The Shaman’s Revenge (Part 9)

Shaman’s Revenge (Part 9)
Colby had just returned home after a very bad day, there had been a
lot of bad days recently, but that day had been one of the worst as
he had just lost the second job in three month. Chase’s boss. Will
Bryant, the Caretaker at Capsaicin College, had eventually tired of
the lazy young fool’s constant lateness and shoddy workmanship and
sacked him.
was a big problem for Chase as he needed the money. Due to his poor
credit rating he had needed to borrow money from a loan shark, and
the interest was very high, if he could repay the debt the lender was
likely to become very unpleasant.
significantly, on his scale of importance, Chase liked having money
in his pocked, it was a lot easier to ball chicks when a guy had
his financial concerns, however, Chase had still spent part of the
cash he had left on beer and some high quality weed from a dealer he
knew. He figured that a drink and a smoke would take his mind off
his troubles.

soon as the handsome young wastrel got home, he stripped naked and
spent ten minutes under a shower, the hot soapy water providing a
welcome balm to his lithe and tanned, perfectly formed but tense and
aching body.
stepping out of the shower and drying himself, he padded, still
naked, into the studio bedroom of his tiny apartment, and turned on
his huge “Ghetto blaster” style portable radio, tuned to a
station which played his favourite heavy rock music 24/7, then opened
a first bottle of beer, which he swiftly downed and followed with a

