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  1. Looks like a cardiac catheterization lab that was used as the background. Nice colorization of the boy's ass, showing a proper hairbrush punishment including the all-important sit spot. A really good spanking, like the one depicted, will not allow a boy to sit down at all for several days, without wincing and instantly recalling the punishment and the reason for it.

  2. Lol the weirds spam comments above are weird.

    I imagine this guy was faking an illness to get out of having to take an exam that day. He was a little to good at faking it though, so his parents took him to the doctor.

    But after an intimate exam, and taking the temprature in the most accurate hole, the Doctor concluded the only illness the patient was suffering from was being a liar. And he showed the parents how to treat that. >:)

  3. Hi Feinstein

    Sorry about the spam, Blogger usually catches them but a few have been getting through. I have removed them and put the blog onto comment moderation for the time being.

    I like your scenario by the way!! 🙂

  4. I am surprised to see that butt shots can be so painful–I have gotten butt shots and they are no different than a shot in the arm– except its my butt—-Are some butt shots very painful?

  5. What treatment are we referring to that he will get everyday until he impoves .It looks to me like he was Spanked as his Hiney looks a bit red .If the treatment is a Spanking each day .I say get on with it and makes sure the. treatments hurts and that he has trouble suiting down

  6. In regard to treatment every day until he improves I agree it's looks like this young man Hide is more than a little Red If the treatment prescribed is a Spanking every day until he improves I highly suggest that a Leather Strap be put to this young man Hide and of course it needs to be Bare AssThe treatment of the Leather Strap would be sure to send a very definite message and certainly would ensure that this young man would be sitting down at least for the immediate future

  7. If the treatment referred to is a Spanking everyday until he improves .I suggest that all future treatment be given with the Leather strap .From the description it looks to me that he has been spanked already as his Hide look more than little discolored Red.The strap would certainly send a message to this young man and it appears that is definitely necessary In addition a few treatments with the strap would ensure two basic things 1) Avery Sore Hide2) The inability of being able to Sit and walk in the normal way

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