The Adventures of Sore Bottomed Finn ( Prologue)

The Adventures of Sore Bottomed Finn


Finn was in a furious mood as he sped along the open country road on the expensive blue motorbike his doting mother had bought him on his 18th birthday the previous year. It was one of the various luxuries he had become accustomed to while living at home in the city, and one of the few he had ben able to bring with him after being exiled to live with his step-father in what he liked to term “Rubesville”.

His banishment from urban life had been a condition set by the court, as his last chance to avoid a custodial sentence, following various encounters with law and order. It was safe to say this was proving a challenging culture shock for a pampered and spoilt brat like Finn. Not only did he have a low opinion of his Step father, who was nowhere near as generous or tolerant as his wealthy mother, but he lived in a rural backwater with none of the excitement and diversions the city had offered Finn and which had led to his entanglements with the police.

As he turned a corner, he noticed a path leading off the road at the entrance to which was a large sign which stated PRIVATE – No Trespassing. Finn in his short eighteen years had not been accustomed to being denied anything hence the sign had the duel effect of both raising his interest and irritating him.

He was curious as what the secret was at the end of the path and annoyed at being told he could not see it. Characteristically, he chose to ignore the notice, swerved off the road and steered his bike down the bumpy country path. He was stubbornly determined to see the forbidden sight at the end of the path.

After he had travelled less than half a mile the path led him to a forest at the edge of which was a small lake and more signs one instructing him that swimming was forbidden, and another, which was half hidden by foliage, announced “NO TRESPASSING – Violators will be …” the rest of which was obscured by leaves. However, it was the no swimming sign which interested him more.

Being told he could not do something inevitably made him more determined to so it. Hence, after leaving his bike next to a pile of rocks, he quickly stripped off his clothes in order to indulge in the countryside pursuit of skinny dipping.

He ran to the edge of the lake before stripping off his underwear, then, when fully naked he plunged in.

The water was colder than he had expected on such a warm day, but he soon got used to that , and find the cool water pleasantly refreshing. However, it was also very salty, which surprised him, but did not concern him as he had spent his childhood summers playing in the salty water off his grandparent’s Florida beach house.

Although, as an occasional athlete, Finn excelled at tennis and field sports, he was also a competent and confident swimmer, and he easily moved through the glassy water until he was in the deeper water towards the centre of the lake.

It was there that he was to discover the cause of the lake’s high salt content. Although it was hidden by the trees and a small range of hills, the lake was in fact only a few miles from the edge of the ocean by which it was connected by two tidal rivers one above ground, and the other subterranean.

Only weeks before, a huge ocean storm had washed nany thousands of gallons of sea water into the lake together with various sea creatures, including a small swarm of jellyfish, and it was with these opaque but electrical little creatures that Finn was to make unwelcome contact. The contact was particularly unwelcome for Finn, for it was his bare bottom which one brushed against with a stinging result as a forceful electrical current surged through his exposed skin.

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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 15

Shaman’s Revenge Part 15
a sleepless night, Jordan was untied and dragged blinking into the
day light by the Cody brothers, Floyd, Billy Bob and their brooding
middle brother Seth. “It’s time for you to earn your keep boy!”
snarled Floyd “We’re gonna’ put you to work!”
let me go!” wailed Jordan “My Dad’s a rich man, he will pay for
the eggs and milk I took!”
growled the elder Cody brother “You think just ‘cos your a rich kid
you can steal from us farmers and that your rich Daddy can pay us off
do you?” he moved closer to Jordan so that his craggy, unshaven
face was inches from the frightened young jock’s “Well that ‘aint
the way it works around here!” he hissed 
that, the three men led the unhappy and naked Jordan out of the house
and across a nearby field towards some old barns, as Floyd encouraged
Jordan onward by jabbing his bare bottom with the sharply pointed
spikes of his pitchfork.
considered attempting to escape, judging that in a sprint he could
almost certainly have out run the more heavily built Codys. However,
seeing the rile which Seth was carrying, he decided not to chance his
luck, as although he could outrun the men he could not outrun a
order to further encourage Jordan. As soon as the group reached the
barn, Floyd sat down on some bails of hay and threw the protesting
young swimmer over his knee before proceeded to administer a hard
hand spanking while Billy Bob held him down.
Floyd had finished spanking Jordan, he handed control of the new and
and unwilling ranch hand over to his bothers, and told them to put
him to work in the hay barn, before heading off to another part of
the ranch.
as soon as their elder brother had departed the scene, it became
clear that, rather than working, the younger Cody brothers wanted to
play with their new toy.
City boy!” Sneered Billy Bob “Make that squealy noise you made
when Floyd” whupped your ass!” then he said something which sent
a chill down Jodan’s spine, as Cindy Mae’s prophetic words from two
days before echoed in his brain “Make like a little piggy city
.. what do you mean?” stammered Jordan
mean squeal like a piggy dumbo!” shouted Billy Bob, slapping
Jordan’s head with the back of his hand “Get down on your hands and
knees and crawl like prime bacon!”
instinct was to protest, but once again the sight of the rifle, which
Seth was still holding, persuaded him to obey. Reluctantly he
lowered himself onto his hands and knees and attempted to grunt in
the manner he imagined most similar to a pig.
Dickhead” shouted Seth “you need to squeal like a cute little
piggy, not grunt like a fat old sow!” 
can make him squeal!” laughed Billy Bob, picking up a large carrot
“A piggy needs a tail!”
Ha!” laughed Seth “Pin the tail on …. er .. up the piggy!”
Bob knelt down, and grabbed hold of Jordan and attempted to push the
carrot up the prone jock’s anus, as Jordan yelled in distress.
“Please guys, stop, don’t do this to me!!”
city boy, sure has a tight ass!” complained Billy Bob as he pressed
the large carrot against the unyielding pucker of Jordan’s
instinctively contracted portal “I can’t get it in!”
Let me try , said Seth, taking hold of the carrot and kneeling down
between Jordan’s legs, while his brother straddled the unhappy jock
and held his butt cheeks apart.
gripped the carrot tightly in his fist and then rammed it deep into
Jordan, forcing it between the tight pink lips of his anus and then
up inside, as Jordan let out a shriek of discomfort and outrage.
, that’s the noise piggy!” laughed Seth “that is a really piggy
recent weeks Jordan had had the unaccustomed experience of various
items being inserted into his tight virgin portal, but the massive
carrot was the largest , by far the widest so far and certainly the
most uncomfortable so far. It was also an unusual sight, to see a
handsome young athlete on all fours with a large orange vegetable
together with it untrimmed green plumage protruding from his rear,
certainly more elaborately than any curly pigs’s tail.
Cody brother continued to have fun with their unlucky captive, making
him crawl around the barn with one or other brother riding on his
faster pork chop!” yelled Billy bob as he jabbed at Jordan’s rear
with his sharp pitchfork.
the Cody brothers tired of making Jordan act like a pig and roughly
pulled the carrot out of his backside. However, they had other plans
for him.
think this City Boy would maker a better rooster than a pig!”
Laughed Billy Bob
rooster?” replied Seth quisically
with a big feathery tail!” replied Billy Bob
that they dragged Jordan out into the meadow next to the barn, and
tied his wrists and ankles together sop as to force him into a
chicken like pose.
after pulling a pair of leather gloves from his jeans pocket, Billy
bob set about creating a “big feathery rooster’s tail” with
nettles and poison ivy, which he proceeded to shove unceremoniously
up the tender part of Jordan where the carrot had previously been.
the boys laughed uproariously, Jordan was forced to waddle around the
farm yard clucking like a chicken, with his fiery, sting covered
“Tail” flapping behind him, the combined nettle stings and poison
ivy turning his tender orifice into a ring of fire, which was sure to
burn for days afterwards.
backwoods adventure was becoming very uncomfortable
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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 13 (Unlucky for Jordan)

