The Shaman’s Revenge Jordan and the Speedos from Hell (Part 1)

The Shaman’s Revenge

Jordan and the Speedos from Hell

(Part 1)

It was early on a late summer morning, and the sun was just peeping through the curtains of the small bedroom where Jordan had spent the night. Jordan’s new guardian come baby sitter the Ranger had forced him to give up his usual, much larger bedroom, to his visiting cousin Harley. Who, he had been informed, knew how to behave like a well bread young gentleman man, and therefore deserved a better room.

Muts that behave like coyotes don’t get to sleep in the kennel!” the Ranger had said, pointing Jordan in the direction on the guest room, a room Jordan had disliked and avoided ever since Aunt Blossom from Boise had died in it when she visited a few summers back.

That, combined with the spanking he had received for some misdemeanour earlier in the evening meant Jordan had retired in a very bad mood, with the result that he slept badly and was beset my unpleasant semi-conscious nightmares. In the most vivid of the nightmares, the Ranger in the jousting regalia or a medieval knight and on horseback was pursuing him across a wild and empty landscape, jabbing at his bare behind with the pointy end of his lance.

These nights the Ranger featured in most of Jordan’s nightmares, invariably cajoling and bullying him while simultaneously assailing his exposed rear end with some instrument of torture.

Jordan could therefore be forgiven for imagining he was still dreaming when he heard the the familiar voice booming “Time to get up ya’ lazy bug in a rug, there’s a treat in store for you!”

However, he was instantly wide awake when the Ranger jumped onto the bed, sat on him legs, Trapping him face down, and whacking his exposed bottom with the rubber sole of a beach shoe.

OW …OWWW! That hurt” complained Jordan angrily “Stop it man!”

Don’t be such a wimp!” laughed the ranger “You should be happy, this is a special day!” he continued to enthusiastically spank his captive prey with the rubber shoe.

The day didn’t seem special to Jordan, and it seemed even worse, when he spotted his cousin Harley, standing in the doorway, watching with a sneering grin on his scrawny face.

Before your surprise though..” said the Ranger, putting down the beach shoe “You have to have your shots!” He took one of the syringes from the dish he had brought with him, which Jordan had not noticed, until that moment and which was perched precariously on the corner of the bed.

Oh No! Not That!” Yelled Jordan but before the words had left his mouth, the Ranger had jabbed the needle hard into Jordan’s left butt cheek, causing an angry yell of pain to echo round the house.

Jordan struggled to free himself and avoid the second jab, but the Ranger swiftly climbed on top of him, sitting on his back and holding him firmly in place. “Harvey!” he called “Come hear and give your cousin the second jab.

Harvey quickly scuttled over and gleefully did as requested

Jordan struggled helplessly, seething with fury at the humiliation of had his butt injected by his hated cousin, who he knew would be enjoying him self and would seek to make the injection as painful as possible.

Hold on!” ordered the Ranger “That’s the wrong cheek … damn too late! You have injected him the same cheek I just did!!”

Sorry!” squeaked Harley “I got confused … should I get another needle?”

NOOO!” yelled Jordan “That’s enough!”

In that case you will need a second shot this evening” Replied the ranger

Jordan scowled moodily, he had a reprieve, but only a temporary stay of execution, as he still had a further injection to look forward to.

Now for your treat!” grinned the Ranger as he finally climbed off Jordan “I had a discussion with the Doc and he agrees that you should now be allowed occasional breaks from the current bare butt treatment!”

Jordan, who had been sulkily scowling and rubbing his sore behind perked up immediately at this unexpected turn of events.

Only very limited to start with!” he put his hand in his pocket and brought out a tiny pair of blue speedo swimming briefs, which he held out towards Jordan.

You can wear these to go swimming for a few hours this afternoon!”

Although a break from the embarrassing nudity was a welcome surprise, Jordan was confused and a little dubious given the size of the garment being offered to him. “They are very … small!” he said

Nonsense!” Replied the ranger “They are perfectly big enough, come and try them on!”

Jordan didn’t need asking twice, he leaped off the bed, grabbed the proffered speedos and quickly pulled them on, before checking himself out in the mirror.

The speedos were indeed very brief, the shiny blue fabric barely covering his groin and most of his butt cheeks! “Man but these are skimpy!” he complained

The Ranger laughed and gave Jordan hard slap across the seat of the tiny swimming briefs. “You are such a spoilt brat Jordan!” he said. “I told you the break was to be only a limited one! Those trunks are perfectly adequate, in fact I think they will serve their purpose very well indeed!!

