The Humiliation of Redman Dane: Prologue and Chapter One

WARNING: The Humiliation of Redman Dane is a breeches ripping tale of the misfortunes of an arrogant young gentleman in Edwardian England. This is a partially Fem Dom / CFNM story, created following numerous requests. Therefore, in addition to the usual Sore Bottomed Guys features, the young hero is also humiliated and punished by females.

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The Humiliation of Redman Dane


 Magenta Mae Dosett stood quietly in her her bed chamber, her dark eyes focused lovingly on the most enchanting and captivating sight she could ever have imagined, illuminated in all its glory by the early summer afternoon shining through the open window and onto her bed. The beautiful golden haired young man who lay naked and asleep amongst the rumpled sheets was Redman Dane, the second son of the richest family in the area. Reman was generally considered the handsomest young man in the county, and, to Magenta’s stunned delight, he was hers.

That is to say, at least he would soon be hers, for he had promised they would wed, as soon as the time was right. His beauty and that promise had been enough for her to give herself to him, she had done so willingly, lustily and with joy, as she had done again just an hour earlier.

He had not been clear when the time would be right, but he had only to look into his deep blue eyes to know he spoke the truth. They were in love and she could never doubt him.

Magenta’s besotted eyes travelled down Redman’s firm, athletic young body, and then she smiled as they rested on his upturned bare bottom, for he had the most beautiful bottom she had ever seen or dreamed of. Not square, spotty or hairy like a the farm boys she had once dallied with, but smooth, round, hairless and snowy white. Pert and perfectly formed globes, she lovingly compared her young lover’s buttock cheeks to two freshly boiled eggs, and those perfect eggs were now nestling in her bed.

Redman’s handsome rump was also, surprisingly tender, as she had recently discovered when she had given it a playful slap during lovemaking and he had reacted with anger, as if she had inflicted a much harder blow, and firmly instructed her that a woman should not do such a disrespectful thing to a man.

Of course, she demurred to him, and suppressed her secret fantasy to spank him like a naughty child. His arrogance came with his high birth and could be easily tolerated given there was so much else to compensate for it. After all, that beautiful bottom, and the rest of his lithe young body would be hers forever once they were wed, and there were so many other games they could play.

Magenta was equally enchanted by Redman’s handsome face, beneath his golden locks was a face which to her mind could have been chiselled by Michaelangelo, a firm jaw with a dimpled cleft chin full lips and well shaped nose and eyes which were blue like the sea in summer, Redman had a face to make a maiden gasp and lose all sense of modesty. In Redman’s arms, all thought of modesty had become but a faint memory to the lusty farmer’s daughter.

Her immodest thoughts were brought to an abrupt halt by a loud banging on the bedroom door and her father’s voice raised in anger “Open the door daughter!” he shouted “Have you got one of those damn field boys in there with you? Or is that Dane toff sniffing around you again like the randy hound dog he is?”

Awoken by the noise Redman jumped still naked from the bed and looked quickly around the room as if seeking a hiding place. Finding none, he turned angrily to Magenta Mae “You said your father was out all day!” he whispered.

He was at the market, to buy sheep, but he’s come home early” the girl whispered back “he must have suspected”

How do I get out of here?” snapped the young gallant, in increasing nervous anger “Is there another door?”

Only the window my love!, but there is no need to flee!” she replied “Now is the opportunity to tell him, tell we are to be wed, that will change everything, he will not be angry if he knows we are to marry!”

MARRY? Are you mad?!” snapped Redman “I can’t marry a farm girl?!!”

b..but my love you said …..”

Before she could finish, an irritated Redman had grabbed by the shoulder with one hand, and placed his other hand over her mouth “Hush woman!” he commanded “Men say things in a moment of passion, surely you did not believe me, I have my position to consider.” he shook her “Put those foolish thoughts away, and help me get out of here before he breaks down the door!”

Magenta Mae was in shock, she could not believe what the man, who just an hour ago had said he loved her more than life itself, had just revealed. All she could do was point to the window “That’s the only way….”

Redman pushed her aside and ran to the window, and was about to clamber through when he stopped and looked down, this was certainly not an attractive escape route, beneath the window there was a sheer ten or twelve foot drop into what appeared to be a large bed of nettles.

Good god!, it’s overgrown with nettles!” he hissed “Don’t you people have a gardener?”

Magenta Mae spoke calmly, and her voice did not alert him to the mounting anger inside her “The boy who used to do it went to war and never returned, with so many men away father could not spare workers from the farm to dig up weeds!”

WEEDS?” he cried “Those are damnable nettles … stinging nettles”

He peered out through the window anxious to find a means of escape which avoided the drop and the nettles.

Behind him, Magenta Mae was frozen to the spot staring at the back of the naked young man, in who’s arms she had lain a mere hour before, as he protested undying love for her, and she realised what a fool she had been and how badly he had used her.