Shaman’s Revenge Part 13 (Unlucky for Jordan)
was a very unhappy jock, not only had he been abandoned in the middle
of the great American wilderness, facing a walk of over 70 miles to
get home, but he was bare ass naked as well.
that was not bad enough in itself, he knew for certain exactly what
would be happening within minutes of Cindy Mae Carpenter reaching the
vicinity of a telephone. She would phone every member of her vast
group of girlfriends to tell them that she had tricked that dumb jock
Jordan Draper into stripping naked, then stolen his clothes and left
him to walk home in his birthday suit.
knew Cindy Mae well enough to know how much she would relish boasting
about what she had done, and would make sure everyone knew every
detail. No doubt she would embroider the details, to boost her role
and make him appear even more comical than he already did. He
cringed, at the thought of her yapping voice, trilling with
excitement as he repeated the tale over and over again, and at the
scornful laughter which would greet the message.
the friends, like a sonority from Hell, would tell their friends and
then all the girls in town would tell heir boyfriends, and within 24
hours it would be the talking point of every bar and and locker room
within a fifty mile radius. Everyone would have a good laugh at yet
another total humiliation for the guy who, only weeks before had top
jock on campus and master of all he surveyed.
knew that his good looks and sporting prowess, combined with his
arrogant manner meant a lot of people secretly resented him, and he
knew just how much they would enjoy his comeuppance, and telling
others about it. 
could he ever live this down and face his team mates and buddies, let
alone the local girls. The thought of their mocking laughter echoed
in his head, as he walked disconsolately on through the forest .
always in the background of his thoughts another face hovered, this
time a male one, also wearing a scornful and mocking expression.
Jordan had no idea how the ranger was behind what had happened to
him, but, somehow he knew he was.
walking for almost an hour his mind consumed by his mournful
thoughts, he realised that he was no longer on the road. He must
have left it without noticing and was now in open countryside. He
quickly spun round and looked behind him, but there was no sign of
the road, and he had no idea where he was.
he stood there, a look of horror and fear on his handsome face the
awful truth began to dawn on him, he was lost, naked and many miles
from home.
attempted to retrace his steps, but he had been so deep in thought he
had not taken note of his surroundings and, therefore he could not
identify any familiar location which would confirm he had been there
before. The upshot was that within twenty minutes he had completely
lost his bearings and was totally lost in increasingly unfriendly
eventually reached a clearing in the middle of the forest, and found
himself in what appeared to be an overgrow, and, he incorrectly
assumed, unused, field, at the edge of which was a wire fence.
realised that as the fence was self evidently man made, there must be
something beyond the fence, maybe the road, or some form of dwelling
where he could get help, despite how embarrassing that might be. He
therefore, made his way across the field towards the fence.
say there was a notice on the fence, but assuming it was an order not
to trespass, he did not bother to read it. He would have to trespass
if he was going to find help.
Jordan reached the fence he could see it was almost waist high, and
that was no obstacle for a lithe young athlete such as Jordan, He
could easily get get over such an easy object. 
Raising his body with
one foot on tip toe, he lifted the other leg so that he was
defectively straddling the fence. Unfortunately for Jordan, the
ground beneath the one bare foot which was taking hs whole body
weight was in fact the roof of a ground hog burrow. Hence at the
very point where his tentacles, prostate region and tight, still in
real terms virgin, anus were hovering above the wire. the ground
beneath him gave way.

