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  1. Erik needed some extra money, so he volunteered as a college student to submit to some medical experiments. He had no idea that he would be stripped naked and probed and humiliated. IcyHot was rubbed on his ass and even put up into his asshole by the doctor. At first it felt cold and then it turned burning hot on his ass and in his hole. Then the doctor gave him a shot in his ass, then another, then another. Long needles. They really hurt on his ass. Then he got spanked hard.

    1. in addition. To the above. I would give him a complete medical exam. Including s Rectial. Examination. Also he would have his temperatures akin recital, after several. Injections. This both checks. I would spank him OtK. With a strap

  2. Both doctors made him spread his legs wide as he laid there on his stomach. One of the doctors pulled his raging hard-on back to expose it and his balls fully from the rear. He tried not to get an erection but he just couldn't help it. After the spanking, he felt a finger go up his ass hole with some kind of lubricant. Then slowly he felt something large, like a dick, going into his hole.

  3. thk we are running ahead here, the boy doesnt yet know wht is to happen ; nothing has happened 'cept he is naked on the bench and the two doctors are about to begin. The icy hot is in thsyringe I thk and the the other Doc has a padle and the is dildo waiting there. Everything is implied nothing had yet happened

  4. ". . . including what happens next!" was part of the instructions, dude. Reading comprehension, man. 🙂 So, I used my imagination regarding what might be coming next. Wish I could volunteer at my college for some medical experiments like this.

  5. He winced as the burning sensation grew. He tried to relax but it was too much. He cried out in shock, only to be met with a firm smack of a paddle on his already red ass. The doctors laughed as he jumped off the table, hopping with his hands clutching his cheeks. “Don’t think you’ll be getting your clothes back!” laughed the doctors. “Oh, and here’s a little something to keep your mind off the pain!” and with a squelch a pink dildo was thrust up his hole. Crying, the humiliated jock was carried out the office and displayed outside the college medical room, hopping down the hall with his ass on display and dildo waggling back and forth like his flacid penis to all the other students.

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