To be continued…..

The Shaman’s Revenge Part 17 (Part 2)

The Shaman’s Revenge Part 17 (Part 2)

Jordan’s brain was still in a state of stunned shock the following morning. After the ranger had driven him home and he had endured an hour long lecture from his father on his various misdemeanours, followed by a long hot shower to wash away the dirt, grime and stress from his 72 hours in the wilderness, he has fallen into an exhausted sleep. However, it had been a fitful sleep full of scary nightmares of angry insects, huge carrots and doctors, with syringes the size of AK47 rifles, chasing him trough a forest variously booby-trapped with nettle patches and electric fences, all of which contrived to sting and zap his bottom.

And all the time as he ran through the dark forest he could hear the sound of the Ranger’s laughter echoing through the trees.

In his dream Jordan tripped and fell backwards into a thorn bush, landing heavily on his backside amongst the prickly thorns. As he struggled to free himself from the thorns, the ranger’s voice began echoing in his head “Time for your shots Sport” it said “It’s time for your shots!”

Then a large brawny hand was on his shoulder shaking him firmly as the voice above boomed “Wake up Sport, you’re making weird noises, were you dreaming?”

Jordan opened his eyes, and found he was in fact not in a thorn bush, but in his bed, and Ranger Tartarus was leaning over him with a huge grin on his face. In place of the uniform he had been wearing the previous day, the ranger was now dressed as if for a work out, in a muscle vest, which exposed his powerful arms and shoulders, and a small tight pair of shorts.

W..What are you doing in my room?” shouted Jordan angrily, sitting up in bed “….What are you doing in my house?”

I’m moving in Sport!” grinned the Ranger “Your Dad had to leave early this morning, he has had to go to Seattle for a couple of weeks on business, at short notice. So he’s asked me to move in and supervise you while he’s away!” his grin broadened “I am in the spare room, right next door to you!!”

I don’t need supervision!!” cried Jordan angrily

The ranger raised one eyebrow “With your misbehaviour this week, you have proved you need full time supervision Sport!” he said, “an’ I’m going to see you get it! I am owed a lot of vacation time, and I’m going to use it to look after you, it will be lots of fun, just think of me as your new Babysitter!!”

The suggestion that, he, a 19 year old jock, needed a babysitter outraged Jordan almost more than anything else, but before he could say anything, Tartarus pointed to the door “first up, its time for your morning shower, you know what they say ‘a clean body equals a clean mind!”

I showered last night!” grumbled Jordan, irritated at being ordered around like a little kid.

Well you need another one!” commanded the Ranger “’specially after those sweaty nightmares you were having!”

Jordan frowned wondering how the ranger knew he had nightmares “Well pass me my bathrobe then!” he muttered, pointing to the robe hanging on the back of the door.

You don’t need no robe Sport!” laughed Tartarus “Remember what the Doc said about keeping that ‘lil tail ‘o yours exposed!” he grinned broadly “’sides” he said “I seen it all before!!”

Jordan had no option, he jumped out of bed, keeping his hands gripped tightly over he genitals and hurried across the room to get to the shower.

As he walked across the landing he was keenly aware that the ranger’s amused eyes were fixed on him.

In particular, he knew the ranger was looking at his bare butt.


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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 5