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a result he tumbled and landed heavily on the wire one ball either
side and the puckered lips of his tight anus effectively gripping the
that very instant, it became painfully clear to Jordan that the sign
he had ignored did not say “No Trespassing” but instead it said
Warning Electric Fence”! This fact brought forcibly home
to our careless hero as a bolt of electricity shot straight into the
young swimmer’s most tender and intimate body parts, his butt hole,
balls and the thin ridge of flesh in between the two.
from the pain it engenders, another unfortunate aspect of an electric
shock can be to cause a brief paralysis rendering the victim
temporarily immobile. In Jordan’s case, he was only frozen to the
spot for a matter of seconds. However, this was just long enough to
allow a second pulse of the fire like current to shoot into the
delicate rosebud pink sphincter muscles still embracing the wire, and
sending Jordan leaping into the air with a shriek of unmitigated
may be true that in an empty forest there is nobody to hear you
scream, but Jordan’s cry was loud enough to send a rookery of crows
in the trees above flying squawking into the air, and a herd of wild
deer in the forest bolted in terror to the deeper thickets.
free of the horrid fence, Jordan stumbled around, bent almost double
and clutching his behind, his mind focused on nothing bit the pain
throbbing in his most private ad sensitive of regions.
that the power with in the fence was designed to discourage farm
animals, but not to actually brand them, it was not enough to cause
scaring burns or a lasting injury. However, as the part of Jordan’s
anatomy which had come into contact with the electric fence was
especially tender, he had suffered a degree of scorching which caused
severe pain and would leave him in a level of embarrassing discomfort
for quite a while.
Jordan stood still, holding his posterior and engrossed in the pain
and misery of his situation, he hardly noticed the rumbling sound
behind him, which he assumed was thunder and that his streak of bad
luck was about to result in him being soaked by a storm.

Jordan’s bad luck was in fact considerably worse even than he though.
The rumbling sound was not caused by a gathering thunder storm, but
by the approach of the of the very beast which the electric fence
was there to contain. An angry young bull, which was, at that moment
charging towards Jordan with it’s head down.
a pure miracle, Jordan escaped being gored by centimetres, as the
bull’s horns went either side of him, however the granite hard bone
of the animal’s forehead hit Jordan’s bottom with a bruising impact
of a fast moving truck, sending the boy flying high into the air, and
over a nearby hedge.
sore and winded, Jordan was launched like a missile launched from a
catapult and flew through the air for some considerable distance.
as they say, what goes up, must eventually come down. There were
mixed blessing’s to the landing pad which nature had provided for
It was soft enough to cushion his fall, but by no means pain
free, as he landed, bare bottom first into a patch of stinging
the second time in mere moments, Jordan’s mortified screams echoed
through the forest, followed by a succession of whimpering cries as
the cruel leaves continued to inflict their tiny white, but stinging
and burning blisters, as the unlucky young jock struggled to his
parts of him had been stung but all the pain seemed to radiate from
his his cute an well rounded. Once pearly white backside, now glowing
pink and reddening with punishment.
ever, the old Shaman’s curse, had but one target. Jordan had taunted
the old man with the words “Kiss my ass” and the elderly warlock
continued to do just that! In the space of less than five minutes,
Jordan’s vulnerable bare bottom had been scorched with electricity,
butted by a bull an comprehensively stung by nettles. The handsome
but unlucky young buck did not know it, but the Shaman was only just
warming up.
tears of pain and distress streaked Jordan’s still beautiful face, as
the one time proud jock stood in the forest, clutching his bottom and
crying like a baby.
was he guessed his overwrought imagination, but it seemed as if he
could hear laughter echoing echoing through the trees.
predicament was getting more complicated by the hour, he may now be
safe from the bull, which was in the other side of the hedge, but it
was also between him and whatever lay beyond the fence. Be it a road
or a ranch, due to the angry snorting he could hear from the other
side of the hedge, there was no way he was brave enough to face it
and find out.
best option was to try and find a way through the forest. As he
reluctantly turned back towards the forest he realised that dusk was
starting to fall. His heart sunk even further, and not only at the
prospect of a night in the wilderness, but also as he knew his father
would be home any moment and would discover that Jordan had disobeyed
him and gone out instead of staying home and studying.
compounded by staying out all night meant that Mr Draper’s eldest boy
was in big trouble. As his Dad seemed to have only one answer to any
misbehaviour these days. Jordan was in no doubt that his Dad’s
slipper, a hairbrush or a paddle would be waiting for him and his
already very sore bottom when he got home.
spent a long cold night naked in the forest and he got no sleep,
mainly because of the throbbing pain in his rear, but also because
he was keenly aware of movements in the dark woods around him, and
the eery feeling that he was not alone.
last it was dawn, and before moving on Jordan took time to bath
himself in a forest stream, finding some sensual relief in the cool
water as it refreshed his body and acted as a balm to his aching
limbs. Although he had no access to a mirror, he was aware to his
amazement that his bottom’s amazing powers of recovery were once
again in evidence. All the bruising and redness had vanished over
night and his cute little tush was again as smooth and white as a
baby’s, just as it had been before the unfortunate incident with the
fence, bull and nettles.
could not understand how his bottom could recover from so much
punishment in a few hours, but it was a relief that it did.
matters soon distracted him from the improvement to his bottom, for a
start he was feeling very hungry, and due to his failed to learn
anything in the short period before he was expelled from the Boy
Scouts of America, he had no idea what in the woods was safe to eat.
was imperative that he found food and clothes. So he set off in the
direction he hoped would lead to the road.
had walked for about two hours, and, as the sun was now quite high in
the sky, he guessed it was now mid morning, but there was still no
sign of the road. Then he spotted an object in the distance, which
he thought might possibly be a house.
he got closer he could see that he was correct, it was a building.
In fact there were a small cluster of buildings, which he from what
he could make out was a small ranch house and a couple of barns. A
ranch meant there could be a rancher and maybe a rancher’s wife,
hopefully a kindly country couple, which he might previously have
dismissed as Hillbillies, who might give him food, lend him clothing,
and help him to get home.
would be deeply embarrassing and humiliating, to turn up at the
ranch, stark naked and begging for help, but he had no other option.
a brief moment Cindy’s Mae’s mocking comment about the film
“Deliverance” echoed in his mind, but he quickly dismissed that.
He hurried on towards the farm, and reassuringly could not hear the
sound of a banjo … at least not yet.

