!” agreed the second con with a snigger

Before Chase could react to what was happening, the two men closest to him had lunged at him, grabbed hold of him, and proceeded to wrestle him to the floor!”

Let go of me you fucks!” he shouted attempting to fight them off


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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 17 (Part 1)

The Shaman’s Revenge Part 17 (Part 1)

Jordan jumped quickly into the car and slammed the door behind him, and to his relief, successful preventing any of the angry wasps from following him inside the vehicle.

As soon as his naked passenger was safely inside the Ranger put his foot on the gas and the car sped off down the road, until they were safely our of range of the pursuing swarm.

Where have you been sport?” the ranger shouted over the roar of the engine “Your Dad has been frantic with worry …. he’s not a happy man!”

Jordan, struggled to explain how he had come to be in this predicament, he considered explaining about Cindy-Mae abandoning him naked, but something told him the Ranger would find that funny, which would make it all the more embarrassing, so he just shrugged and said “guess I got lost!”

Once he has slowed down, the ranger glanced over at Jordan, who was perched in an awkward position, with the palms of his hands pressed down against the seat with his bottom raised, keeping it was hovering just above the plastic surface of the seat. “Sit properly Sport” he ordered gruffly.

I can’t” mumbled Jordan miserably

What do you mean, you ‘can’t’?”

Because I just can’t!” growled Jordan moodily

Why not?”

….burnt asshole!” muttered Jordan


I burnt my asshole, okay!!” was Jordan’s snapped reply “I slipped and sat on an electric fence …. then this Hillbilly retard stuck a carrot up there …. a real big carrot!”

A Carrot?” the ranger struggled not to laugh “Why did he do that?”

Dunno … guess he was a pervert or something, then his brother stuffed nettles and poison oak up ….”

huh? Why ….?”

‘cos he said I was a chicken!”

WOW! That’s bad sport!” replied the ranger giving a passing, if heavily faked, impression of compassion “You had a bad day!”

And just now ..” wailed Jordan “A Godamn hornet stung me …… on the butt hole!” he gave the ranger a pitiful look, and it hurts like hell!!

Now that is bad news fella’ “ replied the Ranger “You might have serious damage ….. down there!” he said “I better take you straight to see the Doc!”

Jordan instantly recoiled at the word “Doc” he had no wish to go anywhere near Dr Schultz and his damn needles “ I’m okay … honest!”

Don’t be dumb Jordan, the Doc needs to check you over, just in case. After all a singed, stretched and double stung anus isn’t anything to laugh at!”

Do you see me laughing?” snapped Jordan

Don’t be impudent kid!” barked the ranger “Or you’ll go over my knee despite your barbecued butt button!”

Jordan flinched visibly at the the ranger’s tone “S..Sorry Sir!” he stammered “I’m just sore!”

Okay… We will stop at the infirmary on the way home!”

Aww Officer!” whined Jordan “Not Doc Schultz, he has … odd methods!, couldn’t we go to Dr Hotcrutch … Uh I mean Dr Hutchins, she’s much better!”

Don’t be Dumb Jordan!” Laughed the Ranger” Lois Hutchins is a sports masseur, Boy’s rectums are not her area of expertise … Whereas Dr Schultz is a … er … specialist in the subject of boy’s back doors!”

Expert ‘cos he’s a damned perv” thought Jordan, sensibly keeping that observation to himself, before saying out loud “Fu … uh …I mean darn!” grumbled Jordan “Isn’t there another doctor I could go to?”

Don’t be a jerk Sport” replied the Ranger Doc Schultz is the best medic in town …. and besides he know your medical history. Us grown ups know best! We are going to Dr Schultz whether you like it or not!”

Although resenting the implication that at 19 he was not a “grown up”, Jordan reluctantly accepted defeat and grumpily sunk down in his seat, only to quickly raise his bottom again the moment it landed on the still hot plastic car seat. “Ouch!”

