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  1. This is great, it would also be a pretty cool thing to extend a short story from. I know most of your work is about ill behaved boys meeting an embarrassing justice but one about an unlucky boy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time sounds really cool 🙂

  2. Thank you Bruce for all your wonderful art during the year. Of my 3 favourite artists2 , Jonathan and Spryte, have retired and you are the sole one producing work still. I really appreciate your talents. From a Fan.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, I hope to carry on producing pictures and stories and I am honoured to be one of your favourites with talented men like Jonathan and Spryte

    1. I have received a number of requests for this sort of thing over the years, and I am actually considering having a go at writing an illustrated story featuring an older woman disciplining a wayward young man. Obviously with copious amounts of humiliation thrown in. However, it is only something I am considering, and if it ever happens, it will not be published on this blog, although I might link to it for those who want to see it.

      I am not making any promises , as nothing may come of the idea.

  3. Dear Bruce, would you consider a role reversal nerd vs athlete scene with a dumb tall cocky boxer having the tables turned on him by a scrawny nerd. The nerd having enough of his bragging homophobic ways and kicking him in the balls before grabbing the waistband of the jocks skimpy silkily shorts and wedging him up tightly with his arm behind his back before forcing the dazed and confused tough guy to bend over the ring, spanking him , then sitting him down on his lap , spreading his muscular tanned thighs, twisting his rock hard nipples before pulling his shorts down spanking his bubble butt then pulling him by the ear to the changing rooms for further punishment

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I like the idea, and will give it some thought. I have long been drawn to the idea of a bully being over powered and humiliated by a smaller victim

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