A bully’s Comeuppance

Hunter was the handsomest guy in school, all the girls loved him, no
matter how badly he treated them, and all the other guys admired him,
that is, until they found out what an arrogant, swollen headed jerk
he was.
talented athlete, from a wealthy family Aiden had always gotten his
own way, and been able to do as he liked, and what he liked best was
beating up on smaller guys. When Aiden been in the junior league had
been an out and out bully, always using his superior strength to make
life hell for the smaller and younger boys. When he turned 18 and
joined the senior team he thought he could carry on the same way, but
he could not have been more wrong.
of the senior team had younger brothers who Aiden had hazed, or
younger sisters who he had used and dumped when he grew bored of
them. Two of the seniors, Clay Todd and Rudy Tucker decided it was
time for young Aiden’s comeuppance, and, that payback would land
firmly, and painfully, on Aiden Hunter’s tender, cute and virgin
white bottom.
overpowered and died to a treatment bench, with his long, athletic
legs spread high in the air and him jock-strap framed bottom exposed
and vulnerable, Aiden had no option to take everything they had
planned for him … and they had a lot planned ….!!

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