The Doctor’s revenge

Tyrell did not recognise the doctor as being the driver of the car he had forced off the road that morning, but Dr Martinez sure recognised him.

“AAAOOOWW!! .. Doc those needles sure hurt!!” he moaned “Do I really need so many injections?…and …uh … aren’t you supposed to take one out before you stick the… OWWWW! next one in?”

“Trust me fella!” replied the Dr Martinez firmly jabbing another syringe full of vitamin supplement into Tyrell’s muscular black backside “I’m a doctor, and I know just what treatment you need!!”

Thanks to Curtis, who’s suggestion inspired this picture.

8 Replies to “The Doctor’s revenge”

  1. Ya gotta hope that a SPANKING is lurking soon in this young man’s future, just to take advantage of his well-shot behind.

    And the rectal temp is icing on the cake!

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