A Sore Bottom For Travis

A Sore Bottom For Travis

(A Sore Bottom For Travis, written by StricTop and Illustrated by Bruce, was first published elsewhere in September 2011)


It was his standard response to any annoying situation. And it seemed to Travis that more than his share of situations were annoying lately, if not downright frustrating. Not being the brightest bulb on the tree, Travis’ many brilliant ideas often had a way of just not working out.

“Muh-ther-FUK-ker!” He whined to no one in particular.

For Travis, ‘motherfucker’ referred to all the nameless, faceless people and circumstances that conspired to keep him from getting what he wanted—easy money, free drugs, and plenty of sex.

“Fukfukfukfukfuk!!” He crumpled the envelope he was holding and threw it angrily at the blank TV.

Tiffany, Travis’ latest in a long line of girlfriends, stuck her head in from the kitchen. She had one of those flawless faces that are irretrievable after the age of 28 and that crowd every nightspot and modelling agency from Encino to East L.A.

“What is it, Travis, honey? What are you yelling about?” She flipped her perfect, shiny blonde hair with surgical precision and blinked at him from wide-set, almond-shaped eyes. She wiggled over and settled in beside him on the sofa.

“Honey, don‘t get so upset.” She stroked his head and cooed soothingly. “Don‘t waste all that energy on unimportant little things.” She clearly had no idea what was actually bothering him. “You‘re going to need all the energy you got for the game next week…and for me…” She adopted what she thought was her sexiest pout and ran her hand across the front of his chest.

Travis White had picked her up the previous weekend at one of the hotter clubs in town and she had been staying with him ever since—that is, staying at the million-dollar condo in Westwood that belonged to his uncle, Charlie White. But she didn‘t know that. Travis had told her it was his place and his car. He had also told her that he was on the starting lineup of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The bar was about to close. She was drunk. He was flashing around a lot of cash. And neither of them thought past the end of Travis’ dick.

They went home that night and had amazing sex. What each lacked in IQ points, they more than made up for in good looks and sexual enthusiasm. She wanted to believe she had hooked up with a big baseball star—and he intended to let her.

The deal was clinched when he showed up the next afternoon with a giant bottle of her favorite perfume. She had seen it in the store and knew exactly what it cost. Unconcerned that large-bottle-size rarely predicted quality, they each beamed with their own inner pride—she, pleased at how easy it was to get him to buy her the most expensive thing on the counter; he gloating that the ridiculously-priced bottle was a knock-off he had purchased for five bucks on the street.

The giant bottle gleamed obscenely on the coffee table while Travis’ thoughts drifted to the note crumpled on the floor.


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The Shaman’s Revenge Jordan and the Speedos from Hell (Part 1)

The Shaman’s Revenge

Jordan and the Speedos from Hell

(Part 1)

It was early on a late summer morning, and the sun was just peeping through the curtains of the small bedroom where Jordan had spent the night. Jordan’s new guardian come baby sitter the Ranger had forced him to give up his usual, much larger bedroom, to his visiting cousin Harley. Who, he had been informed, knew how to behave like a well bread young gentleman man, and therefore deserved a better room.

Muts that behave like coyotes don’t get to sleep in the kennel!” the Ranger had said, pointing Jordan in the direction on the guest room, a room Jordan had disliked and avoided ever since Aunt Blossom from Boise had died in it when she visited a few summers back.

That, combined with the spanking he had received for some misdemeanour earlier in the evening meant Jordan had retired in a very bad mood, with the result that he slept badly and was beset my unpleasant semi-conscious nightmares. In the most vivid of the nightmares, the Ranger in the jousting regalia or a medieval knight and on horseback was pursuing him across a wild and empty landscape, jabbing at his bare behind with the pointy end of his lance.

These nights the Ranger featured in most of Jordan’s nightmares, invariably cajoling and bullying him while simultaneously assailing his exposed rear end with some instrument of torture.

Jordan could therefore be forgiven for imagining he was still dreaming when he heard the the familiar voice booming “Time to get up ya’ lazy bug in a rug, there’s a treat in store for you!”

However, he was instantly wide awake when the Ranger jumped onto the bed, sat on him legs, Trapping him face down, and whacking his exposed bottom with the rubber sole of a beach shoe.

OW …OWWW! That hurt” complained Jordan angrily “Stop it man!”

Don’t be such a wimp!” laughed the ranger “You should be happy, this is a special day!” he continued to enthusiastically spank his captive prey with the rubber shoe.

The day didn’t seem special to Jordan, and it seemed even worse, when he spotted his cousin Harley, standing in the doorway, watching with a sneering grin on his scrawny face.

Before your surprise though..” said the Ranger, putting down the beach shoe “You have to have your shots!” He took one of the syringes from the dish he had brought with him, which Jordan had not noticed, until that moment and which was perched precariously on the corner of the bed.

Oh No! Not That!” Yelled Jordan but before the words had left his mouth, the Ranger had jabbed the needle hard into Jordan’s left butt cheek, causing an angry yell of pain to echo round the house.

Jordan struggled to free himself and avoid the second jab, but the Ranger swiftly climbed on top of him, sitting on his back and holding him firmly in place. “Harvey!” he called “Come hear and give your cousin the second jab.

Harvey quickly scuttled over and gleefully did as requested

Jordan struggled helplessly, seething with fury at the humiliation of had his butt injected by his hated cousin, who he knew would be enjoying him self and would seek to make the injection as painful as possible.

Hold on!” ordered the Ranger “That’s the wrong cheek … damn too late! You have injected him the same cheek I just did!!”

Sorry!” squeaked Harley “I got confused … should I get another needle?”

NOOO!” yelled Jordan “That’s enough!”

In that case you will need a second shot this evening” Replied the ranger

Jordan scowled moodily, he had a reprieve, but only a temporary stay of execution, as he still had a further injection to look forward to.

Now for your treat!” grinned the Ranger as he finally climbed off Jordan “I had a discussion with the Doc and he agrees that you should now be allowed occasional breaks from the current bare butt treatment!”

Jordan, who had been sulkily scowling and rubbing his sore behind perked up immediately at this unexpected turn of events.

Only very limited to start with!” he put his hand in his pocket and brought out a tiny pair of blue speedo swimming briefs, which he held out towards Jordan.

You can wear these to go swimming for a few hours this afternoon!”

Although a break from the embarrassing nudity was a welcome surprise, Jordan was confused and a little dubious given the size of the garment being offered to him. “They are very … small!” he said

Nonsense!” Replied the ranger “They are perfectly big enough, come and try them on!”

Jordan didn’t need asking twice, he leaped off the bed, grabbed the proffered speedos and quickly pulled them on, before checking himself out in the mirror.

The speedos were indeed very brief, the shiny blue fabric barely covering his groin and most of his butt cheeks! “Man but these are skimpy!” he complained

The Ranger laughed and gave Jordan hard slap across the seat of the tiny swimming briefs. “You are such a spoilt brat Jordan!” he said. “I told you the break was to be only a limited one! Those trunks are perfectly adequate, in fact I think they will serve their purpose very well indeed!!

To be continued…..

The Shaman’s Revenge Part 17 (Part 2)

The Shaman’s Revenge Part 17 (Part 2)

Jordan’s brain was still in a state of stunned shock the following morning. After the ranger had driven him home and he had endured an hour long lecture from his father on his various misdemeanours, followed by a long hot shower to wash away the dirt, grime and stress from his 72 hours in the wilderness, he has fallen into an exhausted sleep. However, it had been a fitful sleep full of scary nightmares of angry insects, huge carrots and doctors, with syringes the size of AK47 rifles, chasing him trough a forest variously booby-trapped with nettle patches and electric fences, all of which contrived to sting and zap his bottom.

And all the time as he ran through the dark forest he could hear the sound of the Ranger’s laughter echoing through the trees.

In his dream Jordan tripped and fell backwards into a thorn bush, landing heavily on his backside amongst the prickly thorns. As he struggled to free himself from the thorns, the ranger’s voice began echoing in his head “Time for your shots Sport” it said “It’s time for your shots!”

Then a large brawny hand was on his shoulder shaking him firmly as the voice above boomed “Wake up Sport, you’re making weird noises, were you dreaming?”

Jordan opened his eyes, and found he was in fact not in a thorn bush, but in his bed, and Ranger Tartarus was leaning over him with a huge grin on his face. In place of the uniform he had been wearing the previous day, the ranger was now dressed as if for a work out, in a muscle vest, which exposed his powerful arms and shoulders, and a small tight pair of shorts.

W..What are you doing in my room?” shouted Jordan angrily, sitting up in bed “….What are you doing in my house?”

I’m moving in Sport!” grinned the Ranger “Your Dad had to leave early this morning, he has had to go to Seattle for a couple of weeks on business, at short notice. So he’s asked me to move in and supervise you while he’s away!” his grin broadened “I am in the spare room, right next door to you!!”

I don’t need supervision!!” cried Jordan angrily

The ranger raised one eyebrow “With your misbehaviour this week, you have proved you need full time supervision Sport!” he said, “an’ I’m going to see you get it! I am owed a lot of vacation time, and I’m going to use it to look after you, it will be lots of fun, just think of me as your new Babysitter!!”

The suggestion that, he, a 19 year old jock, needed a babysitter outraged Jordan almost more than anything else, but before he could say anything, Tartarus pointed to the door “first up, its time for your morning shower, you know what they say ‘a clean body equals a clean mind!”

I showered last night!” grumbled Jordan, irritated at being ordered around like a little kid.

Well you need another one!” commanded the Ranger “’specially after those sweaty nightmares you were having!”

Jordan frowned wondering how the ranger knew he had nightmares “Well pass me my bathrobe then!” he muttered, pointing to the robe hanging on the back of the door.

You don’t need no robe Sport!” laughed Tartarus “Remember what the Doc said about keeping that ‘lil tail ‘o yours exposed!” he grinned broadly “’sides” he said “I seen it all before!!”

