10 Replies to “Coming Soon – Sting of the Jungle III”

  1. Yass cant wait!!! Maybe after theyve jabbed him with spears they take him from behind…. like Tarzan did in part 1… or hopefully he falls ina fire!!!

  2. I like the idea of him falling butt first into a camp fire or sitting on some hot coals. Maybe seeing him jump up and run off with the seat of his loincloth on fire.

  3. Tarzan has shown us by his hard,straight cock that he obviously enjoys spanking boy.Im sure Tarzan would love to spank boy directly on his anus and even then rub some cream deep inside.Boy would also enjoy some butt play too after all the pain he has had recently.We love to see his bottom getting stung,proded and spanked. But perhaps Tarzan might get gey his bottom stung one day and Boy could sooth his bottom for a change.

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