The Sting of the Jungle – Boy’s Return

Sting of the Jungle -Boy’s Return

airplane was into it’s thirteenth hour of the flight across the
Atlantic, and Boy was now unbearably bored. True to form, he had also
made himself extraordinarily unpopular with the flight crew and his
fellow passengers with is arrogant and rude bad behaviour and
constant demands.
had reached the point where most of the other passengers had moved to
seats as far away from this handsome, practically naked but
chronically unpleasant young man.
when Boy could not bare the boredom any longer he called out to the
flight attendant “How much longer is this Goddam flight?!” he
flight attendant looked at Boy with hardly disguised dislike “We
land in Kinshasa in an hour … S ..” she gritted her teeth “Sir!”
you stupid moron!” snapped Boy “What time to we land at the
Jungle airport?”
flight does not land at The Jungle airport” she replied “We fly
over the jungle, direct to Kinshasa”
shouted Boy “I need to get off at the Jungle airport!!”
can not land at the jungle” replied the attendant “this plane is
too large for the jungle runway!” she frowned with exasperation,
this was the most infuriating passenger she had ever encountered “It
is quite clear on your ticket that this is a non-stop flight, you
will need to get a connecting flight back to the jungle!”
course, Boy had spent all the money he had managed with him when he
escaped from the city, and could not afford a second flight. With
characteristic truculance he decided to try and bully the flight crew
into landing at the jungle stop.”I demand to see the pilot!” he
shouted “I need to get off this plane in the jungle!!”
can’t see the pilot!” sighed the attendant “He’s busy … you
know … flying the plane!”
me to him!” snapped boy, leaping from his seat and turning towards
the cockpit.
that Boy seemed serious, the flight attendant called over two male
flight attendants to assist her “This …….. passenger failed to
read his ticket correctly, and is demanding we drop him off in the
jungle!” she said.
two male attendants had been observing Boy’s rude and obnoxious
behaviour, ever since he started acting up after about an hour into
the flight, and new he was going to be difficult. However, at first
they began patiently trying to reason with him.
in am aisle seat in the next row to Boy Herman Kettering had watched
the scene unfolding. As a gay man, despite Boy’s outrageous
behaviour, he could not fail to be struck by how hot physically the
young blonde hunk was. This was especially obvious given Boy’s
limited attire of only a jockstrap and a pair or white socks.
was also a keen collector of male spanking videos and a fan of the
JockSpank blog, so when Boy stood up his eye was immediately drawn to
the lad’s perfectly formed bare white bottom, framed with the straps
of his jockstrap, and he began to imagine all the different forms of
discipline he would just love to inflict of that tempting object.
was the ongoing curse of Boy’s life, that so many people
instinctively wanted to spank him.
the two flight attendants were also both becoming drawn to the
prospect of an act of violence against Boy. Even for two men so well
used to dealing with difficult customers it was not long before they
were both totally exasperated with this semi-naked but highly self
opinionated youth.
their exasperation turned to anger, when Boy actually attempted to
storm the cockpit demanding to speak to the pilot. The men grabbed
hold of him and began to drag him towards the back of the plane. It
was only then, too late that Boy began to understand that just maybe
he had again gone too far.
fella’” snarled one of the men “You want to land in the jungle?
Well, we can arrange that!!” he was so angry that, whilst his
colleague held onto Boy, he literally ripped one of the attendant
seats from the wall, leaving the back portion of the seat still
screwed to the wall. The men then tied Boy to the seat in a sitting
position, with his, jockstrap framed, bare bottom sticking out of the
gap at the back where it had been pulled from the wall.
Boy struggled against the ropes attaching his wrists and thighs to
the seat, the men began attachomh a parachute to the chair arms.
“What the fuck ate you doing?!!!” yelled Boy.
men did not answer, but the look of thunderous fury on their faces
told him, that, whatever it was they were doing, he was not going to
like it!!
of the men proceeded to turn a handle which opened a hatch door in
the side of the aircraft and all three of them were hit by a powerful
gust of air.
can’t be serious!!” stammered Boy, as he suddenly realised what was
being planned, but the men were deadly serious. If Boy wanted to land
in the jungle, they were only too happy to accommodate that wish,
however, the plane would not be landing there with him.
a powerful kick, delivered to the centre of Boy’s bottom, they sent
him, attached firmly to the chair frame, flying out of the side of
the plane into the open sky outside. 
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was lucky that the men had opened a hatch at the back of the plane,
so he avoided the danger of being hit by the wing or sucked into the
jet engine, but that was about the limit of Boy’s good luck, as to
the rest, his luck was very much erring to the side of bad!!.
kick had been hard enough to send him beyond the tail fin of the
aircraft as it zoomed past, but it had also been hard enough to be
very painful, especially as Boy’s bottom was still tender from the
tennis ball bombardment in had undergone less than 24 hours before.
As regular readers might have guessed, however, it would, of course,
be a lot more tender before the day was out.
aircraft was swiftly vanishing into the distant horizon, leaving boy
falling through the empty sky, firmly attached to the frame of the
seat to which the men had tied him.
had antagonised many people in his time, but this time it had reached
a point where the two flight attendants had been provoked to an act
which put boy at risk of death or serious injury, and that, so far,
was a first.
was clear to Boy that those risks were significant, it was also
obvious to him that he could not do a thing about it. The parachute
the men had used was designed to take the weight of an average adult,
however, the additional weight of the chair frame to which Boy was
tied was beyond it’s capacity. 
As a result, Boy was hurtling towards
the ground at an alarming speed.
descent picked up speed as Boy approached the jungle canopy, before
crashing through it, into the dark jungle below, tree branches
whipping against the terrified youth’s legs and exposed buttocks as
he fell through that. “OWW! …. OUCH!! …. OWW!” he yelled.
about thirty feet from hitting the jungle floor, at what would have
been bone shattering speed, Boy’s fall was brought to a sudden
jarring halt, as the parachute became entangled in branches,
arresting his descent and leaving him dangling among the trees.
took Boy a few seconds to realise what had happened, and that he was
not a dead or, at least, shattered mess lying on the jungle floor, as
the flimsy parachute had saved him after all.
before Boy was able to celebrate his good luck, an angry buzzing
sound behind him brought with it the horrifying realisation that, as
was usually the pattern of his life, his luck had not going to be as
good as it might otherwise have been.
back over his shoulder, with a deep sense of foreboding, he saw that
he was hanging next to an African wasps nest, nestling beneath the
tree branch from which his was hanging. To make matters infinitely
worse, he was positioned in such a way that his exposed bare bottom
