Justice For Joel (Part 3)

glowered at the group of, mostly bare chested young men, whom, his
uncle had just announced would be his workmates. To his city-boy
eyes, they all looked like a bunch of extras from some very uncool
and, no longer politically correct, 1970’s TV Western, and most
deffinatelynot one he wished to become a cast member in.
court had said nothing about him having to work as a ranch hand, and
he had no intention of doing so.
‘ain’t no inbred hill-billy like them!” he snarled “’an I ‘ain’t
shovelling horse sh#t!”
swung round, intending to march back to the ranch house in protest,
but found that two of the ranch hands have moved behind him, blocking
his path. “Get outa’my fucking way you retards!” yelled Joel, his
attempt to hide his alarm by feigning anger betrayed by the shrill
note in his voice.
Huh?” replied Ash Amos, the marginally older of the two ranch hands
blocking his escape, a slow smile crossing his ruggedly handsome face
“That is not nice kid!”
call me kid you ….hick! … let me pass!” spat Joel
are not going anywhere Kid!” replied Braden Garth, the younger of
the two men.
that, the two men roughly grabbed hold of Joel and, joined by a third
man, Jareth Hunter, pulled him down on top of a bail of hay before
beginning to undress him. At first Joel was stunned, not quite
realising what the men were doing, but as one man’s strong, work
calloused fingers began unbuttoning his tight blue jeans, realisation
struck him like a thunderbolt, and he started struggling and
protesting furiously.
Joel, fit, young and street smart he might be, but these men were
well used to strenuous work, and he was no match against the three of
them. Within moments, his jeans, sneakers, socks and shirt had been
stripped from him, and all that still protected his remaining dignity
were his, recently shoplifted, Hilfiger boxers, which his dad had
innocently packed for him.
Joel struggled free clutching the waist band of his underpants in a
frantic attempt to avoid these also being stripped from him, but
tripped and fell with a heavy and undignified “Thump!” onto the
barn floor. This caused general laughter among the men, and even
Miles fought to suppress a smile.
clambered to his feet, and glanced quickly around but saw to his
dismay that all escape routes were blocked by grinning, and very
muscular farmhands.
do you perverts want?” stammered Joel, attempting to sound tough,
and failing totally “give me my clothes back!”
…. ‘retards’ …’in-breeds’ … are we?” murmured Ash “Oh am I
going to enjoy this!!”
enjoy what?” shouted Joel, still failing to sound tough “What are
you going to …………?”
moved towards Joel with a swaggering step, the lazy but laconic grin
on his face sending an unwilling shiver down the younger man’s back.
He then spoke slowly, his country weathered drawl adding a menacing
emphasis to his words. “We are gonna’ spank your little city boy
bottom boy!” he said “’an we’re gonna’ spank it so long, and so
hard that you won’t be inclined to sit on it for quite some time!”
you!!” spluttered Joel “No way …. Fuck you!!”
leaned forward, his face only inches from Joel’s “No Kid!” his
voice like a low growl “If anyone here gets fucked, it won’t be
that, he grabbed Joel by the ear and dragged him across the barn to a
pile of hay bails, on which he sat down before pulling the struggling
and protesting younger man across his knee.
Joel was firmly in place, Ash reached out took hold of the waist band
of Joel’s boxers and with one well practised jerk of his wrist,
pulled them down, revealing a bare bottom still pink from the earlier
attention Joel had received from Miles’ firm and very hard palm.
and the other men all grinned, delighted to see how cute, hair-free
and spankable Joel’s butt was, this was going to be even more fun
than they had thought.
most bad gamblers, Joel had hit a streak of bad luck, and making his
luck even worse was being the owner of a bottom which people just
wanted to spank, and one which, as we have established previously was
particularly tender and sensitive.
lifted his hand high above his head and then brought it down with a
resounding WHACK! Across Joel’s once again exposed and vulnerable
other guys all let out a cheer as the crowded round to watch the
spectacle. Joel was not the first new ranch hand to suffer the
initiation, but he was by far the hottest looking, and, from what the
boss had told them, by far the most deserving.
Miles stood back and watched the action, a smile of quiet
satisfaction playing on his ruggedly handsome lips. Young Joel was
going to get the justice the court had ordered, and which he had, in
Miles’ eyes more than earned after the way the young jerk had treated
his father, Miles’ younger brother.