Jordan had no option, he jumped out of bed, keeping his hands gripped tightly over he genitals and hurried across the room to get to the shower.

As he walked across the landing he was keenly aware that the ranger’s amused eyes were fixed on him.

In particular, he knew the ranger was looking at his bare butt.


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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 17 (Part 1)

The Shaman’s Revenge Part 17 (Part 1)

Jordan jumped quickly into the car and slammed the door behind him, and to his relief, successful preventing any of the angry wasps from following him inside the vehicle.

As soon as his naked passenger was safely inside the Ranger put his foot on the gas and the car sped off down the road, until they were safely our of range of the pursuing swarm.

Where have you been sport?” the ranger shouted over the roar of the engine “Your Dad has been frantic with worry …. he’s not a happy man!”

Jordan, struggled to explain how he had come to be in this predicament, he considered explaining about Cindy-Mae abandoning him naked, but something told him the Ranger would find that funny, which would make it all the more embarrassing, so he just shrugged and said “guess I got lost!”

Once he has slowed down, the ranger glanced over at Jordan, who was perched in an awkward position, with the palms of his hands pressed down against the seat with his bottom raised, keeping it was hovering just above the plastic surface of the seat. “Sit properly Sport” he ordered gruffly.

I can’t” mumbled Jordan miserably

What do you mean, you ‘can’t’?”

Because I just can’t!” growled Jordan moodily

Why not?”

….burnt asshole!” muttered Jordan


I burnt my asshole, okay!!” was Jordan’s snapped reply “I slipped and sat on an electric fence …. then this Hillbilly retard stuck a carrot up there …. a real big carrot!”

A Carrot?” the ranger struggled not to laugh “Why did he do that?”

Dunno … guess he was a pervert or something, then his brother stuffed nettles and poison oak up ….”

huh? Why ….?”

‘cos he said I was a chicken!”

WOW! That’s bad sport!” replied the ranger giving a passing, if heavily faked, impression of compassion “You had a bad day!”

And just now ..” wailed Jordan “A Godamn hornet stung me …… on the butt hole!” he gave the ranger a pitiful look, and it hurts like hell!!

Now that is bad news fella’ “ replied the Ranger “You might have serious damage ….. down there!” he said “I better take you straight to see the Doc!”

Jordan instantly recoiled at the word “Doc” he had no wish to go anywhere near Dr Schultz and his damn needles “N..no I’m okay … honest!”

Don’t be dumb Jordan, the Doc needs to check you over, just in case. After all a singed, stretched and double stung anus isn’t anything to laugh at!”

Do you see me laughing?” snapped Jordan

Don’t be impudent kid!” barked the ranger “Or you’ll go over my knee despite your barbecued butt button!”

Jordan flinched visibly at the the ranger’s tone “S..Sorry Sir!” he stammered “I’m just sore!”

Okay… We will stop at the infirmary on the way home!”

Aww Officer!” whined Jordan “Not Doc Schultz, he has … odd methods!, couldn’t we go to Dr Hotcrutch … Uh I mean Dr Hutchins, she’s much better!”

Don’t be Dumb Jordan!” Laughed the Ranger” Lois Hutchins is a sports masseur, Boy’s rectums are not her area of expertise … Whereas Dr Schultz is a … er … specialist in the subject of boy’s back doors!”

Expert ‘cos he’s a damned perv” thought Jordan, sensibly keeping that observation to himself, before saying out loud “Fu … uh …I mean darn!” grumbled Jordan “Isn’t there another doctor I could go to?”

Don’t be a jerk Sport” replied the Ranger Doc Schultz is the best medic in town …. and besides he know your medical history. Us grown ups know best! We are going to Dr Schultz whether you like it or not!”

Although resenting the implication that at 19 he was not a “grown up”, Jordan reluctantly accepted defeat and grumpily sunk down in his seat, only to quickly raise his bottom again the moment it landed on the still hot plastic car seat. “Ouch!”

The Ranger appeared to have chosen a far more bumpy route back to town, than the one which Jordan and Cindy-Mae had taken up to the lake, or at least it seemed much more bumpy, given Jordan now had a far more tender backside. However, finally, after Jordan had endured a very long and uncomfortable journey, they eventually pulled up outside the Infirmary.

Again, Jordan was in the predicament of having to enter the infirmary, pass the reception area and crowded waiting room, stark naked and with a sore red bottom. “I need something to cover myself with” he pleaded.

Hold on Sport” replied the Ranger, “I think there is an old blanket in the trunk, that should at least give you some cover!”

Although not ideal, the old rug would, as the ranger had suggested, give him some cover as he entered the medical centre, so Jordan reluctantly took it and wrapped it around himself. People might still look, but, at least he wouldn’t be naked. Perhaps people would assume he had been in an accident, and was wearing clothes beneath the blanket.

However, once they had left the car and entered the foyer of the centre, he realised that people were not reacting in the way he had anticipated. Instead of just looking at him as he expected, they were pointing and laughing at him.

W…what’s going on?” he asked


The Ranger turned to look at him, and then let out a guffaw of laughter “Well, sport it appears some bugs have making been making a meal of that ‘ol blanket. Maybe moths, beetles or even could be ‘CEE-Kay-dahs’ have eaten a great big hole in it! ‘an that cute little tail ‘o yourn is on show ‘t the world!!”

Horrified, Jordan looked back and caught sight of his reflection in the window glass and saw there was a huge hole in the blanket, through which his bare blushing pink bottom was fully exposed. “Oh Fuck!” he cried in mortified embarrassment “Get me out of here!”

No problem Sport” chuckled the Ranger “We can use the elevator, that will be better than walking up three flights of stairs with your ass on full show!”

They hurried across the lobby, as Jordan unsuccessfully attempted to cover his exposed bottom with his hands. Once they reached the elevator the ranger pressed the button, as Jordan anxiously waited for the doors to open, but they did not open. In another bout of Jordan’s bad luck, at that moment three maintenance men were on the ninth floor moving furniture, and one large desk, which they had unwisely attempted to carry into the elevator had become stuck, wedging the doors open, and preventing the contraption from descending to the ground floor.

Hence, while an unhappy and humiliated and increasingly frantic Jordan waited on the ground floor, nine floors above him, three muscular workmen were struggling to move a desk and release the doors which continues to hold up the lift.

A crowd had now gathered, all giggling laughing and pointing at Jordan’s embarrassed and unsuccessful attempts to cover his exposed bare backside. Our handsome young hero’s only wish was to escape from the prying eyes and hide himself “We will have to use the stairs!” he gasped, turning away from the stubbornly un-opening elevator door and hurrying towards the open staircase at the far end of the lobby.

The ranger sauntered casually after him “That sure is a perty sight!” he drawled watching Jordan’s bare bottom juggling up and down as he hurried.

Jordan literally bounded up the stairs, and, to his relief was soon out of view of the watching crowd. However, his relief was soon replaced by a glum sense of impending doom as he approached the door to Dr Schultz’s office.

For a moment, Jordan stood outside the door, reluctant to knock, however, he was then joined by the ranger, who immediately rapped on the door. There was a brief pause, before the doctor opened the door, and ushered the two in. To Jordan’s annoyance, he found that Dr Schultz was not alone, as his eyes fell on the hated figure of medical trainee, Martin Clifford, who, while appearing to be intently studying some notes, was adjusting the buttons on his white male nurse’s uniform.

My, My Jordan Draper!” said Dr Schultz “What predicament have yourself into this time?”

He’s got a sore anus!” interjected the Ranger helpfully.

I see!” replied the doctor with a serious tone, as Martin Clifford unsuccessfully attempted to stifle a chuckle “Have you been misbehaving with other boys Jordan?”

No I haven’t!” snapped Jordan with a combination of anger and mortification “It got burned … and stung …. and … uh … a damn hillbilly stuck a carrot in it!” he explained bedore quickly adding “ … against my will!!”

Well… Well .. you have had an eventful day, haven’t you Jordan!” relied Dr Schultz with a raised eyebrow “We had better take a look at it! Please take off that dirty blanket and get onto the examination table …. on your knees, with your bottom up.”

Despite instinctively knowing this would not end well, Jordan reluctantly did as he was told, clambered onto the examination table, and adopted what was best described at the “doggy position”, while the doctor ominously pulled on his rubber gloves.

Dr Schultz stepped forward, placed his rubber gloved hands onto Jordan’s butt cheeks and firmly pushed them apart to expose the puckered, and now blushing pink and cherry red, ring between.

Schultz frowned and made a tutting sound with his tongue “Hmmm!” he said “That does look inflamed …. nurse can you bring me the magnifying glass please!”

Martin opened a draw and brought out a large magnifying glass, not unlike the type which might have been used by Sherlock Holmes or some other Victorian sleuth might have used to examine evidence, and handed it to the doctor.

To Jordan’s increasing embarrassment the doctor held the glass up to the crack between his butt cheeks and studied his anus at length. “That is inflamed!” he said “what do you think nurse?”

Martin peered at Jordan’s rectum “It looks sore!” he said “Is it sore Jordan?”

Yes its fu….. sore!” snarled Jordan, his face now hot and glowing with mortification, he again determined that he would kill Martin at the first opportunity to present itself.

The Ranger approached and also took a lingering look at Jordan’s most private region “That sure reminds me o’ a lil’l pink raspberry!” he drawled in an amused tone!

Jordan closed his eyes tight and gritted his teeth with embarrassment, he couldn’t believe that three men were actually discussing the state of his sore anus …… and studying it with a magnifying glass.

Could that be serious Doctor?” asked Martin, struggling to sound businesslike

I am afraid it could be!” replied the Doctor with a grim expression on his face “the combination of an electrical burn and a hornet sting could have unstable results!” he put down the magnifying glass and removed his rubber gloves “I will prescribe a special cream, which have to be applied twice a day… I am afraid it will sting a little bit Jordan, but that is because it is working!”

uh …okay …Doc” the unhappy Jordan hissed though a scowl

and, most important” added the Doctor “the whole area must be exposed to fresh air at all times!”