Shaman’s Revenge Part 5
gets spanked (again)
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Part 1
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was painfully aware of his nakedness, made worse by the people people
all around staring and pointing at him. He desperately looked around
for something to cover himself with, but the only thing he could find
was a child’s comic, and that of course would only cover his groin,
and not his shiny red and well spanked bottom.
was no way the two teams of athletes would allow him back in the
locker room to collect his clothes, so he had to somehow make his way
home. Unfortunately, home was on the other side of town. The
quickest way, and his usual route, would have been through the busy
centre of town, but there was no way he would do that in the nude.
considered taking the side roads, but to his despair he saw that they
were also full of people. The only option was to take the long way
round, through the park.
ran as quickly as he could until he reached the park entrance, trying
but failing to ignore the surprised laughter of people who saw him
passing by.
in the park, he hid behind a bush and attempted to gather his
thoughts, hoping that he could think of some way he could rescue the
situation and regain his position as the top jock on campus. But no
solution came to him, his reputation had been permanently damaged,
and he would now forever be known as the guy who got a wedgie
spanking from the coach. He cringed, as the realisation that, at
that very moment, word was spreading like wildfire through the
humiliation was complete, how could he ever show his face at college
even more immediate problem was how to get home without showing is
bright red and very sore bottom to that section of the town who had
not already seen it?!!
a sore bottomed and humiliated Jordan was hiding behind a bush and
pondering his dilemma, in an office elsewhere in the town a telephone
rang and was answered by a muscular man in his late thirties with the
words. “Hello Gordon Draper?”
Mr Draper!” said a serious sounding voice on the other end of the
phone. “I am phoning from from the college to inform you of a
serious disciplinary matter regarding your son Jordan!”
Jordan” Mr Draper sounded concerned “Is there a problem?”
am afraid there is!” replied the voice “and it is very serious
Draper frowned “Go on” he said “… tell me more …”
in the city park, Jordan had decided he could not stay hidden in the
bushes indefinitely, and that, nude or not, he had to try and make it
home. So he crawled out from his hiding place and began to make his
way across the park.
was then that he heard the sound of voices signalling than a group of
people were approaching. Anxious not to be seen by any more people
he crouched down and began backing towards the bushes. However, as
Jordan really should have learnt by then, it would have been wise for
him to check exactly where his butt was heading as he moved.
However, as he was fixated on the direction the voices had come from,
did not think to glance back over his shoulder.
he looked back, he would have seen the large spiky Arizona cactus
right behind him, and realised that his, still very sore, bare bottom
was heading straight for it. However, Jordan didn’t look back, and
moments later his much abused and exposed behind came into contact
with one of planet Earth’s most prickly plants.
let out a high pitched yell, as the sharp pricks of the cactus jabbed
into his bright pink butt cheeks. And he leaped forward rubbing his
now pricked, paddled, singed and jabbed backside!! tears welling up
in his eyes. The Doctors little injection had now taken full effect
with the result all sensations, especially unpleasant sensations,
were considerably exaggerated.
Jordan’s thoughts were briefly distracted from the pain in his
backside, by the sudden arrival of a stray dog. Jordan did not
recognize the animal, but it recognized him as the unkind human who
had thrown a brick at it a few days previously.
Dogs have no concept of nudity, the ancient instincts inherited from
the animal’s wild ancestors enabled it to sense that Jordan was now
exposed and vulnerable. Now was the time for the hound to take it’s
revenge. Bearing it’s fearsome fangs and snarling the dog lunged at
for Jordan, he had the reactions and agility of that athlete he was,
and these enabled him to avoid the dog and climb a nearby tree,
instants before the brute was able to sink it’s teeth into his flesh.
if it seemed to Jordan that escaping the dog meant his luck was
finally improving, he was very wrong! Our ill starred hero had only
climbed about 20 foot up the tree when a branch gave way beneath him
and he fell forward into a fork between the branches, where he
immediately became stuck, with his front part on one side and his
still rosy red bottom and kicking legs on the other side.
struggled and kicked but it look him a good ten minutes to free
himself from the tight position he was in.
those ten minutes, Jordan’s beacon like bottom presented a group of
little boys a perfect target for their slingshots. 
was an infamous local bully, and most of the youngsters had either
