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  1. Am I to understand the guy on top–tore the other guys pants so he could spank his bare butt—Maybe this is too practical question–but why not just have the guy take down his pants to get spanked–this way he can not ever use the pants again nor can he even walk away from the spanking cause his anked butt is showing. I am not an authority on spanking but I did get spanked growing up til 16 from mom and dad and they never tore my pants nor did my high school football coach–the only other guy to spank me—I got it on the bare butt —Do some spankers ruin your clothes as extra punishment?

  2. perhaps I am wrong. I thought the guy ripped his pants cause he was going vto quick give him a shot–like out on a battlefield or something. But if it is a spanking–I agree with the first writer–no reason to ruin a good pair of pants just cause a guy is going to get his bare butt spanked

  3. Come on your guys. This is a cartoon. It’s supposed to be a fantasy – and supposed to be funny.

    Sure he rips the seat out of the guys pants before spanking him. That way he will have to run all the way home with his blazing backside on display to the public in general.

    It would be a great experience. You other guys come on over to my place one day. He-he!

  4. Guys–

    Andi’s right, and, of course, the guy getting spanked is horrified–and not. He’s had a confusion going about his spanker goin for a long time–always kinda taunting him and pushing him till, finally, his buddy flips and rips out the seat of his pants to give him the spanking he so richly deserves.

    And he’s been dreaming of.

  5. for gguys still spanked: a lile common adice–I you mom o dad still paddles your bare butt try something that really takes the soreness away—My mom would paddle us ( boys) til 14+ at least It was on the bare butt her paddle hurt–but she alwys applied Cornhuskers lotion to our paddled butts–I know fewer guys are paddled anymore—but if there are some who still get spanked bbare so it hurts alot—try corn huskers lotion or a product like it–It helps alot and rigght away

  6. Its a ggood pic–but I am not convinced the guy whos buttt is showing is gettting spanked–not does it seem hi is ggoing to gett a shot. Att first–I thought he was giving a shot–but no siringe in the pic–sttill a good pic tthanks

  7. A bunch of guys were re schingling our church roof—I was wearing jeans and was not wearing under wear as I often do not with jeans—-It was the wrong day to go w/o as my pants split and split alot so alot of my ass was cshowing—it was only guys but it was still embarrassing and I especially hated going down the ladder—-It was a small town and everyone knew with in a couple hours—-so besides showing butt I did provide humor for the town for at least that day

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