Uh ….What ….?” asked Jordan uncomprehendingly.

No pants, jeans or underwear should be worn for the next four weeks at least … probably up to six weeks depending on the speed of recovery … so no clothing from the waist down!”

WHAT?” cried Jordan, as the Doctors words sunk in

You gotta stay bare butt for six weeks Sport!” replied the Ranger helpfully!

NO WAY!” yelled Jordan Jumping off the desk “I ain’t going bare butt for another hour let alone six week, just ‘cos some faggy quack doctor say so….OOOOWCH!” Jordan’s angry rant ended with a cry of pain as the Ranger slapped him hard across the bare bottom with the palm of his hand.

Don’t you go disrespecting the Doctor Sport!” snapped Ranger Tartarus “The Doc knows best, ifin he sez you gotta’ stay bare butt for six week, you’re gonna’ do just that, I’ll make sure of it!”

He turned to the doctor ”An’ I’ll make sure he applies that there stinging cream night an’ morning even ifin I have to do it myself!”

You ain’t doing …. that!” bellowed Jordan

Take care Sonny!” growled the Ranger pointing at Jordan “Or you will be over my knee faster than you can say ‘burn my speedos!” he paused and looked back at the Doctor “Does this mean spankin’s are out Doc!”

No, there is no need to stop spanking him!” replied the Doctor with a quick smile “In fact the stimulation will be quite therapeutic!”

So Spankin’s will be sorta’ medicinal then Doc?”

The doctor pondered for a while “Well yes, you could say that!” he replied as the Ranger chortled loudly and Martiv stifle a peal of laughter behind a rubber gloved hand.

Jordan was now in a state of barely controlled panic ”Don’t listen to that quack Doctor, he’s a perv and doesn’t know what he’s …. OOOOWWWCH!

Jordan jumped in the air in response to a hard WHACK! from the ranger cross his bare bottom.

That is not acceptable language Jordan!” roared the Ranger, grabbing hold of the naked young man. Then before Jordan could fully take in what was happening, the officer had thrown his arm round his waist, lifting him off the ground and stuffing him under his arm, as if the young swimmer was a rolled up carpet.

The Ranger then inflicted a series of sharp smacks to Jordan’s upturned bottom “You Will not ..” SMACK “disrespect the Doctor ..” SMACK “Do you understand ..?” SMACK!

OWW … YEEOOW …OUCH! …Stop!” yelled Jordan, struggling and kicking attempting to free himself, but the muscular ranger held him firmly in place.

Can you hold him still please!” said the doctor “Jordan needs a course of injections to prevent any side effects from the hornet stings! And what better time to start than now!” he turned to Martin “Nurse, Please prepare two syringes with the Obecalp serum!”

Jordan looked back over his shoulder with horror, his worst fears at the prospect of visiting Dr Schultz were about to come true, he had guessed that medical pervert would immediately find a reason to jab him in the ass again. This was the reason he had been so reluctant to pay this visit.

No! .. No! Fuck you!!” he yelled, struggling and kicking his legs “Keep that damn needle away from me!!!

However, no matter how much the fit young athlete struggled, the ranger, who it appeared possessed a superhuman strength, held him firmly in place.

Moments later, the Doctor was standing behind him holding up one of his scary looking oversized syringes, while Martin stood nearby with a further syringe on a tray. “Please hold him still, if you can officer!”

You got it Doc!” replied the Ranger gripping Jordan all the more tightly.

Without further ado Dr Schultz proceeded to jab the needle into Jordan’s left butt cheek, injecting a dose of the serum into the unlucky young swimmer.

AAAAAAAAHGGGGHHHHOOOOOWW!!!” Jordan’s yell of pain echoed round the room.

Don’t be such a wuss Sport!” chuckled the Ranger playfully slapping Jordan’s uplifted bottom “It’s for your own good!”

I’m not being a ‘wuss’” wailed Jordan “It Hurt!!”

Just one more young man!” said the Doc in what he assumed was a reassuring tone, but which sent a chill down Jordan’s spine. The Doctor then took the second syringe from the tray, which Martin was helpfully holding, and gave it a short squirt to remove any air, before injecting a further dose of the potion into Jordan’s right butt cheek, eliciting a similar outraged response from the handsome swimmer.

All finished Doc” asked the Ranger, before he lowered Jordan back onto his feet.

Finished for now” replied the Doctor “however, he will need a course of shots, so he will have to return to the infirmary every morning ….. or I suppose, I could do a home visit each day!”

No need Doc!” smiled the ranger “I’ve got me a certification in first aid! ‘couse, it was mainly for gun shot wounds and critter bites, but I can inject a boy in the butt no problem ….. ‘sides I only live next door!” he laughed “So I can give this young patient what he needs!” he slapped Jordan on the shoulder sending him staggering forward “Can’t I Sport?!”

Jordan’s mouth opened and shut, rather like a landed fish gasping for air, as he tried to speak, but no words came. He was stunned to silence as the full horror of his current situation registered in his brain.



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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 10

Shaman’s Revenge Part 10
lay on the cold basement floor, very miserable, very sore and unable
to get up or escape from the discovery he knew was coming. Within
moments discovery arrived.
on ….?” a boomed voice echoed round the basement and briefly
distracted Jordan from his torment, he looked up and saw the ranger
entering the room, and knew instantly that his bad day was going to
get a lot worse. 
ranger, bare foot and bare chested, strode across the room and stood
looking down at Jordan with an expression of poorly concealed
amusement on his face “What are you doing boy? … how did you get
in here?” … he looked across to the open skylight window “Did
you break in?”
I .. “ stammered Jordan, keenly aware there was nothing he could
say which would not make his predicament worse.
I arrest you? …” mused the ranger with feigned seriousness “or
should I have a word with your Dad …?”
Officer … Sir … I can explain!” moaned Jordan, his mind
struggling for an explanation as to why he was lying naked on the
floor or the ranger’s basement which would both not incriminate him
or appear totally fanciful!
up off the floor!” ordered Officer

can’t!” wailed Jordan
do mean you “can’t”?” snapped the Ranger
…I … I just can’t!” relied the miserable Jordan
be stupid boy …get up!…. on your feet boy!!”
can’t …. I’ve got a ……. a ……. bottle brush up my ass!”
moaned Jordan.
shouted the Ranger, pretending he had no idea what had befallen
Jordan “Let me look?” he stepped forward and tool a close look at
Jordan’s bottom “By damn! You have!!” he frowned at Jordan “What
have you been doing boy?”
protested Jordan “It just flew up there!!!” As the words left his
mouth he knew nobody would believe them so he corrected himself “I
.. er … sat on it!!” at least that sounded slightly more
ranger raised a sceptical eyebrow “If you you .. uh .. say so kid!”
he folded his arms “You sure you ain’t been … experimenting …
like boys do!”
I ‘ain’t … haven’t been experimenting … I am not a pervert!”
yes??? …..Says the naked guy with a bottle brush up his ass!”
chortled the Ranger “why is it stopping you from standing up?”
think it must be pressing on a nerve. When I try to stand up it jabs
into me!”
… are you sure you are not just being a wimp because it feels
bad?…. try getting on your hands and knees.”
considerable difficulty Jordan managed to clamber on to his knees,
making grunts of discomfort every time the prickly plastic brush
jabbed his tight little passage.
try crawling across the floor!” 
increasing discomfort Jordan attempted to crawl as instructed,
letting out increasingly shrill squeaks of pain as he did so.