suffered at his hands or knew friends who had. Hence, they took
considerable pleasure in peppering his already well punished bottom
with the hard pieces of gravel and small stones which they found
lying around.
OOOOWWW!! … OUCH!! … Fuck you!! … I’ll kill you, you little
c….. AAAAOOOOW!! yelled Jordan’s as the missiles hit their target
with significant speed and impact!
casual observer, might wonder at the mysterious coincidence of the
boy’s, equipped with slingshots, arriving just as Jordan got himself
jammed into the tree, and in so doing became so ideal for their
target practice. However, as we have learned, such coincidence were
now becoming the normality of Jordan Draper’s life.
Jordan managed to free himself, at which point the young boy’s made a
swift departure, anxious to avoid their earlier target’s fists.
checking that the dog had also given up and moved on, Jordan
carefully climbed back down the tree. He realised that his plan to
get home through the park had been a mistake, and that he needed to
get to sanctuary, to his clothes and some soothing cream for his
bottom, as quickly as possible, even if that meant running stark
naked through the centre of town.
his teeth he turned and ran out of the park and down the road
leading to Main Street. He knew this would be embarrassing, and it
certainly was.
Jordan sprinted across Main Street, people turned, gawped and
laughed, as he knew they would, sights like this were not common in
small town America, and would, therefore, be remembered and talked
about for many months and probably years to come.
his horror and increasing embarrassment, he spotted a familiar face
in the crowd. Lucy-Mae McCormick, the gorgeous babe he had been
planning a hot date with only days before, was staring with wide
eyed and shocked amusement, her hand clasped over her mouth. That
hot date would now never happen, as Jordan ran on he realised that
not only was his reputation destroyed but his sex life was as dead as
General Custer’s horse for the foreseeable future.
the shamed and naked runner reached the street on which he lived. As
he ran down it, that street had never seemed so long before, and why
was everybody out in their front gardens?. Old Miss Turpin out
tending to her roses, Mr Ericson mowing his lawn, the Turner triplets
playing with their dog and that sexy well preserved MILF Mrs De Marco
sunning herself on her front porch. All of them, all his neighbours,
could enjoy at his nakedness and still spanked butt as he ran past,
and being a handsome guy, most of them did enjoy the sight (although
Agnes Turpin had to lie down in a darkened room until the
palpitations subsided).
the back door was unlocked, as Jordan’s door keys were still in his
sports bag back in the locker room.
soon as Jordan got into the house he rushed into the shower and spent
the next half hour in a desperate attempt to sooth his burning bottom
with a carefully regulated flow of tepid, warm, water. At first it
had almost no effect, but finally the healing power of cool water
began to work its magic, and, although still tender and smarting, the
worst of the sting in his backside began to ease. With a sigh of
relief Jordan stepped out of the shower, and dried himself with a
towel before making his way to his room.
mind was spinning. Trying to fathom how he had ended up in such an
uncomfortable and humiliating situation, there must be some way he
could restore his reputation and then he could get his revenge on
that Martin Clifford fa…….
thought came to an abrupt halt as he stepped into his bed room and
saw his father standing beside his bed, his arms folded and a furious
look on his face. Bizarrely and, somewhat disturbingly, one of his
Dad’s size 11, rubber soled bedroom slippers was lying on Jordan’s
… what are you doing here?” asked Jordan, surprised to see his
hard working father home so early.
am here to deal with you son!” snapped his father “I have
received some very disturbing reports about you from the college!”
..what?” stammered Jordon, nonplussed by the sight of his usually
calm and taciturn father appearing so angry and agitated! He suddenly
remembered he was naked and quickly wrapped the towel he was carrying
around his waist. He had never had much respect for his father, and
certainly no fear, but now the man terrified him.
you stole valuable trophies and attempted to blame fellow students
for your actions. That you have been bullying younger and weaker
boys, and that you have brought our family name into disrepute!”
stormed the angry older man!
Dad… its all lies …” spluttered Jordan, “I can explain!”
time for explanations are over Jordan!” roared his father “I have
come to an agreement with the college, … and I plan to start
honouring my side of that agreement right now!!”
w …w what do you mean?”
have agreed not to prosecute, provided that I take you in hand and
start imposing some long overdue … discipline!”
discipline …?”
discipline!” as those words still echoed round the room, Gordon
Draper strode across the room and grabbed the still stunned Jordan by
the ear, before dragging him towards the bed, sitting down and
pulling his son over his lap.
have agreed with the college that I will spank you Jordan, and that I