Later she would feel sorry, and maybe nurse a broken heart, but now all she felt was anger, anger which was steadily growing into a molten hot fury and a desire for revenge. It was generations since the last gypsy in her bloodline had abandoned their caravan, but the blood of her ancestors still surged through her veins, and when crossed Magenta Mae was a dangerous enemy.

The young man at the window was about to discover quite how dangerous she was.

Her eyes again fixed on Redman’s bare bottom, that beautiful, perfect bottom, which she now knew would never be hers to kiss, stoke, pat or just gaze at lovingly. Well, she resolved, if she could not possess Redan Dane’s beautiful bottom, she could ensure it suffered pain!

She turned to the carved wooden dresser by the wall near her bed, and quietly picked up the hat pin she had left there when removing her hat after Church on Sunday. It was her favourite pin with an attractive cameo at one end and long pin, about five inches long, with a very sharp point.

Then holding the pin like a stiletto blade, she tiptoed across the room, her cotton nightdress making no sound which would alert Redman to her approach. Even if he had heard her, she knew his arrogant mind could never imagine she, a mere “farm girl” would dare do do what she was about to do.

There he was before her, the most handsome man in the county, his beautiful young body, naked as she had always loved to see him, but she no longer felt the tender love which she had only moments before, that passion had been been replaced by a much darker one. 


As the angry woman crept close to him, Redman bent forward, peering out of the window, seeking a nettle sting free escape route, with his perfect, peach like rump raised towards her, and presenting the perfect target for the punishment she planned to inflict.

Then with a fast sword thrust motion, accompanied by a stream of furious words which no innocent maiden was supposed to know, she jabbed the hat pin into the tempting target before her.

Redman let out a howl on anguish at the sudden searing pain in his buttocks, instinctively lunging forward to escape the source of the pain. Unfortunately for Redman, already leaning forward, that instant and violent motion caused him to lose his footing, and sent him tumbling through the window in a cartwheel like motion.

Realising, too late, that he was falling, he made a desperate attempt to save himself, by grabbing at the window frame, but failed, and the next second he was hurtling towards the ground, flipping over in the air as he did so.

The impact of Redman’s fall was soften, albeit not un-painfully, by the fact that he landed, bare bottom first in a large bunch of stinging nettles, which, although saving him from crippling or life threatening injury, left him with painful nettle stings to his buttocks, inner thighs and testicles.

He jumped up clutching at his burning, nettle stung and hat pin jabbed rump, the nettles painfully stinging his bare legs and feet as he did so.

He looked up, and saw Magenta Mae looking down at him with an ugly sneer on her full lips, “How dare you do that to me you whore spawn strumpet!” he snarled.

It was then he remembered he was naked and realised it was unwise to offend the woman in possession of his clothes, despite her viscous attack on him.

Quickly changing his tone he called out to her “Throw down my clothes my sweet!”

Ha! You can beg for those m’lord!” She snarled back “You can run home, naked as a babe, see how you like that! …. It’s only ten miles across the fields!” She flicked an obscene gesture towards him “And I hope the Foxton hunt chase you down, unless my Dad shoots you first!” With that she slammed the window. She quickly walked across the room, picked up her ex-lover’s discarded breeches and unceremoniously threw them onto the still smouldering fire, her maid had lit that morning.

Watching as the breeches caught alight, and imagining the uncomfortable and humiliating journey Redman had ahead of him gave her more satisfaction than she might have expected.

Outside Redman was initially confused, he was not used to being disobeyed, especially by a mere farm girl. However, his innate sense of self preservation quickly took over, as he realised that he was in a seriously dangerous predicament. Magenta’s reference to her father reminded him that somewhere, not too far away, was an angry farmer, intent on doing him harm.

At the end of the small garden, or overgrown nettle patch as it now was, was a low wall, which Redman easily climbed over into an adjoining field, it was then that he heard a male voice call out “There he is Boss!!”

Redman swung round to see a young man, who he assumed was a farm hand pointing at him, and more alarmingly next to him was Farmer Ford, Magenta Mae’s father, carrying a large shotgun. To Reman’s horror the farmer then lifted the gun and took aim, at which point the naked young gallant turned and ran away across the filed as fast as his long and athletic legs could take him, adding an extra burst of speed in response to the first bullet as it whistled past him


Shoot him in the arse boss!” shouted the farm hand as a second gun shot rang our and Redman felt the draft of another bullet spinning past him, missing its intended target by less than an inch.

Luckily for Redman, he was a fit and strong young man who could easily outrun a lumbering middle aged farmer and a heavy booted yeoman, his youth and agility combined with the fear generated adrenaline meant he was, in fact, soon out of range of the gun shots. However, still fearing for his life he kept running across a second field. 


At the end of the field were a number of strange looking structures, resembling little windowless wooden houses, raised from the ground on bricks. Redman had no idea what the structures were, however, whatever they were, they would provide shelter he could hide behind until any remaining danger provided by the angry farmer and his gun were out of the way.

He quickly crouched down on his hands and knees behind the wooden structures.