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ranger roared with laughter as he watched Jordan’s perfect, but much
punished bottom sway from side to side with the wire handle of the
brush protruding from between his cheeks. As if unable to resist, he
lent forward and flicked the handle with his forefinger, causing it
to vibrate inside Jordan’s rectum.
screamed Jordan as the a tingling and prickling sensation surged
through his body, feeling as if all the nerve ends in his bottom had
received an electric shock. “Don’t do that!!”
you squat?” asked Officer
“You might find that easier!”
like doing squat thrusts in the gym!” replied the ranger “Here
let me help you!” He stepped forward, grabbed Jordan under the
armpits and pulled him up as the unhappy boy howled in discomfort.
in a squatting position, Jordan realised the Ranger had been right
and that this position was a bit easier to bear, albeit it was still
very uncomfortable.
better!” said the ranger “Now we need to get you to the hospital,
so they can remove that thing!”
you going to call an ambulance?” asked Jordan, cringing at the
thought of paramedics seeing him with a bottle brush up his behind
“Couldn’t a doctor come here instead?”
there is no need to waste valuable medical resources and time
ferrying a fit athlete a few hundred yards” snapped Officer
Tartarus “The hospital is just down the street!”
how am I going to get there, I can’t walk!”
can waddle!”
can’t waddle!
” snapped Jordan in horror
course you can, you’re a fit, athletic guy, it should be no problem,
….. and I am certainly not going carry you!”
it’s miles to the hospital!”
its a mile and half at most, it’s just a brisk walk ….. waddle ..
and we’ll be there in no time!”
at the prospect of waddling a mile and a half with a bottle brush in
his backside, Jordan looked around the room as if seeking a means of
escape. Then he noticed something was missing …
are my clothes? … they were over there? …”
Ranger looked around casually and shrugged “I can’t see no clothes
need my clothes… they can’t have disappeared ..”
dumb boys” laughed the Ranger “always losing something!” he
turned back to Jordan “I guess you’re just gonna’ have to go in
your birthday suit!!” with that he grabbed Jordan round the waist,
threw him over his shoulder and walked swiftly up the steps out of
the basement.
was, in fact almost two miles to the local hospital, and every yard
was a nightmare for Jordan as each waddled step caused the prickly
brush to jab into his sensitive anus and various internal nerves
sending tingling shock waves from his bottom through the rest of his
body. Although the bristles were only plastic, and were actually not
tearing flesh, he felt as if they were. Therefore, each wobbling step
was accompanied with a gasp or an angry yell of discomfort.
be such a baby Jordan!” laughed the Ranger, who was walking slowly
along beside the unfortunate young swimmer, and unable to fully hide
the pleasure he was taking from Jordan’s discomfort.
discomfort was to increase and be combined with shame and
embarrassment as they got closer to the hospital where there were a
number of people walking in and out, all of whom stooped to stare,
point and laugh at the naked young man waddling down the street, like
a large pink and particularly handsome duck! He prayed that none of
them spotted the wire bottle brush handle sticking out of his naked
for Jordan, as soon as they reached the hospital, Officer Tartarus
wasted no time in making sure that everyone in earshot knew all about
the bottle brush. “We need some help here!” he bellowed
loudly “Jordan Draper here has gone and got a bottle brush stuck
right up his backside!
” His voice grew louder “Don’t know
how he’s done it mind, but idiot boys do do the dumbest things!!”
so loud, please they will all hear!!” pleaded the humiliated young
the Ranger ignored Jordan’s pleas “He claims he weren’t
experimenting or anything!” he continued “but, ya’ know, how does
a dude get a prickly brush stuck deep up his lil’ white boy tush,
without doing something a bit weird?! ….. I’m Just saying!!”
woman at the reception desk, who Jordan, to his horror recognised as
a friend of his Mom’s, almost fell off her chair in an attempt to
stifle her laughter as she blurted out “I will page a Doctor
immediately Sir!” before hiding her mouth with her hand.
later, as if Jordan’s horrible day could not get any worse, a
familiar white gowned figure arrived on the scene, it was Dr Schultz,
the college doctor, who was filling in filling in for a colleague at
the hospital.
Caleb … Officer Tartarus!” he said “I see young Jordan had got
himself into yet another pickle!”
Doc!” laughed the Ranger, “he’s got himself skewered more like,
the dumb jock has stuffed a prickly bottle brush up his fanny!
didn’t stuff it up ….there!” protested Jordan
did it get there then son?” asked the Doctor in a marginally
mocking tone.
jut got there .. okay?!” snapped Jordan “Now just get the fucking
thing out!!”
your tongue brat!” ordered the Ranger “That’s another thing I
need to talk to your Dad about later!!”
did not have time to think about what the Ranger might tell his dad
as the loud shouting had attracted quite a crowd of observers, who
now mingled around the entrance lobby, laughing and pointing at the
metal handle protruding from between his butt cheeks. Worrying about
his Dad’s reaction would come later, all he cared about now was
getting the brush removed and finding somewhere to hide.
with me!” said the doctor, leading, the still waddling, Jordan to a
side room, followed by the Ranger, who, when passing the door, wedged
it open, enabling the assembled crowd to see in.
two strong older men easily lifted the young swimmer onto the raised
hospital bed and laid on his back with his legs in the air. 
the assembled cowed watched in chuckling fascination, the doctor set
to work trying to pull the brush out of Jordan’s rectum, as as the
unhappy jock squeaked and whimpered in discomfort and acute
despite repeated orders to relax, Jordan was so stressed and tense
that his sphincter muscles had involuntarily contracted so tightly
around the the brush it refused to budge.
can’t move it!” complained the doctor, “The boy’s rectum is
gripping it like a vice!”
let me try!” said the ranger stepping forward and taking hold of
the end of the brush “I have a knack for these things!” So
focused was the doctor and others in Jordan’s humiliation that nobody
thought to inquire as to how Officer Tartarus had developed a “knack”
at extracting bottle bristles from the anuses of 19 year old male
technique was somewhat different to the doctor, and significantly
more uncomfortable for Jordan, first he started jiggling the wire
handle from side to side, and then he began to push and pull at the
brush, in an ‘in an out’ movement. Jordan could only gasp in horror
at the sensation this caused to him and as that sensation
intensified, Jordan was suddenly hit by the stark, cold reality that
his new neighbour the ranger was literally fucking him with a bottle
looked into the rangers eyes, and could see immediately that the man
knew exactly what he was doing, and that he was enjoying doing in.
However, as he stared, momentarily transfixed, by the intense
blackness of the man’s eyes, he sensed something else, something
deeper, darker, totally terrifying and not entirely human.
jerked back in horror, and spasm caused by the sudden movement
released the brush from the earlier grip, enabling the ranger to
remove it.
it!” said the Ranger holding up the, now somewhat crushed and
mangled brush!”
done!” said the doctor, “it is a good thing it was just plastic,
and not wire, otherwise it could have done internal damage, as it is
he will just be tender for a few days!
guys heal real quick!” laughed the ranger “that’s why you have to
keep spanking the young varmits!”
we had better make sure there is no infection!” mused the doctor,
he turned to a male nurse who had been standing watching the
entertainment. “The patient will need a double inoculation, please
prepare two syringes!”
Word “Syringes” shocked Jordan away from focusing on the unknown
horror he had seen in the Ranger’s eyes to the very real and
immediate terror of an injection.
Yelled Jordan “You are not jabbing me again!!”
for your own good!” growled Tartarus as he stepped forward, grabbed
hold of Jordan, and flipped him over onto his front, with such ease
that it was as it the boys was weightless. “there you go Doc!” he
looked down at Jordan’s, now upturned, bottom “there’s your target
… and ain’t it a perty one!!” he laughted as he held the the
struggling and protesting Jordan 
doctor picked up one syringe, as the nurse filled a second one. “This
is a new antiseptic serum!” he said “It is very effective, but
there is one side effect, it will make your bottom very sensitive for
a couple of day … so I recommend you avoid horse back riding!”
worry Doc!” laughed the Ranger “I somehow doubt he’s gonna’ want
to go horseback riding for quite some time!!”
please don’t!!” yelled Jordan “Give me a pill instead ….”
before the words had left Jordan’s mouth., the doctor had Jabbed the
needle hard into his right butt cheek, followed seconds later by the
nurse who jabbed his the second needle into the left cheek!!!
…. “YEEEAAAAAOOOCH!” Jordan’s yell echoed around the hospital
as now further pain was inflicted on his already very sore and tender
ranger bent down and whispered quietly into Jordan’s ear, his hot
breath tickling the boys neck as he did so “You really have had a
bad day haven’t you kid? …….. it would be a real shame if it got
To Be Continued!!

The Shaman’s Revenge (Part 8)

