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  1. Maybe you straight gym jocks will think twice about cock teasing us homos on instagram into buying your shitty merch, with videos of your big round buns squatting in skintight shorts ….brings a new meaning to you saying “hit me up with your likes dudes” #spankable #jock #comeuppance

  2. Mason, Mason, Mason. You may be big, strong and mean but you are dumb as hell. Imagine believing us when we said this machine was the latest trend in fitness We’ve wanted to spank your big hot ass for a long time and now we have the technology. Slowly peeling off your skimpy athletic gear and groping your hard dick, and big thighs whilst Dwight tweaked your nipples was a bonus too.

  3. Can’t wait to see the jock’s teammates reactions in the locker room a few hours later. That glowing beet red bare ass will have a lot of “splaining” to do. Will be hard to live down his kinky new reputation.

  4. Already tired of being abused, the nerds planned a move that would leave the muscular K.o. abuser, they were inspired by the phrase "brave life lasts until the nerd wants" the nerds devised a special punishment machine for the ass of the strongman. The nerds began to spy on the abusive, he had always attacked them separately. but if they joined, they would win. Then, after analyzing the athlete's bulk, they noticed that a small penis was marked on their little pants, so the tired nerds of abuse used a cell phone to record the planned scene. One of them recorded, the other two confronted it. the second of them without a word squeezed his small cock and balls turning it into puree, while the third pulled on his shorts and tore off what was left of the supensorio revealing his little cock and balls and in the most ridiculous position exposing his Tracero, his button was so pink and his balls so small that they could not help but tighten it so that he could expose more his butt. All this in front of the camera. everything was so hot, the guys made a mouth lid with their little pants and beat the muscular one in a fake position to start the revenge they installed a special machine for punishment, some automatic tables to whip that would leave the ass like a tomato. whip whip whip whip span, counted a total of 150 spanks, some of which were in the balls. everything had been recorded on video. It would serve as a threat so that the abusive muscle did not go beyond the nerds, now is the time to release the humiliated and hunchbacked pleading not to publish the video. In that same moment with his boiling bottom he is thinking how to explain to the camera the erection that hides in his position between his legs ….. Meanwhile at school everyone is watching a live video of the nerds entitled revenge .

  5. Chase was the catcher and also captain of the baseball team and was the biggest jerk to anyone who wasn’t a jock like him. While everyone was a target with Chase, he particularly picked on nerd guys. Never one to be in a rush, Chase was still sweaty and dressed in his jockstrap and uniform after practice just sitting in the locker room as all his team mates left. Coach told Chase to lock-up the locker room after his shower as he was taking off and the two would see each other in his office tomorrow.
    You see Chase was busy working on his proposed line-up for tomorrows state playoff game. It would be watched by everyone and would be on local TV. As captain of the team, Coach often asked Chase to take a first pass at the line-up and then the two of them would review his recommendation before the game.
    Chase was so into his work that he didn’t hear the two nerds entered the locker room as they carefully dropped a rufied into Chase’s water sitting on the bench behind him. Chase drank the rufied water as he worked and after about 30min, he was passing out cold falling onto the locker room floor, ass in the air.
    The two nerds put their plan into action – to take Chase down a few pegs for being such a jerk. First they stripped chase to just his jockstrap. They then took large tube of commercial sized IcyHot from the equipment room and emptied the entire 12oz tube in the jocks asshole. Not wanting to lose any, they took a butt plug they purchased at an adult store and stuffed the jock’s hole locking the icyhot into place. Next they took Chase to the gym, striped his jock from him and tied him to the equipment while they set-up their spanking machine and a camera…Now they waited for the bully jock to wake up.
    Once Chase woke up he felt an intense burn and pain radiating from his asshole. Then he realized he was also tied up and started to thrash. His asshole burned something awful and felt so stretched, he had no idea the nerds purchased an enormous butt plug and what it was holding inside his ass. Immediately the nerds turned on their spanking machine as they told Chase to stop moving and listen to them. The machine was moving a steady pace of a swat every 2 seconds… Chase beg them turn it off as he must have taken 20 swats already, tears started to fill the jocks eyes.
    The nerds turned the machine off and told Chase the terms of his release. 1. No more picking on nerds, or anyone else in school. 2. Tomorrow he would play the entire game with the butt plug stuffed in his asshole. (as a catcher that was bound to cause him trouble with how often he was squatting and standing and squatting again) 3. He would only where his jockstrap under his game pants. (that way the jocks could see as he squatted at home plate if the plug was in place through his white baseball pants)
    If didn’t agree to the terms the video of him with a plugged ass, getting spanked and crying would be sent to the entire school. Reluctantly Chase agreed to their terms, while not happy about the agreement he didn’t think it was too big of a deal. It was only the butt plug that worried him but he figured he could deal with that for one game. He really didn’t want more swats from that machine and his hole really burned.
    The nerds released Chase and told him to clean up and that they would be front row behind home plate to make sure he kept up his side of the agreement…and they left.
    (During the entire sold out and televised game you could not only see the end of the black butt plug through the jocks white pants as he squatted for every pitch, but you could also make the white jockstrap lines framing his ass globes with the work SPANK visible for all to see)

