7 Replies to “The Unlucky Young Knight and the Monks #2 – Hot Wax!”

  1. A bare paddling–but a good memory—growing up in the late 50's early 60's my dad rarely paddled my bare butt however, it happened thru high school—It hurt but was never abusiver—We basically had a very close and good relationship–My dad and i always went out for a hamburger just the two of us the evening of ther day i got my bare butt paddled–and while I sat on a sore butt—we always had a good conversation and no one ev er remained angry——I appreciated my dad's gesture alot of guys in my high school class got the same padlings/switching but both remained angry I am glad I was not one of them Any others like me?

    1. I am sorry there has been a delay in posting, I am working on a couple of stories at the moment, which are taking time. I will try to do some extra one off updates when I can

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