Shaman’s Revenge (Part 8)
reluctantly, and with a glum expression on his handsome face, Jordan
slunk down the road, heading towards the College infirmary,
accompanied by the now casually dressed Ranger, whom Jordan’s Dad had
irritatingly asked to accompany his son to his medical appointment.
Although it was yet another hot day, Jordan wore an extra sweater
over his T-Shirt and, instead of shorts he was wearing jeans. He had
felt the urgent need to cover his body when in Officer Tartarus’s
, as the way the Ranger looked at him, with that
sardonically amused twinkle in his dark eyes made the younger man
feel very exposed.
any event, the ranger had seen more than enough of his body already!
and me are gonna’ have tons of fun, now I am your neighbour!” said
the Ranger, his friendly words somewhat belied by the cruel twist of
his lips “just you wait an’ see!”
you say so!” muttered Jordan, very much doubting that any time
spent with this new neighbour would come anywhere close to being
what seemed like no time they were in the main hallway leading to the
College medical facility and Jordan made one final attempt to avoid
the inevitable “Okay ..uh … Sir!” he said “there’s no need
for you to wait around, In can take it from here..”
chance Buddy!” smiled the Ranger “I promised your Daddy I would
see you all the way to the doctor, and that is what I an gonna’ do!”
he pointed to the infirmary door, “after you kid!”
shoulder’s slumped even more, he knew there was no escaping from what
was coming.
they entered the main medical room, they saw the Doctor sitting on a
chair, apparently reading some notes. he looked up “Ah! Jordan”
he said “You are on time for once … and who is this you have
brought with you?”
Caleb Tartarus!” replied the
ranger “but you can call me ‘Ranger’, I am acting guardian, just
here to see that young Jordie got here safely”
cringed, nobody had called him “Jordie” in over a decade, and he
hated the name.
asked the Doctor “I am sure I have come across that name before …
is it of Greek origin?
Ranger raised an eyebrow slightly, but didn’t respond to the
question, instead he asked “As I understand it, Jordie needs some
injections in his little bottom?”
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replied the Doctor “Jordan, I would like to discuss the results of
your latest tests, but first you need to remove your clothes!”
Doc! Why do I need to be naked?” Jordan groaned “couldn’t I just
loosen my pants a bit?!”
Doc says you gotta’ git naked fella’!” interjected the Ranger “so
do as you’re told and git stripped! … now!”
as you are told young man!” added the doctor
Jordan began removing his clothes, his mood sinking even further
towards the floor. He had always been proud of his body, but now he
had come to hate being exposed, especially in front of the grinning
clown of a ranger.
instructed Jordan removed all his clothes until he was naked, apart
from his white socks, and stood in front of the two men, feeling like
some sort of exhibit, or a slave about to be auctioned to the highest
doctor then looked back down to the notes he had been studying “I
regret we are going to need to increase your treatment Jordan!” he
in …increase…” stammered Jordan “you mean … like ..
more?!” he stepped back and immediately felt the ranger’s
restraining hand on his shoulder.
initial prescription was too conservative I am afraid” frowned Dr
Schultz “We will need to extend the treatment for a further week
and increase the dosage to two injections in each cheek, three times
a week!”
have got to be fucking kidding me!!” yelled Jordan, his voice a
shrill with a mixture and anger and fear “I getting out of here!”
he attempted to reach for his clothes, but the ranger’s grip
tightened, holding him firmly in place.
are not going anywhere Buddy” growled the ranger, the menace in his
voice unmistakable.
Jordan was beyond being intimidated “Fucking let go of me! I ain’t
taking any more needles in the butt …NO WAY!!” he snarled
furiously attempting to struggle free and aiming a blow at the
Ranger’s chiselled jaw, but succeeded only in hurting his hand, as
the ranger continued to hold him firmly.
the Doctor strode across the room and also took hold of Jordan’s arm,
and between them the two men forced him face down onto a small
medical trolley, as the young swimmer continued to struggle protest
and kick.
need to tie the varmit down!” said the Ranger “I guess you don’t
have any rope handy?”
this do the job?” replied the doctor producing two large rolls of
plastic wrap “A smart salesman sold six boxes of this stuff to my
assistant, saying it could be used for bandaging serious burns!”
more like something I’d wrap a ham sandwich in!” replied the Ranger
“but, yup! That should do it!”
the ranger held the yelling Jordan down the Doctor used his bandaging
skills to swiftly wrap the plastic cling film wrap around Jordan and
the trolley, until he was firmly secured.
the Ranger was satisfied that Jordan was wrapped tightly, and could
not free himself, he stepped back studied their handiwork with a sly
grin on his face. “Now, I’d say that is a perfect target!” he
drawled grinning at Jordan’ fully exposed and now uplifted bare
bottom “If I say so myself!” he winked at the Doctor “and
provides you with full access for whatever you have to do!”
then turned and picked up one of the four syringes which the Doctor
had prepared in advance of Jordan’s visit and a malevolent sneer
began to spread across his face “Say Doc” he asked “have you
ever played darts?”
ago” replied the Doctor, “but not since my freshman year”
darts or British Darts?” asked the Ranger
I think..”
are similar, ‘cept the dart board is different ..” he paused “and
we have a very different dart board today” he pointed at Jordan’s
do you mean …?”
ranger held out a syringe “You wanna’ have a go at hitting the
target?” he asked
what the Ranger meant the Doctor smiled nervously “Are you
serious… that’s a bit unconventional…” he replied
but sure to be fun … if not so much fun for young Jordie Boy!”
laughed the Ranger, there was no doubting he was serious
had not taken much note of the conversation, being more focused on
unsuccessfully attempting to extradite from the plastic wrap
attaching him to the metal trolley, but the words “not much fun for
young Jordie boy” attracted his immediate attention. He struggled
to comprehend what the Ranger was talking about, without being able
to turn round he could not see the man’s face, but was sure it would
be wearing the characteristic cruel grin. He guessed the Ranger had
something nasty in mind, but could never have imagined what his new
neighbour had planned for him.
am not sure about this …” chucked the doctor, his professional
ethics fighting a losing battle with his excitement at what was being
me show you!” said Ranger Tartarus,
lifting the syringe in the air, closing one eye, whilst taking air,
and then threw the syringe hard and skilfully at Jordan.
let out a shriek of pain as the needle jammed hard into the lower
part of his left butt cheek. Any injection is painful, but when the
impact is the result of the needle being thrown hard and from a
distance, the sensation was magnified ten fold. “What are you
Fucking ####s doing? … that fucking HURTS!!”
good shot! Laughed Dr Schultz, his ethical reluctance evaporating
with his desire to emulate the Ranger. “Let me have a go!”
you are” Tartarus handed a second syringe to the doctor, whilst at
the same time picking up a third “meanwhile I will see it I can get
the right butt cheek!”
that, he threw the syringe he had just taken straight at Jordan,
hitting the target hard in the right butt cheek, resulting in another
yell of pain from the unlucky young athlete plastic wrapped securely
to the medical trolley.
turn … my turn!” cried the Doctor, his childlike excitement
belying his thirty eight years of life and characteristic mature
professionalism. He took aim and threw the third syringe which
again pierced their unhappy target’s left cheek.
more!” Laughed Officer Tartarus, raising his hand and letting lose
his final “dart”
impact of the fourth syringe jabbing into his burning behind made
Jordan lurch forward, which in turn caused the trolley’s wheels to
start turning as the trolley began rolling towards the door, picking
up speed as it did so. Jordan’s head hit the door, acting like a
medieval battering ram and throwing it open.
trolley, with the unhappy cling wrapped cargo on top, sped through
the door and out into the main hall.
was then when another of the unlucky coincidences, which had plagued
Jordan’s life over recent days kicked in, as the college janitor had
only just washed the floor, using a new wax based detergent, which,
while still wet, as it was then, made the floor extremly slippery.
As soon as the wheels of the trolley hit the wet floor, the speed of
its trajectory increased sending it hurtling across the hallway in
the direction of an open window.

Janitor gasped in stunned amazement at the sight which greeted him. A
naked young male, strapped to a medial trolley with with what
appeared to be sandwich wrap, and with four medical syringes sticking
unto his butt cheeks trundling across the just washed hallway at
escalating speed, was not something he had ever expected to see, or
something he would soon forget.
the trolley hit the wall on the other side of the hallway it bounced
upwards and tipped forward, sending itself and Jordan flying through
the window. The force of the collision caused the plastic wrap to
tear, separating Jordan from the trolley, as they both briefly seemed
to hover in the air, before hurtling towards the ground below.
window was on the fourth floor and Jordan knew for sure that a fall
from such a height would inevitably cause either death or serious
injury. He closed his eyes in blind terror and tensed his body for
the bone shattering impact to come, as the events of the last two
weeks sped through his mind. His run of bad luck had clearly been
leading up to this fatal conclusion.
fact, instead of being killed or injured, Jordan was to experience
the first instance of good luck he he had encountered for some time.
However, the degree to which this luck was “good” was somewhat
of hitting the hard ground below, Jordan’s fall was was broken by
landing in a garbage dumpster full of waste from the College canteen.
A mixture of rotten fruit, rancid pork and week old discarded bread
and pasta provided a soft landing, if a rather unpleasant one,
especially for someone with Jordan’s fastidious tastes.
weight of his body caused him to sink into the foul smelling mush,
which absorbed his body from head to waist, leaving his lower body
and cling film wrapped legs now uppermost and sticking into the air.
his head was in a pocked of unpleasant smelling air, enabling him to
breath, the rotten mush above held him firmly like quick sand, and
the more he struggled the more firmly it seemed to grasp him.
his predicament, Jordan’s survival instinct kicked in and he realised
that continuing to struggle could cause the air pocket to collapse,
in which case he would suffocate.
only option was to stay still and hope that the air would last long
enough for him to be rescued.
for Jordan, it was over half an hour before rescue came. And for all
of that half hour Jordan remained upside down encased in rotting food
waste with four medical syringes jabbing painfully into his uplifted
bottom, as Dr Shultz’s special serum gradually drained down the
needles into his backside, where it would only add to the further
discomforts which were heading its way …..
Be Continued

The Shaman’s Revenge (Part 6)

Shaman’s Revenge Part 6”
Jordan gave no further thought to the kitten he had just kicked, and
felt no remorse for what he had done, instead he was far more
occupied in feeling sorry for himself, and cursing his recent streak
of bad luck.
stopped when he was less than a block from the Medical centre where
he was supposed to be seeing the doctor. “Fuck it!” he thought
“I’m not going to let him jab me in the ass again, … that really
fucking hurts!” he shrugged “If I don’t turn up, what can he do?
And if anyone asks, I will just say I forgot!”
turned intending to make his way back in the direction from he had
come, only to find a large, figure in a sweatshirt and tracksuit
pants, standing behind him. “C…Coach!” he stammered.
are you going Jordan?! Asked the coach, “I believe you are supposed
to be seeing the doctor this morning …. for some booster
…I ..er ..I…” replied Jordan, his eyes darting from side to
side, in search of escape, but there was none.
was training the basketball team!” continued the coach, “But
thought I had better check that you hadn’t forgotten!” He smiled
“as your coach, your well being is a matter of importance for me.”
He put his hand on Jordan’s shoulder “Come on, young man, I
understand you may be nervous, but it is for your own good. I will
accompany you to your appointment ….. as moral support!”
opened his mouth to protest and assure the Coach that he didn’t need
support, but no words came, he knew, before he spoke that it would be
pointless to argue. The Coach’s firm grip on his shoulder told him
the older man was determined to accompany him to the clinic.
heart sank, it was clear there would be no way of avoiding those
painful injections.
later, Jordan and Coach Amundsen had reached the waiting room outside
the clinic and they did not have long to wait before the doctor put
his head around the door
Jordan … And good morning Coach Amundsen..” the Doctor greeted
them, without questioning why the Coach was also present “Jordan,
please strip off your clothes in the disrobing cubicle here” he
indicated a door to the side “and then come and join us in the
examination room.”
failed to pick up on the word “us” in the Doctor’s instruction,
but balked at the implied requirement for nudity “All my clothes?”
he groaned
replied the doctor, his tone clipped and efficient “ALL your
clothes!” he frowned “And be quick about it!, we haven’t got all
as the Doctor tells you Jordan, I will be waiting for you” smiled
Coach Amundsen, his words echoing ominously in Jordan’s brain, with
the subliminal message “You ain’t getting out of this kiddo!”
face set in a pouting sulk, better fitted to a disobedient five year
old than an 18 year old athlete, Jordan walked as slowly as he could
into the small changing cubicle which the doctor had indicated and
moodily began removing his clothes.
naked, Jordan felt very exposed and vulnerable, his every fibre
yearning to put his clothes back on an run out of the building as
fast as he could. It was only the, still very clear, memory of the
Coach’s hard leathery palm which prevented him from doing so.
stark naked and clutching his hands over his dick and balls, Jordan
reluctantly left the sanctuary of the changing cubicle and slowly
made his way to the examination room as instructed. As he did so he
tried to steel himself for what was ahead, but was totally unprepared
for the sight which met him on entering the room. Not only was the
coach and the Doctor, who was now dressed in operating scrubs,
waiting for him but also two students, who he recognised immediately,
both dressed as male nurses.
now much hated, adversary Martin Clifford and also Milton Rumbold, a
skinny, and somewhat nerdish, youth whom Jordan had singled out for
bullying ever since they were both at junior school, were standing
next to the doctor, both trying unsuccessfully to appear serious.
are they doing here?” Jordan demanded, outraged that these two
should see him naked like this.
and Martin here are studying human anatomy prior to going on to
medical school!” replied the Doctor “they are here to observe
your examination!”
Jordan’s voice had become slightly high pitched.
am concerned by the results of your earlier tests!” replied the
Doctor “And I have determined that you require an anal examination
what?!” cried Jordan “No Fuc …. No way!!” 