He then threw himself face down on the bed and rolled
himself a joint from the marijuana he had purchased earlier that day.
a few puffs of the expensive weed, Chase began to feel mellow and
relaxed, he leaned over and turned up the music as high as it would
go, yelling “Yeah man!” as he did so.
planned to only play the music for an hour or so, since the incident
with the wasps, which he was superstitiously convinced the weird old
East European man upstairs had something to do with, he had made sure
the he did not make any noise after 10:30 at night, when he believed
the old man went to bed.
good behaviour motivated by fear rather than good neighbourliness,
Chase had intended to do the same that night. However, the drugs
which his pusher had sold him was a lot more powerful than usual,
and the effect was intensified by combining it with the strong beer
he had just drunk. As a result, within twenty minutes of lighting
the first joint, the unlucky young hunk had fallen fast asleep.
would be unconscious for the next eleven hours, although he did not
sleep peacefully, as his dreams were troubled by the same reoccurring
nightmare, in which he was running naked through an endless field of
corn, pursued by a swarm of giant and angry hornets, all intent on
stinging his bare behind.
the long hours of hours of the night, the loud rock music continued
to blare out of the huge speakers wired to his ghetto blaster. The
noise was so loud, it smothered all other sounds, including his
elderly upstairs neighbour furiously hammering on the floor, and
threatening Chase with every agony that Hell had in store for him.
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Chase still slept, elsewhere in town, Jordan Draper had risen early,
and was up to no good. Before anyone else was awake he slipped out of
the house and hurried quietly across the road to the old McKinny
house, where the ranger was living, and he was intent on doing harm
in some way, although he had not yet decided what way.
the events of the last two days, it had become clear to Jordan that
having the ranger for a neighbour was really bad news for him, and
likely to get worse. He had to get rid of the ranger, or find some
way of stopping him from causing trouble.
ideas went through his head, perhaps he could find evidence of bad
deeds on the rangers part, which Jordan could use to blackmail the
officer into leaving town. It seemed obvious that a guy who took
such obvious pleasure in spanking a guy, and sticking needles in his
ass, had to be some sort of pervert, maybe there would be some
evidence of perversion in the house, which Jordan could use.
that, if the hose “accidentally” caught fire, the ranger would
have to more, or even better, the ranger might be trapped inside the
house when it burnt down.
vengeance also on his mind, the thought of the ranger burning to
death …. slowly ….. was not an unattractive prospect to Jordan at
that moment!
at the back of the old McKinny house, Jordan looked around for the
best way to get in, and noticed that a small skylight window in the
basement appeared to be unlocked. He pushed it with his foot and it
gave way. The window was unlocked, and it was just large enough for
him to squeeze through.
furtively glancing around to check that there was nobody watching,
Jordan climbed through the window and, with the agility of a young
fawn, jumped down to the floor below. The Mckinny basement was not
one of those which had been remodelled into a trendy residential
space, or underground games room, but instead it was the old style
storage space beneath the house, with a stained concrete floor,
exposed rafters and a single light bulb hanging on a wire from the
saw a light switch and turned on the single light, so as to be able
to better see where he was. As he did so, Jordan noticed an unlit
furnace and some cans of gasoline on one side of the room, these
would be useful if he did decide to burn down the house. However,
first he needed to find a way into the main living, and began
creeping towards a set of stone stairs leading to a doorway.
it was at this point that things became surreal, as suddenly, there
was a sound like a rushing wind around his feet, and then, to his
amazement his feet left the floor, as if some strange force was
lifting him up and tipping him forward, but instead of falling
towards the floor, he began floating upwards towards the ceiling, as
if his body was defying gravity.
the f….?” gasped Jordan, unable to fully comprehend what was
happening to him. He had once seen a show featuring a magician
seemingly levitating his assistant, but he was sure that was faked.
Whereas this was really happening. He reached out to grab at a
central pillar in an attempt to steady himself, but it was out of his
reach, and he just kept steadily rising like some weightless
that was not bizarre enough, suddenly first one shoe slipped off his
feet and fell to the floor followed by a second, then his jeans
became became strangely loose and began falling down his legs.
Jordan grabbed out to stop the jeans coming off totally, but it was
too late, as they had already slipped down his legs and joined the
shoes in a crumpled pile of blue denim on the floor.
could not believe what was happening to him, this shit couldn’t be