The Ranger appeared to have chosen a far more bumpy route back to town, than the one which Jordan and Cindy-Mae had taken up to the lake, or at least it seemed much more bumpy, given Jordan now had a far more tender backside. However, finally, after Jordan had endured a very long and uncomfortable journey, they eventually pulled up outside the Infirmary.

Again, Jordan was in the predicament of having to enter the infirmary, pass the reception area and crowded waiting room, stark naked and with a sore red bottom. “I need something to cover myself with” he pleaded.

Hold on Sport” replied the Ranger, “I think there is an old blanket in the trunk, that should at least give you some cover!”

Although not ideal, the old rug would, as the ranger had suggested, give him some cover as he entered the medical centre, so Jordan reluctantly took it and wrapped it around himself. People might still look, but, at least he wouldn’t be naked. Perhaps people would assume he had been in an accident, and was wearing clothes beneath the blanket.

However, once they had left the car and entered the foyer of the centre, he realised that people were not reacting in the way he had anticipated. Instead of just looking at him as he expected, they were pointing and laughing at him.

W…what’s going on?” he asked


The Ranger turned to look at him, and then let out a guffaw of laughter “Well, sport it appears some bugs have making been making a meal of that ‘ol blanket. Maybe moths, beetles or even could be ‘CEE-Kay-dahs’ have eaten a great big hole in it! ‘an that cute little tail ‘o yourn is on show ‘t the world!!”

Horrified, Jordan looked back and caught sight of his reflection in the window glass and saw there was a huge hole in the blanket, through which his bare blushing pink bottom was fully exposed. “Oh Fuck!” he cried in mortified embarrassment “Get me out of here!”

No problem Sport” chuckled the Ranger “We can use the elevator, that will be better than walking up three flights of stairs with your ass on full show!”

They hurried across the lobby, as Jordan unsuccessfully attempted to cover his exposed bottom with his hands. Once they reached the elevator the ranger pressed the button, as Jordan anxiously waited for the doors to open, but they did not open. In another bout of Jordan’s bad luck, at that moment three maintenance men were on the ninth floor moving furniture, and one large desk, which they had unwisely attempted to carry into the elevator had become stuck, wedging the doors open, and preventing the contraption from descending to the ground floor.

Hence, while an unhappy and humiliated and increasingly frantic Jordan waited on the ground floor, nine floors above him, three muscular workmen were struggling to move a desk and release the doors which continues to hold up the lift.

A crowd had now gathered, all giggling laughing and pointing at Jordan’s embarrassed and unsuccessful attempts to cover his exposed bare backside. Our handsome young hero’s only wish was to escape from the prying eyes and hide himself “We will have to use the stairs!” he gasped, turning away from the stubbornly un-opening elevator door and hurrying towards the open staircase at the far end of the lobby.

The ranger sauntered casually after him “That sure is a perty sight!” he drawled watching Jordan’s bare bottom juggling up and down as he hurried.

Jordan literally bounded up the stairs, and, to his relief was soon out of view of the watching crowd. However, his relief was soon replaced by a glum sense of impending doom as he approached the door to Dr Schultz’s office.

For a moment, Jordan stood outside the door, reluctant to knock, however, he was then joined by the ranger, who immediately rapped on the door. There was a brief pause, before the doctor opened the door, and ushered the two in. To Jordan’s annoyance, he found that Dr Schultz was not alone, as his eyes fell on the hated figure of medical trainee, Martin Clifford, who, while appearing to be intently studying some notes, was adjusting the buttons on his white male nurse’s uniform.

My, My Jordan Draper!” said Dr Schultz “What predicament have yourself into this time?”

He’s got a sore anus!” interjected the Ranger helpfully.

I see!” replied the doctor with a serious tone, as Martin Clifford unsuccessfully attempted to stifle a chuckle “Have you been misbehaving with other boys Jordan?”

No I haven’t!” snapped Jordan with a combination of anger and mortification “It got burned … and stung …. and … uh … a damn hillbilly stuck a carrot in it!” he explained bedore quickly adding “ … against my will!!”