Unfortunately for Redman, as a further element in the string of misfortunes which he had encountered that day, Farmer Ford had recently branched out into honey production, and the structures which our handsome young hero had failed to recognise were in fact hives, housing twenty five thousand Western honey bees, a variety renowned both for the sweetness of its honey and the power of its sting, which scientists would, almost a century later, rate at level 2 in the Schmidt Sting Pain index, ranking at a par with the yellow jacket wasp and termite raiding ants.

Furthermore, the crouching position Redman had adopted meant that his bare bottom was raised up, and was now the highest part of his anatomy and, therefore, presented the most immediate target for for any angry bees disturbed by the commotion caused by his arrival.

The fact that Redman’s bottom was beautifully formed, fair skinned and unblemished, save for the still evident nettle rash, following his unceremonious landing beneath Magenta Mae’s window, meant nothing to an irritable bee. To a bee, this large, milky white and pink colossus looming outside the entrance to its hive was a dangerous threat, which needed to be ferociously attacked.

And attack they did!


Despite his efforts to hide himself, taken by surprise, Redman could not suppress a yelp of pain as the first bee landed on the luminous globe which formed the centre of his right buttock cheek and rammed its venom loaded stinger into the tender flesh.

Painful as it was, that first bee sting was not the worst of the ignominies the proud young blade was to suffer from the angry bees. A second bee had focused its anger of the puckering, rosebud like, anus nestling between the cheeks, winking like a tiny pink eye. Before Redman had time to react to the fist sting, the angry little creature swooped in and stung him on the tight little orifice.

Meanwhile, for good measure a further bee flew straight between his legs and stung him on the very tip of the fine young manhood with which he had so recently had his way with the farmer’s daughter. Whilst a fourth angry bee stung him in the centre of his left buttock cheek creating a redening venom filled pimple like area to form, matching almost exactly the painful sting on his right cheek.

Redman leaped to his feet clutching at his sore bottom and bee stung penis, before, spurred on my the joint imperatives of getting away from the bees, and out of range of Farmer Ford’s shot gun, he sprinted full tilt through the field and then down a muddy country footpath intent on putting as much distance between himself and the Ford farm as he could.

Magenta Mae had said it was ten miles back to Dane Hall, but it was in fact closer to fifteen, a journey of just over an hours gallop on horseback, but Redman’s horse was still tethered in in the Ford farm stable yard, so it was a long and uncomfortable treck, naked and in bare feet.

To make matters worse, he had only walked for half an hour when he heard the first rumble of thunder, followed swiftly by a third, and then a flash of lightening heralding a violent summer storm. Within minutes, Sheets of rain tumbled from the darkening shy, soaking the naked runner and making his journey all the more uncomfortable, and he was still many miles from home.

Three hours later, after a long cold and miserable trudge through the rain sodden countryside, Redman finally reached sight of Dane Hall, just as the persistent rainfall finally stopped. Although desperate to get inside, dry himself off and get into some clothes, he was also anxious not to be seen naked, muddy and soaking wet.

He slipped around the back of the building and into a small stable courtyard, leading to a back entrance. He was half way across the cobbled courtyard when he heard the sound of a female gasp behind him. He spun round to see two scullery maids standing with a farm hand, who had brought some vegetables for the kitchen. 


All three were staring at him in amazement, clearly shocked to see their employer’s eldest son naked and in such a dishevelled and mud spattered state. It was clear to them that some serious misfortune had befallen the young master. Once out of his sight, they might gain some significant pleasure from that knowledge, as Redman was widely detested by the Dane Hall staff for his arrogant and bullying behaviour, however, they knew better than to let their delight show.

Redman instantly clasped his hands over his genitals, as if that would regain some vestige of dignity Although deeply embarrassed by his exposure in from of the lower orders, his natural instinct was to adopt an aggressive attitude.

I you value your employment, you will not so much as whisper about what you have seen!” He snarled, glowering furiously at the startled trio “One word about this and you will be dismissed without a reference …. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!!

Yes Master Redman!” stammered one of the maids, who had managed to overcome her shock “we will say nothing Sir …. you can depend on that Sir!”

You had better not!” growled the naked and muddy Redman “Or you will regret it.

He turned round and marched towards the door leading from the stable yard into the house, from where he could take the back staircase up to his rooms on the second floor. He felt a desperate urge to run for cover, but afraid he would loose even more dignity by doing so.

As he went he was certain, even without glancing back, that their eyes would be focused directly on his bare rump, he prayed that neither the bee stings or the nettle rash were obvious enough for them to notice.

He knew also that, despite his threats, all three were sure to whisper about what they had seen, and that within no time the whole household, and probably the nearby village would know of his indignity.

For such a proud, boastful and arrogant young man as Redman the embarrassment and humiliation cut like a knife.

What Redman did not know was that a fourth pair of eyes were watching him from a window above, or that his humiliation had only just begun.


