Return of The Sting of the Jungle – Jungle Boy Gets the Point

Return of The Sting of the Jungle – Jungle Boy Gets the Point

Come back here! …. you little …!!!!” the older man’s booming voice echoed through the vast, lush tropical canopy, followed by a chorus of chattering and squawking as the jungle creatures responded to the bellowing command. It was as if the rain forest trembled in anticipation of what had become the common spectacle of Tarzan disciplining his wayward stepson.

As usual, Boy had no intention of obeying the roaring command, as he knew full well what Tarzan had in mind for him, Breaking any of his jungle stepfather’s many rules inevitably resulted in either a spanking or a paddling. Being a few months shy of his 20th birthday, Boy considered himself well past such childish and humiliating punishments, and refused to submit.

Hence he was running through the jungle, pursued by a furious Tarzan.

Unfortunately for Boy, die to his spoilt, arrogant and rather sadistic nature, he was not well liked by the jungle creatures, who instinctively took Tarzan’s side, especially Cheetah the elderly but highly intelligent Chimpanzee, who appeared to derive great delight from seeing its long term tormentor, Boy receiving a well deserved punishment.

Therefore, as Boy ran past it, the wicked old chimp, deliberately tripped him up by thrusting a broken tree branch into his path.

Losing his balance, Boy tumbled forward, hitting his head on a rock, and rendering himself temporarily unconscious. At that moment, the ground began to shudder, as a great beast, Kirabo the elephant, approached down the jungle path.

As Boy lay there face down on the ground, the Chimp took the opportunity before the elephant arrived, to snatch a prized possession which it had stolen many times before, Boy’s skimpy loincloth.

As, so many times before, Boy was left bare bottomed and vulnerable.


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Immediately upon reaching the unconscious Boy, Kirabo reached down with his flexible trunk and, wrapping it around the youth’s slender waist, scooped him up into the air.

Then, with the excited and chattering monkey sitting on its head, the massive elephant luimbered off across a clearing in the forest carrying the comatose Jungle Adonis in his powerful trunk.

At the edge of the clearing there were a cluster of African thorn trees. Although rare in the Jungle, the seeds from these trees, common to the savanna, had been brought to the rain forest by the wind and the birds, where they now stood firm and tall, and ideal for Kirabo’s purpose.

Raising his trunk he lifted the still Boy high into the air, until his exposed bottom was mere inches from the sharp, pointy thorns. Then with a deft flick of his trunk, Kirabo swung boy’s bare bottom to the side and in amongst the thorns.

The sharp thorns jabbing painfully into his backside woke Boy instantly, and he let out a cry of pain, in response to which the elephant made a loud snorting noise, which sounded suspiciously like a guffaw of amused laughter.

For a moment Kirabo held Boy suspended in the air above Tarzan, befire dropping him deftly onto the older man’s lap, so that he landed in the ideal, over the knee, spanking position. Then the elephant held Boy firmly in place, by placing it’s trunk across his shoulders

Naturally Tarzan needed no additional encouragement other than the site of Boy’s bare bottom, laid out temptingly across his lap, and he immediately began spanking the youth, causing boy to shout, swear and kick his legs in protest.

The leg kicking did not continue for long, as Sha-Mia the green mamba slithered up Tarzan’s leg, and wrapped her coils tightly around Boy’s legs, holding them still.

OWW!…OWW! .. Stop! .. I’LL GET YOU FOR THIS!” yelled Boy “I’m Too old to be …. OUCH .. Spanked .. You will pay for this!!”

Seconds later, Boys, shouts, protests and threats were muffled by a large a yellow banana, which the happily chattering Chimpanzee had stuffed into his mouth.

Poor Jungle Boy, it seems he can never win. Will he ever get his revenge?

11 Replies to “Return of The Sting of the Jungle – Jungle Boy Gets the Point”

  1. Great to see you back and Tarzan back in action too – superb images as always and love the way you find new ways to torture Jungle Boy’s cheeks 🙂

  2. Very happy to see you back,Bruce! Great images always. I also like your creativity a lot! Hope to see Redman’s punishment will continue soon, too:)

  3. Wonderful that you’re back in business!
    Lovely imagery as usual. The snatching of the loincloth and the animals helping tarzan holding that brat in place was a nice touch. The “suck on this banana” was jusy icing on the cake 👌🏽

  4. I love boy’s physique and that he’s so cocky and arrogant. When he’s naked, even his hole shows sometimes, hehe. Tarzan should make use of it, not just spank his ass 😉

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