Caption Picture 2

Another picture to get your imagination going, Can any of you think of a caption for this picture or would you like to share what you think the story behind it is – and maybe what happens next.  Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Next: Daddy lets the cop whip him with the belt over the edge of the sofa. Then Timmy's friends from the football team arrive and are invited to come in and observe the punishment! So hot!!!

  2. This will teach you from steeling young man, lucky for you the officer knows me and brought you home instead of going to jail. Now I am going to teach you a good lesson then the officer will you his cop belt on you and you will thank him after, you understand me?

  3. Wow Mr. Mitchell! You remind me of my dad. I'm sure glad I didn"t bring Jimmy down to the station. This will sure keep him from shoplifting again! And it's a lot more fun than booking him!

  4. Sissy-sweet, steadily scared-stiff stepson Simon shyly objected, when Sir ordered him to pick up his buddies’ Friday poker evening’s customary liquor load in the car, that minors like him may legally neither drive nor handle alcohol, but as always, a single finger-hint at the well-stashed spanking tools shelf in Sir’s study converted knavish ‘lip’ to ‘So sorry, Sir, would you like me to fetch any to put my in my place before I obey?’, counting himself very lucky he was only ordered to hurry up. Alas, the lad’s luck ran out when the beat cop caught Simon, speeding as well, and took him home to offer the adolescent culprit’s sire the ‘family deal’: converting the fines to half the sum, off-record, donated to the police charity fund, and a promise of appropriate alternative home-discipline. Sir, sort of a crooge, eagerly accepted and invited the cop in, insisting he should see for himself if justice was done to the ‘shameless scoundrel’. With his briefs on his ankles, Simon got ‘generous’ doses of discipline, with various well-worn implements for all his supposed sins according to Sir’s version of the story: the brushfor ‘sneaking out’, the belt for ‘joyriding’, the crop for speeding, the switch for buying booze, the cane for ‘lies to the police’, the ruler for breaking his curfew, the tawse for fined truancy (although fines and fees always came out of his meagre allowance) and the birch just for good measure. The beat cop was invited to take the tearful, trembling trouserless teen over the knee after each of stepdad’s savagely-severe floggings and enjoyed it so much that he waved the fines, mentioning he dearly missed home-disciplining since his own son moved out. Stepdad stated he always gave Simon a damned good spanking on Friday on account of his weekly school report and usually several poker buddies ordered him over the knee for ‘shoddy service’, so the beat cop might enjoy joining them and coming early to witness Simon’s strippings and spankings. The beat cop was so pleased that he insisted to bring the liquor, commonly confiscated from youngsters, and added a police baton to the spanking tools shelf, which they agreed to use on Simon in happy memory of this evening on every holiday Friday, as well as the penitential flail normally used after the boy’s weekly confession, to compensate for lack of school report, agreeing discipline must be religiously-regularly repeated! [Faxtifex]

  5. The young man was caught and spanked by the Police officer, (for shoplifting) then brought home with only a warning. While the officer watches (enjoying the sight) dad strips and spanks his boy. Dad then takes issue with the young officer for spanking his son without his permission, threatening a call to the station. The only option is a bare ass spanking across dad's knee. Adding insult to injury, dad let's his son have a few swats with the officer riding the arm of the couch.

  6. I like Anonymous March 3's idea. The young cop has inadvertently revealed thqat his dad still spanks him at home. Maybe it won't be too long before he gets it again!

  7. I like Anonymous March 3's idea, too. And Anonymous April 23 has a pretty good idea for what should happen to the cop in a later scene!

  8. Dr Charles Olson, eminent Psychologist, demonstrates his theories of practical child rearing when his teenage son is arrested for shoplifting at Dillard's.

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