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  1. Well from the sadistic look on the Doctor's face I would say the 'nervous hunk' should be worried lol. Am betting the Doc is a bit of a perfectionist and might have to jam the needle into the prettyboy's butt quite a few times until he is satisfied it's in the perfect spot haha!

  2. Regarding the Nervous Hunk–It doesn't look like the Normal Doctor patient routine I'm addition the pants should be on the floor and the Hunk should be assuming the position not looking back .I agree there is a sadistic look on the Doctor face .I would be concerned that the Doctor new how to apply what he was holding in his hand .Some people are dangerous if they don't know what they ate doing

  3. in regard to the nervous Hunk I agree it doesn't look like the normal doctor patient situation and the jeans need to be completely down and off and the hunk needs to be laying flat out on his stomach no looking back .This doctor would make me nervous too wouldn't want anybody that didn't know how to do it practicing on me

  4. Nervous Hunk and Doctor in my mind a person giving shots needs to be skilled In addition t doesn't appear to me that-the position the hunk is in a correct way to receive a Shot of any kind .The hunk jeans need to be down and off and he needs to be laying out flat on his stomach not looking back.Ad far finding the right spot that is what a skilled person doctor) know how to do .if I was unsure of a person doing it right I wouldn't allow it to happen .I certainly don't feel any body should practice on me athoughPractice Does make perfect but not in this situation

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