Greg and Mike’s backwoods adventure

I am sorry I have been away for so long unfortunately I have not had time to create much recently, however, I will be back soon. Meanwhile I thought you might enjoy this story, which I started to create over 10 years ago, around the time I was first experimenting with PhotoShop (so, sorry if some of the images are a bit wobbly)
Greg and Mike’s Backwoods adventure

Two stepbrothers, Greg and Mike are traveling across America in their Dad’s new sports Car, when the car breaks down on a lonely road in the middle of the Appalachian mountains ..
Big blond and handsome 19 year old, Greg, is straight and not very bright, his 18 year old step brother Mike is gay and secretly has the hots for Greg. 

The sports car isn’t going anywhere, so the boys decide they will have to walk to the nearest town ….


They take what they think is a shortcut through the woods, but soon get hopelessly lost …

Greg snags his shorts on a branch tearing the seat off and revealing his bare butt

At the same time he drops the bag containing both of the brother’s clothes into the canyon below, where it is swept away by a river

As Mike is only carrying food and all their clothes are now lost , Greg will have to remain bare butt for the rest of the trip 
This rather amuses Mike, and maybe turns him on a little, but he tries not to show it

The boys carry on through the woods

Greg’s cute bare butt is on full display at all times
Mike takes every opportunity to enjoy the view

Still lost deep in the woods, Greg decides to climb a tree in the hope of spotting civilisation


This was not Greg’s lucky day, his foot slipped and he fell from the tree 
hurtling towards the ground

Landing on his bare bottom in a patch of stinging nettles
As Greg yelled in pain, and Mike ran to his assistance, the step brothers were unaware that they were being watched

In an effort to cool the sting in his nettle stung behind, Greg stripped naked and dived into a river.  Mike undressed and followed him.

After a long hot walk the step brothers enjoyed their swim

Still unaware they were being watched

When the boys return to the woods to retrieve their clothes, they find themselves surrounded by men with guns.
Captured by a family of outlaw hillbillies

The boys are led through the woods with their hands tied behind their backs.  One of the men repeatedly whacks Greg’s bare butt with a stick

They eventually reach open ground

Where they are tied face down over the back of a horse

The men begin the journey back to their ranch with their frightened captives.

Two of the men amuse themselves by beating Greg and Mike’s upturned bare bottoms.

This frightens the horse which then bolts

The horse runs down a shallow creek, where the overhanging branches whip the unlucky lads’ bare bottoms

The frightened horse gallops on as the trees continue lashing the boys behinds

By the time the horse slows down Greg’s and Mike’s butts are stinging red and sore.

Finally the horse trots up to the Hillbilly ranch with the boys still over its back ……