The Humiliation of Redman Dane – Chapter Two (Part 1)

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The Humiliation of Redman Dane – Chapter Two (Part 1)

After enduring a fitful night, beset with nightmarish dreams, in which he suffered an unending series of humiliations and embarrassments which all resulted in him being exposed naked in public, being mocked and and subjected to increasingly painful and humiliating punishments, Redman awoke with a start. Relief from his nightmares was sadly short lived, as the memory of the previous day flooded back to remind him that his reality could be every bit as mortifying as his dreams.

It was beyond tolerable that he, Redman Dane, the second son of the most prestigious family in the county had been shamed and abused in such a manner, how could he ever look in the eyes of his manservant, the lowly chamber maid of his now despised governess again?

To make matters worse, his bottom was still very sore and tender from the treatment it had received the previous night. Could it be possible that he, a fully grown adult man of 19 years, could have been spanked like a naughty child by not one, but two women, one of whom was no more than a low born servant.

Climbing from his bed, he walked over to the full length mirror. Turning his back to the mirror, he looked over his shoulder to study the state of his rear. His bottom and upper thighs were still very pink and sore as clear evidence of the treatment they had received the night before. 

He reached back and gingerly touched bis buttock cheek with the palm of his hand, it was still very tender and, would most likely continue to smart for most of the day, if the memory of the spankings he had received from Miss Gallagher as a child were anything to judge it by.

As he stood there, his emotions fluctuated wildly between shame, embarrassment and humiliation to a furious anger at the outrage which had been inflicted upon him, and also at himself for allowing it to happen. Why was it that old hag had the power to make react with servile obedience, why had he not denied responsibility for the wench’s brat and sent them all packing, alter all there was no proof the child was his. No court would take the word of a serving girl over the second son of the richest family in the shire!

He walked to the window and looked out to the extensive gardens below, it was the that he spotted a familiar figure walking between the dew soaked flowerbeds. 

Ruth Gallagher was taking a morning stroll, enjoying the, still dawn moist, fresh air before starting her duties in the school room with Redman’s younger siblings.

His eyes narrowed as he focused on the tiny figure below, aware of an intense feeling of anger and hatred directed at the woman who had orchestrated the abuse which had been committed against his person. He determined that he would have his revenge and the old woman would pay dearly for what she had done. As he stood watching Ruth enjoy he morning stroll, his mind pulsated with plans and plots of what would be done to her.

Later that day, Redman’s plotting took a pause as he became distracted by unexpected visitors in the form or Lady Abigail Bottomley and her young daughter Assumpta. The ladies had been travelling through the country but a broken carriage wheel had delayed them and left them in need of a temporary refuge.

It was the younger of the two arrivals in particular who caused Redman to be particularly distracted. Although she had recently turned 18, Assumpta Bottomley’s face still carried a hint of childish “puppy fat” presenting the initial impression of an innocent ingenue, belied by an occasional flash of knowing amusement in her deep blue eyes. She was not a conventional beauty, but with snowy blonde hair a fair and flawless complexion and trim but curvaceous body, Redman found her enchanting. A feeling of warm lust disturbed his loins as Redman and his beautiful young stepmother greeted their unexpected guests.

From the expression on Assumpta’s face it was clear to Redman that the attraction was mutual, and a glint in her eyes as they met his conveyed a very clear message that she would be a willing conquest. The buzz of excitement surged through Redman’s handsome young body and he hope the swelling manhood was not to obvious in is tight breeches.

Of course, there was no question other than that the travellers would be offered sanctuary until they could continue their journey. Redman’s stepmother ordered the housekeeper and footman to escort them to the the two best gust rooms on the first floor. “Lady Bottomley can have Geranium suite” she said “and Assumpta the Ivory room which will so perfectly match her beautiful hair!”.

As the guests were being led to their room, Assumpta took the opportunity to brush against Reman and gave him a meaningful glance, which he had no difficulty in translating as the invitation it was.

Reman grinned to himself, the previous night’s ordeal and his plans for revenge briefly forgotten as he contemplating the pleasure to come.

The Housekeeper, Mrs. Hargreaves escorted the Bottomley’s to guest wing on the first floor followed by Able Griffiths and a second footman who carried their luggage.

However, when they arrived in the Geranium suite. Which had been assigned to Lady Bottomly, the lady herself, who had recently consulted a fashionable Chinese Healer in Belgravia, cried out in alarm

Oh no, my good woman!” she complained “I can not sleep in this room, the Feng Shui is all wrong! This is impossible” she moaned “A west facing room with brown furniture will play havoc with my natural rhythms and will bring on my migraine!”

Mr Hargreaves stared at Lady Bottomley in confusion, Feng Shui was an unknown concept to her, in fact he entire knowledge of China itself was limited to tea and crockery. “W..We have other rooms!”she stammered “b..but it will take the maids an hour or so get them ready!

