Sore Bottomed Guys – The Relaunch

Bottomed Guys – The Relaunch
I plan to recommence posting to this blog in the near future,
stopped at the end of last year, partly for personal reasons, but
also as there seemed to be insufficient interest to justify the
amount of work involved.
over the last few months I have received a number of e-mails asking
he to start again, and assuring me that there are a lot of people who
do enjoy seeing fantasy pictures of handsome, and unlucky straight
guys with very sore bottoms. So I have decided to start again.
have a number of projects I as working on these include a new “Sting
of the Jungle”, in which the very deserving Boy continues to feel
that sting in his cute 18 year old bottom, and a couple of equally
deserving and unlucky, US based guys, who will not spend much time
sitting down.
also plan to turn my hand to writing illustrated fiction involving
sore bottomed guys, but more of that in due course.
addition, as in the past, there will be individual images, and short
picture stories. In this respect all suggestions are welcome, these
should be fantasy suggestions which do not feature blood, death or
permanent injury, although any of the “Sore butt themes” in the right hand colum, or similar things which you think up, would be fine. I can’t promise I will illustrate all suggestions,
but we all enjoy reading visitor’s ideas.
future, I will post a weekly discussion post where visitors can leave
comments, fantasies and suggestions, and, of course, you can always
leave comments beneath individual postings.
let’s kick things off with this one!!
would you like to see happen to this unlucky lad? (apart from what
has already happened to him) Let your imaginations run wild and leave
any suggestions you have in the comments section below this posting. 

Alternatively, you can email your comments and suggestions, about this lad, or another unlucky guy to 


18 Replies to “Sore Bottomed Guys – The Relaunch”

  1. A really handsome guy, wakes up with a hang over, remembers he has an important job interview, so he hurries to the bathroom and starts to run himself a bath, but carelessly only turns on the hot tap.

    When the bath is full, he slips on the mat and falls bottom first into a bath of boiling hot water. He jumps out of the bath, and jumps around holding his butt. However, once again he slips on the matt, and falls back bottom first again into the still boiling water.

    Now his bottom is on fire and quite singed, so he jumps out again and rushes to the bathroom cabinet, and grabs what he thinks is soothing cream. However, he carelessly picks up a tube of extra strength Capsaicin chili based athletic muscle rubbing cream. He does not realise his mistake until he has liberally rubbed the cream all over his well boiled bum and the hot cream begins to take effect.

    He frantically tries to wash off the cream, but it is too late and the cream has soaked into the skin and is doing his work.

    His bottom will be on fire for the next 48 hours, and he has to sit on it throughout the interview. Naturally he doesn't get the job.

    1. I love the idea of the guy falling (bottom first)into the boiling hot bath – twice, and the Capsaicin chilli cream is a great suggestion. thanks!

  2. So great to hear that you're back! This is truly the best place to go in order to see some incredible fantasies. My favourite story has always been the one with the step-brothers that gets kidnapped by hillbillies. I'd love to see an end to that story. But I'll take anything you produce really. 😉

  3. He owes money to the mob, and as punishment they tie him to a metal stool and light a candle under it, so the stool gradually gets hotter and hotter

    1. Now that is another great idea, I posted a picture by Jonathan some time ago called the Hot Seat on a similar theme, but I am sure I can work on that idea!!

  4. It looks like he is at the beach. What an unfortunate time for an athletic male life guard toting a wooden boat oar to wander by and take offense to the beach goer's violation of the no nudity policy. "Bend over and grab your ankles, young man." I hope everything is well for you. "Sting of the Jungle" and the "Hillbilly's Attack of the Stepbrother's" would have to be tied for my favorites.

  5. For the top photo maybe a jar of tacks spills out on a chair and he unknowingly sits on them and jumps up with his butt full of tacks and later has to bend over while his friend pulls them out 1 at a time. Getting spanked after that would really top things off.
    For the bottom photo an under water scene showing a swordfish jabbing him straight up his butt crack.

  6. A jock bully being wedgied in his speedos and spanked by a weak nerd on the beach , who then gets nipped by a crab on his sore ass 🙂

  7. So delighted you're back! Your blog is one of my favorites, and I've missed it terribly. I'll try to give more feedback and encouragement in the future.

    As for suggestions…I've always wanted to see a hunky young athlete – satm a diver, a wrestler, a gymnast or a football player – have his pants ripped off or otherwise lose his pants at a sporting event, with a large crowd looking on. Perhaps the hapless young athlete, panicked at being exposed, then makes a run for it, crashing into some bleacher seat or scaffolding, dislodging a board that smacks his butt over and over as he tries to dislodge himself. Or perhaps his coach doesn't take kindly to what he believes is a deliberate stunt, and decides to discipline the poor youth then and there.

    I have no doubt that whatever you come up with will be terrific, as always. As a dude with an underwear fetish, I'd just like to request that you keep featuring hot guys getting spanked in and out of briefs. I love seeing the underwear in the picture, whether the guy's currently wearing it or not!

    As for the unfortunate young man with the sea urchin stuck in his bum…looks like he lost his swim trunks in a particularly strong wave, then slipped in the surf and accidentally sat down right on the urchin as he searched for his missing shorts. I'd imagine the lifeguard might feel a bit of punishment for swimming naked is called for…

  8. A football player gets obnoxious with an opposing player. The opposing player and teammates rip the obnoxious football players football pants right off during a tackle. The obnoxious player runs fully naked toward what he thinks is a window off the field. Diving through the window, the player gets stuck ass in air for all to see. A drone dives down for a closer look and the drone's propeller takes a few whacks at the player's ass. Then the player slides further through the window, legs flailing. Once inside the window, the player lands in a ice bath with another hurt, large linebacker. The linebacker, nude and soaking his hurt leg in the icebath grabs the obnoxious nude and naked player by the legs and drags him across a carpeted locker room floor as his ass gets rug burned. Dragging the young player naked out of the building and throwing him out onto a hot parking lot where others are gathered "tailgaiting". The player gets up, ass scalded, running through the crowd and trips landing on a male fan who is exiting a port-a-potty wearing only cut-off shorts which are ripped down when the player falls into him. Now both naked men duck into a nearby retaining pond to gain cover. In the pond, the pair try to extricate themselves but cannot get out due to a slippery muddy bank. Then they realize they are not alone but have disturbed a nest of snapping turtles. They scramble to find another way out. They climb up a rock wall which is slime covered and they slip back falling on their asses onto sharp cactus plants. A crowd of photographers has gathered taking photos of their antics. Then the drone returns to the scene further adding to their humiliation.

  9. After heating up his pale backside with a long hard spanking the life guard offers a soothing lotion if he promises to observe the rules about nude bathing…

    The boy sniffles Please sir. The lifeguard grins and applies a generous amount of bronze tan accelerator all over that spanked tush, initially cool. He covers the boy's back and legs, leaving him passed out on his stomach.

    He awakens two hours later, dancing around clutching his burning,spanked stung butt cheeks.

    How is going to get home on that leather bicycle seat?????

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