Confiscated Pants

What better way to add to the humiliation of the boy you have just spanked than to confiscate his pants, so that his sore bare bottom is exposed to any and every casual stranger and passer by?!!

“I don’t care if your buddies will be calling by at any minute, your pants have been confiscated, and they are staying confiscated!! Now carry on with your chores, or they will see you going back over my knee!”

“Keep scrubbing! you will not be getting your pants back until this house has been cleaned to my satisfaction!”

8 Replies to “Confiscated Pants”

  1. Having to stay naked would be a really embarrassing punishment. While my brothers and I got paddled bare– and had gto stay in our bedroom til mom or dad said we could come out–we never had to be seen by others standing naked with a bare spanked butt. We still got a few bare paddlings in high school though not often–While a paddling on the bare butt hurt–I hold no ill will for my parents having to do it—but being humiliated in front of others would have been a different deal–and I would have been really humiliated. A paddling as it was given to my brothers and me –wahile never abusive—was enough punishment—My butt hurt plenty!

  2. Like last message—-I got spanked bare assed eve in high school a few times—but never had to show my bare spanked butt by standing in corner or other place where others (other than my brothers) could see me. When we got spanked we had to stay in our room and miss supper –and just stya till it was time to go to sleep–so i was boring—but nothing humiliating like pics protrayed

  3. As an adult badboy, I have had my pants confiscated on many occasions–and it certainly does add to the effectiveness of the punishment. Doing chores while in a shirt, shoes, and sox, but with no pants or underpants is truly humiliating, far more so than being naked. Pantlessness emphasizes that you are being disciplined, and also draws attention to your exposed (and presumably very RED) bottom. Answering the door after a good spanking and with no pants on is truly an experience!

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