What would you do with Jordan?

am currently working on Chapter three of The Shamen’s Revenge
detailing the next stage of the ongoing punishment of arrogant bully
and swimming jock Jordan Draper.
may not be ready until the end of the week, however, I know some
people are impatient to know what the shaman in store next for
Jordan’s unlucky bottom.
remember that, like a TV series sometimes you have to wait until next
week for the next episode.
to entertain yourselves and other readers, if you have any thoughts
or fantasies as to you wat you would do to Jordan, why not write a
comment below and tell us what you would do to Jordan.

19 Replies to “What would you do with Jordan?”

  1. I'm a fan of itching powder applied to a well spanked bottom or as an enema forcing Jordan to give his spankers a show by scooting his blistered on the ground or through something to torture his bottom further. Also the use of those nibbling fish they use to give pedicures to punish his rosebud and taint. Having forced to sit in a bath or bucket while a bunch of those little fish work him over to everyone elses amusement.

  2. As Jordan lives with his father, it would be fitting to have his sire informed, who, being a closet gay, decides to introduce paternal discipline on the beau’s bared bottom, in front of his better-behaved ‘baby’ brother, as a regular feature to enforce efforts to put his academic performance and due demeanor at par with his athletic excellence. To this endlessly-elder-edcuators-enjoyed end, Jordan will henceforth frightfully fear fucked-frequently feeling the fierce fire of father’s fury by way of relenteless rulering for any grade below A and sorrily-sorely suffer the sting of the strap for sub-standard stuff, including any complaint from any male better or even stranger, in which case the third party is ti be invted to attend and participate in bare-balls-beatings at Jordan’s home, desperately hoping –often in vain- no standing invitation be extended to put him over the knee at will in theior homes. For starters, Martin and Rubin are invited to fully enjoy Jordan’s home lesson to respect his peers, nay betters, practing the Greek principles, with standing invitation to discipline him at will, and to attend Jordna’s annual birthday spankings in front of all male kin and the entire team ! – FASTIFEX

  3. A somewhat cartoonist scenario might be to put extra strength athletic balm all over his ass cheeks, an extra thick application in the crack, and a an asshole full of the stuff. As the heat begins to increase and he is kicking and crying and trying to get away from his tormentors, one of the guys produces a bucket of ice for him to cool is fiery bottom, but just as Jordan prepares to sit on the ice anticipating its cooling effect the boy pulls the ice away and replaces it with a bucket of even hotter balm, but Jordan at first sits slowly in the balm dunking his bottom up and down trying to cool his tortured ass, even trying to relax his hole thinking the ice will slide inside and cool him down. It takes a few moments for him to realize whats happening, so hes telling the other boys how much trouble they are going to be in. Then the heat sets in and he shoots straight up clutching his ass all while some of the boys are recording the incident on their cell phones for blackmail.

  4. I think Jordan should be totally embarrassed and humiliated, that is even worse punishment for arrogant bullies. He should lose all his clothes and find himself stranded somewhere very public where everyone can see his bright red spanked butt.

  5. – Uncontrolled erection that would be treated with chastity device
    – Female spanker or watcher to make it more humiliating.
    – Serving and working naked is always effective.

  6. So Jordan and his class take a field trip to the local zoo to gather information on the new gorilla exhibit for their biology class, but Jordan can't resist being an asshole so he's standing on the enclosure wall mooning and taunting the apes, but he loses his balance and falls in. Now it just so happens the old shaman is at the zoo as well and decides to use his powers over the animals to truely humiliate young Jordan. He instructs the apes to strip Jordan naked, of course all the while a huge crowd has gathered and the news media is, including helecopters are on the way. The apes take naked Jordan to the center of the enclosure, all the while he's yelling to get him away from these filthy things. The shaman instructs the apes to begin the spanking and to continue as long as he laughs. Two of the other great apes are holding Jordan's feet and begin stroking the soles which the big baby can't stand. So as his laughter begins so does hours of spanking and humiliation directed by the shaman, all the while this news story and Jordan's torment is shown world wide.

  7. Handcuff him behind his back, then parade him around the pool with his boy parts attached to a very tight leash. Tie him to the pool ladder and whip his ass with a doubled belt, then make him go down the slide with the water turned off, followed by some corner time.

  8. Some blunt object should definitely find it's way into his booty hole. Any relatively small object would do. A pen, pencil, brush, cheer leader's baton, a stage magician's wand, spoon, etc. Since magic is involved, it could be introduce in any crazy way imaginable.

  9. Red hot chilli pepper or piece of ginger inserted in his hole – been told it makes a guy horny and ensures a massive erection!!

  10. Thank you for this truly exciting story; it is very well written. My suggestion would be to hold true to the plan of more injections and to administer 2 quart soapy water enemas, perhaps make the athlete hold each enema for a certain number of minutes with a big black buttplug to prevent leakage 🙂

  11. Amazingly hot series! If this is set in the 1980s please have him in very skimpy shorts tube socks and a headband! Perhaps the old man can submit him to a humiliating spanking with a tennis racket!

  12. A nice red naked booty might need a coach's dick in it. We haven't seen that since early in Tarzan and Boy.

  13. I think there should be an accident at his swimming practice. Maybe he get stuck while climbing out of the pool (I don't know why?;) Because the pool is outside, his butt gets a nice sunburn…

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