Well… Well .. you have had an eventful day, haven’t you Jordan!” relied Dr Schultz with a raised eyebrow “We had better take a look at it! Please take off that dirty blanket and get onto the examination table …. on your knees, with your bottom up.”

Despite instinctively knowing this would not end well, Jordan reluctantly did as he was told, clambered onto the examination table, and adopted what was best described at the “doggy position”, while the doctor ominously pulled on his rubber gloves.

Dr Schultz stepped forward, placed his rubber gloved hands onto Jordan’s butt cheeks and firmly pushed them apart to expose the puckered, and now blushing pink and cherry red, ring between.

Schultz frowned and made a tutting sound with his tongue “Hmmm!” he said “That does look inflamed …. nurse can you bring me the magnifying glass please!”

Martin opened a draw and brought out a large magnifying glass, not unlike the type which might have been used by Sherlock Holmes or some other Victorian sleuth might have used to examine evidence, and handed it to the doctor.

To Jordan’s increasing embarrassment the doctor held the glass up to the crack between his butt cheeks and studied his anus at length. “That is inflamed!” he said “what do you think nurse?”

Martin peered at Jordan’s rectum “It looks sore!” he said “Is it sore Jordan?”

Yes its fu….. sore!” snarled Jordan, his face now hot and glowing with mortification, he again determined that he would kill Martin at the first opportunity to present itself.

The Ranger approached and also took a lingering look at Jordan’s most private region “That sure reminds me o’ a lil’l pink raspberry!” he drawled in an amused tone!

Jordan closed his eyes tight and gritted his teeth with embarrassment, he couldn’t believe that three men were actually discussing the state of his sore anus …… and studying it with a magnifying glass.

Could that be serious Doctor?” asked Martin, struggling to sound businesslike

I am afraid it could be!” replied the Doctor with a grim expression on his face “the combination of an electrical burn and a hornet sting could have unstable results!” he put down the magnifying glass and removed his rubber gloves “I will prescribe a special cream, which have to be applied twice a day… I am afraid it will sting a little bit Jordan, but that is because it is working!”

uh …okay …Doc” the unhappy Jordan hissed though a scowl

and, most important” added the Doctor “the whole area must be exposed to fresh air at all times!”

Uh ….What ….?” asked Jordan uncomprehendingly.

No pants, jeans or underwear should be worn for the next four weeks at least … probably up to six weeks depending on the speed of recovery … so no clothing from the waist down!”

WHAT?” cried Jordan, as the Doctors words sunk in

You gotta stay bare butt for six weeks Sport!” replied the Ranger helpfully!

NO WAY!” yelled Jordan Jumping off the desk “I ain’t going bare butt for another hour let alone six week, just ‘cos some faggy quack doctor say so….OOOOWCH!” Jordan’s angry rant ended with a cry of pain as the Ranger slapped him hard across the bare bottom with the palm of his hand.

Don’t you go disrespecting the Doctor Sport!” snapped Ranger Tartarus “The Doc knows best, ifin he sez you gotta’ stay bare butt for six week, you’re gonna’ do just that, I’ll make sure of it!”

He turned to the doctor ”An’ I’ll make sure he applies that there stinging cream night an’ morning even ifin I have to do it myself!”

You ain’t doing …. that!” bellowed Jordan

Take care Sonny!” growled the Ranger pointing at Jordan “Or you will be over my knee faster than you can say ‘burn my speedos!” he paused and looked back at the Doctor “Does this mean spankin’s are out Doc!”

No, there is no need to stop spanking him!” replied the Doctor with a quick smile “In fact the stimulation will be quite therapeutic!”

So Spankin’s will be sorta’ medicinal then Doc?”

The doctor pondered for a while “Well yes, you could say that!” he replied as the Ranger chortled loudly and Martiv stifle a peal of laughter behind a rubber gloved hand.