The Humiliation of Redman Grey

Chapter One

It was a balmy summer’s day, warm but not oppressively so, as a cooling summer breeze rustled the oak and chestnut trees which lined the lush green country lane down which a strikingly handsome young man was leading his thoroughbred black stallion. Yet despite the Summer sun, Redman Dane’s mood more closely resembled the black skies and rumbling thunder storms which had drenched that same countryside, and the young man himself, the day before.

Redman’s furious mood was not helped by the still smarting bee stings on his well rounded behind, which had ruined his ride by making bouncing in the saddle so uncomfortable that he had been forced to dismount and walk his horse home. However, by far the worse pain was the shaming and humiliation he had suffered.

Unlike the still tender bee stings, the sharp stabbing pain caused by Magenta Mae Ford’s hat pin may have faded away, but its memory was still fresh in his mind tormenting him with the thought that a lowly farm girl had committed such a demeaning act in him, and that he had not had the opportunity to beat her within an inch of her worthless life as punishment.

He clenched his fists, imagining yet again what he would do to her has she been standing in front of him now. She would not be so pretty when he had finished with her.

It was, of course, the shame he regretted, that and the injury to his pride. He did not, in the least regret the loss of Magenta Mae’s affections, he had been tiring of her anyway, and the county abounded will willing maidens, only too ready to submit to his charms.

Seducing women had never been a problem for Redman, being widely renowned as the handsomest young buck in the county. His waving and golden blonde hair, framed a face which was both delicate and yet manly. Sharply defined cheekbones and a firm jaw gave the necessary masculinity to his long lashed blue /green eyes, small nose, and full slightly pouting lips, all combined to create a physical beauty, which could melt even the most chaste of female hearts, and as many plump village girls as he could want.

A keen sportsman, being a fencing champion and an accomplished polo player, he had a perfectly formed and athletic body, making him as enchanting without his clothes as he was when dressed. To add to his attractions, Redman had extremely good prospects, at 20, although he was the second eldest of six boys, and therefore not expected to inherit the lion share of the family’s wealth, as the favourite nephew of a rich, childless and elderly maiden aunt, he was guaranteed to benefit significantly upon her eventual demise, setting him up for an extravagant life and saving him from being required to join the church or army as was the usual fate of the second son.

In the current parlance we would refer to Redman as a “dreamboat”, however, in the language of the times, he was certainly “a catch”, and he knew it!

He need only wait long enough, and not reveal the less attractive aspects to his nature, until he had the wealth and power to which he believed himself to be entitled. However, it was that waiting which was proving to be a challenge to him.

Sadly, the beauty of the Dane family’s treasured eldest son’s face and fit young body was not reflected in his character. Spoilt from birth by doting parents, Redman was selfish and conceited, with an inflated ego and a lack of empathy for the feelings or wishes of others.

Unknown to his trusting and devoutly religious family, the handsome young blade was also well known in the less savoury houses and taverns of nearby towns, where gambling and the pleasures of the flesh were on offer to gentlemen in search of a diversion. An arrogant bully, with a sadistic streak, Redman took pleasure in intimidating and even physically abusing those less blessed or privileged than himself.

In fact there was only one person who Redman feared and respected, and although he was blissfully unaware of it, that person was watching him from an upstairs window of the large and elegant country mansion, as he guided his steed into the courtyard, and, without otherwise acknowledging the presence of a subordinate, carelessly tossed the reins of his mount to the groom who stood waiting.

Despite his heavy mood Redman ran up the steps, with the agility and athleticism of the fit young swain he was and thought the doors into the elegant oak panelled hallway. Immediately his mood again darkened again at the sight of Ester Hobbs, the pretty young chamber maid with whom he had recently dallied, until he had had his way with her and then, as was his nature, lost interest in her.

He attempted to ignore the girl, but as he passed her, she stepped forward and and touched his arm “Master Redman” she whispered, “can we meet later, I have something to tell you!”

Redman swiftly pulled his arm away from the girl’s hand “Not now Hobbs!” he snapped “I am busy!” he turned briefly and looked down at her with arrogant disdain “Now go about your duties girl” then without a further glance in her direction he turned and walked away towards the drawing room, in search of a glass of Madeira, or maybe two, despite the early hour.

Ester stood frozen to the spot watching the handsome young man she so loved walk briskly down the hallway and disappear into a room, which she, as an upstairs maid, was not permitted to enter. Redman’s use of her surname “Hobbs” in such a dismissive manner instead of the endearing pet name he had previously used, had cut her like a knife. A tear welled in her pretty brown eyes, and her hand instinctively clutched at her belly, where the, still tiny and unformed, token of her handsome beau’s fleeting affection still nestled.

From the landing above, Ruth Gallagher had watched the encounter between master and servant, as she had earlier watched through a window as Redman return from his ride. Miss Gallagher was a wise and astute women, who immediately understood the significance of what she had witnessed. She hurried down the staircase the stiff taffeta of he her long brown dress rustling as she did so.

The older women approached the girl, who was still forlornly staring at the door through which Redman had just departed the scene, and gently placed her hand on the younger woman’s shoulder. “Come to my office Ester” She said quietly but kindly “then we can talk about this!”

