An Unlucky Tumble / Officer Dickman’s Promise

Officer Dickman was lecturing young Randall Taylor about Park etiquette “Now listen Boy, I don’t care if you are 18! I’ve told you before, if I catch you Skateboarding in the Botanical Gardens again, I’m going to put you across my knee and spank your little bare bottom so hard and so long, you you won’t be able to sit down this side of Thanksgiving! and then only on a foam cushion!!” 
“No Sweat Officer Dick ,,,,man!” replied Randall, almost succeeding in disguising his insolence “I don’t skateboard no more, that’s kid’s stuff!” 
“I hope so boy, as I am a man with a hard hand who never breaks his word!”
Randall, however, was not a man who’s word could be trusted, as soon as the policeman left, he was back on his skateboard,    hurtling round the bark, frightening elderly visitors and damaging flower displays 


However, naughty boys learn painful lessons and one unlucky tumble sent the deserving lad flying towards a particularly uncomfortable landing!

It to a doctor and two nurses three hours to remove all the cactus thorns from Randall’s well punctured bottom, while the 18 year old hoodlum yelled, cried and hollered like a three year old.


But that was nothing like the noise Randall made when Officer Dickman kept his word!!

If anyone would like to write a better story to match these pictures (or maybe suggest a sequel) please add a comment below

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  1. Maybe Randall could catch Officer Dickman doing something wrong , like riding the skateboard he took and put him over his knee. I like to see a man in uniform getting spanked.

  2. Officer Dickman should have ended the punishment by ramming his nightstick up Randall's virgin sphincter

  3. Randall's father was called (as a matter of emergency room policy) finding his son over the young officer's knee. Outraged, he demands that the officer stop because only a father can spank or authorize to spank a boy under 21 (he had not so authorized). Mr. Taylor threatens to call the precinct. Officer Dickman was already on probation for previous situations, begging Mr. Taylor not to place a complaint. Mr. Taylor agrees only if Officer Dickman accepts the same "Bare Ass" punishment.
    Officer Dickman calls in to take his 1 hour lunch break, then bends over the exam table. Mr. Taylor removes his belt and begins to strike the young uniformed butt. He is then told to remove his trousers. Following orders, his boxer clad bottom (hairy legs spread) gets belted. Embarrassed , the officer is then ordered to remove his boxers, again ordered to spread his feet his big dick and balls are exposed as his ass reddens.
    Finally, Mr. Taylor calls Randall over (for the officer's ultimate humiliation), handing the belt to his smiling son.

  4. It's not over yet.
    (Randall remembers the wandering hands of the 2 nurses, during his procedure and tells his dad, wanting revenge. Mr. Taylor confronts the Doctor, who dodges immediate responsibility by dressing down his nurses, either strip down and lay on top of each other or they're fired. Joe and Kirk look at other slowly beginning to remove their scrubs. Joe the younger nurse with the short hair/hairy legs straddles, knees apart, the older/bigger smooth bodied Kirk on the exam table. Randall gleefully strikes the smooth/hairy ass cheeks before him.
    The embarrassed Joe hastily whispers an apology in Kirk's ear, realizing the rubbing has caused his dick to swell, evidence by the additional swelling of the exposed hairy muscle running from his hole to his balls.
    Mr. Taylor further threatens to call hospital administration with Dr. Jones' inaction not stopping the abuse of his son.
    Like the officer, Dr. Jones would rather be punished then have a complaint on his record.
    Unfortunately, all this spanking has caused the good doctor to bulge his scrubs and he has to expose his rising member as he spreads his naked legs after bending over the other end of the exam table, as Mr. Taylor uses his big hands on the doctors bottom. The doctor and nurses can only frown in each others faces as their butts burn and redden under the onslaught. From young Randall to Dr. Jones all received the discipline they deserved.
    What happened to Randall when he and Mr. Taylor got home???

  5. My favorite part is seeing the tight pants on his ass as he's about to sit on the cactus then seeing those pointy needles getting pulled out 1 at a time leaving the ones near his crack for last.

