3 Replies to “The SpankOmatic”

  1. This might be the ultimate RUMP-TERROR!, in that all boys who get spanked a lot know the brush is, as someone said recently on a M/m spanking site, the “nuclear option.”

    This machine would mean that, even AFTER his arm got tired, the MAN WHO SPANKS! could hook his badboy up to the SPANK-O-MATIC and the punishment would continue.

    1. ,in my view no machine can do it like it one does it with a paddle. – give me a paddle and bare Hiney and. I will. Show you the results it works all the time

    2. In my view one doesn't need a machine in order to. Give one a good spanking – give me aaddle and one. Boys Hiney and it will be all that I need

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