Miss Gallagher listened intently as Ester Hobbs revealed her tale of woe, at first hesitantly and then in fuller detail as her pent up emotions and the older woman’s gentle encouragement spurred her to speak.

Ruth Gallagher had once been Redman’s nanny, and had later become governess to all six of the Dane boys, and she knew them all as if they were her own children. The other five would be fine, upstanding young men, Redman, however, although the handsomest, was the exception. She knew Redman’s character well, and nothing she would hear from Ester Hobbs came as a surprise.

Meanwhile, Redman lounged on a settee in the drawing room, he smoked a dark Russian cheroot and swigged from the large glass of Madeira wine he had just poured, as he planned his next adventure. His encounter with Ester Hobbs in the Hallway, and their previous trysts instantly forgotten. However, he was to be reminded of both in a very painful and embarrassing manner later that very day



Able Griffiths stood straight backed and at a respectful distance, holding the discarded breeches he had retrieved from the floor, and watching thorough the corner of his eye as his young master stood in front of the fireplace, dressed only in his lace fronted shirt, swaying slightly as he swigged expensive wine straight from the bottle

It was now early evening, and Redman had consumed more Madeira wine than was good for him, something which, in Griffiths’s experience, was no unusual event. He had been Redman’s personal valet for over two years since the young master had turned eighteen, and was now very familiar with his ways.

Griffiths’s feeling about his young gentleman were conflicted, and might have been confusing to someone less astute than he. On a personal level he detested Redman, and felt only contempt for his selfishness, arrogance and petulant behaviour. On the other hand, although also a lover of women, Griffiths was not immune to the attractions of young male beauty and Redman was undeniably a beautiful young man.

Griffiths had long ago become reconciled to the fact that he could feel a carnal lust for a person he thoroughly dispised.

Have you run that bath yet?” snapped Redman irritably. He had washed away the mud from yesterday when he had finally arrived home, but he still felt soiled by what had happened to him.

It’s ready for you Sir!” replied Griffiths “I can add more hot water if you need it!”

Reman took off his shirt, and tossed it to the floor for Griffiths to pick up and now naked sauntered drunkenly into the panelled bath chamber adjacent to his dressing room.

When entering the bating chamber he sobered up instantly at the sight of both Ester Hobbs and Miss Gallagher standing waiting for him. Suddenly aware of his nakedness, he snatched up a towel and quickly covered his groin, forgetting that he was standing in front of a full length mirror which presented both women with an unobstructed view of his nude back view.

Nanny .. uh .. Ms. Gallagher … Hobbs!” he stammered “What are you doing in my rooms?!”

What have you been doing, more like young man!” snapped Miss Gallagher “This young woman is going to have your child.

Both Redman and Ester reacted as if slapped, he at the shock of the unwelcome news, and she at the blunt exposure of her shameful secret.

Buttercup … er … Ester .. uh … Hobbs is ….. with child?” stammered Redman, stepping back quickly in response to his ex Governess’s nodded confirmation “How can you say it’s mine … sluts of her station will sleep with anyone!”

Oh Redman!” gasped Ester, genuinely shocked by his callous words

This time Redman was in receipt of an actual slap, as Miss Gallagher, the only woman other than his mother who would dare to, stepped forward and struck his face with the palm of her hand. “How can you say such a thing about this poor girl?”

She lifted her other hand and Redman notice for the first time, and to his horror, that she was holding her wooden backed hairbrush, which she had brought with her. He instantly recognised the hairbrush as one of his Nanny’s preferred spanking implement, and he knew well the damage she could inflict with it!

You forget young man!” she almost shouted “I have known you all of your life, I know you as if you were my own son, and I know when you are lying!”

Redman looked down at the floor, unable to meet the eyes of the one woman alive of whom he was afraid, and he knew he could not charm or deceive. Once again, as so many times in the past, Miss Gallagher had caught him in a misdeed, and he knew he would be punished.

A bully and a coward, Redman could generally intimidate and control those who feared him for his position, but when confronted by someone who did not fear him his bravado melted like butter in a heated pan.

Ruth continued “Obviously Hobbs understands that marriage is out of the question! However, you will provide for her and the child, I will make sure of that!”

Redman did not like the prospect of paying for pleasures where were already in the past and opened his mouth to object, but he was forcibly interrupted “Don’t question me boy!” snapped the fiery Miss Gallagher “Or your father and your great aunt will hear of this!”

No Nanny! Please don’t tell them!” he pleaded. His father’s anger could be dealt with and would pass, but losing the affections of his great aunt could out his inheritance at risk.

Ester Hobbs stood silently listening to the exchange, until today she had entertained a secret hope of a future with Redman, however, Ruth who for all her sterling qualities, was a woman of her time, had persuaded her that such a union was unthinkable, and that the best she could hope for from Redman was an annuity and maintenance for their child.

(Authors note: Any reader expecting this to be a morality tale is decidedly in the wrong place)

She noticed that Redman’s valet Able Griffiths had quietly entered the room. She glanced at him, and gave her a quick smile, creating a sense of kinship between them.