was dangling mere centimetres from the entrance to the nest, from
which angry buzzing wasps were emerging in battle ready numbers and a
matching warlike attitude.
been attacked by African wasps in the past, Boy knew how painful
their stings could be. A feeling of blind panic gripped him and he
frantically began attempting to free himself from the ropes which
held him trapped on the suspended chair frame.
course, as a cooler mind might have warned him, struggling
frantically was the very worst thing he could have done, as it drew
the angry, but short sighted, insects’ attention to his exposed
bottom, which was exactly what had annoyed the in the first place.
They began buzzing around it making increasingly ferocious and
alarming noises.
one angry wasp, and then another landed on Boy’s tender pink butt
cheeks and jabbed their sharp stingers into his flesh, before
injecting a tiny but agonizing stream of fiery venom in to the
handsome but chronically unlucky youth.
bees, which lose their stingers when they sting, and can, therefore,
only sting once, wasps stingers remain intact, enabling each wasp to
launch more than one attack, which the feisty little critters did
with resolute gusto.
the almost unbearable pain being inflicted on his cute little bare
tush surged through the handsome jungle boy’s lithe young body, Boy
yelled out in pain. His cries echoing through the deep green jungle
to be heard, a mile away, by someone to whom that voice, especially
when expressing pain, was very familiar.
who was busily repairing the damage to his tree-house, caused by a
recent tropical storm, jumped to his feet uttering a single syllable
“Boy!”. He took hold of a vine, and launched himself into the
air, swinging through trees in the direction from which the yells and
cries were coming.
Cheetah the chimp’s son, also recognised the voice, and after
grabbing a certain wooden object, followed his master, vine swinging
through the jungle branches.
Boy continued to struggle with the ropes attaching his wrists to the
chair frame, his writhing now even more frantic and urgent than
before, spurred on by the singing insects attacking his exposed
some further struggle, Boy’s hands were free, and he hurriedly
reached back in an effort to cover his behind with his now free
Boy was to encounter the troublesome issue of his unfailing bad luck,
for by the very act of urgently grabbing the now stinging and wasp
venom peppered cheeks of his bottom, he had inadvertently spread
those cheeks revealing his most tender, sensitive and private
recesses nestling between the pert round globes.
action unintentionally granted one especially inquisitive wasp access
to that region of Boy’s anatomy which any straight boy, such as he
would prefer to keep to himself. This insect intruder made itself
particularly unwelcome when it jabbed it’s stinger into the puckering
pink button of Boy’s tiny anus and unleashed a stream of molten hot
shock of the wasp sting to his anus, sent an electric pulse through
him, causing him to jerk with such violence that the remaining ropes
attaching Boy’s thighs to the chair frame broke, removing the final
attachment which kept him dangling from the snagged parachute.
course, Boy had not thought through the consequences of detaching
himself from the dangling chair!!! Suddenly he was tumbling from the
tree towards the jungle floor thirty feet below. He braced himself
for a heavy landing.
a regular reader of Boy’s misadventures will by now have gathered,
fate and coincidence tend to feature large within his life, and in
his case, both are, not to put too fine a point on it, a bit of a
fate would have it, there was a large patch of nettles at the foot of
the tree, and Boy plummeted butt first straight into it. This proved
to be a double edged sword, for whereas the nettles served to cushion
Boy’s fall and prevent serious injury, the sting of the nettles
caused Boy’s already wasp stung bottom to burn even more!
a yell which was close to a shriek, Boy leaped to his feet clutching
his throbbing and now bright pink bottom. He proceeded to jump up
and down making pitiful whimpering sounds through gritted teeth.
man! That hurt!” he groaned out-loud to himself “Why do these
things keep happening to me?!!”
least the worst was over, he was back in the jungle, he was on the
ground, he had got away from the wasps and could avoid any more
nettles, the sting in his bottom would eventually fade, nothing
worse could now happen, or could it?
that moment, fate again interrupted his thoughts, with an answer to
his question, and not the one he was hoping for. A firm hand tapped
him on the shoulder and a familiar deep voice said “So Boy return
have he?!”
swung round to find the tall and very angry looking figure of Tarzan
standing behind him and knew instantly what that look on the face of
the older man foretold.
…I!!!” he stammered, his usually sly but now strangely blank mind
frantically trying to think of an excuse for leaving the jungle and
flying away to another continent without permission or telling his
guardian he was going. But none came to him.
tender and caring side of Tarzan was deeply relieved that Boy was
back safe and relatively unhurt, however, his more dominant
disciplinarian, and, it has to be said, vaguely sadistic, side roared
with furious anger that his ward had disobeyed him and put himself at
great risk. He knew that a lesson had to be taught and learned.
could see exactly what Tarzan was thinking and desperately tried to
avoid the inevitable “Please don’t spank me Tarzan …. sir!!” he
stuttered, I have been stung on the butt by was .. er …. HORNETS
and stinging nettles, my ass is on fire!!!”
snapped Tarzan, “It’s no more than you deserve!!” he grabbed hold
of the unhappy Boy’s arm “And it’s about to get a lot worse!!”
that, he dragged Boy to a nearby bank, sat down and the pulled the
vainly protesting young hunk over his knee. “How dare Boy sneak off
to God knows where, and not send word for months?!!” he shouted
gruffly “Tarzan will teach Boy a lesson he not forget!!”
please Tarzan!” cried Boy “I’ve learnt my lesson …. I’ve really
learnt my fucking lesson!”
Language bad!” growled Tarzan, he lifted a massive paw like hand
and brought it down hard on Boy’s bare wasp and nettle stung bottom
with a resounding SMACK!!
Boy’s scream echoed through the jungle followed by a chattering
noise not unlike laughter from the trees full of monkeys nearby. 
scream was soon followed by many more as Tarzan proceeded to deliver
a very hard, and in Trazan’s opinion, well deserved bare bottom
spanking. His large leathery palms whacking down repeatedly on top
of still massively sensitive wasp and nettle stings.
kicked and struggle, but there was no escape from the jungle man’s
vice like grip.
has thought things could not get worse, but in fact they were about
to get a whole lot worse as at that moment Mongito, the helpful
chimp, arrived carrying Tarzan’s favourite paddle. The clever little
simian had correctly guessed that Tarzan might have use for the
paddle now that Boy had returned to the jungle.
done little friend!” cried Tarzan, reaching out and taking the
paddle “You know Tarzan have need for this!”
that moment Boy resolved that the monkey would die, as soon as the
big guy was not looking, the ape would be history, and it would have
a painful death that was for sure!!
did not have long to contemplate his planned revenge on Mongito, as
his mind was quickly occupied by something more immediate and
painful, as Tarzan pushed him down on his back, lifted his legs in
the air, placing him in the so called diaper position and proceeded
to paddle his already spanked and stung bottom.