not use that tone when speaking to the Doctor young man!” boomed
the coach “The Doctor knows what’s best!”
think there could be a problem, and that we need to check”,
continued the doctor, reaching for a box of disposable rubber gloves.
“Now climb onto the examination table!”
wailed Jordan “I don’t need my a … anal hole examined!!” he
looked as if he was about to cry “ not in front of …them!” he
pointed to Martin and Milton both of whom were now struggling top
suppress broad grins!
Draper!” shouted coach “Get on that table now, or you will regret
face etched in misery Jordan climbed onto the examination table as
instructed, surely this could not be really happening, this must be a
nightmare from which, any minute, he would awake in a cold sweat.
“Please let me wake up!” he prayed.
this was no dream, it was cold reality, and Jordan was about to have
his most intimate place exposed and examined in front of ….. Oh
Schultz pulled on the tight white rubber glove and stepped towards
the examination tale “Spread your legs and raise your bottom
Jordan!” he ordered, speaking in the same clipped and efficient
tone as he had used earlier.
but knowing that objections were pointless, Jordan did as he was
told. As he dis so, his eyes fell on a large metal tube like object
lying on small set of shelves next to the examination table. He had
no idea what it was, or why it was there, but the very sight of it
sent a chill down his spine.
doctor moved closer and proceeded to prod the edge of Jordan’s
puckering pink anus with the tip of his rubber tipped finger. This
caused a sensation which Jordan had never experienced before, his
reaction was instantaneous and instinctive, jerking forward away from
the invading finger.
still Jordan” ordered the Doctor “You seem unusually sensitive
…… hmmmmmm! What’s this?” he pointed to a slightly swollen and
discoloured section of Jordan’s tiny rectum “You have a bruise on
your anus!” he raised an eyebrow “have you been putting things up
your bottom ….. or letting another boy do so?”
watching boys both giggle audibly at this question.
I HAVE NOT!!” growled Jordan, now in an agony of embarrassment as
he remembered the toy truck in the lily pond “I …I sat on
doctor frowned “I don’t know about this!” he murmured, “That is
a very unusual bruise “It looks as if a hard object has been
inserted into your anus …. take a look at that Coach, don’t you
coach leaned forward to take a closer look. “Well, indeed” he
said “that is bruised ….what have you been doing boy?”
got stuck up there!” moaned Jordan in an agony of embarrassment “it
was an accident”
see …!!” The Doctor did not sound convinced “I need to check
further up the passage!” he said
pleased don’t…” Jordan began to object but before the words had
left his mouth, the doctor’s rubber gloved finger was already
pressing on the tight rim of his rectum, before it began to penetrate
weird sensation caused by such a foreign object as the doctor’s
finger being inserted into him caused Jordan to instinctively tighten
his muscles, with the result that his anal muscles firmly gripped the
Doctor’s finger.
Said the doctor “It is very tight! … are you trying to squeeze my
finger Jordan?”
whispered Jordan his face now glowing pink with humiliation recoiling
in horror as he could sense the doctor’s finger pushing further
inside. He could hardly believe that another man was physically
penetrating him and this was being keenly observed by people for whom
he had previously felt nothing but contempt.
could not get more humiliating than this he thought, however, as he
would soon discover, it could get more humiliating …….. and it
was about to!
doctor continued pushing his finger as far as he could up Jordan’s
back passage, feeling around for any abnormality, whilst the young
swimmer’s coil tense anal muscles continued to resist him. “I need
to get a better look” sighed the medic in exasperation “Martin
pass me the probe on that table” With his free hand he pointed to
the large metal object which Jordan had noticed earlier, and had been
right to fear.
a broad grin on his face, Martin obediently picked up the extra large
rectal probe the Doctor had pointed to and handed it to the doctor.
Martin, and the petroleum jelly too please!” Smiled the Doctor
…is that for?” asked Jordan, his voice having developed a quiver.
a medical probe” replied the Doctor, “it will enable us to see
further up your bottom and ensure there are no problems!”
are not putting that fucking thing up my ass!!” yelled Jordan “It’s
fucking huge!” he moved forward, intent on jumping from the table,
only to find the coach’s muscular frame blocking his way.
where you are!” commanded the coach “this is for your your own
good ……. and if I hear you swear again you will be sorry!”
to escape, Jordan looked back over his shoulder , and watched in
increasing terror as Dr Schultz smeared the jelly onto the shaft of
the probe which seemed to get more gigantic the longer he looked at
intent was Jordan on the large metal object, that he failed to notice
the a faint grin pass across the Doctor’s face.
had been correct when he said the device was “fucking huge” for
this was not the standard size probe, he would usually have used, as
that had unaccountably disappeared, so that it had been necessary to
borrow an extra large one from the veterinary school in the next
building. It was Jordan’s ill fate that he would be probed with an
appliance primarily designed for use on a cow or a medium sized pony.
the shaft was fully lubricated it was time to insert it into Jordan’s
small, and unusually tight anal passage. This was not easy, as every
muscle in Jordan’s fit young body strained in protest at such an
unwelcome penetration, and the tiny aperture seemed almost clamped
doctor placed one rubber gloved hand on Jordan’s left butt cheek and
pressed the hard metal tube against the tight, button like opening
between the cheeks. For an instant the image of a shiny silver
battering ram pounding against the firmly shut gates of a fairytale
punk castle flittered through his mind.
one further firm push the shaft was in, and Jordan gave an audible
gasp of shock as it entered.
or this will hurt!” said the doctor gently, however, relaxation was
now well beyond Jordan’s capability, so it was necessary for Schultz
to apply some force in order to push the probe more deeply into
gritted his teeth and kept his eyes tightly shut as the cold meta
cylinder forced it’s way deeper inside him. For most virgins the
first penetration can be painful, and for Jordan this was painful in
so many different ways. It was not just the physical discomfort of a
solid and sturdy item gradually impaling him which hurt but also the
mortifying knowledge that four sets of eyes were right then focused
on his anal deflowering burnt into his fragile ego as if those very
eyes were laser beams.
the doctor has successfully managed to force the first five or six
inches of the extra size probe into Jordan he picked up a small torch
and shone it into the now uncomfortably stretched orifice.
crouching on the table on all fours, Jordan closed his eyes tight and
tried to focus on anything other than the discomfort caused by the
hard metal implement now invading his body, and the devastating
realisation that his private inner sanctum was being illuminated for
all to see.
atomic wedgie and paddling in from of the swimmers and lacrosse team
had been embarrassing and humiliating, but even that had not come
close to the shame and humiliation he was now experiencing.
what, to Jordan, seemed like an age, the doctor spoke “Well, apart
from a little bruising, I can’t see any problem up there! All appears
in order” he said, before adding “Here Martin, or Milton, do you
want to take a look?”
please Doc” replied Martin quickly stepping forward “that will be
…. most informative!”
yelled Jordan looking back over his shoulder at the beaming boys
told you to behave!” snapped the Coach pointing a wagging finger at
Jordan “these boys are merely getting an education!”
took the probe and torch from the doctor, and proceeded to push the
metal tube back into Jordan. “It is very tight!” he said
pushing it back and forth as you insert it” replied the Doctor
helpfully “that should loosen it up!”
did not need telling twice, and within moments he was
enthusiastically pushing the tube back and forth up Jordon’s bottom
in in a firm rhythmical movement. “Yes, that’s better!” he said
as he proceeded to shine the torch into the open end of the probe. 
might have been ‘better’ from Martin’s perspective, but it certainly
was not better for Jordan. Not only was the sensation most
uncomfortable, but as the realisation dawned on him that his worst
enemy was literally fucking him with what amounted to a large metal
dildo, the depth of his mortification reached a whole new level.
Could his shame get any worse? …….. just possibly it could.
human body is a complex structure which can react to stimulus
irrespective of what the mind may be thinking. Even totally straight
and homophobic males such as Jordan have inconveniently placed
g-sports, and as Martin manipulated the probe, it was lovingly
stroking one of them.
although Jordan’s mind hated what was being done to him, as the probe
moved back and forward inside Jordan it pressed against nerves
connected to previously unexplored pleasure zones, which in turn
stimulated the body to respond as it would to sexual pleasure.
Jordan’s increasing horror, he realised that he was developing an
involuntary erection. He could not believe what was happening to him,
how this be having such an effect on him?, what if someone saw it?,
they would think he was actually enjoying what was happening, which
he certainly was not. What if ………..??!!
frantically tried to think of something, anything to take his mind
off the sensation and stop what was happening.
it was the doctor who inadvertently saved Jordan from the ultimate
humiliation, whist at the same time introducing a new nightmare, by
his next words.
enough of that!” he said “It’s time for Jordan’s injections!”
the word “injections” a wave of cold dread rushed though Jordan’s
body, washing away any other sensation or emotion and, as if
instantly deflated, his previously swelling penis began to shrink to
a shrivelled size smaller even than it had been before.
what he had just experienced he there was no way he was going to now
put up with being jabbed in the butt. For once ignoring the looming
presence of the Coach, he kicked backwards, his foot landing a
winding blow to Martin’s stomach, causing him to tumbled backwards,
still clutching the metal probe, which had slipped out of Jordan’s
anal passage much more quickly than it had slipped in.
jumped off the examination table and spun round glowering at the
Doctor “Fuck off you sick pervert!!” he snarled “you are not
going to stick those fucking needles into my fucking ass
coach’s reflexes were like lightening, before the last word had left
Jordan’s moth, the older man had grabbed him by the ear and dragged
him struggling and protesting across the room to a chair, placed next
to a row of shelves.
Coach sat down and pulled the naked Jordan face down across his lap
“Refusing to take your shots are you boy?” he asked “We will
see about that!” 
Jordan in place with his muscular athletic arms , the Coach nodded
towards Jordan’s upraised bottom “There’s the target Doc” he said
“Now get your needles!”
.. no don’t!” shouted Jordan “It hurts, can’t you give me a pill
instead!!” he struggled in the vain attempt to free himself, but as
he had discovered before, when the Coach gripped a boy, he stayed
so, the coach asked for assistance “Will one of you boys help me
hold him down please.!”
time it was Milton who scuttled forward. Keen to take his turn in
helping to punish his long term nemesis, he placed his hands on
Jordan’s shoulder and pushed downwards, helping Coach Amundsen keep
Jordan in place.
son, I am afraid it has to be an injection!” said the Doctor in
reply to Jordan’s earlier plea. “A pill would not be as effective!”
he picked up the first to two pre-prepared syringes and squirted a
small amount of liquid into the air. Then, as the coach and Milton
held Jordan down, and watched intently by Martin he stepped forward
holding the large syringe in his hand.
gritted his teeth, knowing what was coming, but that didn’t lessen
the fiery sting as the Doctor jabbed the needle hard into the fleshy
centre of his unprotected bottom. “YEEEOWW!” he yelled
one!” said the doctor, withdrawing the needle with a faint grin as
he thought of the impact that single jab would have “Just one
I try Sir?!!” said Martin quickly “it will be very ……
off!!” shouted Jordan attempting to look back over his shoulder but
finding his view blocked by Milton and the Coaches arms, which were
holding him down. “I don’t want that bastard jabbing me!!”
Doctor paused for a moment in contemplation “I don’t see why not!”
he said, totally ignoring Jordan’s protests. “As long as I
supervise you!” He handed the second syringe to Martin “Here you
go!” he said “Now insert the needle here!” he pointed to the
lower part of Jordan’s left butt cheek “It’s easier if you jab it
felt a thrill of excitement run down his spine, as he struggled to
stop his hands shaking whilst simultaneously attempting not to grin
too obviously. He was about to stick Jordan Draper in the ass,
something he had dreamed of doing on so many occasions.
moved closer to Jordan upheld backside, holding the syringe as if
about to throw it like a dart, then following the direction
instructed by the doctor, he too aim, before thrusting the needle
forward into the tender skin at the bottom of Jordan’s butt cheek and
then pressing down with his thumb to inject the solution into the
most sensitive part of Jordan’s bottom.
Jordan let out a yell of pain “YOU’RE DEAD FUCKER!…. I WILL GET
warned you Jordan!” snapped the coach “Your language has been
disgusting and I have warned you repeatedly what would happen if you
carry on swearing!!”
me for saying so Coach!” interrupted the Doctor “but it seems to
me that the young man is in just the right position for you to deal
with his behavour right now!”
coach looked down at Jordan lying, bottom up, across his knee “Well,
I declare!” he said in a passable Southern accent “It seems to me
you are right!” he raised his hand into the air “I promised you
another spanking Jordan” he said, “and a spanking is just what
you are going to get!”
please no Coach!” wailed Jordan “My butt’s real sore from those
replied Coach Amundsen “I am about to make it hurt a whole lot
more!” with that he brought his large palm down onto Jordan’s
bottom with a loud WHACK!
I am sorry Coach “I didn’t …OWWWW! .. mean it!”
as usual Jordan’s protests fell on deaf ears as the Coach’s palm
continued to pound his well rounded and much punished bottom,
carefully aiming each second or third smack to ensure it landed
exactly where first the Doctor, and them Martin had stabbed their
long needles into the unlucky young swimmer.
he, Milton and the Doctor stood watching the latest phase of Jordan’s
humiliation, Martin grinned to himself. He would long remember this
day, when he had both observed and personally participated in first
anally fucking then Jabbing Jordan Draper, and was now enjoying the
spectacle of watching Jordan receive yet another bare bottom spanking
he watched this incredible scene, something seminal and hardly
developed began to stir in Martins mind, a sixth sense which told him
that Jordan’s streak of bad luck would not be coming to an end any
time soon.
be continued …….