for real, he must be asleep and dreaming.
happened next made his realise with 100% certainty that he was wide
awake. He was now naked from the waste down, and as he continued to
float upwards , his exposed bare bottom was getting closer and closer
to the glowing light bulb. Of course as the light bulb was behind
him, Jordan was unaware that he was gliding towards it, until the hot
glass sphere touched the tender skin between his butt cheeks.
screamed Jordan “That’s FUCKING HOT!!!” indeed the bulb was very
hot, and inexplicably seemed to be getting hotter and hotter as it
rubbed against Jordan’s most tender and sensitive area. Then as if
two large invisible hands had grasped each butt cheek, and spread
them open, so that the glowing light bulb slipped between them, and
was soon pressed against the puckering pink rim of his anus.
“YYYYEEEEEOOOOOOOOO”” screamed Jordan as the bulb continued to
heat up. “Someone help me!!”
it seemed much longer, Jordan’s anus was, in fact, only in contact
with the bulb for a matter of seconds, but it was long enough to
singe the tender skin.
as if whatever had lifted him up was weakening its grip, Jordan began
descending back towards floor. Then suddenly, inanimate objects
which had been lying about the basement, seem to come to life, and
fly towards him, swirling around his backside and legs in a spectacle
reminiscent of some clever cartoon animation. However, their purpose
seemed altogether less innocent than most cartoons.
a pair of hard soled old arm boots flew at Jordan as he still floated
down before the left boot delivered a massive kick to his uplifted
backside, sending him flying forward, and causing one of his socks to
fall off. The right boot then kicked Jordan’s other butt cheek,
causing his second sock to fall off and Jordan to let out a further
cry of pain.
an old garden rake flew at this him and began jabbing his bottom with
it’s sharp prongs. Sometimes it jabbed the butt cheeks and sometimes
it jabbed between. Now on the floor, Jordan, tried crawling out of
range of the needle like prongs, but the fork followed him, still
jabbing away.
some way that Jordan couldn’t quite understand, as he crawled, his
hooded sweat shirt, also fell off, leaving him naked.
for all their bruising kicks and jabbing thrusts. The boots and the
garden fork were mere warm up acts compared to the next object
which was to assault the young athlete’s punished posterior.
Although smaller than the other items, who knew that a common plastic
bristled bottle brush could have such a devastating impact, if
inserted where it was about to thrust itself. 
the brush spun in circles, as if taking aim, then, with the
trajectory of a speeding bullet, it shot towards the unlucky young
athlete’s raised bottom, pushed between his buttocks, forcing open
the tight pink orifice between, and penetrating deep inside Jordan,
until every plastic bristle had vanished from view, and only the long
wire handle protruded from between the quivering cheeks.
a look of wide eyed shock on his face, opened his mouth to cry out,
but no sound came, and a silent scream echoed round the shabby
basement. He was like a frozen statue kneeling in an all fours “doggy
position” as the full enormity of the horror sunk in.
bristles of the bottle brush were only plastic, so they were not, in
reality, tearing his flesh, they just felt as if they were was.
However, it we not just the pain which further discomforted Jordan,
the bristles seemed to be pricking against every nerve end within in
his lower body, sending electric like pulses, similar to touching an
especially sensitive tooth, through his tense young body.
was causing sensations, he had never felt before, and never wished to
feel again. There are many straight men who derive secret pleasure
from anal penetration, but Jordan was not one of these men, for him
the sensation was nightmarish and incapacitating.
reached back, took hold of the wire handle and attempted to pull the
brush out if it’s new socket. However, the shock had caused his rear
passage to involuntarily tighten, with the result that the brush was
gripped firmly and would not budge.
flood or rational and and irrational thoughts washed back and forth
through his mind, he could understand very little of what had
happened within the last few frantic minutes, however the one stark
reality was that he needed to get this ghastly alien object removed
from his body, and for that, however embarrassing it might be, it
meant he had to find help.
attempted to stand up, but found he could not, as any attempt to
stand straight caused the bottle brush inside him to push against
nerves and muscle, causing an almost Sciatica like paralysis, which
kept him bent double. There was no way that he could either mount
the stairs, or climb back out the window, if he was stuck in this
he lay on the floor, effectively immobilised, the full nightmare
reality of his predicament became clear, he was trapped, stark naked
in the basement of an officer of the law, who obviously wished him
ill and who’s home he had just broken into. And top top it all, he
had a bottle brush wedged up his ass.
mounting horror Jordan realised that he was, well and truly, and
indeed literally, fucked!
be continued ….

