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  1. You know Dr. I think you should spank those buns real good after his shot for being so mouthy with us, I will continue to hold him for you haha

  2. “Ouch doctor, that medicine feels like its on fire, it’s burning my rear real bad!”

    “Son, I’m afraid this is only the first of three shots I must administer. These are required in case that raccoon that bit your calf had rabies…I’m sorry that it burns, the other two shots will be a tad more intense” (Doctor to himself “ha ha dumb jock, I’m not sorry and only the first shots was needed, the other two are water mixed with ginger and wasabi, making your little butt burn but good”)

    “But doctor I don’t see why you have to have my big brother here in the room?”

    “Listen up young man, your big brother is in school to become a doctor, and he’ll have to administer your series of 3 rabies shots daily for the next three weeks. Big Brother, remember what I showed you, one shot in each cheek with the final shot as close to the anus as possible to ensure the medicine can enter the blood and kill any rabies infection.”

    (Doctor to himself..”wait until after three weeks when I lie to this kid that the rabies infection is spreading and he’ll have to use a dildo shape applicator to push three loads of “medication” up his anus daily…ha ha ha”)

    1. A couple of times the needle was so close to the edge of the anus it slip inside his rosebud and pricked his inner sphincter, he'd be hoping about spreading his cheeks for a while

  3. What happens next:
    This injektion is a drug that will make his cock hard as rock for an hour. He escapes and is running the corridors of the hospital …

  4. Oh I know the needle hurts, but I just spoke with your Dad out in the hall. He says you're going to get the tanning of your life when he gets you home. So your butt is in for a lot more hurting!

  5. As their Hypocratic oath prevents doctors and medical students to harm patients, even in med corps school, so normally each student-officer-recruit in turn must volunteer as guinea pig for unpleasant procedures to be practiced on, but(t) as diverse injection techniques seem to take endless tries, that would leave them several of them literally unable to sit trough the courses, so the CO asked his infantry school colleague to send over some dumbo who can easily stand the few hours tey spend in classes. Unfortunately for Tommy, under bureaucratic army rules, his unit would have to pay for all medical equipment used on him except in emergencies, which the scrooge CO refuses, so each time he’s called to ‘volunteer’ his bare bottom as pin-cushion, his platoon sergeant must first spank it so sorrily sore it qualifies as urgent acute syndrome for free painkiller-injections, even if only the last of a class of forty students, needing a average seven tries each, actually administers more the water ! [Fastifex]

  6. Please, what´s happens next? It´s really exciting this story. Follow with more medical pictures like this. Thanks a lot.

  7. I got butt shote from our town doc as i grew up even in high school yrs—-but it did not hurt any more than a shot in the arm so it was no big deal—Many yrs alter my friend got a STD and had to have butt shots and he said the needle was big and it hurt way more than the kind of butt shots we got growing up—-

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