will spank you hard and spank you often!” he grabbed hold of the
hem of Jordan’s towel and pulled it up over his waist revealing the
18 year old’s bare bottom “There has not been enough spanking in
your life Jordan, but that is about to change!!!”
No Dad, you can’t!” yelled a very alarmed Jordan “I’m 18 … and
besides, my ass .. uh .. my bottom is real sore!”
and I am pleased to hear it, I was told the coach had to discipline
you!” replied Mr Draper “I must thank him for, starting the job,
but I plan to finish it … NOW!”
attempted to pull away and get to his feet, but his father seemed to
have acquired strength he never knew he possessed, and firmly held
Jordan face down across his lap.
future, Jordan, when ever you step out of line, you will get
spanked!” he raised his hand above his head, and brought it down
with a loud SMACK! on Jordan’s bottom “If you are rude to your Mom,
or bully your brothers, you will get spanked!” SMACK! “If you get
up late on a school day, you get spanked!” SMACK!
yelled Jordan, “Dad please stop, can’t we talk about this”
his father continued “Anything less than an ‘A’ grade in your
college tests , will earn you a spanking!” SMACK!!
yelled Jordan, who’s lifetime best academic grade in school work had
been a D+ in English “I can’t get A’s!”
you are going to get lots of spankings!” SMACK” replied his
father. “In fact, to start off as I intend to carry on” SMACK! “I
will spank you every night for the rest of this week!” SMACK “It
is no less than you deserve!” SMACK “And, if you don’t behave I
shall do it again every morning!” SMACK “If you think your bottom
is sore now young man, that is how it going to feel every night this
can’t!” protested Jordan furiously “I’ll fucking leave fucking
dare you use that language to me?” SMACK “In any event, you can’t
‘leave home’!” SMACK “You are forgetting a little matter of a
court order!” SMACK “following the little matter of borrowing the
neighbours car” SMACK “driving underage, wrecking the car and
being caught in possession of Marijuana!” SMACK”The court put you
under my care until you are 21!” SMACK “If you leave home, the
sheriff’s deputies will just bring you back … every time!”
hissed a profanity through his teeth, he had indeed forgotten that
damn court order, at the time he thought it no big deal and that he
had got away with what he’d done, it didn’t seem like that now.
two and a half years until you are twenty one son, I know maths
isn’t your strong point, but you can get a hell of a lot of spankings
in two and a half years!”
… no Dad please!!” wailed a now very miserable Jordan
that point the bedroom door opened, and Jordan’s two younger
brothers, made curious by the noise, entered the room!
OUT” shouted Jordan “Make them leave Dad, I don’t want them to
see this..!!!”
brothers can stay and watch!” replied Mr Draper “It will do them
good to see what happens top naughty boys …. even if they are 18!
embarrassment at his spanking being watched by his brothers would
have been even worse, had he realised that, with the bedroom windows
open the sound of his bare bottom spanking was floating out of the
window to the street below where a crowd was already gathering. A
curious observer might ask why both Martin Clifford and Coach
Amundsen had chosen to walk down that suburban street that very
afternoon. However, the curious observers were too occupied by the
sounds coming from Jordan’s bedroom to notice the two men joining
however, noticed each other and exchanged a glance, which briefly
revealed a kinship. The coach maintained a straight faced expression,
but Martin could not hide the grin which spread across his face as he
realised that he was not alone in the sensations he was feeling.
thrill of previously unknown excitement ran through him, as he
listened the smacks and yelps coming from the open bedroom window, in
his mind’s eye he imagined Mr Draper’s hard palm smacking down again
and again onto Jordan’s beautifully formed bottom. Handsome swimming
jock Jordan Draper was getting the comeuppance he so deserved, and
the excitement and pleasure which that knowledge gave Martin would
stay with him for a long while.
the men outside the house, continued to listen to Jordan’s spanking,
a very old man hobbled past them. Goran, for it was he, stopped
briefly and listened to the sounds. He then chuckled to himself,
straightened up and then walked on, now with a renewed and more
youthful vigour to his stride.
in the bedroom the smacks had turned to WHACKS as Mr Draper had
picked up his slipper and begun spanking Jordan with that. The towel
had fallen away, and Jordan was now naked. The pain in his bottom
was now unbearable, and despite being observed by his little
brothers, tears were now streaming down his face and he, Jordan
Draper, the handsomest and coolest dude on campus was crying and
blubbering like a little kid.
in his 18 year on earth had been so painful and humiliating. He had
been publicly shamed, stripped naked, his bottom subjected to a
multitude of agonising punishments, and now it seemed he was facing a
full week of spankings. It could not possibly get worse than this
could it ……..?