Jordan was now in a state of barely controlled panic ”Don’t listen to that quack Doctor, he’s a perv and doesn’t know what he’s …. OOOOWWWCH!

Jordan jumped in the air in response to a hard WHACK! from the ranger cross his bare bottom.

That is not acceptable language Jordan!” roared the Ranger, grabbing hold of the naked young man. Then before Jordan could fully take in what was happening, the officer had thrown his arm round his waist, lifting him off the ground and stuffing him under his arm, as if the young swimmer was a rolled up carpet.

The Ranger then inflicted a series of sharp smacks to Jordan’s upturned bottom “You Will not ..” SMACK “disrespect the Doctor ..” SMACK “Do you understand ..?” SMACK!

OWW … YEEOOW …OUCH! …Stop!” yelled Jordan, struggling and kicking attempting to free himself, but the muscular ranger held him firmly in place.

Can you hold him still please!” said the doctor “Jordan needs a course of injections to prevent any side effects from the hornet stings! And what better time to start than now!” he turned to Martin “Nurse, Please prepare two syringes with the Obecalp serum!”

Jordan looked back over his shoulder with horror, his worst fears at the prospect of visiting Dr Schultz were about to come true, he had guessed that medical pervert would immediately find a reason to jab him in the ass again. This was the reason he had been so reluctant to pay this visit.

No! .. No! Fuck you!!” he yelled, struggling and kicking his legs “Keep that damn needle away from me!!!

However, no matter how much the fit young athlete struggled, the ranger, who it appeared possessed a superhuman strength, held him firmly in place.

Moments later, the Doctor was standing behind him holding up one of his scary looking oversized syringes, while Martin stood nearby with a further syringe on a tray. “Please hold him still, if you can officer!”

You got it Doc!” replied the Ranger gripping Jordan all the more tightly.

Without further ado Dr Schultz proceeded to jab the needle into Jordan’s left butt cheek, injecting a dose of the serum into the unlucky young swimmer.

AAAAAAAAHGGGGHHHHOOOOOWW!!!” Jordan’s yell of pain echoed round the room.

Don’t be such a wuss Sport!” chuckled the Ranger playfully slapping Jordan’s uplifted bottom “It’s for your own good!”

I’m not being a ‘wuss’” wailed Jordan “It Hurt!!”

Just one more young man!” said the Doc in what he assumed was a reassuring tone, but which sent a chill down Jordan’s spine. The Doctor then took the second syringe from the tray, which Martin was helpfully holding, and gave it a short squirt to remove any air, before injecting a further dose of the potion into Jordan’s right butt cheek, eliciting a similar outraged response from the handsome swimmer.

All finished Doc” asked the Ranger, before he lowered Jordan back onto his feet.

Finished for now” replied the Doctor “however, he will need a course of shots, so he will have to return to the infirmary every morning ….. or I suppose, I could do a home visit each day!”

No need Doc!” smiled the ranger “I’ve got me a certification in first aid! ‘couse, it was mainly for gun shot wounds and critter bites, but I can inject a boy in the butt no problem ….. ‘sides I only live next door!” he laughed “So I can give this young patient what he needs!” he slapped Jordan on the shoulder sending him staggering forward “Can’t I Sport?!”

Jordan’s mouth opened and shut, rather like a landed fish gasping for air, as he tried to speak, but no words came. He was stunned to silence as the full horror of his current situation registered in his brain.



