13 Replies to “Bad Boy’s Birthday”

  1. Since his birthday cards call out that this bad boy is celebrating his 18th birthday…first he needs to be paddled good and hard so that his butt is glowing red. The straight dudes next punishment would be to work the night shift at the gay bath house. He’d be forced to run around nude showing off his red ass while passing out towels and finally rolling condoms onto any guests hard cock who asks.
    Of course the little punk didn’t realize I took his cell phone and snapped several pictures of him rolling condoms on a half dozen men, then posting as him to his FB page. Guessing it will be awhile before he gets any attention form the ladies, but all the guys will be sure looking to hook up.

  2. He should be spanked till his butt is burning red, and then spanked some more. Then locked out his house naked and arrested and spanked again. Finally, tied and left on top of the anthill.

  3. Spanked until his bottom is bright red and then sent for football practice, so that all the team see he's been spanked – how embarrassing for an 18 year old guy!

  4. Trap him in a bush and smear his ass with honey and let some bees take their revenge…or perhaps a little nettle birching? 😛

  5. I agree with Peter13 to a degree. BUTT 18 is a landmark B-Day in a BAD BOY'S life!! Let's make it 36 slow swats with a flexible paddle FOLLOWED by sitting on 18 lit candles!! He will DEFINITELY feel the burn!!!

  6. I am an anti birthday spanking person—as our coach did paddle us for discipline–baqre bending over i9n the locker room–( this was 40+ yrs ago) so I was kind of scared of him—-Then he had a weird sort of sentimental side where in–insisted any guy ask for a birthday spanking from him and any player had to go over his lap and get a spanking clothed and he did not make it hurt nuch—-but i resented that part more than a discipline paddling—We still had to ask a nd had to put ourselves over his lap and get spanked as if it were a joke ot as if we were somehow buddies—-It was forced and humiliating——Anyothers feel as I do? Some guys did not seem to mind at all—–others did mind –we all had to ask and get our 'spanking'

  7. this young man needs to be taught a lesson he won't forget -I would give him a series of some serious spankings starting with a hand spanking bare of course. I would follow. That up with the strap, and then the paddle. corner time. Would be mandated. And it should. Be validated that he can't sit down when it's all over

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