The Shaman’s Revenge – Part 2 (Dr Shultz’s Prescription)

Shaman’s Revenge – Part 2
Shultz’s Prescription

(Click here to read part one and here to read the prologue)
Shultz arrived at the College infirmary ahead of his usual time, he
had a busy week ahead of him with a series of students, mostly from
the athletic teams, visiting him, either for treatment, or more often
with the young athletes, for a medical check up, and he wanted to
ensure he had everything ready for them.
was especially true in respect of the first patient that morning, 18
year old Jordan Draper, a member of the college swimming team, and
widely considered to be one of the most handsome and popular jock’s
in the College. Although the doctor noted that Jordan’s popularity
rather depended on whether one belonged to his “in” crowd or not.
was due for his bi-annual medical, which all members of the swim team
were required to undergo. He was also the student regarding whom
Coach Amundsen had phoned the doctor the night before.
doctor and the coach were like minded men who had, over the years,
developed and understanding and a mutual approach to dealing with
certain problematic male college students. They both believed in
discipline, and that discipline was most effective when it had real
when he had received the call from Thor Amundsen the doctor had
immediately understood what was required, and knew what he had to do,
therefore, he began his day by making the necessary arrangements.
to form, Jordan was late for his appointment. Punctuality in such
matters is an act of consideration, and as Jordan had little if any
consideration for other people, and he invariably kept them waiting.
As the Doctor checked his watch and noted how tardy the young athlete
was he nodded to himself, the coach clearly had just the right
treatment in mind for this young man.
minutes late for his appointment a nonchalant and somewhat bored
looking Jordan arrived at the infirmary for his medical. The sight of
Jordan caused the doctor to frown with irritation, the students were
no longer required to wear uniforms, other than on formal occasions,
but they were expected to dress smartly. However, Jordan was wearing
a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian T-Shirt, a souvenir from his Easter
vacation, which was not what the Doctor considered suitable attire
for college.
requested, Jordan calmly stripped to his jockstrap, as a senior year
athlete he was now well used to the procedure.
doctor asked him to step onto the moving treadmill and first walk and
then run on the spot for five minutes at varying speeds. Meanwhile
Dr Schultz stood behind the young athlete watching, the young man’s
well rounded, smooth and hairless white bottom fist swaying gently as
he walked, then bouncing up and down as he ran, framed by the tight
athletic jockstrap. The Doctor smiled to himself, imagining what
plans Coach Amundsen has in store for that wondrous object which was
juggling away in front of him.
the treadmill session the doctor checked Jordan’s pulse, heart beat
and blood pressure, as he expected with such a fit young specimen as
Jordan, the results were excellent. However ,the doctor frowned and
shook his head in apparent surprise “It looks as if your vitamin
levels are a bit low young man!” he said “we will have to do
something about that!”
as rather nonplussed this was the first time in his young life that
the results of a medical has been anything but perfect. Perhaps all
those late nights in bars pursuing the local girls had been having an
effect on him. “Is that serious Doc?” he asked.
could be if we don’t treat it!” replied the Doctor “What you need
is a course of vitamin shots, please lie face down on the table!”
.. why face down?” asked Jordan
that I can give you your shots!” replied the Doctor
mean … in my butt? … why not the arm?”
needs to be in the bottom, otherwise in will not be effective!”
said the doctor calmly “Now get on the table”
way Doc!” replied Jordan disdainfully “You ‘ain’t jabbing my
do as you are told, or I will inform the Coach, and he will take you
off the swimming team!”
paused, he did not want to be removed from the team, and, after the
incident in the locker room, he certainly did not want to anger Coach
Amundsn. Reluctantly, and with a very glum expression on his handsome
face he climbed onto the table and lay down on his stomach.
Shultz’s eyebrow raised as he allowed his gaze to travel slowly over
Jordan’s firm young body stretched out before him, like a sumptuous
cannibal banquet. Long muscular legs and torso, a light golden brown
from exposure to the sun, whilst in between the two nestled that
incredible bottom. A much lighter colour, almost snowy white, having
been protected from the tanning rays by tight speedos. Plenty of
exercise and a fine muscle structure meant that it did not flatten as
the body lay flat, but rose like two ivory globes, almost presented
to him as trophies encircled by the white cotton of his jockstrap.
through the conventions of the time, the doctor was married with
children, whereas, thirty years later hi life might have taken a
different course. For Schultz was highly susceptible to the
attractions of a beautiful youth, and the sight before him was
enticing enough to challenge the sexuality of of the most
heterosexual of men. He tried not to grin, but it was always a bonus
to enjoy one’s work.
an impulse he plucked a thermometer from his desk, shook it, and
before Jordan knew what was happening, he had parted the boys butt
cheeks and inserted the ice cold glass tube into the tight pink
button of an anus between, enjoying Jordan’s sudden shocked intake of
breath as he did so.
that?” asked a clearly displeased Jordan, looking back over his
taking your temperature, now lie still!”
that have to be ….. there to?!!” grumbled Jordan
Doctor stepped back to survey the delightful vision before him, of
the handsome swimmer lying face down on the table with the tip of the
rectal thermometer intruding from between the cheeks of his buttocks.
doctor deliberately left the thermometer in place longer than
necessary to take a temperature, as he enjoyed Jordan’s humiliation.
was obviously the first time anything had been inserted into Jordan’s
tight, straight little rosebud, and he clearly did not like it. The
Doctor contemplated whether if might be fun to add an anal
examination to the young man’s next visit.
he finally removed the thermometer, the reading was normal as he had
expected with such a healthy young athlete , however, the Doctor
tutted as if there was another problem. “Well young man!” he said
ominously, you are definitely in need of these shots!”
picked up a small vile of clear liquid and shook it “This will
resolve the problem!” he said “Just so long as you complete the
Jordan did not like the sound of that.
you will need to return on Wednesday and again in Friday …. for
booster shots..!” as he spoke he picked up a large are rather old
fashioned looking syringe from a silver coloured metal tray on his
eyes widened as he saw the size of the needle “That’s fucking
huge!” he gasped.
swear boy!” snapped the doctor “and don’t be a wimp!” as he
spoke he moved towards Jordan holding the unnervingly large syringe.
Jordan’s eyes widened in horror as the doctor approached with the
syringe in his hand, the huge needle seeming to grow larger the
closer it got to him.
Doctor used a small swab to rub an area in the right cheek of
Jordan’s bottom, somewhat lower down the gluteus muscle than usual
for an injection, this injection had a specific purpose and was
applied to the area most in need of attention. Then, before Jordan
had time to brace himself, he jabbed the needle hard into the young
athlete’s well rounded butt cheek.
yelled Jordan, “that f … that hurt Doc!”
be a girl Draper, it’s only a little prick!”
frowned, accusing others of being girlish was a favourite insult of
his, and he did not like getting it back. However, the insult was
quickly forgotten, as to his horror he saw the Doctor pick up a
second syringe which he then filled front the same vial of
translucent liquid.
another!” he gulped
need one in each buttocks” smiled the doctor “so the vitamins are
equally distributed you see!” he continued, correctly guessing that
Jordan’s limited grasp of science would not lead him to challenge his
Doctor then proceeded to repeat the process of applying an alcohol
swab, followed by a sharp needle jab, this time in Jordan’s left butt
on this on this occasion Jordan did brace himself and grit his teeth
seconds before the injection, that did not lessen sting of the
painful jab as the large needle penetrated his sensitive flesh for a
second time.
the doctor targeted the most tender and sensitive area in the lower
part of Jordan’s butt cheek.
he hissed through gritted teeth.
Doctor placed the syringe, next to the previous one, on the silver
tray. “Okay, you can get dressed now Draper!” he turned and
looked sternly at Jordan “And make sure you are here again at the
same time on Wednesday for the next dose!”
NO MORE FUCKING INJECTIONS??!” Spluttered Jordan “They hurt!
Jordan knew what was happening, the Doctor had grabbed him by the