yelled and protested in agony as the hard wooden bat delivered swat
after swat to his well punished behind.
Boy made another of the many mistakes he had made that day, in the
middle of yelling and shouting he suddenly let rip with a stream of
obscene language and called Tarzan a very nasty name.
BOY SAY?” thundered Tarzan
sorry … I didn’t mean it!!” he gasped as the realisation of what
he had done sunk in. But it was too late, Tarzan decided that Boy
needed an even more severe punishment. He picked Boy up, threw him
over his shoulder and carrying the lad like a sack, began swinging
through the trees towards the edge of the jungle.
looked around he recognised the direction they were heading in and
the realisation of what was in store began to dawn on him.
NO!!” he cried “Not THAT!! …. not THE ANTS!!”
is what Boy deserve …. it is what Boy gets!!” replied Tarzan
reaching the edge of the jungle, Tarzan made his way, on foot, out
into the savannah, still carrying Boy, until they reached a massive
ant hill, on top of which Boy was required to sit for all of ten
minutes, while the angry ants bit and stung his well punished bottom.
had only been punished this way once before, when he had been caught
peeping on the village girls bathing, but he did not need reminding
how painful it was of how long the sting would last. These African
ants had a very potent bite, the sting from which would not even
start to fade for for 24 hours.
bottom would recover to it’s original cute, pristine and unspanked
state, but he would be a very sore jungle boy for some while before
it did!!
was back home, his bottom was glowing like a little red beacon,
everything in the jungle was back to normal!!

Justice For Joel (Part 3)

