Ant Hill Punishment

The first ant bite sent a shock of pain through Aiden’s already nettle stung bottom as if it had been jabbed with a red hot needle, the second and third bites stung even more as each time the pincer like jaws clamped onto his tender flesh, a more of the fiery venom was injected into his well punished behind. 
“Quit Hollerin’ Citry Boy!” Snarled the farmer “The more ya’ holler, the longer you are gonna’ have to sit on that there ant hill!” he grinned “You are gonna’ learn that trespassers in these parts get sent back to the city with very sore little tails!!” He pointed his gun directly at Aiden’s stinging behind.

“Now you sit there and take your punishment, unless you want me to shoot your little white city boy ass off!! …..”

(If anyone wants to write a better narrative to accompany this image, please add it to the comments section below)



8 Replies to “Ant Hill Punishment”

  1. Yeah! Being stuck in anthill, knowing your vulnerble butt is exposed to ants is both sexy, painful and humiliating!

  2. Nice! My friend is staying for night tomorrow, Im wondering how could I give him a very sore bottom(he really deserves it!)

  3. Seems like nature is doing the comeuppance for all the bad things this jock has done, Love the contrast between his white muscular cheeks and the small red ants!

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