The Shaman’s Revenge Part 20 Chase’s Shocking experience

The Shaman’s Revenge Part 20

Chase’s Shocking experience

The uncomfortable and humiliating experience with the soap had left Chase in a very angry mood, this combined with the fact he had been placed in a cell with three big, strong, long term convicts who’s idea or recreation was spanking his butt, was stinging the young would be mugger’s pride as much as his bottom, and increasing his bad temper.

To make matters worse there was still no sign of the promised prison uniform. As a result Chase was still stark naked, which, in itself was embarrassing and inevitably made him the butt of the other convicts’ cruel sense of humour.

This came to a head when he was making his way back to his cell and a convict blew a loud wolf whistle and mockingly shouted “That’s a cute little butt you got there Blondie, I bet your new Daddies just LUV spanking that!”

F***ing shut up!” snarled Chase spinning round, and punching the mocking con on the jaw, knocking him to the floor.

In his anger, Chase had not noticed two prison guards standing nearby, until they immediately rushed forward and grabbed hold of him.

That was an act of violence, which is strictly against prison rules!” one boomed

Tell that to my damn cell mates!” snapped Chase “What they do to me is sure violent!!”

The guard ignored Chase’s reply and continued “There is a punishment for cons who act violently!” He said “And that’s the electric chair!”

What the …?!” Chase was stunned and confused “cut the crap!”

It’s not crap Buddy!” replied the second guard, leaning close to Chase’s face “You are getting the electric chair!”

Yeah! Ol’ Buttwarmer will teach you to behave!” grinned the fist guard maliciously

What are you talking about?!” asked an increasing alarmed Chase

You will see!” laughed the the first guard as the two officers began pulling Chase down the walkway between cells

Chase, couldn’t believe what was happening, surely they were not planning to execute him just for hitting someone, especially as con he had hit was already sitting up and rubbing his chin. He had heard the state still permitted the use of the electric chair, but only for murder, after a trial and years of appeals, so how could this be happening?

Were the guards planning to kill him? He was starting to get seriously scared. “Guys … be reasonable .. I only tapped him…!”

Yeah?” sneered the second guard “like you only tapped your girlfriend?” then the two men continued to drag Chase through the prison. How come they all knew about his fight with that bi**h Sandie Ann?

The guards led Chase down a flight of stairs and down a corridor to a large door, which they unlocked and pushed him in.

In the middle of the room was what appeared to be a metal chair, with a strange object protruding from the seat. This did not resemble any illustrations Chase had seen of execution style electric chairs, but he certainly did not like the look of it.

Before he knew what was happening, the two guards, acting in unison, turned and lifted him off the floor, each with one arm under his shoulders and the other under his knees. They then began carrying him towards the metal chair.

As they approached the chair, Chase realised that what he had thought was an object resting on the chair, was in fact moulded into the seat itself in the same metal and shaped like a large erect male penis.


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He could not believe that the men actually expected him to sit on the seat … but they did. To his horror, he realised what that would mean!

Once they reached the chair, the guards began lowering him onto the huge metal dick. Chase protested loudly and attempted to struggle, but they held him firmly and continued to lower him onto the steel erection.

For a moment progress was stalled when the tip of the metal penis pressed against Chase’s tight butt hole. However, the guards knew what they were doing and pressed firmly down on Chase’s hips, until the tight pucker began to give way and the artificial penis began slowly forcing its way up into him.

Chase gasped and cried out at such a significant penetration, but he could not prevent himself from gradually slipping lower onto the shaft, as bit by bit more of it slid inside him, until he was actually sitting on the seat, with the metal penis up his ass.

The guards then strapped Chase’s wrists to the side of the chair with leather straps, so that he was tied to the chair and unable to stand up, or lift himself off the metal penis, which was now uncomfortably embedded into his anus. even though he struggled to free himself, he has held in place.

This was the third and by far the hardest and largest thing to be forced inside him in less than 24 hours, and he did not enjoy the sensation.

However, that was not his only concern. He looked down and saw a small square box attached to the leg of the chair from which a length of wire ran across the floor to the wall. It seemed the chair was connected to the mains.

One of the guards walked over to the wall where there was a control panel, he flipped a switch and and made a slight adjustment to the dial next to it.

OUCH!” shouted Chase, as a tingling jolt of electric current ran through the seat of the chair beneath his butt cheeks and up the metal penis stuck inside him.

So Blondie, what do you think of the electric chair?” laughed the guard “That’s the lowest setting!”

Get me off this fucking thing!” shouted Chase

The guard grinned and turned the dial again sending a marginally stronger surge of electricity up through the chair and into Chase.

AAAGGHHOOO!” yelled “Quit that will ya’!”

You broke the rules Blondie, and you need to be punished! Another twist of the dial sent a third bolt of electricity surging into Chase’s tender nether region 

For the next twenty minutes the guards took turns in tormenting Chase with a series of electric shocks of differing strengths, so that the unlucky convict never knew whether to expect an irritating buzz, a seriously painful electric shock sending a pulse of red hot fire into his butt cheeks and up the metal penis jammed into his anal passage, or some level in between the two. They did so knowing that the uncertain anticipation of what would come next was torture in itself.

None of the electric zaps were powerful enough to prove fatal to a healthy young male or to actually cause injury, but they could certainly cause pain and humiliation, which is what they did to Chase. The guards were really having their fun with the unfortunate young remandee.

A person did not need to be a sadist to work a Smackover Butte facility, but most guards soon became one. There was so much fun to be had.

Meanwhile in the surveillance room, where all the cameras had now been loaded with colour film, a third guard was eagerly recording the scene. He guessed that the footage of Blondie Bubble Butt in the electric chair could be profitable.

He was not wrong, the latest instalment of “Prison Butt Punishment” proved to be the highest selling item at adult video shops across the country.

The tape proved especially popular in Chase’s local neighbourhood, where the footage was soon being played and rewound and played again on hundreds of televisions.

Chase didn’t know it, but he was becoming a star.

To Be Continued ….

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    1. I think I remember the Jonathan picture you mentioned – I may have it somewhere. There was also a picture, which I think was by Etienne (although it could have been Tom of Finland) where can unlucky guy was being carried towards a chair with spikes on it, a large one in the middle amd smaller ones on either side. I was thinking of that picture whem I created the electric chair.

      I looked for it on the internet, but I couldn’t find it

    1. I will return to the Shaman’s revenge, but the story isn’t coming together at the moment (temperamental artist thing!!) however, Jordan and the ranger will return at a later date

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