Assumpta leapt forward to save the situation “It’s alright Mummy!”she cried “You can have my room, the layout and colour scheme of this one is perfectly suitable for me!”

Lady Bottomley agreed to the change, and a relieved Mrs Hargreaves ordered the second footman to carry the older woman’s luggage into her new room. Meanwhile Griffin retrieved Assumpta’s luggage which he brought into the geranium suite for her assigned maid to unpack.

Whilst he did so, Assumpta took a sheet of paper from the bureau and quickly scribbled a note, which she folded before handing it to Griffiths. “Give this to Master Redman” she ordered “To no-one else mind!”

He bowed his head obediently “Yes M’lady!” he replied before taking his leave and them making his way to Redman’s rooms on the second floor.

Griffiths had no need to read the note he carried, He had seen the exchange of glances between his young master and the pretty young lady, and could guess exactly what it said. He entered Redman’s dressing-room and placed the note on the table where Redman would see it when his dressed for dinner. Then with a quick flick of his fingers, he “accidentally” knocked it off the table so that it fell into the gap between the table and the wall. He allowed himself a quick smile of satisfaction as he imagined what the consequences of that “accident” might be, before he left the room and returned to his duties.


We take up the story thirteen hours later, well after midnight when the house had retired for the night. However, the last thing Reman Dane had on his mind was sleeping. Bare foot and dressed only in his white cotton nightshirt, he left is room and crept down one flight of stairs and across the first floor landing to the guest wing, careful to avoid any of the creakier floorboards, of which there were many in such an old house.

As he recalled, his Stepmother had instructed the Housekeeper to put Assumpta in the North facing Ivory bedroom at the end of the corridor, so he crept past Geranium suite and quietly slipped into the room where he expected to find the prize he sought.

Upon silently opening the door, he was mildly surprised the the room was in darkness and Assumpta was not sitting up waiting for him, for she much have known he would come. He decided she must be playing some girlish game and decided he would play along.

Swiftly pulling his nightshirt over his head and dropping it to the floor, and now, fully naked, he walked silently up to the bed. Then with one swift and athletic motion he jumped in top of the recumbent figure in the bed crying “I am here My Sweet!”

Lady Bottomley let out a scream which was almost a full throated roar, and quickly sat up in bed, grabbing at her sleeping mask with on hand and the bedside light with the other.

Redman responded with equal shock and horror, he had anticipated a pleasurable encounter with the daughter not an angry confrontation with the mother. He bounded back to his feet, like an impala avoiding the jaws of a crocodile, and quickly backed away from the bed. Suddenly deeply aware of his nakedness he frantically covered his groin and suddenly shrunken manhood with clasping hands.

At that moment, Lady Bottomley’s maid Bertha, who had been sleeping in an adjoining annex, and had been awoken by her mistress’s screams, rushed in clutching a small pistol.

Lady Bottomley ripped off her sleeping mask and stared at Redman, at first with amazement then with then with increasing anger. “What are you doing man?!” She demanded.

I…I.. I..” stammered Redman, struggling for a plausible explanation for his naked nocturnal appearance, knowing to confess his real motive would make matters even worse. “It .. was .. a mistake … no, I must have been … sleepwalking ….” as the words left his mouth he knew how unlikely they sounded.

Lady Bottomley continued to stare at Redman, first her face expressed the anger and outrage of a woman awoken from her slumber by an uninvited naked intruder, but then it slowly transformed into the face of woman with passionate appetites unexpectedly encountering a very attractive, and naked, young man.

Lady Abigail Bottomley had not worked her way from relatively humble beginnings to marrying and burying a wealthy and powerful member of the British aristocracy without the ability to exploit any opportunity, and here was an opportunity ripe for exploitation.

Oh now I understand!” she murmured coquettishly ”I am very flattered by your attention, but I am old enough to be your mother ….well.. almost!”

Redman’s eyes widened in horror. Aghast at the realisation Assumpta’s mother imagined he was pursuing her instead of her daughter. He opened his mouth to protest, but no words came! What was the right thing to say in such circumstances?

Lady Bottomley, lowered her eyebrows in a mock frown and wagged her perfectly manicured finger at the young man “You have been a very, very naughty boy!” she scolded “and you need to be punished!!”

Redman instinctively stepped back, attempting to place as much space between him and the pouting Lady Bottomley as he could, it seemed events were taking a very alarming turn.

Now come here and get over my knee!” commanded the now very severe sounding Lady Bottomley, swiftly swinging her legs over the edge of the bed and pointing at her lap.

Redman stood frozen to the spot, unable to believe that a further woman now planned to spank him, the third in just twenty four hours “No!” he spluttered “You are not serious …no!”

I am very serious!” boomed Lady Bottomley, “now get your bare bottom over my knee!!”

Do as my Lady says!” Snarled Bertha, the maid, pointing the pistol directly at Redman’s head

One look at the determined expression in the maid’s eyes told Redman that she was fully capable of using the gun, leaving with no option but to comply. He attempted to grasp his discarded nightshirt.

