The Humiliation of Redman Dane Chapter Two (Part Two)

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Warning The Humiliation of Redman Dane features a male being humiliated and punished by various females

The Humiliation of Redman Dane

Chapter Two (Part Two)

(please read Part one first)

At the sound of approaching footsteps Redman frantically spun round, desperately seeking a means of escape, he had no idea who was up and walking through the creaky passages of the old house, but he did not want them to find him naked with a bright red, just punished, bottom. There was only so much humiliation his fragile male pride could take.

Then he remember a long forgotten hiding place from his childhood, the old system dumb waiters the staff used use to send items or breakfast trays up to the upper bedrooms rather than carry them up the flights of stairs. The extensive freight elevator system had been installed in his grandfather’s day but had fallen into misuse many years ago, however, it was still there within the walls, and had provided an ideal place for a much younger Redman Dane to hide from his governess.

He darted down a seldom used passage way to where he remembered the elevator door was. Quickly opening the wooden door, he clambered inside, and pulled the door closed after him. Once inside he fond the space was much tighter than he remembered it to largely due to the fact that, at 19, he was significantly larger than he had been when he as a seven year old child had last used it as a refuge.

Also, as many years had passed since it was last used The tiny space smelt damp and musty, worse still, he cringed at the feel of cobwebs touching his hair. Despite this, it was at least a hiding place and he crouched down and strained his ears for sounds outside. Moments later he heard footsteps passing, the sound of heels on the polished floorboards, together with the rustle of taffeta told him whoever was up and about was female, possibly his stepmother or the loathsome Miss Gallagher.

The sound of footsteps faded into the distance and the house returned to silence, and Redman decided it was safe to escape from the cramped space he was crouched in. He attempted to open the door so that he could squeeze out, but there was no handle on the inside, and over the years the wood had warped, and was much stiffer to push open than it had once been.

He shoved at it, but it would not budge, so he attempted to kick it open with his bare feet. This caused the tiny wooden box he was in to jerk and shudder, with disastrous results. Not only had years of inactivity caused the door to warp, but the ropes which contolled the pulley system had become rotten and weak. Twelve years before they may have taken the weight of a seven year old child, but now they could no longer take the weight of a fully grown adult male.

The old ropes snapped and gave way, sending the little wooden box, in which Redman was trapped to hurtle downwards, down the shaft leading to the basement kitchen. The shaft narrowed significantly as it went down, and collision with the brickwork caused the sides of the box to cave in on Redman, so that he was in an increasingly small space as he descended.

The box landed with a CRASH on top of a large cast iron churn which had been placed on the disused alcove which used to house the old lazy sally. This left a small gap into which the impact of the fall had forced Redman’s upturned bottom and hips.

Although physically unhurt, once Redman had recovered from being dazed by the impact of the fall, the seriousness of his predicament became clear. He was trapped, wedged into a tiny confined space, with most of his upper body and legs in a narrow brick lined shaft with his bare bottom protruding into the room below.

He strained and struggled, but only succeeded in forcing his haunches further through the tiny gap, to his consternation and total dismay, the old walls held him firmly in their claustrophobic grip, his body was encased except for the most intimate part of him which stuck out into the public space beyond the wall.

He could do nothing but wait there throughout the rest of the night grimly anticipating the humiliating prospect of discovery when the household finally awoke.

Two floors above him in the Geranium suite, Assumpta Bottomley awaited his arrival, which would never come. At first she was excited, then anxious when there was no sign of him, however, this was followed by irritation and then anger, how dare Redan Dane let her down for a second time. This was an insult and it was one for which the handsome but unreliable young man would pay!

Some hours later, Mrs Partridge, the assistant chef entered the kitchen, to begin preparation for breakfast, and at first could not believe the sight which greeted her.

Sticking out of the wall on what appeared to be a new shelf at the top of the alcove where the milk churn was usually stored was a very nicely formed, and very exposed, male posterior, upturned, with a pair of testicles resting on top of it.

As she stood staring in amazement, she was joined by another early riser, Clara Rumbold, one of the downstairs maids. Who had come to the kitchen intending to eat a hurried breakfast before starting work. She gasped in shock at the sight of such an unexpected anatomical intrusion.

The elevator had ceased being used many years before both Clara and Mrs Partridge had joined the staff, so until then, they had no knowledge that it existed in the walls of the old house, or that the alcove in the wall, long used as a convenient storage shelf, was, in fact, the base of the system.

Both unsure how to react, but fascinated by what they saw, the ladies tiptoed closer, in order to get a better view.

Despite being encased in the wall, Redman who’s ears had been straining for any sound, heard them moving, and instantly realised there was someone there. “Who’s there?!” he demanded “Do something Damnit, get me out of this wall.

The women immediately recognised the arrogant demanding voice as being their master’s second son. Unlike his parents and brothers, for whom most staff felt respect and a degree of affection, Redman was widely loathed for his arrogant and demeaning treatment of the staff. Hence, discovering him in such am uncomfortable and humiliating situation was especially gratifying for them.

Mrs Partridge held her forefinger to her lips, signalling her friend to be quiet. As long as Redman could not identify them the were safe from recrimination, and could enjoy themselves, at their hated young master’s expense.

Clara struggled unsuccessfully to suppress a giggle as she picked up a two pronged carving fork from the table, and tested the points against the palm of her hand to check their sharpness. She then tiptoes forward and jabbed the the sharp points into Redman’s upturned bottom, hard enough to hurt but without the force to pierce the skin. She had no wish to injure the young man, just to discomfort him.

