Nettle Punishment

Aiden Hunter was so arrogant he believed that he could ignore restriction and that things like “No Entry” signs did apply to him.  So one day when he was out training and passed a “Private Property – No Trespassing” sign, be disregarded it and ran on through.

This was a big mistake, as he discovered moments later when the rancher caught him tied him up and spent the rest of the afternoon punishing Aiden’s tender bare butt and puckering virgin anus with some stinging nettles.  

9 Replies to “Nettle Punishment”

  1. Perfect! So good to see arrogant young guy painfully humiliated. He should be forced to sit on anthill after that!

  2. I hope the ranger shaved his blond ass fur before he used the nettles on him. I also would like to see his white butt on an anthill. Deserves him well!

    1. I tripped once while playing basketball and landed on anthill. Ants went all over me so i took my pants off and my friends took them and run. I was kind of a jerk few years ago and I had few deserved situations.

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