knew that he could depend on his fit and hearty workers to carry out
Judge Flinthard’s sentence, and supervise Joel, leaving him free to
run the ranch, and step in to administer additional discipline
himself when necessary.
would need to keep an eye on some of the guys, particularly Ash, to
ensure things didn’t get out of hand, but he was confident that all
would work well.
Josh yelled, struggled and made threats he was in no position to
carry out, Ash was now well in his stride spanking the unfortunate
Joel’s increasingly red behind, when he noticed the lad’s rubber
soled sneakers lying on the floor
Braden Buddy” he drawled “hand me that there white shoe!”
handsome, sun bleached haired boy he had addressed, ran over grabbed
one of Joel’s sneakers and handed it to Ash.
tapped the sole of the sneaker against the palm of his hand and
smiled broadly “That will do the job just dandy!” he said
that, Ash returned to spanking the unfortunate Joel’s behind, this
time with the the young dude’s rubber soled sneaker, whilst Joel
yelled in pain and protest, and the other men cheered in delighted
on doing what you are doing boys” interjected Miles. “That is
just what the court ordered!”
Ash pushed Joel off his knee “Time for you to start working Kid!”
he barked. He picked up one of the pitchforks which the men had been
using and held it out to Joel “Not get to work Kid!”
….” spat Joel, wisely stopping himself at the last second
want more!!” demanded Ash, raising an eyebrow in an exaggerated
quizzical expression.
sullen glower on his face Joel snatched the fork and made a half
hearted attempt at moving some loose hay around. One of the men,
Ivan Cooper called out “You got a lot to learn kid, but we’re here
to teach you!” at which all the other men roared with laughter, at
the shared Joke, which Joel failed to understand.
picked up Joel’s discarded clothes “I’ll take these back to the
ranch” he said “If you want the right to wear clothes again Joel,
you are going to have to earn it!!”
threw a furious look at his Uncle, the humiliating realisation that
he would most likely be bare butt naked for days, possibly weeks
searing through his already bruised ego. However, he could see from
the expression on Miles’ face that it was pointless to argue.
turned away from the group of men and continued to jab at the mud
outside of the barn. By turning his back, of course, his shiny red,
and well spanked bottom was fully displayed, resulting in whoops of
delight from the men.
that’s what I want to see!” said Miles pointing at the naked
youth’s glowing bottom “That is what the good judge ordered!” he
turned to the men “It will be your job to ensure that it is a nice,
healthy pink, just like that at the end of every shift. Can you do
that for me?!”
sure can Boss!” grinned Ash Amos “You can rely on us”
what I like to hear!” continued Miles “Now I need to make some
calls, so I will leave you guys in charge!”
that, Miles left them and made his way back to the ranch house
carrying Joel’s clothes, with a satisfied smile on his face.
men stood around watching Joel as he continued to dig at the dirt
outside the barn, unsure what he was supposed to be doing, angry he
had to do anything, but keen not to provoke another spanking.
Granger had been standing and observing events, but now he decided to
join the fun “You’ll get nothing done at that speed fella’” he
drawled “put some effort into it, will ya’”
picked up a second discarded pitchfork and gave Joel a quick jab in
his very sore and tender bottom.
gave a yell of pain, dropped the pitchfork, and leapt round clutching
his behind “You f##king red-neck c##t!!” he snarled “Don’t you
f##king dare!!”
… ahem .. dare what Fella’?” grinned Hadley
you dare jab my ass with that f##king thing, you moron!” snapped
Joel furiously “Do that again and I’ll put you on a f##king slab!”
what?” replied an incredulous Hadley “We’ll see about that!”
well!” Grinned Ash who had been watching with barely concealed
amusement “It seems this youngun’ has not learned his lesson!”
he needs more teaching!” replied Hadley making a movement towards
Joel with his pitchfork
you!” snapped Joel, jumping away from the sharp points, only to
discover that he had jumped straight into the firm gripping hands of
Braden and Jareth, who had quietly circled round behind him. “Let
go of me you ……!”
growled Jareth “he sure needs more teachin’!”
two men who had hold of Joel pulled him, wriggling and swearing into
the barn, followed by Ash and Hadley who picked up discarded
pitchforks as they did so.
and Braden pushed Joel down onto some bails of hay, while Hadly took
a length of rope of the wall and cut it into two. He then handed one
to Braden, who, assisted with Ash, tied Joel’s hands behind his back.
