The Unlucky Rustler

When they caught young Bobby McAndrews trying to steal their cattle, the Bar_Gay ranch hands though up a really prickly punishment for him!

His tender nineteen year old butt would sure feel it when they took him back to the bunk house and really taught him a lesson!!

5 Replies to “The Unlucky Rustler”

  1. LOL, even the cows are looking at what's going on. His muffled cries must be louder than they think.

    (Or perhaps they're really just…vengeful cows? hehe)

  2. Great pic but you got the story wrong. Obviously the gayboy went to visit his Straight cousins for the summer, got caught perving on them (spying in the bathroom? stealing their underwear?) and the guy decide to have some mean-spirited fun with their gayboy cousin.

  3. I have to agree with what Brad said. I've noticed on a couple of the pics it's implied that it's a gay guy punishing a straight guy's butt, and somehow that just seems wrong and backwards. When I first saw this picture I saw two hot straight guys punishing a gay guy's butt with the cactus and laughing at him, and that got me hard. The other way around just seems wrong. No offense to the artist! To each their own I guess. 🙂

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