3 Replies to “A few sore bottomed boys from Spryte”

  1. I am amused at the pic of the guy who appears to have backed up into a cactus. I am sure he did not actually back up to–sit onj a cactus—Did someone just put cacuts quills in his bare butt? thanks

  2. love the red-bottomed cops with their nightsticks up their fannies. hope Sprite, after he was done with them, called the station to report the incident so their buddies would encounter them in their humiliated state!

  3. Luv the cops as well.

    A topman I knew back in Boston used to spank me several times in the course of an afternoon, separated by corner time. When I was in the corner, he would just go about his business–picking up, vacuuming, talking to friends (and with those in the know, mentioning at some length what was in progress), then he would guide me back to the spanking chair for further discipline.

    He loved to lecture when blistering my bottom, which made it even hotter.

    When he was finally satisfied I had wailed and promised to be a good boy enough, he’d take me back to the corner and, instead of having me stand there, push me down on my knees and make me raise my by then really red rear end in the air.

    He would then get what he said was called a “short trucheon” he’d picked up at the Army/Navy Store. IT was say 10″ to a foot long. HE would then lube it with whatever he felt like and force it up my hole till it was about 3/4 of the way in. This could take a while.

    The lube was the key. Sometimes it was his spit. Sometimes babyoil. Sometimes K-Y.

    But also sometimes it was Icy-Hot or Ben-Gay, and I would never know what he was going to use.

    The trucheon would always fill me up and make me get a boner. It was pretty thick. But if it was the ‘badboy lubes’ then it would start to burn something awful, and I would start to wiggle around like crazy in the corner, and that big wood stick looked like a wagging tail in between my already sore cheeks.

    He used the badboy lubes most often when other guys were there to watch me get punished.

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