An Unlucky Skinny Dipper

should have looked before sitting down on that rock, but who Knew
hedgehogs sunbathed?!! 
luck got even worse, as he was jumping up and down clutching his
sore, hedgehog pricked bottom, Officer Dickman came past and saw that
he had broken park rules by swimming nude in the pond.
moments Randall was over the policeman’s knee receiving a hard bare
bottom paddling. To make matters worse two players from the baseball
team arrived to watch.


Justice For Joel (Part 3)

glowered at the group of, mostly bare chested young men, whom, his
uncle had just announced would be his workmates. To his city-boy
eyes, they all looked like a bunch of extras from some very uncool
and, no longer politically correct, 1970’s TV Western, and most
deffinatelynot one he wished to become a cast member in.
court had said nothing about him having to work as a ranch hand, and
he had no intention of doing so.
‘ain’t no inbred hill-billy like them!” he snarled “’an I ‘ain’t
shovelling horse sh#t!”
swung round, intending to march back to the ranch house in protest,
but found that two of the ranch hands have moved behind him, blocking
his path. “Get outa’my fucking way you retards!” yelled Joel, his
attempt to hide his alarm by feigning anger betrayed by the shrill
note in his voice.
Huh?” replied Ash Amos, the marginally older of the two ranch hands
blocking his escape, a slow smile crossing his ruggedly handsome face
“That is not nice kid!”
call me kid you ….hick! … let me pass!” spat Joel
are not going anywhere Kid!” replied Braden Garth, the younger of
the two men.
that, the two men roughly grabbed hold of Joel and, joined by a third
man, Jareth Hunter, pulled him down on top of a bail of hay before
beginning to undress him. At first Joel was stunned, not quite
realising what the men were doing, but as one man’s strong, work
calloused fingers began unbuttoning his tight blue jeans, realisation
struck him like a thunderbolt, and he started struggling and
protesting furiously.
Joel, fit, young and street smart he might be, but these men were
well used to strenuous work, and he was no match against the three of
them. Within moments, his jeans, sneakers, socks and shirt had been
stripped from him, and all that still protected his remaining dignity
were his, recently shoplifted, Hilfiger boxers, which his dad had
innocently packed for him.
Joel struggled free clutching the waist band of his underpants in a
frantic attempt to avoid these also being stripped from him, but
tripped and fell with a heavy and undignified “Thump!” onto the
barn floor. This caused general laughter among the men, and even
Miles fought to suppress a smile.
clambered to his feet, and glanced quickly around but saw to his
dismay that all escape routes were blocked by grinning, and very
muscular farmhands.
do you perverts want?” stammered Joel, attempting to sound tough,
and failing totally “give me my clothes back!”
…. ‘retards’ …’in-breeds’ … are we?” murmured Ash “Oh am I
going to enjoy this!!”
enjoy what?” shouted Joel, still failing to sound tough “What are
you going to …………?”
moved towards Joel with a swaggering step, the lazy but laconic grin
on his face sending an unwilling shiver down the younger man’s back.
He then spoke slowly, his country weathered drawl adding a menacing
emphasis to his words. “We are gonna’ spank your little city boy
bottom boy!” he said “’an we’re gonna’ spank it so long, and so
hard that you won’t be inclined to sit on it for quite some time!”
you!!” spluttered Joel “No way …. Fuck you!!”
leaned forward, his face only inches from Joel’s “No Kid!” his
voice like a low growl “If anyone here gets fucked, it won’t be
that, he grabbed Joel by the ear and dragged him across the barn to a
pile of hay bails, on which he sat down before pulling the struggling
and protesting younger man across his knee.
Joel was firmly in place, Ash reached out took hold of the waist band
of Joel’s boxers and with one well practised jerk of his wrist,
pulled them down, revealing a bare bottom still pink from the earlier
attention Joel had received from Miles’ firm and very hard palm.
and the other men all grinned, delighted to see how cute, hair-free
and spankable Joel’s butt was, this was going to be even more fun
than they had thought.
most bad gamblers, Joel had hit a streak of bad luck, and making his
luck even worse was being the owner of a bottom which people just
wanted to spank, and one which, as we have established previously was
particularly tender and sensitive.
lifted his hand high above his head and then brought it down with a
resounding WHACK! Across Joel’s once again exposed and vulnerable
other guys all let out a cheer as the crowded round to watch the
spectacle. Joel was not the first new ranch hand to suffer the
initiation, but he was by far the hottest looking, and, from what the
boss had told them, by far the most deserving.
Miles stood back and watched the action, a smile of quiet
satisfaction playing on his ruggedly handsome lips. Young Joel was
going to get the justice the court had ordered, and which he had, in
Miles’ eyes more than earned after the way the young jerk had treated
his father, Miles’ younger brother.
knew that he could depend on his fit and hearty workers to carry out
Judge Flinthard’s sentence, and supervise Joel, leaving him free to
run the ranch, and step in to administer additional discipline
himself when necessary.
would need to keep an eye on some of the guys, particularly Ash, to
ensure things didn’t get out of hand, but he was confident that all
would work well.
Josh yelled, struggled and made threats he was in no position to
carry out, Ash was now well in his stride spanking the unfortunate
Joel’s increasingly red behind, when he noticed the lad’s rubber
soled sneakers lying on the floor
Braden Buddy” he drawled “hand me that there white shoe!”
handsome, sun bleached haired boy he had addressed, ran over grabbed
one of Joel’s sneakers and handed it to Ash.
tapped the sole of the sneaker against the palm of his hand and
smiled broadly “That will do the job just dandy!” he said
that, Ash returned to spanking the unfortunate Joel’s behind, this
time with the the young dude’s rubber soled sneaker, whilst Joel
yelled in pain and protest, and the other men cheered in delighted
on doing what you are doing boys” interjected Miles. “That is
just what the court ordered!”
Ash pushed Joel off his knee “Time for you to start working Kid!”
he barked. He picked up one of the pitchforks which the men had been
using and held it out to Joel “Not get to work Kid!”
….” spat Joel, wisely stopping himself at the last second
want more!!” demanded Ash, raising an eyebrow in an exaggerated
quizzical expression.
