The Sting Of The City (Part 1)

The Sting of The City

the “Sting of the Jungle” series
had been a long flight across the Atlantic, during which Boy had not
made himself popular with the flight crew as he bounded around inside
of the aircraft, hanging from, the luggage lockers, constantly
demanding food, which he insisted on eating with his fingers, and
occasionally trying to peer up the female flight attendants’ skirts.
to the intense excitement of Boy, and the relief of his fellow
passengers the plane finally landed at John F Kennedy airport in New

had surprisingly little difficulty getting through customs and
immigration control. This was possibly due to the fact that his
loincloth was so short he was self evidently not smuggling anything,
and, by coincidence the staff on duty were either females or gay
males, all of whom were enchanted by his golden haired good looks and
had not had the opportunity to experience his less attractive
character traits.

had convincingly claimed that he was visiting relatives in New York
and would be returning to the jungle in a few weeks, and, although he
had no idea where his US relatives lived and had no intention of ever
returning to Africa, he had been believed and let through.
it was not long before he was walking into the arrivals lounge,
excitedly anticipating starting his new life in America, free of all
the jungle creatures, which all seemed intent on stinging his bottom.
Thrilled by his liberation, Boy at first failed to notice the
interest his near naked appearance was causing to those around him.
Dressed in nothing more than a skimpy loincloth, Boy certainly stood
out from the crowd.
although some may have been shocked by his lack of clothing, for the
majority of observers his toned and athletic young body was an
unexpected site which engendered more feelings of admiration and lust
than disapproval.
no US dollars to pay for a taxi, Boy had a long bare foot walk before
he eventually arrived in the city, and it was only then that he began
to notice the attention his appearance was causing. As he walked down
the street he suddenly realised that people were stopping to stare at
him, which made him feel uncomfortable and very exposed by comparison
with everyone else.
by his discomfort, and unfamiliar with navigating city streets Boy
accidentally stepped into the road and jumped with a start as a
yellow cab almost hit him and it flashed past blaring it’s horn.
second cab, passing in the other direction actually brushed against
him, it’s side mirror catching his loincloth and tearing it from him
as it passed.
of a sudden Boy was totally naked standing in the middle of a crowded
New York street, surrounded, by people all staring, pointing and
laughing at him. 

Crushed by embarrassment, Boy clamped his hands
over his exposed groin, but could not cover his bare bottom, which
was now on full display.

his jungle training came back to save him, with three huge bounds,
over the roofs of passing cars, he grabbed the side of a building,
and like the, ape trained, boy he was, began swiftly and deftly
climbing up the side of the towering structure.
and up the side of the skyscraper he climbed, his well practised feet
and fingers finding tiny footholds in the seemingly sheer surface
until he was almost in the clouds, however, heights were no problem
for Boy, who had spent much of his time in the jungle canopy, he was
just happy to be out of the sight of the crowds below.
finally reached a penthouse roof garden at the top of one of the
towers where the foliage, albeit in large wooden plant boxes, gave
him a sense of home and security where he could hide from this
strange, clothes wearing world he had landed in.
behind a low wall, he peered over the edge watching city life rushing
on below him, and decided to wait for nightfall, when darkness would
enable him to hide from people as he hunted for some means of
covering his naked body.
course, unlike the jungle, night in the city did not bring darkness,
if anything the lights from the streets and buildings made it even
brighter than daylight.
Boy knew that he could not stay in his eyrie forever, and that he had
to scavenge for clothes and food, so eventually he began a careful
descent from the top of the building, climbing down the back of the
structure, where there was less direct light.
reaching the ground he kept to the shadows and dark alleyways, until
he reached an empty side street leading off a larger street
consisting mainly of shops, which, as the shops were now closed, was
considerably less crowded than elsewhere in the city.
crept down the street fascinated by the array of clothes on sale,
until he saw, what he assumed to be, a very smart light grey designer
suit, which looked as it was in his size. The suit was similar to one
he had seen in a picture in an in flight magazine he had read on the
flight over.
the picture, the man in the suit had been surrounded by beautiful and
scantily clad women all gazing adoringly at him. Perhaps owning a
similar suit could gain Boy similar adoration from equally hot
later the shop window shattered as a garbage bin, which boy had
easily broken free of it’s attachment to a nearby lamp post, smashed
through it. Boy jumped into the window, deftly avoiding the broken
glass, and quickly stripped the suit from the mannequin, before also
grabbing a shirt, tie and shoes which were also on display.
the stolen clothes under his arm, Boy sprinted off into the night.
he had clothes and with his innate guile and good looks, it did not
take Boy long to find a room in a shared apartment with a middle aged
man called Wesley Ritter, who was prepared to wait for the rent, if
he could watch boy showering. Boy thought this odd, but assumed it
was a “city folk thing”, and went along with it in exchange for
somewhere to live.
addition to housing Boy on the promise of future rent, Wesley used
his contacts to get Boy a job in brokerage firm in Lower Manhattan,
which was how Boy was to start his brief, and ill fated, career in
high finance.
himself as Guy, and wearing his stolen grey suit, Boy, with his
handsome blonde looks, and boyish charm was initially welcomed warmly
by his fellow workmates, especially with the females and gay men.
it was not long before the less attractive side the Boy’s character
began to show itself. Free from the moderating influence of Tarzan’s
firm, hard. hand and even harder paddle, it was not long before Boy’s
arrogant, selfish and downright nasty behaviour had totally alienated
his co-workers.
bad behaviour extended to his leisure hours, when he wasn’t pursuing
women at city bars and nightclubs, he was using his jungle learned
athletic prowess to bully and humiliate weaker and less able people.
Being almost totally self interested, Boy did not realise how
unpopular he was making himself.
those who had originally welcomed “Guy” warmly, but soon learned
better were Marc Temple and Kamil (Kam) Nowak, two gay men who, after
having met through work had recently moved together. Being gay, Marc
and Kam had initially been delighted by the newcomer’s handsome
appearance and athletic young body, however, this did not last long,
and they soon developed a strong dislike for their new co-worker,
albeit, while still considering him totally hot.
also soon realised that Guy was up to no good, as he was clearly
spending far more money than he could possibly be earning. Kam
worked in the firm’s IT department, so he was able to view Guy’s
computer records and discover that the young villain was syphoning
company funds into his own bank account.
cried Marc when Kam showed him the evidence “Now we get to teach
that jerk a lesson!!
smiled Kam, he is going to get what he deserves!”


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  1. Oh, how exciting! I can't wait for a new chapter. I'm betting by the end of it all Boy will be wishing for Tarzan's gentle ministrations 😈 And climbing Trump Tower lol. Please don't tell me someone as unsexy as Dump is going to be turning up 😂

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