2 Replies to “A Christmas Card From Mark”

  1. Gino always had mixed feelings about the hairbrush.
    As a boy, he used to have his hair stroked frequently and fondly by his father – hence groomed it proudly to please papa – far more frequently then some silly stunt landed him over the knee for a medium-mild meekly-mounted-mounds-‘marroon massage’ with that butchy brush, bountifully battering the bum-balls-and-bouncing-boner-bared brat’s buttocks burning as the boy bellowed belittled.
    Since Guino joined the macho Merciless Mu frat, all forms of grooming are just some of the ‘sissy stuff’ burly big bro Bruno bares and brush-batters his bare behind for, breeches ordered down hours-afterward for Sir’s fellow frat seniors to avidly admire and applaud the mean mark of the moody Mu man’s muscular might, playfully ‘patting’ the poor pantless, in private premises privates-privacy-privated pup’s purple-pained posterior proud to produce plenty of piercing-pelt-pain-prompted priapism, peeked-at by peers, pittilessly penis-pounded by pervish ‘prudish’ pricks.

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