Then Hadley and Jareth used one end of the other length of rope to
tie Joel’s ankles together, after which he threw the other either
ends of the rope over a beam.
was at this point that Joel, who, until then had been struggling and
cussing began to realise that he was seriously outnumbered and that
he had made a bad miscalculation.
tried to reason with the men, but his attempt at conciliation had
come too late and the other ranch hands were now determined to “teach
him a lesson” as they had promised.
and Hadley both took hold of an end of the rope and began to pull,
lifting Joel’s feet, legs and then his bright pink bottom off the
bail of hay and raising it into the air.
that is a perfect target!” chuckled Ash
…what are you going to do?” stammered a now very alarmed Joel
decided that its time you get the point kid” replied Ash “Ah
…My bad!” he corrected himself “make that points!”
guys all began to approach the, now diaper positioned Joel, with
their pitchforks aimed towards his uplifted bottom.
yelled Joel, please don’t!! …. I’m sorry”
late kid!” replied Ash as he jabbed at Joel’s behind with his fork
“We are gonna’ stick you like a little piggy!”
that the laughing farm hands began to jab at Joel with their forks.
This was not the first time they had punished a lazy or careless
ranch hand in this way, and although they were all now quite pissed
with Joel, they had no intention of injuring him, or drawing any
blood, just to make his already very sore bottom hurt even more, and
to put Joel through a little more, in their view, well deserved,
discomfort and humiliation. 
yelled Joel as Ash’s fork jabbed into his left butt cheek, pricking
his now very tender skin. Meanwhile Braden and Jareth pricked his
right butt cheek with their forks, causing Joel to yell again
jabs were relativity gentle, compared to what muscular young men
wealding sharp objects could inflict, but because Joel’s bottom was
now so over-sensitive that the jabs hurt like fire.
stood back a little, laughing as he watched his fellow ranch hands
jabbing at Joel. Then suddenly an idea struck him. Pulling a pair of
thick leather gloves from his pocket, and left the barn, and returned
moments later carrying a bunch of stinging nettles he had pulled from
where they grew, next to the fence outside.
guys” he said “I’ve had a better idea. We can really whack him
with these!”
guys all cheered with glee, as they each grabbed a hand full of
stinging nettles from Hadley’s bunch
yeah!” Laughed Ash, “this will really give him a sting in the
group then set about beating Joel with the stinging nettles, with all
the enthusiasm of a festival crowd attacking a Piñata, knowing that,
unlike the pitchforks, they could now really punish the cute blonde
jerk’s deserving bottom, making sure it would sting for hours without
causing lasting damage.
all, as Ash said later, “you should never break toys which you plan
to play with again ,
so called diaper position was not only humiliating, but it ensured
that Joel’s most private and tender areas were totally exposed and
vulnerable, and the guys took full advantage of that exposure and
screamed and yelled in pain and outrage as the fiery tingling and
burning caused of the cruel nettles spread across his butt cheeks and
upper thighs livening up the tenderness and hypersensitivity
resulting from the earlier spankings, until each stinging swat burned
like a red hot coal.
bottom would sting for hours, and this was just the start, Joel’s
time in the country would be long and uncomfortable.

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  1. Thank you so much for your great work! Maybe the nettle punishment would be more effective if the workers had first shaved his blond hairs on his thighs and tender regions?

  2. I can identify with Joel—It was summer 1970 and I got a job working for a small Midwest rail road–we travelled on the rail as we worked and lived all together in a half transformed rail car I was the youngest and I got spanked/paddled bare ass in front of the other guys–I guess it was just a sort of initiation but my naked butt hurt like crazy

  3. I am SO HAPPY to see you posting again! Your work is getting better (and hotter) all the time. PS you have at least one female fan out here – some of us love seeing naughty boys getting their bottoms warmed (and more) by bigger and stronger men. I'll be checking back more regularly now I know you're active again 🙂

  4. AWESOME! At this rate, this brat is going to have the red ass he deserves the entire time he's on the ranch!

    Speaking of deserving brats, whatever became of Boy of the Jungle and his trip to the USA? Hope his bottom is in store for more mishaps!

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