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Soccer Jock Humiliation

Jock Humiliation

The coach’s methods were old
fashioned but very effective. He kept an especially embarrassing ping
pong paddle ready for swollen headed jocks like young Colton Fisher,
as he knew that the stinging humiliation of being publicly paddled,
over the knee like some kid, in front of his team mates, would stay with Colton long
after the fire in his tight little butt had faded.

he planned to make sure that fire didn’t cool for quite some time,
certainly a lot longer than it would take for cell phone footage of
Colton’s embarrassing bare bottomed punishment the reach every jock
and Co-Ed on Campus. 

would not stop until Colton’s butt cheeks were glowing even redder
than the one’s on his face.

this image inspires any of you to write the story around it, please
feel free to post it in the Comments section below


The Shaman’s Revenge Part 12

Shaman’s Revenge Part 12
Wilderness Adventures (Prologue)
leaving Crispin Cherrybutt to his Medieval mishaps at the hands of
the demonic monks, we now travel back to the present day and to
Jordan Draper’s Southern US home town where Jordan had just taken a
shower after a working out, and he was lying naked on the bed lithe
and perfectly formed young athlete’s body still damp and glistening.
He was sulking.
though, for the first time in weeks, his bottom had stopped stinging,
he was in little doubt that this happy situation would not continue
for long. Ever since the damn incident with Martin Clifford and his
fairy boyfriend, and more especially since the damn ranger’s arrival
in town, spanking seemed to be the go to option for every adult male
Jordan encountered.
make matters worse, he appeared to be going through a very accident
prone phase, resulting in a series of mishaps all of which seemed
to, very literally, leave him with a pain in the backside.
Father was away on a business trip, but he was due back the following
day, and Jordan had little doubt the moment he accidentally infringed
some forgotten rule, he would be back over the paternal knee getting
his bare butt toasted! This should not be happening to a guy who was
due to turn 19 in just two months, and he was very tempted to leave
home, except that he would lose his allowance, not to mention his
credit card.
handsome good looks notwithstanding, it would not be so easy to pick
up chicks without a credit card.
bonus was that he no longer had to visit the Doctor for for those
god-damn injections in the butt. He had no idea what the doctor put
in his fucking needles, but his ass always hurt more after a visit to
the clinic.
was also weeks since he had been laid, and the lack of sex was deeply
frustrating and left him with an ache in the balls, which Jacking off
did not relieve.
he was gloomily contemplating his misfortune , the phone beside his
bed began to ring, guessing the call would be from his Dad,
announcing his imminent return he picked up the receiver and glumly
grunted “Yeah?”
handsome, is that you?” 
sound of a familiar female voice instantly perked up Jordan, in a
manner similar to a male dog first smelling the scent of a bitch on
heat. He sat up straight and, with considerable effort responded in a
voice which sounded both cool and unconcerned “Uh … Cindy Mae, Hi
Babe … is that you?”
did you think it was, blue eyes? … one of your other girlfriends”
on Babe, you know you are the only one” he drawled casually “Does
this … uh … mean you’ve forgiven me?!”
I have sweet cheeks!” laughed Cindy May “I know what Megan is
like. You are just a red blooded man Handsome and she led you
Babe, she made me do it” shrugged Jordan, grinning to himself, he
should have known no girl could resist him for long “And ….uh …
the mouth thing, how is your … um … tooth!”
that is fine Jordan” Cindy Mae laughed “The dentist put an
implant in, and it looks even better than the original.” she paused
“I know you didn’t mean to hit me.!”
you know I didn’t Babe … I wound never hurt you!” Jordan quickly
agreed “You just pissed me off, bitching about …. uh …Mary ….
um Megan!”
Mae changed the subject “You want to go up to Brown bear lake
do you want to go all the way up there?” Jordan was doubtful “It
is a long ride, why not go somewhere closer, like the Movies, or the
we can take my car, not your bike!” insisted Cindy Mae “Please
handsome do it for me ….. I will make it worth it!” she giggled
was now very interested “Like how?”
maybe I will give you that …’giggle’ .. blow job you keep asking
Really …. do you mean it Babe?!”
