Caption it – Two

A second picture created some while ago but which never developed into a story. If this inspires anyone to write a caption, or, if you feel really creative, to describe the scenario, please post it in the “comments” section below. 

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  1. Caption: You're about to learn what happens to men who break my daughter's heart.

    Caption: Don't worry, we won't call the law. We have our own way of dealing with thieves around here…

    Caption: Anyone who wants to work in this machine shop has to be man enough to undergo a little hazing. Well, maybe not just a little…

    Caption: My stepdaddy always told me that a whuppin' now and then does any young man a world of good. I reckon that must go double for any young man caught spray-paintin' graffiti on folks' property.

  2. "Well, it looks like you're either not too bright or not too lucky, son. Either way, you're sure gonna be sorry for trying to break into my house the night me and my old fraternity buddies were reminiscing about our hazing days. Let's see if I can still swing the paddle like I used to…"

  3. Derek knew he'd been rude to the new couple next door. He'd been a prick to call the cops on their housewarming party for a little noise, and to fail to own up to denting their car with his, thinking no-one had seen anyway. And he was needlessly snotty at the park last weekend to dismiss the younger man, Josh, as "desperate white trash" over his penchant for ill-fitting jeans and cheap polos, and the older Mark as his "ridiculous sugar daddy." Perhaps all this was why he'd let his own partner, Bruce, seduce him into this absurd, rather humiliating bit of foreplay with rope and a wooden paddle. Little did he know that it was also why Bruce had concocted the scenario in the first place–until the doorbell rang, and Bruce went to answer it with a devilish grin. Now Derek found himself squirming hopelessly before of all three of them, rudely exposed from the waist down, and himself looking the very picture of desperation and ridiculousness. Especially since he'd always had a secret thing for being put in his place by "white trash", as was now embarrassingly evident to everyone in the room.

  4. As the youngest of four brothers, Guy was expected to have a meal on the table when his siblings arrived home; so when it didn't happen, the kitchen seemed an appropriate location to give little bro a good tanning for failing to fulfil his duties.

  5. Jason wasn't really a bad kid, but he sure had a way of getting into all sorts of mischief. His neighbor, Sam and his friends Lew and Rick were working on Sam's car in the back yard. Jason saw Rick go into the open garage and get beers out of a refrigerator. When Rick went back to the yard, Jason thought he'd sneak in and take a couple for himself. Sam needed a wrench and walked in on Jason. He tackled Jason and wrestled him to the floor. He sat on Jason's back and called Rick and Lew.

    "You should call his dad. He'll tear the little fucker's ass up." Lew said.

    "I'll call him." Sam said. He pulled his phone out and called Jason's father's cell.

    "Damn Sam, I'm sorry about that. You just go ahead dish out a real good ass whipping for me. I'm stuck in Atlanta for a couple days." Jason's father said.

    "You sure man. He's your son. I feel weird about punishing him." Sam said.

    "It's better than him going to jail for doing something worse. If you tan his hide maybe it will teach him a lesson. I don't seem to be able to get through to him."

    "Then I'll do it. Maybe my buddies Lew and Rick can help." Sam said.

    "Do it, humiliate the hell out of him." Jason's father said.

    "Well kid, your dad gave me permission to teach you a lesson. I've been wanting to do this for a while." Sam said.

    "You better not…MMMPH!"

    With that, Sam pulled out a shop rag and gagged Jason. "Give me a hand boys." Sam said to Lew and Rick. Lew took Jason's wrists and Rick took his ankles. They lifted him up when Sam got up off him and laid him over a crate. Sam got rope and they tied him to the crate, then tied his hands. Sam reached under his waist and loosed his belt. Jason struggled and cursed, but that didn't even slow Sam down from undoing his jeans and yanking them off. His underwear followed.

    Jason was naked below the waist. The garage door was wide open to the busy street. Jason could see other neighbor walking up and down the side walk. They all could see him.

    "You still got that paddle I used on you in college?" Lew asked Sam.

    "Yeah, it right up there. I use it on my boy once in a while." Sam said.

    "My Pa always used his belt on my ass." Rick said.

    "That works to." Sam said. "I think a nice green switch will do to."

    The three men took turns taking whacks at Jason's bare ass. The neighbor's walking by stopped do watch. Little kids stopped to point and giggle.

    By dark, Jason's rear was on fire. Sam and the guys pulled some lawn chair out and sat using Jason for a footstool while they had a couple beers and chatted. Lew and Rick left and Sam untied Jason. "Now boy, you go home and think about what you did and what I did. Then think about what I'm going to do the next time I catch you messing around my place.

    Sam handed Jason his Jeans and stuff. Jason grabbed them and ran home. His father got back late the next night. He went into Jason's room to see that he was asleep. Jason was laying face down on his bed, naked, no covers. He could see his boy's ass was red still. He flipped on the light to check it out.

    "Hi Dad." Jason mumbled as he woke up.

    "They got you real good huh." his Dad said. He lightly rubbed his son's butt cheek.

    Jason squirmed. "I deserved it I guess. It was so humiliating with all the neighbors taking part. Dad, I was naked." Jason said.

    "The neighbors have seen you naked before." Dad said.

    "When?" Jason asked.

    "When you were five, you took your clothes off and went trick or treating." Dad said.

    "Oh yeah, I went as Adam, but my paper fig leaf kept falling off." Jason recalled.

    "I have to admit, it was creative." Dad said with a chuckle. "Good night son, sleep good."

    "G'night Dad." Jason said.

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