sullen glower on his face Joel snatched the fork and made a half
hearted attempt at moving some loose hay around. One of the men,
Ivan Cooper called out “You got a lot to learn kid, but we’re here
to teach you!” at which all the other men roared with laughter, at
the shared Joke, which Joel failed to understand.
picked up Joel’s discarded clothes “I’ll take these back to the
ranch” he said “If you want the right to wear clothes again Joel,
you are going to have to earn it!!”
threw a furious look at his Uncle, the humiliating realisation that
he would most likely be bare butt naked for days, possibly weeks
searing through his already bruised ego. However, he could see from
the expression on Miles’ face that it was pointless to argue.
turned away from the group of men and continued to jab at the mud
outside of the barn. By turning his back, of course, his shiny red,
and well spanked bottom was fully displayed, resulting in whoops of
delight from the men.
that’s what I want to see!” said Miles pointing at the naked
youth’s glowing bottom “That is what the good judge ordered!” he
turned to the men “It will be your job to ensure that it is a nice,
healthy pink, just like that at the end of every shift. Can you do
that for me?!”
sure can Boss!” grinned Ash Amos “You can rely on us”
what I like to hear!” continued Miles “Now I need to make some
calls, so I will leave you guys in charge!”
that, Miles left them and made his way back to the ranch house
carrying Joel’s clothes, with a satisfied smile on his face.
men stood around watching Joel as he continued to dig at the dirt
outside the barn, unsure what he was supposed to be doing, angry he
had to do anything, but keen not to provoke another spanking.
Granger had been standing and observing events, but now he decided to
join the fun “You’ll get nothing done at that speed fella’” he
drawled “put some effort into it, will ya’”
picked up a second discarded pitchfork and gave Joel a quick jab in
his very sore and tender bottom.
gave a yell of pain, dropped the pitchfork, and leapt round clutching
his behind “You f##king red-neck c##t!!” he snarled “Don’t you
f##king dare!!”
… ahem .. dare what Fella’?” grinned Hadley
you dare jab my ass with that f##king thing, you moron!” snapped
Joel furiously “Do that again and I’ll put you on a f##king slab!”
what?” replied an incredulous Hadley “We’ll see about that!”
well!” Grinned Ash who had been watching with barely concealed
amusement “It seems this youngun’ has not learned his lesson!”
he needs more teaching!” replied Hadley making a movement towards
Joel with his pitchfork
you!” snapped Joel, jumping away from the sharp points, only to
discover that he had jumped straight into the firm gripping hands of
Braden and Jareth, who had quietly circled round behind him. “Let
go of me you ……!”
growled Jareth “he sure needs more teachin’!”
two men who had hold of Joel pulled him, wriggling and swearing into
the barn, followed by Ash and Hadley who picked up discarded
pitchforks as they did so.
and Braden pushed Joel down onto some bails of hay, while Hadly took
a length of rope of the wall and cut it into two. He then handed one
to Braden, who, assisted with Ash, tied Joel’s hands behind his back.
Then Hadley and Jareth used one end of the other length of rope to
tie Joel’s ankles together, after which he threw the other either
ends of the rope over a beam.
was at this point that Joel, who, until then had been struggling and
cussing began to realise that he was seriously outnumbered and that
he had made a bad miscalculation.
tried to reason with the men, but his attempt at conciliation had
come too late and the other ranch hands were now determined to “teach
him a lesson” as they had promised.
and Hadley both took hold of an end of the rope and began to pull,
lifting Joel’s feet, legs and then his bright pink bottom off the
bail of hay and raising it into the air.
that is a perfect target!” chuckled Ash
…what are you going to do?” stammered a now very alarmed Joel
decided that its time you get the point kid” replied Ash “Ah
…My bad!” he corrected himself “make that points!”
guys all began to approach the, now diaper positioned Joel, with
their pitchforks aimed towards his uplifted bottom.
yelled Joel, please don’t!! …. I’m sorry”
late kid!” replied Ash as he jabbed at Joel’s behind with his fork
“We are gonna’ stick you like a little piggy!”
that the laughing farm hands began to jab at Joel with their forks.
This was not the first time they had punished a lazy or careless
ranch hand in this way, and although they were all now quite pissed
with Joel, they had no intention of injuring him, or drawing any
blood, just to make his already very sore bottom hurt even more, and
to put Joel through a little more, in their view, well deserved,
discomfort and humiliation. 
yelled Joel as Ash’s fork jabbed into his left butt cheek, pricking
his now very tender skin. Meanwhile Braden and Jareth pricked his
right butt cheek with their forks, causing Joel to yell again
jabs were relativity gentle, compared to what muscular young men
wealding sharp objects could inflict, but because Joel’s bottom was
now so over-sensitive that the jabs hurt like fire.
stood back a little, laughing as he watched his fellow ranch hands
jabbing at Joel. Then suddenly an idea struck him. Pulling a pair of
thick leather gloves from his pocket, and left the barn, and returned
moments later carrying a bunch of stinging nettles he had pulled from
where they grew, next to the fence outside.
guys” he said “I’ve had a better idea. We can really whack him
with these!”
guys all cheered with glee, as they each grabbed a hand full of
stinging nettles from Hadley’s bunch
yeah!” Laughed Ash, “this will really give him a sting in the
group then set about beating Joel with the stinging nettles, with all
the enthusiasm of a festival crowd attacking a Piñata, knowing that,
unlike the pitchforks, they could now really punish the cute blonde
jerk’s deserving bottom, making sure it would sting for hours without
causing lasting damage.
all, as Ash said later, “you should never break toys which you plan
to play with again ,
so called diaper position was not only humiliating, but it ensured
that Joel’s most private and tender areas were totally exposed and
vulnerable, and the guys took full advantage of that exposure and
screamed and yelled in pain and outrage as the fiery tingling and
burning caused of the cruel nettles spread across his butt cheeks and
upper thighs livening up the tenderness and hypersensitivity
resulting from the earlier spankings, until each stinging swat burned
like a red hot coal.
bottom would sting for hours, and this was just the start, Joel’s
time in the country would be long and uncomfortable.