ear, and pulled him across the room before pulling the stunned young
jock over his knee.
will teach you to speak not to speak to your elders like that!”
snarled the genuinely angry Doctor “How dare you use profanity!”
initially caught off guard, Jordan quickly realised what the Doctor
was planning to do. He might have been spanked by Coach Amundsen,
but there was no way he was going to let the Doctor do the same.
the superior strength of the young athlete he was, he easily pushed
the doctor’s hands away and jumped to his feet. “Fuck off Doc! You
ain’t spanking my butt!” he snapped.
that case, I shall inform Coach that you disobeyed me and refused to
take discipline!” replied the Doctor sternly.
paused as the implications of the doctor’s threat sunk in. The look
on the doctor’s face told him the man was totally serious and that he
would immediately phone the coach, if Jordan disobeyed him.
was no doubt what the coach would do, if the doc told him that Jordan
had refused a spanking, Coach would spank him himself, and after the
events in the locker room, he did not wish to repeat that experience.
If he was going to have to take another spanking, he figured the
Doctor could not possibly smack as hard as the Coach could. So
reluctantly and with his characteristic sulky expression he stepped
forward and lay back down across the Doctor’s lap.
that the Doctor proceeded to to deliver a dozen hard Smacks to the
young swimmer’s upturned, and just injected bare bottom!”
might have correctly judged that the Doctor would not spank as hard
as the coach, but the spanking still hurt, a lot, especially as the
Doctor was careful to aim the smacks where he had jabbed his needles
only moments before.
Yelled Jordan “I am sorry Doc, I didn’t mean it!
discipline was not usually part of the doctor’s duty but there was
something about Jordan’s arrogant and belligerent attitude which made
spanking his behind a pleasure, and and, of course, Jordan had an
awesome ass! Therefore Doctor Shultz spanked it with relish.
only regret was that Jordan’s shots had not yet had time to take full
effect, so the spanking would have less effect than it would in an
hour or so. Coach, he guessed would get the benefit of delivering
that spanking.
spanking complete, Doctor Shultz then pushed Jordan off his knee, and
pointed his finger at him. “I will accept your apology, but I will
expect to see you back here on Wednesday … ON TIME … for your
next dose of shots!”
grimaced as he rubbed his sore, spanked and jabbed bottom “Not
sure I can make it Doc!” He muttered.
had better make it Boy, or I will tell Coach to take you off the
team!” snapped Dr Shultz
… Damn!” Thought Jordan, his face now resembling that of a sulky
six year old. He could see the doctor was dead serious, it seemed
that to keep his prestigious place on the swim team he would have to
put up with further injections, despite how much they hurt.
Schultz allowed himself the merest hint of a grin as a very moody
looking Jordan Draper swiftly got dressed and stomped towards his
office door. “See you on Wednesday Draper!” said the doctor, to
which Jordan responded with a grunt before slamming the door behind
up his phone, the Doctor dialled a number. “Good morning Coach!
It’s Brian Schultz” he said “Yep I skewered him good …. that’s
right in both cheeks, and with the biggest needles I have!”
picked up the glass vial and studies the remaining liquid “It’s an
effective little potion!” he grinned “A totally harmless
stimulant, which was initially used for the treatment of people, who
had lost sensation as the result of a stroke or nerve damage!”
use has been largely discontinued because it is just a bit TOO
effective and actually exaggerates sensation, …. especially
unpleasant ones!
sensations, like a spanking you mean?” replied the Coach from the
other end of the phone line.
said the Doctor “He will certainly Feel a spanking …..! … How
long will it last?” … he shrugged “It depends, usually the
effect wears off after 36 to 48 hours!” He smiled broadly “However,
he has been ordered to come back for booster shots on Wednesday and
again on Friday! So my guess is that young Jordan will be sleeping
face down for the rest of the week!”
put the vial back in to a box containing further similar vials “It
should start to take effect in about half an hour, So you can be
confident that any ….er… discipline you feel appropriate will
have a significant …. impact where it will have the most effect!”
He paused
yes,” he added “I regret that I had to discipline the boy myself,
for using filthy language …. yes a spanking … he will feel that
for a while!”
is perfectly in order” replied the coach from the other end of the
phone, “That young hoodlum needs a lot of discipline and we will
make sure he gets it …. and feels it!! …. thanks for your help!”
are welcome, Coach, any time …. it’s my pleasure to be of
assistance!” replied the Doctor, truthfully, before he replaced
the phone and sat down, a look of satisfaction on his handsome face
“Young Master Draper will not be sitting comfortably for the next
week, that’s for sure!” he though. “and it is no more than he
Doctor paused and frowned, for a moment he thought he had heard the
sound an old man laughing. He shook his head and decided he must
have imagined it.
Be Continued ….

The JockPunishers 2 – Dino Gets the Point

JockPunishers 2: Dino gets the point(s)
was the College drug pusher. If asked, he would claim he was only
selling harmless “legal highs” but, his nasty habit of mixing the
narcotics he sold with cheap substances, to enable him to sell more,
was very dangerous. This practice had recently had near fatal
consequences on two College Sofomores, who has become very ill after
taking some of Dino’s little blue pills.
was not long before the JockPunishers decided it was time that Dino
experienced some of his own medicine, and perhaps they meant that
literally. At least, that is what they would want Dino to think. 
careful, martial arts style blow to the back of the head rendered
Dino unconscious, and he woke up in the college infirmary tired to an
examination table, with his bare bottom raised.
JockPunishers told Dino that they intended to test his, so called,
“legal highs” out on him, to see quite how harmless they really
were, and they would use a special supply of extra large medical
syringes to do just that!
course, in reality, they would only give him doses of mild vitamin
solutions, but the terrified Dino did not know that.
on the “read more” tab below to continue:
his story features pictures of injections

JockPunishers jabbed their huge syringes into Dino’s raised backside
as he yelled out in pain and genuine fear. Not knowing that he was
only receiving vitamin shots, but very aware of what he had mixed
with his drugs, he was terrified of what he thought was being
injected into him.
had also always been terrified of needles, and the JockPunishers had
chosen the scariest types on needles they could find, which would
just hurt just as much as Dino feared they would.
when he protested, the JockPunishers laughed at him “But you claim
they are ‘harmless’!” cried Adam Murphy, the first of the three
JockPunishers “so what are you afraid of?” he jabbed his needle
into Dino’s butt making him yell out in pain.
Darren Galloway, a second JockPunisher, inserted an anal thermometer
into Dino’s rectum, and removed it a few minutes later to check his
temperature. “Hey, this guy is a bit cold!” he lied “he needs
warming up.
order to “warm” Dino up, two of the JockPunishers proceeded to
spank his bottom with ping-pong bats, until his butt cheeks were red
and sore.
look warm enough now!” laughed Todd Singer, the third JockPunisher and proceeded to jab his needle
hard into Dino’s well spanked, and now very tender bottom.
Dino Certainly got the point that night, he would think twice before
selling drugs to the college students again.

was another job well done by the JockPunishers

A Doctor Calls

I am re-posting this here because the story features a well spanked boy getting an inhection in his spanked bottom
A Doctor Calls
Story and pictures:
on his rounds the last thing the local doctor needs is for his valuable
time to be wasted by naughty boys who want to take advantage of his
good nature.
first visit is to see James (Jirka Mendez) His mother called to say her
son seems to be very under the weather and has not gone to College as
usual. Actually James in not feeling bad at all and is shirking.

the doctors visit James unfortunately gets tempted and tries to steal
some money from his wallet. Of course he gets caught .

This boy is going to have to be dealt with! Some stronger medicine is needed. 
Perhaps a good spanking on his bare bottom with be therapeutic.

ADC (3)

James’s bottom may be a rosy red, but it could be redder, and it will be before the Doctor has finished his treatment

A few hard swats with the Doc’s ferule might just cure his kleptomania,

Certainly a vitamin shot after, straight in to that red punished bottom should restore his vitality, if nothing else!

ADC (14)a
James will not be sitting very comfortably in college for some time! Perhaps that will cure him!!