Sore Bottomed Guys by Franco

Doctor Dildo

Sore Bottomed Guys by Franco

Franco One of the best known and most popular Male Spanking Artists in the world, has agreed for his iconic artwork to appear here on Sore Bottom Guys

Here are some examples of Franco’s work, some, but not all featuring Spanking, with others featuring unlucky young hunks in various bottom focused discomfort.

Click on the images to see the full sized pictures

We hope to feature more art from Franco From time to time, I hope you will enjoy the work of this brilliant artist

The Foreman’s Cabin – Joey Rides Horsey

Stay in Position

The Detectives

Up on his toes (Monk paddled)

Vibro Torture

You’re Never too old for this Big Boy

You can view more of Franco’s M/M and F/M Spanking images at the JockSpank site, by Clicking here

3 Replies to “Sore Bottomed Guys by Franco”

  1. The young man featured in Doctor Dildo isn’t so unlucky! I’m fact, I’d wager he’s well on his way to multiple orgasms! He’ll soon find he wasn’t restrained simply to ensure he took his much needed spanking, but so that he will be free to shake and convulse to his hearts delight as his male BUTT experiences the POUNDING pleasure of HARD anal/rectal orgasm! He will definitely be back for more!

  2. Franco’s artwork is fantastic. I get lovely butterflies in my tummy just imagining what those “lucky” guys are experiencing. Those devilish monks are both mysterious but at the same time, exciting. I would just love being tormented and spanked by them, the whole theme is unique. I wonder though how the monks get their ” victims”, are the guys at first willing, but then quickly realise their mistake, or are they kidnapped?, or are they perhaps trainee monks who will in their turn get to have the pleasure of spanking a young mans bare bottom and tormenting him. The milking machine images are also a great turn on. WOW, do I get wonderful feelings of excitement and “pleasure” again imagining what it would be like having those things done to you apparently against your will, but as another post suggests the guys are in fact actually enjoying it .

    Keep the fantastic artwork coming Franco you give us all immense pleasure and “excitement”.

    1. With cocks that hard, of course they are enjoying it. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a paradox…those are often the best places a man can find himself! When the shouts and sobs from the pain are just as real as the moaning and bellowing from the untold pleasures they feel. To keep a man in that state for a lengthy period of time, is to ensure said man will always be back for more.

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