An Unlucky Tumble / Officer Dickman’s Promise

Officer Dickman was lecturing young Randall Taylor about Park etiquette “Now listen Boy, I don’t care if you are 18! I’ve told you before, if I catch you Skateboarding in the Botanical Gardens again, I’m going to put you across my knee and spank your little bare bottom so hard and so long, you you won’t be able to sit down this side of Thanksgiving! and then only on a foam cushion!!” 
“No Sweat Officer Dick ,,,,man!” replied Randall, almost succeeding in disguising his insolence “I don’t skateboard no more, that’s kid’s stuff!” 
“I hope so boy, as I am a man with a hard hand who never breaks his word!”
Randall, however, was not a man who’s word could be trusted, as soon as the policeman left, he was back on his skateboard,    hurtling round the bark, frightening elderly visitors and damaging flower displays 


However, naughty boys learn painful lessons and one unlucky tumble sent the deserving lad flying towards a particularly uncomfortable landing!

It to a doctor and two nurses three hours to remove all the cactus thorns from Randall’s well punctured bottom, while the 18 year old hoodlum yelled, cried and hollered like a three year old.


But that was nothing like the noise Randall made when Officer Dickman kept his word!!

If anyone would like to write a better story to match these pictures (or maybe suggest a sequel) please add a comment below

The Unlucky Rustler

When they caught young Bobby McAndrews trying to steal their cattle, the Bar_Gay ranch hands though up a really prickly punishment for him!

His tender nineteen year old butt would sure feel it when they took him back to the bunk house and really taught him a lesson!!