That’s settled then!” snapped Ruth Gallagher “You will provide for the child from your own income until it has reached maturity, and you will also support Hobbs, while she cares for your child, do you understand!”

Yes Nanny!” mumbled Redman mournfully.

Good that’s the practicalities sorted out, now it is time for you to be punished!” she held the hairbrush in front of his face.

For a moment the old, arrogant and aggressive Redman returned “Mind your place Gallagher!” he snarled clenching his fists aggressively “How dare you threaten me with that … I am not a child! And I am no longer in your charge”

You will do as I tell you boy, or her ladyship will hear of this!” smiled Miss Gallagher, totally unperturbed by Redman’s attempt to intimidate her “This and your visits to Mistress Hawes’ … establishment in Polesworth! …. don’t think I don’t know all about that!”

Redman was silent for a moment, then his shoulders slumped in defeat, whatever, ignominy the old woman had in store for him, he would not risk losing the inheritance he hoped to receive from his fabulously rich Great Aunt, who would be outraged to find he had been visiting Houses of ill repute and making serving girls pregnant. “As you will Nanny!” he muttered “But not in front of them!”

They will stay!” snapped Miss Gallagher “The shaming will be good for your character, and, in any event Hobbs deserves to observe your punishment!”

Although seething with barely suppressed fury, Redman knew he was vanquished and the old women had the better of him.

The two servants watched intently. Griffiths could not believe the sight of his haughty and bullying master, reduced in moments to the status of a defeated child by this strong willed female, he was also delighted to hear he was to observe Young Master Dane’s humiliation.

For Ester this was a revelation, not only was she suddenly aware she no longer felt love for Redman but she was aware of a thrill of pleasure at his degradation.

First though, you need to bathe!” announced nodding towards the copper bath tub in front of the fire place “Griffiths add some hot water, it will have gone cold, whereas it needs to be nice and warm … indeed hot would be best!”

As she spoke, Redman realised what she had planned for him, he recalled that in his youth she had made him bathe before his punishment knowing it would make already tender bottom all the more tender and sensitive, so that it would more fully feel the impact of the hand, hairbrush, slipper or other implement she would use to spank him. Now, although we was a grown man of twenty ,she intended to do the same.

She planned to spank him naked in front of servants. “Spank” the very word sent a shudder of humiliation through him, he could not imagine how mortifying the act would be. However, he would soon know.

The ever efficient Griffiths did as he was instructed and quickly drained and refilled Redman’s bath with suitably hot water, and then Redman reluctantly stepped in. He was about to sit down in the water when he was instructed to remain standing, while to his horror, Ester Hobbs was told to set about bathing him.

Ester took up the soap and sponge with enthusiasm as Miss Gallagher instructed her in the best approach, focussing primarily on his hind quarters, his first athletic thighs and perfect rounded bottom.

Make sure you lather him well My Dear!” purred the Governess, “We must make sure he feels his punishment, a naughty boy only learns his lesson if his bottom really stings!” She shook her head “It is too long since this boy was sent to bed with a sore bottom, but that is about to change.

Standing silently in the background, listening to what was said, Griffiths was unable to suppress a grin or indeed a stiffening to his manhood beneath his smart black trousers

Griffiths was not alone in experiencing the stirring of sexual excitement, Ester felt almost faint with desire as her tiny soapy hands caressed the smooth ivory globes her one time lover’s faultless bare bottom.

As a 19th Century female servant he had adopted a subservient role, especially with a male of a higher social class. This was the first time she had felt sexually powerful and she enjoyed it.

After she had bathed him, Ester towelled him dry, she was gentle, but firm treating him like a child rather, consciously reducing his status even further in front of Griffiths and Miss Gallagher.

Meanwhile Ruth Gallagher sat down on the red “chaise longue” seat in the corner of the chamber, gently tapping the wooden hairbrush against her thigh. Once Reman was dry, the governess beconed him to come to her.

He attempted too resist “Gallagher … Miss Gall … Nanny, please don’t do this … I am 20 years of age, not a child to be spanked!”

When you behave like a child, you must be treated like one!” was the stern reply

but not in front of ….”


Although still almost incandescent with fury and barely able to resist the urge to knock the old woman’s teeth down her throat, Redman knew he had no option other than to comply. The alternative was to risk his inheritance, and any humiliation was better than that.

His face set in an angry childish pout, he obediently stepped forward and lowered himself face down across Miss Gallagher’s lap.

It is a long time since I last used this on you young man, far too long!” boomed Ms Gallagher, her voice taking on the commanding note he remembered do well from his days in her nursery, and later her classroom.

It was not just Ms Gallagher’s voice he remembered, it was her strength, unusual for a women at her age and period in time, and she had lost none of it, as she pushed him forward over her knee, so that his elbows were almost on the floor, whilst his legs dangled in the air behind him and his bare bottom was raised up and directly in her line of fire.

