4 Replies to “Embarrassing and Painful #2”

  1. Serves him right! All cocky jocks (or cocky guys in general) should be pantsed and spanked in front of the people they tried to impress.

  2. In my view. When one needs to have his hide. Spanked it makes no difference who he is or how old. – in regard to jocks. Some are cocky. Bit the paddle or the Strap take care of that

  3. In rural high school 50 yrs ago it was embarrassing to shower with guys when you had gotten switched bare–as any guy who was —got teased—-however in the rural enviroment most guys came with s red butt sometime–and coach could and did paddle guys bare after football practice—-so while guys got teased—it was hardly a rare thing! Life has changed!

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