  6. Well, not a word was spoken on the short ride home. Randall knew his father was still pissed and did not like to be interrupted at work, particularly for his bad actions, setting gingerly on his stinging butt.
    Since it was Friday, (Randall's mom and younger siblings had gone to grandma's farm for the weekend leaving only his 16 year old brother Dan.) the house was empty when they arrived, as Randall's uncle Bill pulls up right behind them. Mr. Taylor hits the garage door remote (it closes), ordering Randall to "Strip" in front of uncle Bill."Why did you want to see me?" bill asked his older brother. "Your wife caught you cheating and ask me to deal with it. Bill made a dash for the door but was overpowered Dad had grabbed some handcuffs from his work table, snapping them around Bills wrists.
    Dan's comes home and goes directly to the garage. He smiles seeing his older brother Randall naked, hands behind his head, with uncle Bill's handcuffed wrists attached to the overhead hoist. "What's going on?" says Dan. Your brother and uncle are in trouble and need to be punished. Dad ask Dan, You've gotten enough spankings, you think you can give one? Randall's face flushes at the suggestion. Dan says "yes" grabbing Randall's ear, pulling him over to the work out bench and over his lap
    Dad removes Bill's belt, blue jean shorts and underwear, leaving his tall, muscular, furry body wearing only work boots, socks and a tank top. (to add to his embarrassment, his clean shaven cock and separated balls were tied with a leather thong.
    Bill, I told you I'd really punish you severely if this happened again, now spread your feet apart. Dan's hand is starting to hurt but not nearly as much as Randall's bottom. Dad's belt strikes seems to be having an affect on Bill's manly ass, (not a peep out of him, so far). Dad tosses Dan some rope, telling him to tie Randall's hands and attach them to the engine hoist. Now the guys are facing each other helpless naked and exposed, another short length of of rope runs through an eyelet on the floor between them tightly attached to their balls (any movement by either one tugs the other one's balls).
    "We'll be back" as Dad and Dan adjourn to the kitchen for some food.

  7. I love the cactus pics. It would be great to find someone else who likes to see these, and help me try this on my own backside!

    1. Jim, I know what you mean. A guy's butt landing on those hard pointy cactus needles is hot. Even better if it's a surprise. I love talking about it, too. It would be fun watching that guy try to get up off the cactus but finds it difficult because those pointy needles are deep in his ass and holding him down. And when he finally does get up his ass if full of needles Maybe we can talk

  8. Today there would be a lawsuit but growing up in the rural South in the sixties—a sheriff's deputy paddled our butts and we were bare—-for repeated trespass after we had been warned— We hated it cause it hurt alot—but our biggest problem was the fact we didn't want our dad's to fins out as we would have been paddled/switched again—-Oddly we were 'grateful' to the deputy for only paddling our butts and NOT telling our dads! We were not hurting anyone we just swam in an abandoned gravel pit and had been warned we could not do it When we went there again to swim–our bare butts were paddled damn hard and we though 16 were howling like 10 yr olds—

  9. Randall and Bill (left to contemplate their situation) were trying not to pull each others balls (The rope looped around their balls through eye hooks actually behind each of them, causing added stress if either pulled their hips forward.). The connection was having the desired effect, (humiliation) Bill was beginning to swell, he apologizes, saying its his fault and that he owes his nephew.
    Dad starts out with a leather paddle, upon their return, Bill jerks with every swat (causing Randall to harden with all the pressure) Both paddled hard by Dan as well.
    Dad told Bill he was suspended for the weekend and that he was staying in Dan and Randall's room. (Dad said That he was putting Dan in charge during their suspension, yes Randall too, and to obey him.)

  10. After the spanking the officer and doctor leave to let Randall get dressed. The young nurses offer to put soothing lotion on his wounded bottom. He of course says yes but the mischievous boys actually put BEN GAY Ultra Hot sports cream on his backside, applying it generously into his wide open pores. Within just a short while, Randall's rear end is on FIRE again, leaving him howling and clutching his burning butt cheeks.

    This attracts the attention of the doctor,who storms in and demands to know what the nurses are laughing at. When they fall silent and Randall tells him what happened, he tells Randall to wash off the ointment and tells the nurses to strip and bend over the table. They groan as they see the doctor hand Randall his his old fraternity paddle!

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