Leave that!” snapped the maid, who had worked for her ladyship long enough to know what was required of her.

Redman’s fear of being shot exceeded even his dislike of being spanked, hence, his face burning with impotent fury the defeated young gallant reluctantly walked back to the bed and lowered himself over Lady Bottomley’s ample thighs. Gritting his teeth and lamenting furiously the nightmare tangent his life had embarked on ever since he fell out of Magenta Mae’s bedroom window, less than two days ago.

Lady Bottomley allowed herself a brief grin of satisfaction as she looked down on Redman’s bare 19 year old bottom seeing with delight that it was even more tempting than she had hoped.

You have a very beautiful bottom young man!” she purred, “And it will be even more beautiful when it is a bright shade of pink!” with that she brought the palm of her hand down delivering a sharp smack to one cheek, followed by an even harder smack to the second.

Redman made an involuntary grunt of pain, his naturally sensitive behind was still tender from the punishment it received the night before. This, added to the unfortunate fact that, Mrs Bottomly could smack surprisingly hard, made each blow sting like the angry bees from the previous afternoon.

Lady Bottomley, who had long nurtured a naturally sadistic nature, was now enjoying herself mightily as she set about spanking the handsome night time caller with increasing enthusiasm.

Poor Redman’s ordeal as made all the more intense by the renewed humiliation and injured pride of being in such an exposed any undignified position across lap of one female stranger whilst being coldly observed by a second female, from a much lower order than himself. It was then the nightmare got even worse.

The bedroom door opened, and Young Assumpta Bottomley came rushing in to investigate the commotion which had disturbed her sleep from across the hallway.

Mummy?!!” She cried “What are you doing to Redman?”

Lady Bottomley managed to disguise her irritation that her daughter’s arrival which had thwarted her her plans for the handsome young man across her lap, and replied calmly “This wicked young man crept into my room intent on ….. serious misbehaviour!” she said “So I am punishing him as he deserves … much as it pains my hand to do so!”

Would this save your hands my lady!” asked Bertha, with a malicious glint in her eye, as she held out the long handled hairbrush she had used earlier to brush her mistresses auburn hair.

Lady Bottomley willingly accepted the hard wooden brush and tapped it against the palm of her hand “Thank you Sugden, that will do nicely”

irritated that she could now not slate her carnal impulses with the handsome young gentleman, Lady Bottomley determined to indulge her sadistic tastes to their full, and without further delay, she began assaulting his already pink read end with admirable gusto.

Redman let out a scream of agony followed by a stream of protests of increasing shrillness! Meanwhile his long athletic legs began kicking out behind him. Only the memory of the maid’s pistol prevented him using his male strength to pull himself free from her ladyship’s cruel ministrations.

Assumpta’s mouth fell open in amazed fascination. She was shrewd for her age, she knew her mother entertained handsome younger men, but she had never in her wildest dreams imagined doing to a man what her mother was doing to handsome Redman Dane. She felt a strange hot excitement welling up inside her young body. 

 Finally Lady Bottomley threw the hairbrush to one side and pushed Redan so roughly that he fell off her knee landing painfully on his just punished bottom.

Redman struggled to his feet seeking to hide his groin with one hand whilst holding his throbbing backside with the other. He knew he presented a comical image and this merely added to his mortification.

You can go now young man!” Lady Bottomley dismissed him haughtily, as if he was a mere servant “I hope you have learnt your lesson and will never try to force yourself on a helpless female again!”

I will see him out Mummy!” said Assumpta quickly as she snatched the pistol from the maidn before turning and pointing bit at Redman. “Go on, out you go!” she ordered.

Redman was so anxious to escape he forgot to grab his nightshirt as he stumbled naked out into the hall.

Assumpta followed him quickly shutting the bedroom door behind her. “What happened?” she whispered “Didn’t you get my note?”

No.. what note?!” he replied in a similar whisper. “I thought that was your room!”

I am in the suite across the hall, just there.” She pointed to another door. “Come to me there in half an hour… and I will rub cream into your poor sore bottom!”

Are you sure it will be safe?” gasped Redman anxious to avoid further pain and humiliation.

It will be fine, if you are quiet!” she replied, he then kissed her forefinger and placed it on his full damp lips “I will make you feel … so much better, I promise!!”

She then turned and walked back into the bedroom shouting “NOW GO!” in loud commanding voice.

Redman stood frozen for a moment, staring at the door through which the Bottomley girl had just vanished. He was still in shock from what had just taken place.

He then began making his way to his rooms, where he would wait before he returned to Assumpta and her healing hands. However, he had only gone a few barefooted steps, when he heard the sound of someone approaching down the hall.

In increasing panic Redman spun round desperately looking for a hiding place, he could not tolerate being seen in the state he was it. Surely no further horrors and humiliations were waiting to befall him.

Our unlucky young hero did know that his nightmare was was nowhere near over. In fact, it was about to get worse!


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