With that, she began to smack him with the back of her hard wooden hairbrush, each WHACK echoing round the small panelled room like a gunshot. Every second or third whack landed squarely on a still fresh bee sting, amplifying the scalding Impact ten fold. It was as if the old witch knew exactly where to aim in order to cause maximum pain. 


Redman gritted his teeth and wrapped his legs together, keenly aware that two family servants were watching and desperate not to cry out and debase himself even further.

Meanwhile Ester and Griffiths watched in amazement almost unable to believe what they were witnessing, as their employer’s handsome but spoilt, cruel and arrogant son lay naked across the knee of a stout late middle aged governess, being spanked hard with a wooden hairbrush.

It wasn’t long before the pain from the barrage of hairbrush whacks overcame Redman’s resolve and he began to whimper, gasp and cry out as the spanking continued.

Watching and listening, Ester found the sound of her betrayer’s cries inexplicably thrilling as they awoke the sleeping sadist in her deepest psyche. Griffiths was no less thrilled and his manhood strained more tightly within the confines if his snug Victorian underwear as he watched Pedman’s perfect bare bottom change from ivory white to pink and then to a glowing red .

Finally Ruth pushed Redman off her knee and ordered him to follower her and the two servants into his bed chamber.

Fetch me your horse whip!” she ordered as Griffiths smirked and Ester giggled in gleeful delight.

The angry governess then ordered the unhappy young man to lie down on his bed, then while Griffiths held him down, she lifted his legs forcing him into what might be called the “Diaper position”.

She then gave the unlucky young man half a dozen strokes with the riding crop as he continue to moan and whimper.

Throwing down the crop she ordered Redman to stand, however, if he had imagined his punishment was over, he was very much mistaken.

As Hobbs was the injured party here!” snapped the uncharacteristically flushed Miss Gallagher “It is only appropriate that she should finish young master Dane’s punishment!”

Ester was initially confused when Miss Gallagher directed her to sit down on Reman’s bed, then thrilled as the young man himself was forced to lay across her lap, so that she could deliver a final two dozen spanks to his much punished bottom. She did so with gusto, gone was the timid and subservient mouse who had nervously approached Redman that morning, to be replaced by a vengeful but strong young woman, who was just beginning to discover her true nature. She marvelled at how warm his punished bottom was beneath the palm of her tiny but still powerful palm. 


Redman’s physical discomfort, and his mental humiliation excited her, as she became aware of a sexual pleasure she had never before experienced.

Eventually Redman stood before them, his downcast and seemingly humble eyes concealing the furious, but impotent, anger raging behind them

You looked flushed Redman!” Miss Gallagher murmured with feigned concern “I hope you have not caught a chill from your naked adventure!”

Startled by her reference to the events of the previous day, he raised his eyes to look at her.

Oh yes! I observed your return from my window!” she said “I assume that Farmer Ford’s pretty daughter still has possession of your breeches …. Let us hope that is not all you left her with and that you will not be supporting a brace of bastards!”

Redman did not answer her, how was it this old woman knew everything?

Miss Galagher reached into her pocket and produced a tubular glass object, about ten inches long and and roughly the thickness of a man’s thumb in diameter “I shall need to check your temperature young man!” she announced.

What is that thing?” he asked, suspecting he would not like the answer.

This is a thermometer Redman, it will read your body temperature!” replied Ruth with a note of clinical efficiency in her voice. “This one is actually veterinary device intended for use on a horse, but it will do the job perfectly well! Now climb on the bed, on your hands and knees, so that I can pop it in!”

Pop it ….in?” replied a now very concerned Redman “In where?!!”

Get on the bed!” snapped the Governess, who was totally in command.

Reluctantly Redman obeyed, dreading what lay in store but reluctant to risk a further encounter either with the hairbrush or the riding crop.

As soon as Redman was kneeling on the bed, the governess produced a small pot of cream from her pocket and smeared some of it on the end of the thermometer, She then stepped forward and parted his blushing red buttock cheeks before, with a swift and deft movement, pressing the greased end of the horse thermometer against Redman’s tight pink anus.

Simultaneously, all three Redman, Esther and Griffths gasped at the realisation of what Miss Gallagher was about to do, albeit whilst both the servant’s gasps were tinged with delight, Redman gasped in horror and powerless outrage at this further indignity.

Relax!” commanded Miss Gallagher “It will be more uncomfortable if you don’t!”

Of course, Reman was in no state to relax, both furious and mortified with humiliation, his body remained as tense and unyielding as a ramrod, leaving Miss Gallagher with no option other than to push, forcing the glass tube between the tightly gripping lips of his anus and into the narrow passage beyond.

Redman’s mouth fell open in shock at the previously unknown sensation, which as Miss Gallagher had predicted was a most uncomfortable one, and became increasingly so, as the governess continued to force the hard cold tube further into him until a full eight inches were deep inside him, with the remaining two inches protruding between the still red and shiny globes of his bottom cheeks.

