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  1. This is so good it deserves a story. Here is my idea. Maybe other would like to expand it.

    18 year old high School Senior Cory Todd has been suspended from school for two weeks for bullying a younger boy by forcing him to submit to a spanking in front of his friends. Cory's father is furious and decides to teach his son a lesson. He hands Cory over to some local Jocks and tells them to give the lad a taste of his own medicine.

    To his dismay and embarrassment Cory finds himself hogtied over a barrel in the local park about to get a very public paddling – for charity!

    Realizing that he is suffering the biggest humiliation of his life, and hoping against hope that none of his friends will see this, Cory looks behind him with horror as he sees the first of his tormentors poised to slam a large paddle into his well perched up backside.

    An hour, and more than two hundred painful swats later, the well punished 18 year old is howling like little kid and begging to be spared more spankings. But his humiliation and torture is only to get worse as more and more youngsters line up for their turn to help teach the boy his well earned lesson. Thus far no-one from his school has come by, but this is little comfort to the sobbing boy as he continues to take his swats, hogtied and unable to do anything about it.

    Finally, with darkness falling, it is over. The Jock in charge of the punishment tells him to say sorry for what he has done and thank you to all those who have 'helped' him to learn his lesson. Cory sobs out his apology – a thoroughly chastened young lad who will definitely not be bullying anyone again for a very long time…and probably not even being able to sit down as well for a week or two.

    Having thanked his punishers Cory asks to be released to go home. Then he learns to his horror that this isn't going to happen! "You're going to spend the night here to reflect on your behavior and get the maximum benefit out of your sore behind!" he is told.

    "Tomorrow morning you will be released. We're off to tell the boy you bullied to bring his friends over to see you like this. If you are lucky they will let you go. But I guess they're also going to want to punish you so we better leave them a suitable implement. Now where shall we put this carpet beater? I know, you have got the perfect storage place!!

    And so our forlorn miscreant is left in his humiliating position to ponder his deeds and wait for the final and biggest shaming of all – retribution at the hands of the younger boys and, no doubt, the retelling of the tale of Cory Todd's come uppance throughout the school.

    There are no shortage of young men willing to pay for a chance to

  2. Great series of pics. Looks like the perv's own briefs are being used as the 'money sack' lol. Last pic is classic only it looks like the carpet beater might fall out of his ass… probably should be jammed in a lot deeper just to be safe? >:)

  3. They took his pants off! Cory's bare behind sticking up there ready for paddling is great -especially with everybody coming to see! And the pic that shows his reddened rear with all the guys and their paddles! Hot pictures and a hot story!

  4. I see a different story. Cory is trying to join a college frat and when the guys find out he is gay they decided to haze him really good!

    You should add one more picture, a couple of campus security guards standing around pointing and laughing at the guy's stuffed rear end!

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