glowered at the group of, mostly bare chested young men, whom, his
uncle had just announced would be his workmates. To his city-boy
eyes, they all looked like a bunch of extras from some very uncool
and, no longer politically correct, 1970’s TV Western, and most
deffinatelynot one he wished to become a cast member in.
court had said nothing about him having to work as a ranch hand, and
he had no intention of doing so.
‘ain’t no inbred hill-billy like them!” he snarled “’an I ‘ain’t
shovelling horse sh#t!”
swung round, intending to march back to the ranch house in protest,
but found that two of the ranch hands have moved behind him, blocking
his path. “Get outa’my fucking way you retards!” yelled Joel, his
attempt to hide his alarm by feigning anger betrayed by the shrill
note in his voice.
Huh?” replied Ash Amos, the marginally older of the two ranch hands
blocking his escape, a slow smile crossing his ruggedly handsome face
“That is not nice kid!”
call me kid you ….hick! … let me pass!” spat Joel
are not going anywhere Kid!” replied Braden Garth, the younger of
the two men.
that, the two men roughly grabbed hold of Joel and, joined by a third
man, Jareth Hunter, pulled him down on top of a bail of hay before
beginning to undress him. At first Joel was stunned, not quite
realising what the men were doing, but as one man’s strong, work
calloused fingers began unbuttoning his tight blue jeans, realisation
struck him like a thunderbolt, and he started struggling and
protesting furiously.
Joel, fit, young and street smart he might be, but these men were
well used to strenuous work, and he was no match against the three of
them. Within moments, his jeans, sneakers, socks and shirt had been
stripped from him, and all that still protected his remaining dignity
were his, recently shoplifted, Hilfiger boxers, which his dad had
innocently packed for him.
Joel struggled free clutching the waist band of his underpants in a
frantic attempt to avoid these also being stripped from him, but
tripped and fell with a heavy and undignified “Thump!” onto the
barn floor. This caused general laughter among the men, and even
Miles fought to suppress a smile.
clambered to his feet, and glanced quickly around but saw to his
dismay that all escape routes were blocked by grinning, and very
muscular farmhands.
do you perverts want?” stammered Joel, attempting to sound tough,
and failing totally “give me my clothes back!”
…. ‘retards’ …’in-breeds’ … are we?” murmured Ash “Oh am I
going to enjoy this!!”
enjoy what?” shouted Joel, still failing to sound tough “What are
you going to …………?”
moved towards Joel with a swaggering step, the lazy but laconic grin
on his face sending an unwilling shiver down the younger man’s back.
He then spoke slowly, his country weathered drawl adding a menacing
emphasis to his words. “We are gonna’ spank your little city boy
bottom boy!” he said “’an we’re gonna’ spank it so long, and so
hard that you won’t be inclined to sit on it for quite some time!”
you!!” spluttered Joel “No way …. Fuck you!!”
leaned forward, his face only inches from Joel’s “No Kid!” his
voice like a low growl “If anyone here gets fucked, it won’t be
that, he grabbed Joel by the ear and dragged him across the barn to a
pile of hay bails, on which he sat down before pulling the struggling
and protesting younger man across his knee.
Joel was firmly in place, Ash reached out took hold of the waist band
of Joel’s boxers and with one well practised jerk of his wrist,
pulled them down, revealing a bare bottom still pink from the earlier
attention Joel had received from Miles’ firm and very hard palm.
and the other men all grinned, delighted to see how cute, hair-free
and spankable Joel’s butt was, this was going to be even more fun
than they had thought.
most bad gamblers, Joel had hit a streak of bad luck, and making his
luck even worse was being the owner of a bottom which people just
wanted to spank, and one which, as we have established previously was
particularly tender and sensitive.
lifted his hand high above his head and then brought it down with a
resounding WHACK! Across Joel’s once again exposed and vulnerable
other guys all let out a cheer as the crowded round to watch the
spectacle. Joel was not the first new ranch hand to suffer the
initiation, but he was by far the hottest looking, and, from what the
boss had told them, by far the most deserving.
Miles stood back and watched the action, a smile of quiet
satisfaction playing on his ruggedly handsome lips. Young Joel was
going to get the justice the court had ordered, and which he had, in
Miles’ eyes more than earned after the way the young jerk had treated
his father, Miles’ younger brother.
knew that he could depend on his fit and hearty workers to carry out
Judge Flinthard’s sentence, and supervise Joel, leaving him free to
run the ranch, and step in to administer additional discipline
himself when necessary.
would need to keep an eye on some of the guys, particularly Ash, to
ensure things didn’t get out of hand, but he was confident that all
would work well.
Josh yelled, struggled and made threats he was in no position to
carry out, Ash was now well in his stride spanking the unfortunate
Joel’s increasingly red behind, when he noticed the lad’s rubber
soled sneakers lying on the floor
Braden Buddy” he drawled “hand me that there white shoe!”
handsome, sun bleached haired boy he had addressed, ran over grabbed
one of Joel’s sneakers and handed it to Ash.
tapped the sole of the sneaker against the palm of his hand and
smiled broadly “That will do the job just dandy!” he said
that, Ash returned to spanking the unfortunate Joel’s behind, this
time with the the young dude’s rubber soled sneaker, whilst Joel
yelled in pain and protest, and the other men cheered in delighted
on doing what you are doing boys” interjected Miles. “That is
just what the court ordered!”
Ash pushed Joel off his knee “Time for you to start working Kid!”
he barked. He picked up one of the pitchforks which the men had been
using and held it out to Joel “Not get to work Kid!”
….” spat Joel, wisely stopping himself at the last second
want more!!” demanded Ash, raising an eyebrow in an exaggerated
quizzical expression.
sullen glower on his face Joel snatched the fork and made a half
hearted attempt at moving some loose hay around. One of the men,
Ivan Cooper called out “You got a lot to learn kid, but we’re here
to teach you!” at which all the other men roared with laughter, at
the shared Joke, which Joel failed to understand.
picked up Joel’s discarded clothes “I’ll take these back to the
ranch” he said “If you want the right to wear clothes again Joel,
you are going to have to earn it!!”
threw a furious look at his Uncle, the humiliating realisation that
he would most likely be bare butt naked for days, possibly weeks
searing through his already bruised ego. However, he could see from
the expression on Miles’ face that it was pointless to argue.
turned away from the group of men and continued to jab at the mud
outside of the barn. By turning his back, of course, his shiny red,
and well spanked bottom was fully displayed, resulting in whoops of
delight from the men.
that’s what I want to see!” said Miles pointing at the naked
youth’s glowing bottom “That is what the good judge ordered!” he
turned to the men “It will be your job to ensure that it is a nice,
healthy pink, just like that at the end of every shift. Can you do
that for me?!”
sure can Boss!” grinned Ash Amos “You can rely on us”
what I like to hear!” continued Miles “Now I need to make some
calls, so I will leave you guys in charge!”
that, Miles left them and made his way back to the ranch house
carrying Joel’s clothes, with a satisfied smile on his face.
men stood around watching Joel as he continued to dig at the dirt
outside the barn, unsure what he was supposed to be doing, angry he
had to do anything, but keen not to provoke another spanking.
Granger had been standing and observing events, but now he decided to
join the fun “You’ll get nothing done at that speed fella’” he
drawled “put some effort into it, will ya’”
picked up a second discarded pitchfork and gave Joel a quick jab in
his very sore and tender bottom.
gave a yell of pain, dropped the pitchfork, and leapt round clutching
his behind “You f##king red-neck c##t!!” he snarled “Don’t you
f##king dare!!”
… ahem .. dare what Fella’?” grinned Hadley
you dare jab my ass with that f##king thing, you moron!” snapped
Joel furiously “Do that again and I’ll put you on a f##king slab!”
what?” replied an incredulous Hadley “We’ll see about that!”
well!” Grinned Ash who had been watching with barely concealed
amusement “It seems this youngun’ has not learned his lesson!”
he needs more teaching!” replied Hadley making a movement towards
Joel with his pitchfork
you!” snapped Joel, jumping away from the sharp points, only to
discover that he had jumped straight into the firm gripping hands of
Braden and Jareth, who had quietly circled round behind him. “Let
go of me you ……!”
growled Jareth “he sure needs more teachin’!”
two men who had hold of Joel pulled him, wriggling and swearing into
the barn, followed by Ash and Hadley who picked up discarded
pitchforks as they did so.
and Braden pushed Joel down onto some bails of hay, while Hadly took
a length of rope of the wall and cut it into two. He then handed one
to Braden, who, assisted with Ash, tied Joel’s hands behind his back.
Then Hadley and Jareth used one end of the other length of rope to
tie Joel’s ankles together, after which he threw the other either
ends of the rope over a beam.
was at this point that Joel, who, until then had been struggling and
cussing began to realise that he was seriously outnumbered and that
he had made a bad miscalculation.
tried to reason with the men, but his attempt at conciliation had
come too late and the other ranch hands were now determined to “teach
him a lesson” as they had promised.
and Hadley both took hold of an end of the rope and began to pull,
lifting Joel’s feet, legs and then his bright pink bottom off the
bail of hay and raising it into the air.
that is a perfect target!” chuckled Ash
…what are you going to do?” stammered a now very alarmed Joel
decided that its time you get the point kid” replied Ash “Ah
…My bad!” he corrected himself “make that points!”
guys all began to approach the, now diaper positioned Joel, with
their pitchforks aimed towards his uplifted bottom.
yelled Joel, please don’t!! …. I’m sorry”
late kid!” replied Ash as he jabbed at Joel’s behind with his fork
“We are gonna’ stick you like a little piggy!”
that the laughing farm hands began to jab at Joel with their forks.
This was not the first time they had punished a lazy or careless
ranch hand in this way, and although they were all now quite pissed
with Joel, they had no intention of injuring him, or drawing any
blood, just to make his already very sore bottom hurt even more, and
to put Joel through a little more, in their view, well deserved,
discomfort and humiliation. 
yelled Joel as Ash’s fork jabbed into his left butt cheek, pricking
his now very tender skin. Meanwhile Braden and Jareth pricked his
right butt cheek with their forks, causing Joel to yell again
jabs were relativity gentle, compared to what muscular young men
wealding sharp objects could inflict, but because Joel’s bottom was
now so over-sensitive that the jabs hurt like fire.
stood back a little, laughing as he watched his fellow ranch hands
jabbing at Joel. Then suddenly an idea struck him. Pulling a pair of
thick leather gloves from his pocket, and left the barn, and returned
moments later carrying a bunch of stinging nettles he had pulled from
where they grew, next to the fence outside.
guys” he said “I’ve had a better idea. We can really whack him
with these!”
guys all cheered with glee, as they each grabbed a hand full of
stinging nettles from Hadley’s bunch
yeah!” Laughed Ash, “this will really give him a sting in the
group then set about beating Joel with the stinging nettles, with all
the enthusiasm of a festival crowd attacking a Piñata, knowing that,
unlike the pitchforks, they could now really punish the cute blonde
jerk’s deserving bottom, making sure it would sting for hours without
causing lasting damage.
all, as Ash said later, “you should never break toys which you plan
to play with again ,
so called diaper position was not only humiliating, but it ensured
that Joel’s most private and tender areas were totally exposed and
vulnerable, and the guys took full advantage of that exposure and
screamed and yelled in pain and outrage as the fiery tingling and
burning caused of the cruel nettles spread across his butt cheeks and
upper thighs livening up the tenderness and hypersensitivity
resulting from the earlier spankings, until each stinging swat burned
like a red hot coal.
bottom would sting for hours, and this was just the start, Joel’s
time in the country would be long and uncomfortable.