A barely suppressed giggle rang out before Esther swiftly placed her hand over her mouth, Grffiths, the footman, fared better at controlling any outward sign of the sense of gleeful schadenfreude he was feeling, but only just. On many occasions he had imagined his young master suffering a painful and embarrassing comeuppance, and the realisation of those fantasies was a delightful feast for the eyes.

That needs to stay in place for a full fine minutes!” barked Miss Gallagher producing a large pocket watch “So you must remain still!”

For Redman, that was the longest five minutes of his life. A myriad of emotions surged through his fine young body, ranging from murderous fury, to total mortification at the shameful humiliation which had been inflicted upon him.

He was naked, he had been spanked like a schoolboy, first by his old governess, and then by a serving maid. Now he had been literally, and publicly deflowered, penetrated in the most shameful manner, and all of it in front of his servants. This was beyond bearable, and yet he had to bear it for the sake of his inheritance.

Finally the five minutes was over, and Miss Gallagher removed the thermometer, which she studied seriously “Hmmm!” she murmured, “it seems a bit high, but that could be the result of your punishment, I will return in the morning and recheck your temperature!”

In response Redman just gritted his teeth at the prospect.

Miss Gallagher then beaconed to the two the two servants “Come!” she said “Let us leave Master Redman to consider his behaviour!”

Reluctantly but obediently Hobbs and Griffiths followed the older woman out of the room, quietly closing the door behind them.

While Esther Hobbs left them and hurried away to her attic bedroom at the top of the house, were she would spend the next few hours excitedly detailing the events of the day in her small leather bound journal, Griffiths accompanied Miss Gallagher as she made her way to her own small suite of rooms beyond the old nursery.

Er .. Mistress Gallergher!” he said, speaking in a low tone which would not carry beyond the two of them. “I fear there is more about young Master Redman actions, which you may not be aware of!”

How so?” replied Miss Gallagher, stopping and turning to the tall young valet “Speak up man!”

Well, I have no wish to speak out of turn!” he replied “However as a young Gentleman’s gentleman one invariably becomes aware of that young gentleman’s behaviour and …. er …habits … together, of course, the establishments his is prone to visit … and what he does there!”

I see!” replied the stern governess “why are you telling me this?”

Because, Madame, I have become aware of actions on Mastrer Redman’s part which risk bringing scandal to the household, and I feel he could benefit from further guidance and …. ahem ….. correction.” he paused “For his own good, you understand!”

Of course!” replied Miss Gallagher “For his own good!! Come to my parlour this evening… after dinner, and you can tell me more.

They smiled at each other with the mutual understanding of conspirators. Before parting and going about their own duties.


Meanwhile back in his own chambers, Redman was sitting in his his brass bath tub, in the vain hope that the now somewhat tepid bathwater would sooth the sting in well punished bottom. Having been spanked with a hairbrush, a riding crop and a hand, on top of the still smarting bee stings from the day before, it was on fire, and seriously in need of a soothing balm.

Unlucky for Redman the burning pain in his bottom showed no more sign of cooling than did the burning fury racking his brain.

He was seething with anger at what had happened in to him in the 36 hours, and in particular the events of the last hour. To some degree he was angry at himself for submitting to such indignity, but mostly he was furious with them for the outrage they had dared to inflict on his person.

The more he thought about what had just happened, the more determined he was to get revenge, as the second son of one of the richest men in the county, he could get what he wanted, and now what he wanted was vengeance.

The women would be punished for what they had done, and Griffiths too, for he had assisted in the assault. They would pay for what they had done to him, and first they would pay with their employment.

He would go to his father and demand they were instantly dismissed, he would say the old women had been stealing and that Griffiths had made the blond wench pregnant. That way the old crone would rot behind bars and the other two would be dismissed without references and could starve for all he cared. Even better there were men in the village who would willingly scar them both for a crown.

Plotting his revenge at least gave him some satisfaction, and despite the throbbing pain in in his rump he felt genuine pleasure contemplating the suffering he would inflict on those wretches.

Determined now to carry through with his plan, he quickly jumped to his feet and stepped out of the bath, However, so preoccupied was he with his plans that he failed to notice a bar of soap on the floor. 

 His foot landed heavily on the soap, it slid away beneath him, causing him to slip and fall backwards, landing heavily, bare bottom first directly onto a hard bristled bath brush, which had been left, prickly side uppermost on the floor.

Clutching his bottom Reman leaped up and began hopping from foot to foot, virtually squealing in pain with tears running from his heavily watering eyes.

His heavy landing had caused his buttock cheeks to spread so the main impact with the hard prickly bristles was on the tender and sensitive skin surrounding his bee stung anus, leaving the imprint like a circular pink fringe of small blushing spots each causing a sensation like a red hot needle, around the periphery of the rosebud like portal.

Young Redman Dane’s bottom would sting like the devil for hours. The handsome but character deficient young blade was getting the overdue punishment he well deserved, and sadly for him, his humiliation had only just begun.


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  2. Love it! I think Redman is your sexiest character to date and I certainly love his clothes, particularly his fancy boots.
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