And discomforted he was, “YEEEOWCH!” he yelled “What was that?! ….Stop it … Or you will pay for this!”

Mrs Partridge, who was a talented mimic replied, disguising her voice with a deep West Country accent. “How you gone Staap uss Master Reman Suuuurr” she growled “What with being stick in that there wall with you’n bare arse out?!!

Outraged by her impudence, Redman began yelling a stream of furious but impotent threats through the wall at his unseen assailants. However, in response Clara just delivered a further jab to his exposed bottom with the sharp fork.

Although Redman was becoming increasingly aware of the vulnerability and helplessness of his position, it was not in his nature to be attempt to reason with the women or beg for their help. Instead he continued to try and intimidate them with threats, but these were only greeted with further jabs in his exposed bottom.

One jab was especially close to his tight pink anus, reminding him with a mortifying surge of shame that his most intimate body parts were on full display. Given this knowledge, Redman’s next words were especially foolhardy.

You are a woman! I can tell from your voice!” he yelled “When I get out of here, I shall find you and fuck you until you can’t walk you evil wench!”

No SUURR Master Redman !” replied Mrs Partridge in her fake accept “It be you that’s due for a fucking!” she picked up one of the cucumbers, which had been brought in from the garden the previous afternoon. The gardener was exceptionately proud out the size of his cucumbers, and this was an especially fine specimen. Well over three foot long, and a good inch and a half in width. She advanced towards her target, holding the cucumber in front of her, rather as a Templar knight might hold this sword.

He pushed the end of the cucumber against Redman’s tiny, tight and, at first, unyielding anus as Redman cried out in alarm “What’s that? … what are you doing?…. stop””

But Mrs Partridge did not stop, years of rolling pastry and kneading dough had given her biceps a soldier would be proud of, hence she had the strength to push the cucumber where she wanted it to go, despite any resistance. Placing one hand against Redman’s hip to hold him steady, she increased the pressure on his tight pink pucker with the tip of the cucumber. Gradually Redman’s anal lips parted and the hard phallic salad vegetable slid slowly into him, going deeper and deeper until a good eight to nine inches had vanished inside him.

Redman gave a loud roar of pained outrage at this ultimate and most uncomfortable new assault on his dignity.

Well, wadda’ ya’ know Master Redman Surr, you are now well and truly fucked!” laughed Mrs Partridge in her assumed accent

You will pay for this!” snarled Redman furiously, “I’ll see you hanged”

You would have to catch us first!” sneered his tormentor.

The women stepped back to admire their handiwork. Redman’s handsome bottom presented a rather comical spectacle. Almost a third of the cucumber was inside Redman, involuntarily gripped firmly in place by the young man’s anal muscles, with the rest of it curving upwards in an almost obscene gesture.

From Redman’s perceptive his predicament could hardly be worse, however, within the next few minutes it became increasingly more embarrassing, as, one by new, further members of the household staff arrived in the kitchens, like Clara, they too were seeking a bite to eat before the day’s work started.

An increasing number of servants soon assembled, all crowding round to get a better view of the unexpected sight. One of the arrivals was Redman’s manservant Able Griffiths, who had been present to witness his young master’s earlier humiliation and beamed with delight at this latest indignity which had befallen him. “It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bastard” he thought

One other new arrival was Samuel Briggs the head Maintanance man, who had known Redman since he was a child, and was the first to identify himself.

Master Redman, it’s Sam Brigs Sir!” he said trying to sound businesslike “How did you get yourself into this situation?”

Don’t ask stupid questions man!” snapped Redman “Get me out of here!!”

Briggs sucked air in through his teeth, as he contemplated the situation, tapping his knuckles against the wall. “It will be a difficult job Sir!” he said, we will have to get to you through the wall, removing the bricks around you …. we may need scaffolding to prevent the wall collapsing. I will send the boy to the village for some bricklayers, its a few hours, work I fear!

HOURS!” cried Redman “I can be left like this for hours!”

It is the only way it can be done Sir” replied Briggs struggling to avoid a chuckle “If we try to get to you from above the old shaft could collapse on top of you, and we don’t want that!”

Well at least get this damn thing out of my arse!!” stormed Redman from inside the wall.

Briggs frowned and shook his head “there is nobody here that’s trained to for medical procedures Sir!” he said “We’ll need to get the doctor for that.. I’ll send the boy to fetch him …. after he’s found the bricklayers!”

I need it removed NOW!” bellowed Redman “It hurts like hell fire!” his words causing a ripple of stifled laughter to flow through the assembled observers, for whom the greater Redman’s discomfort the more enjoyable the entertainment value.

At that moment Ruth Gallagher arrived in the kitchen, whispered word of Redman’s situation had spread rapidly and gleefully through the household servants and had quickly reached her ears, so she had come to investigate.

You will just have to put up with it young man!” she commanded, her voice echoing round the room, with the imperious tone of authority “You got yourself into this predicament through some mischief, so you will have to live with the consequences until these good people manage to get you free!”

Redman gritted his teeth at the sound of her voice, the pain of his humiliation cut all the deeper knowing that his ultimate nemesis was there to observe it.

Also, the tone of her voice told him that once again he had been defeated, his handsome young body felt suddenly drained of all energy and he slumped back into the tiny space available to him. He had no option to tolerate the horror until it was over.

Even after the bricklayers arrived from the village, it took them almost five hours to remove enough of the wall to safely free him. Throughout that time the gardener’s prized cucumber remained defiantly in place, as the Doctor, who had been attending a delivery, did not arrive to remove it until he was all but free.

Throughout the ordeal, Redman had no other option other than to endure, and plot his revenge.

To Be Continued

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