Notice to visitors

is an unfortunate fact that our society appears to be entering an age
where, despite the popular narrative, puritanism and calls for
censorship are again on the rise. We are seeing an increasing
resistance to both Free Speech and free expression, which will not
only impact on people who say and do things we don’t like, but also
on those things which we want to say and do, which other people do
not like.
is a growing belief within society that anything which might give
offence must be eliminated, even when it is hidden behind content
such an environment, sites like this, which cater to tastes which a
lot of people might find offensive are increasingly at risk. It is
beginning to appear that the most imminent threat is fading, however,
realistically, the threat will never go away.
the circumstance I am actively exploring alternative locations which
may be less vulnerable to the pressure for censorship than Blogger,
however, in the meantime, I intend to carry on as normal, and hope to
make a further posting at the weekend.
said, in case the worst does come to pass, would readers please
bookmark the address of the new JockSpank site at where you
can find information about Sore Bottomed Guys should this blog
suddenly disappear.

Important Notice

Please note that as a part of the harrassment campaign against the JockSpank blog, this Blog has also now been reported to Blogger for a possible terms of use violation.
Should anything happen to this blog and an announcement will be made at

For further information, please see the posting on the JockSpank blog here:


The harrassment and threats are continuing, the latest threat against the blog was received August 1st 2019 

A further implied threat of “Revenge” can be seen in the Comments beneath the posting on August 18 2019