32 Replies to “The Shaman’s Revenge (Part 9)”

  1. Fantastic stuff as usual!

    I think picture #4 is a bit of a wasted opportunity. I feel like Jordan should've gotten stuck while trying to squeeze through that narrow window, leaving his behind and legs hanging outside, exposed. Then, perhaps the ranger's dog could've come by and decided he wanted to have a taste of Jordan's behind!

  2. It was nice to check in on Chase, and I'm glad to see that he's still arousing the ire of the poor shaman, which means more painful embarrassment for him soon!

    I agree that I was hoping Jordan would get stuck in the window somehow, leaving him helpless with his rear end vulnerable to any mishap that might arise. But I can't fault the demon's ingenuity or creative ways to punish Jordan once he was down in the basement. Can't wait to see what's next in store for this very bad boy!

    1. Hi Alton, I have noted what you and Anonymous have to say and will consider using a "stuck in window" scenario in future! It has all sorts of possibilities!!

  3. Loved it. The objects flying around and finding target is clever.
    If the ranger/demon finds out Jordan's intention to burn him to death, its only Karma that Jordan's butt should feel the fiery wrath of the demon. Not to pour gasoline on the fire (lol) but the garden rake or pitchfork into his flaming butt would drive the point home.

  4. Happy new year Bruce and thanks for this new chapter to the story.

    It was really fun to see the creative supernatural ways Jordan gets more well-deserved ass pain and I hope there will be lots more of that in the next chapter. Looking forward to seeing what will happen to Chase as well. Hopefully he'll get to meet the ranger too, soon enough…

    I'm also wondering if Martin and Milton will reappear in the story. There is something especially thrilling with the two of them witnessing Jordan's well-deserved punishment and getting that sweet mix of revenge and sexual arousal at the same time. 😉

    1. Hi Feinstein, yes indeed, Marting will get to watch (and maybe participate) in Jordans misadventures, and he might bring Milton with him to join in the fun!!

  5. Now this is the good stuff. I love the more unusual, comical forms of fanny torture like you have here and in the Sting of the Jungle series rather than just the run of the mill spanking you can find all over. Kudos!

    1. @luvzthebooty I am glad uou are enjoying the fun!! Spanking can be fun, we encude that too but like to try other forms of "butt torture" too!!

  6. Wonderful, thank you as always. I’m pleased to see I’m not the only one who enjoys athletic cocky young men get a humiliating comeuppance (in very creative ways). I’m obsessed with the cocky but louty lad next door who has a very large bubble butt packed into his footy (soccer) shorts. His muscular thighs make me feel faint. In my dreams He’d trip whilst retreaving his ball and fall over my fence arse In the air for me to spank his bouncing bottom with my slipper whilst he kicks his legs 🥵

    1. Its always enjoyable to see handsome arrogant and cocky young jocks getting a painful and humiliating comeuppance. I hope your loutish neighbour gets his comeuppance and you are there to watch!!

    2. I think it’s a pipe dream as he is married and straight in his late twenties/thirties. I can imagine he would be disgusted by my fiendish thoughts! I do get itchy palms when I see him.

      He also looks good in his tight grey suit trousers in the morning too. One time he knelt to tie his laces and the strain on the rear of his poor trousers. He would make a good overgrown naughty schoolboy.

  7. Hi Bruce. Were you the creator of "Josh"? I would love to see Josh enter the story and receive his comeuppance from the ranger/demon. Wanted to see Josh punished with his butt being used as a dartboard in his speedos. Oh well, one can always hope. Oh, and on fire too! lol

  8. This reminds me of an old 1980s film where a guy gets magic powers (zap?) and pants the bullies and bends them over a tree

    1. I think the film you mean was called "Zapped", I certainly remember it, and that particular scene!! I was the inspiration for many youthful fantasies!!!!

      If only I had been the director!!

    2. Yes you are right Bruce – released 1982, the year I was born. Scott Baio was the protagonist, I managed to find a version online.

      I can imagine your interpretation would have a lot less girls getting exposed and a lot more jocks getting pantsed and spanked. Scott Baio himself being a prime target! He was so cute back then. You would have to change the title to ‘Spanked!’

    3. Oh my, that was a long time ago!! Oh yes, there would have been a number of differences, for a start he would have been much more adventurous with his powers, and the scene at the prom where all the college students lost their clothes, the camera would have focused on the boys rather than the girls. LOL!!

  9. Hi Bruce do you mind when fans make suggestions or Is it rude to ask as you create this erotic art for free but I’d love to suggest scenarios and very keen to hear what your other fans think.

    1. Hi, I don't mind at all, and it is certainly not rude! I love to receive feedback and enjoy reading suggestions. Unfortunately, as my free time is limited, I can't always promise to create the images which people suggest, but they may still inspire future ideas!

    2. Fabulous. My scenario would involve a bunch of drunk frat boys invited to a toga party (easy access) at a fake sorority house. Turns out the house is controlled by a nerd out for revenge. One by one each jocks toga clad ass is punished in humiliating ways eg spanked Robot arms, or by the nerd after being trapped trying to escape by the window.

      Finally the leader of the jocks submits to a humiliating Otk spanking by the nerd to escape

    3. That is an interesting idea, I have always found togas to be quite erotic garments, and of course I LOVE the idea of nerds getting their revenge on handsome Frat boys

    4. Oh yes I love jocks in shorter style togas with no undies on. Just imagine pulling them down across your knee and pushing the fabric up and revealing their round smooth unspanked bubble butts.

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