Caption it – One

This is the first of two pictures I put together a couple of years ago, but which I have not had time to develop into a story. It seems a waste not to publish it, so I decided to leave it to blog readers to decide what is happening.

If you can think of a suitable caption, revealing, for instance what one of the characters might be saying, or if you want to go further and write a few paragraphs explaining what you think is going on, what the story is behind it, or what you think might happen next, please feel free to add your creative input to the comments section below.
Go for it, let your imagination go wild!! 

6 Replies to “Caption it – One”

  1. "What are you bitching about? You knew the rules…anyone late to practice serves as the training dummy!"

    "Yeah, but nobody said anything about the training dummy being stripped bare-assed and plastic-wrapped down!"

    "Oh, that's just the beginning! After we get our two hour workout in on your sweet pink ass, guess what you're gonna have to do for us before we set you free!"

    "You fuckers!"

    "Aw, you guessed!"

  2. John was late one too many times to kickboxing practice. Coach told John that he would be punished and made John strip in front of the entire team. Once stripped the coach forced John over the box jump and asked the other team members to help in using the shipping wrap to secure John.

    Now secured the coach took out a paddle and swatted John once for every minute he was late during the past week. Poor John, humiliated with his upturned butt facing the team took 82 swats from the paddle. By the time the coach counted 40 John’s butt cheeks had turned a nice glowing red, contrast by the white area between them which displayed his butthole. John started to cry from the sting to his butt cheeks and the humiliation.

    With the paddling over the coach told the team that tonight kickboxing drill was going to incorporate John. Each team member was to land 5 perfect push kicks right between Johns bright red cheeks. Of course the coach then had to make an important call. With the coach gone the team enthusiastically punished John by landing their heels perfectly on target, his butthole.

    By the time the coach return Johns butthole was as red as his paddled cheeks, puffy and gaping slightly as if one of his team mates may have pushed his heel into poor John’s battered butthole.

    John had trouble sitting for three days but was never late to kickboxing again!

    (I honestly wrote this before reading the other "late" post…great minds think alike)

  3. Derek lived to rue the day that his wealthy grandfather invented cling wrap. When he let down his high school boxing team by missing another practise session, they put cling wrap to good use.

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