the idea of gong up to the lake seems so romantic, it would be the
right place to do it!”
had never been a man to stop when he though he was ahead “and how
about the other … thing?!”
Mae was silent your a moment “…. you mean anal?” she asked
“Well, well see, it depends how good you are!”
I’ll be good Babe!” cooed Jordan “You know I love you!”
agreeing a place and time to meet for their trip to the lake, Jordan
hung up. He had a fixed grin on his face, and was feeling
considerably more cheerful
May arrived in her car at the time and she and Jordan had agreed.
Jordan walked over to the driver’s seat door “Shift over Babe!”
he commanded “I’m the man, I’ll drive!”
Mae did as she was ordered and smiled coquettishly”My man!” she
beamed with the innate satisfaction of confirming his manliness and
love the new hair style Sweetie” Cindy Mae Chirruped “It makes
you look really handsome and preppy!”
… like .. wee, I just felt like a change Babe” he muttered
“Quiffs are for Dweebs!” there was no way he was going to tell
Cindy Mae that his Dad had banned him from buying hair gel, because
the damn Ranger has said that “Young bucks who look like hoodlums
are gonna’ behave like Hoodlums!”
Bear Lake was high in the mountains many miles from town, and the
drive took over two hours, even at the speed at which Jordan drove.
He only received his licence four months before but was proudly
intent of showing his woman the he was in control.
he wanted to get back before his Dad got home, and found out he
wasn’t studying as he was suppose to. Disobedience tended to lead to
spankings in the Draper household these days. Something else, he had
no intention of telling the chick!
so, he slightly regretted insisting on driving, as it hindered his
ability to grope Cindy Mae. He was now keen to get to their
destination, and thereafter to first base.
they finally arrived at the lake, Jordan was pleased to note that
they were completely alone with no prying eyes which might inhibit
what he and Cindy got up to. However, to his annoyance, Cindy no
longer seemed to be in the mood for romance.
she removed his eager hand from her breast with a terse “not now!”
he moaned sulkily “Aww Sugar I’m, real horny …. and … um …
I need to show how much I love you!”
patient Jordan Honey!” she grinned “all in good time, but first
lets go skinny dipping!”
do we have to?” grumbled Jordan, he usually loved swimming, as it
was something he did well, but right now he was in the mood for
something very different than swimming, a fact which was evidenced by
the stiffening body part pressing against the inner zip of his
Handsome!” she cooed fluttering her long lashes “It’s my fantasy
to swim naked with you first, … as an hors d’oeuvre …. before we
make love on the bank after.” she tilted her head girlishly “If
you love me, you’ll indulge my little fantasy, won’t you Sweet
promise of making love on the bank after was enough to convince
Jordan to go along with the dumb broad’s fantasy, he knew females
often had weird ideas, and sometimes a dude had to play along in
order to get what he wanted. So he quickly began removing his
clothes, while Cindy Mae stood watching him.
on Babe!” he said, noticing she had not begun to disrobe.
go first Honey!” she replied “and check it’s not too cold …..
after all you are so much stronger and braver than me, and such a
good swimmer …. er …” she pointed to the boxer shorts he was
still wearing “Those too” she giggled “I said I wanted to go
skinny dipping!”
muttered Jordan reluctantly removing his last vestige of clothing,
and letting the boxers fall round his ankles “But you better make
it worth my while!” he frowned “you’re not fooling with me are
you Sugar?” 
course I am not fooling with you Jordan, I promise you will get what
you have been asking for!” she grinned, letting her eyes travel
slowly up and down his naked body “Ohhhh!” she simpered “you’re
so handsome … and such a big boy …” she said looking down at
his still partially erect penis “that huge thing of yours is going
make little old me me a really scream!!” 
had ever told Jordan he had a large dick before, and the compliment
made him glow with smug delight.
not impress me even more with one of your incredible dives Big Boy!”
said Cindy Mae with a sweet smile “The lake is deep at this point,
so you could safely dive off that high part of the bank over there!”
she giggled again “It would be so hot to watch you! .. that would
sure get me in the mood”
a typical jock, Jordan loved showing off his sporting prowess,