  6. Jealous of the brainiac nerds frat doubling their budget by annually winning the city’s inter-campus inventions cup, the ever-broke Jolly Jota jocks decided to sabotage and them blackmail for half the prize money to return the stolen parts. However they didn’t count on the nerds candid camera security system recording the traitor, kin of the Jolly Jota president and the dumbest Brainy Beta, so Johnny was not only forced to return everything, but(t) to avoid exposure and expulsion he was forced to ‘volunteer’ his hapless humble-hound-hiney to demonstrate live an extra project, entered by the Brainiac brats at the BDSM novelties convention, which happened to be held in town this year, comprising as many spanking machines as there are Brainy Betas, all to be tested extensively on and in the bare at the club house in the two months till them, and the one whose whacker wins most for the club becomes Johnny’s big brother till he graduates, with old-fashioned public pants-down paddling priviliges! As an attractively-arse-agonizing appetizer, all are avidly attending, as no never-nastily-naughty nerd ever witnessed a bare-butt beating before, John’s eerily-exposed expulsion from Jolly Jota, as he had hidden holding double membership and couldn’t afford as alternative forfeiting his frat house deposit, bashfully bending-over bare-balls for the burly brats’ biggest bats bountifully beating his bubble-butt beetred, black and blue, burning bright and bloody, blushing as both bunches behold the brutal bare-bum-beating begetting a bare-beheld-boyhood-blossoming, both boy-juices bewildering the bad-brat-brutality-beholding brainiacs believing they’ll be beating the beautiful bad-boy bare-balls as bountifully! As of that weren’t bad enough for Johnny, his hillbilly uncle-guardian only allowed the orphaned knave to go to ‘city sissy’ college, for which his father left an otherwise wasted trust fund, if he joined the jock frat, so being expelled there he duly dreads spending weekends and holidays back on the homestead, ‘earning is keep’ and redeeming the ‘family shame’ by back-breaking farm chores interrupted only for bare-balls bedtime, butt-bitterly-biting batterings trips to the woodshed and countless rides over the knee of Sir and every man on site, which always draws a country-crowd cruelly keen to closely contemplate and contribute competently in a clothless college-cur’s cones-crimson-cutting castigation for which each neighboring family brings and passes around its traditional spanking instrument – paddles, belts, hickory stick, tawses, willow – and birch rods, quirts, straps, crops and sticks will be laid on just an every time he was a natural-spankable boy-guest in their homes, the woodshed so crowded with spankers that his duties will soon include enlarging it, farmer-fatherly-firmly fanny-flogged frockless for flaws as well as for failing on the field as frequently!

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  8. Thanks for reporting this possible Terms of Service violation. We will examine it soon and take action as necessary.

  9. I love nerds owning jocks/hunks. My bf is skinny, older nerdy type and I’m 6ft and go to the gym

    Every time I come in from the gym

  10. Dwayne is the most popular guy in school, he's got everything you want to have: fancy car, pretty boyfriends, great body with hot ass. Especially the last one. Every boy in school felt in love with a shape of his muscular body. Once he came to EP in his tights and everybody went crazy with this nice view when Dwayne was doing exercise. A couple of guys named Casey and Kyle came up with the idea to have some fun. The fact that Dwayne was silly and narcissistic made it a little easier for team to fool him.
    They invited him to a new gym saying that it has brand new special training apparatus which gonna give his body (and booty) good workout. "It will work for your body better if you took off your clothes, Dwayne" Kyle said with a wicked grin. Dwayne did it without noticing, like it wasn't embarrasing to show his naked body in public gym. He also believed him when they tied him up to make exrecises more effective. (Just believe us, honey. This machine will give your glutes nice warming up"). He got what they meant only when big leather strap started spanking his smooth firm ass. "Ouch, awwww, damn, yelp, my ass, ouuch, woaahhh, ahhhh, ohhh, wooow, my butt, awwww, it hurts, woaaah, woooow, oohhh, yelp, ouch, sobe, sobe"
    – What can be better than athletic jock getting his firm muscular ass busted? Kyle said.
    – Oh, Dwayne you're too old to cry – Casey laughed.
    Guys were shocked when they saw his dick up against his belly. "Wow seems like somebody enjoys his punishment, so he deserve more". Kyle bend him over the knees with his hands tied and started spanking with sharp rapid swats.
    "Such a naughty kid, if i was your dad i would give you whipping every week" Kyle snapped.
    "I bet you wish for it everyday" Casey said while he was taking this delicious scene on his phone. Then guys took places of each other, it was Casey's turn to blistering his bum with a ping pong paddle.
    " Ouch, awwww, woaaah, oooh, i can't take it, Awwwww, my ass is on fire, Ouch, sobe, yelp"
    – Don't pretend you don't like it, Dwayne – Kyle said watching jock was getting what he truly wanted.
    Finally guys untied him and let him cum. Dwayne was standing in front of them with a red face and cherry red asscheeks.
    "Did you enjoy it?" Casey asked with a smile
    "This was best day of my life, guys. I would do it one more time" Dwayne said rubbing his sore butt.
    This is how we gave school jock a chance to know himself and his secret desires. Since that day Dwayne did everything to take a spanking. And Caseu and Kyle had no trobule to give it to him.

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