6 Replies to “Carelessness Has Consequences”

  1. Hot boy getting his hot ass jabbed.

    Helluva well-equipped doctor's treatment room with a full operating room table, anesthetic machine and cardiac monitoring setup. Perhaps this Physician does extensive treatments of young mens hindquarters!

  2. Perhaps all young men who need to be spanked should get jabbed with a a couple shots one on each check .then the prescription would be a Spanking ton remember .I suggest that for punishment -Treatment that a Leather Strap be used .In some situations a Spanking of sorts may have taken place previously but that shouldn't be a problem

  3. I agree with the all comments however in my view a couple of shots to the Hiney on each check is essential .Then the spanking or Ass whipping would take place and it would be something that wouldn't be forgotten to quickly as it would be a spanking to remember In addition a leather strap would called for in this situation

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