especially to such an appreciative audience as hot chick Cindy. So he
did not need asking a second time, and sprinted naked up the bank to
the high point she had indicated. Now totally nude he stood on the
top of the bank and looked back at Cindy Mae, who waved to him
encouragingly “Oh my word!” she cried excitedly “Your butt
looks so hot like that! Now I remember why I call you Sweet Cheeks!” 
Jordan’s cute bare bottom, was again the subject of attention, and
that made him feel uncomfortable, especially after recent events.
Although, it was hot for a chick to admire his dick, it seemed weird
to have a woman objectify his bare butt. He quickly attempted to
change the subject.
watch this Sugar Babe! … prepare to be amazed!” he shouted back
to her, as her stepped forward, held his arms in the air, and stood
on tiptoe before launching himself into the air.
performed a perfect dive, throwing himself forward in a smooth,
curved, motion out into the deeper water, which he entered with
hardly a splash or ripple, and dived deep in the dark cool water,
committing a series of underwater somersaults as he did so. For the
first time in weeks he felt like his old confident self, refreshed
and invigorated, he was dong what he did best and was able to show
off. On top of that, he was about to get all the pussy he could want
from the hottest piece of ass in the county … and maybe some ass
underwater gymnastics complete he surfaced like a beautiful sea otter
coming up for air, and turned his head towards the bank expecting to
see a highly impressed (and, with any luck aroused) Cindy Mae
standing there applauding him. However, to his surprise she was not
where she had been standing. He glanced around and caught sight of
her running up the beach in the direction of her car, carrying his
clothes which she had apparently scooped up.
on earth was she doing, where was she taking his clothes? and why was
she not watching his brilliant dive?
and increasingly angry Jordan waded ashore and ran after the fleeing
girl. However, Cindy Mae had a good head start, and by the time a
wet and naked Jordan reached the car, both she and his clothes were
inside, and she had locked the doors.
Mae then wound down the window just enough to give her a small gap to
shout through. “You really are a dumb jerk Jordan Draper” she
snarled, her voice dripping with mocking contempt “Did you really
think I would let you near me after the way you treated me?” she
laughed, her usually pretty face now ugly and contorted with malice
“Then you are even stupider than I thought! I would rather gargle
with gasoline than put my mouth anywhere near your tiny dick!!” she
curled her lips into a sneer “And as for anal …. Ha! …. Well
now it’s your ass that’s on the line!”
on Sugar, don’t play games … be reasonable!” wailed a now very
unhappy Jordan
ain’t playing games Dick for Brains!” replied Cindy Mae with a
smirk! “Enjoy the walk home, it’s only 72 miles!” She grinned
“And I suggest you stay away from the woods, you’ve seen
“Deliverance” haven’t you Handsome ? And you would make a real
cute squealing piggy for a Hill-billy mountain man to play with !”
you bitch!” yelled a now very angry and slightly frightened Jordan,
banging his fist on the roof of the car “Let me in or I will break
your fucking neck!”
chance Looser!” replied Cindy Mae “You are walking home bare
assed! It’s less than you deserve, but Hey, I’m a nice person!” her
voice turned serious “And you better not come near me, I spoke to
the ranger guy who lives across the street from you, told him how
violent you are! He said, if you lay a finger on me, he’ll make sure
you don’t sit down for a month!”
was stunned, he should have known the Ranger was behind this. 
he could reply, Cindy Mae turned on the car ignition, and after
blowing him a final sarcastic air kiss. Jordan frantically grabbed
hold of the door handle in a desperate to open the door, but to no
avail. The hottest pussy in town put her foot on the gas, and drove
off speedily down the lane, leaving a horrified, humiliated and
sexually frustrated Jordan staring after her.
Jordan watched the car disappear into the distance the fully enormity
of his predicament began to dawn on him. He was alone, naked and
there was 72 miles of wilderness between him and his home.
Wilderness adventures had just begun, and by the time he got home,
one especially tender part of his anatomy would be very sore indeed. Which was only what he deserved.
Shamen’s curse continued to ensure that Jordan got exactly what he
deserved, and he would get it where it would do the most good.