Nettle Punishment

Aiden Hunter was so arrogant he believed that he could ignore restriction and that things like “No Entry” signs did apply to him.  So one day when he was out training and passed a “Private Property – No Trespassing” sign, be disregarded it and ran on through.

This was a big mistake, as he discovered moments later when the rancher caught him tied him up and spent the rest of the afternoon punishing Aiden’s tender bare butt and puckering virgin anus with some stinging nettles.  

Greg and Mike’s backwoods adventure

I am sorry I have been away for so long unfortunately I have not had time to create much recently, however, I will be back soon. Meanwhile I thought you might enjoy this story, which I started to create over 10 years ago, around the time I was first experimenting with PhotoShop (so, sorry if some of the images are a bit wobbly)
Greg and Mike’s Backwoods adventure

Two stepbrothers, Greg and Mike are traveling across America in their Dad’s new sports Car, when the car breaks down on a lonely road in the middle of the Appalachian mountains ..
Big blond and handsome 19 year old, Greg, is straight and not very bright, his 18 year old step brother Mike is gay and secretly has the hots for Greg. 

The sports car isn’t going anywhere, so the boys decide they will have to walk to the nearest town ….


They take what they think is a shortcut through the woods, but soon get hopelessly lost …

Greg snags his shorts on a branch tearing the seat off and revealing his bare butt

At the same time he drops the bag containing both of the brother’s clothes into the canyon below, where it is swept away by a river

As Mike is only carrying food and all their clothes are now lost , Greg will have to remain bare butt for the rest of the trip 
This rather amuses Mike, and maybe turns him on a little, but he tries not to show it

The boys carry on through the woods

Greg’s cute bare butt is on full display at all times
Mike takes every opportunity to enjoy the view

Still lost deep in the woods, Greg decides to climb a tree in the hope of spotting civilisation


This was not Greg’s lucky day, his foot slipped and he fell from the tree 
hurtling towards the ground

Landing on his bare bottom in a patch of stinging nettles
As Greg yelled in pain, and Mike ran to his assistance, the step brothers were unaware that they were being watched

In an effort to cool the sting in his nettle stung behind, Greg stripped naked and dived into a river.  Mike undressed and followed him.

After a long hot walk the step brothers enjoyed their swim

Still unaware they were being watched

When the boys return to the woods to retrieve their clothes, they find themselves surrounded by men with guns.
Captured by a family of outlaw hillbillies

The boys are led through the woods with their hands tied behind their backs.  One of the men repeatedly whacks Greg’s bare butt with a stick

They eventually reach open ground

Where they are tied face down over the back of a horse

The men begin the journey back to their ranch with their frightened captives.

Two of the men amuse themselves by beating Greg and Mike’s upturned bare bottoms.

This frightens the horse which then bolts

The horse runs down a shallow creek, where the overhanging branches whip the unlucky lads’ bare bottoms

The frightened horse gallops on as the trees continue lashing the boys behinds

By the time the horse slows down Greg’s and Mike’s butts are stinging red and sore.

Finally the horse trots up to the Hillbilly ranch with the boys still over its back ……