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  1. Great image as always and super idea, why should Dad wear himself out when he can sit back and enjoy the view. Also love the guys watching and laughing, just what a bad lad needs to complete the embarrassment of a bare bottom spanking.

  2. When dumb jock Jacob’s filthy-rich father, tired of the knave flunking at every school with D-averages, bought a controlling share in the local college’s engineering department’s promising robotics spin-off, the R&D team, consisting of college staff and valedictorians, felt fucked as the contract guaranteed Jacob a life-long job as overpaid research assistant, in crucial exchange for a scientific and operational blank check within budget from the new board.
    Academic researchers being too intelligent, proud and inventive to be outsmarted, they soon made father and especially son feel fucked: under binding research lab house rules, Jacob does all the chores, alone, all day and night watch, receiving only minimal wage as the rest is fined away for failing far-too-specialised tasks set to that sole purpose which the numbskull can’t even begin to understand, reducing the flunked fool to fearful flunky.
    As Jacob took his pa’s advice to neglect his chores since he would never escape major pay-cuts anyway, the team offered mates rates to the knave’s former frat to come up with spankophile ‘robotic research projects’ they can accept to put him back in his place, like this one: how to program a swatter robot to copiously cover a cur’s clothless cones in crimson cuts perfectly evenly distributed by systematically changing swatter-standpoint. The frat eagerly waits until they can witness work on another hellweek-idea as soon as Jacob tires again of working his tail off in lab drudgery, earning another trouserless tush-tail-torment-test to Terrible Tau’s thug taste!

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