The Shaman’s Revenge – Part 11

O’Rourke was doing his daily training, as a conscientious youth he
trained for at least two hours every day, whatever the weather.
Coach had told him that if he continued training he could be entered
for the state championships, after which the possibilities were
endless for a dedicated and ambitious young athlete like Bobby.
Bobby was determined to succeed, to represent his state and maybe
even his country, and make his family proud in the process.
family were already proud of him, for it was not only at athletics
that he excelled, he had studied hard in class and had earned a
scholarship to the college, where hw was proving himself to be a star
pupil in many ways. It was widely believed that Bobby had a bight
future ahead of him.
has already run for over ten miles when he reached a road junction
leading to Main Street. It was there that he noticed old Mrs Rush
with her walking cane, nervously hovering on the edge of the street,
apparently awaiting an opportunity to cross. 
 Bobby knew the elderly
lady, who was an acquaintance of his grandmother’s, had poor eyesight
so he rushed to her side, and after taking care not to alarm her, he
reassuringly took hold of her arm and kindly assisted her crossing,
whilst at the same time signalling to oncoming traffic to be patient
whilst Mrs Rush made her unsteady crossing.
they were safely on the other side of the road, Bobby waved away the
old lady’s words of gratitude, wished her good day and continued on
his way .
was safe to say that, in Bobby O’Rourke you could not wish to find a
nineteen year old athlete who was less like Jordan Draper, except,
of course, in one regard, Like Jordan, Bobby was a very handsome
young man. (He would not have earned his place in Sore Bottomed Guys
were he not)
he had to study for an examination, Bobby turned off the street and
cut through an alleyway behind some apartment buildings just in time
to hear the distant sound of breaking glass.
he ran down the alleyway, Bobby noticed two young boys running
towards him. He look little notice of them, until, as they passed
him, one of the boys tossed the soccer ball he was carrying towards
him and called out as he ran past “Here buddy!” he said “Look
after this”.
by surprise, Bobby instinctively caught the ball as it flew towards.
Bemused, he stopped running, and still holding the ball, turned to
watch the boys disappearing into the distance.
was then that a loud voice with a distinct East European accent rang
out behind him “I haff warmed you brats one hundred times not to
play your silly football games here!”
turned to see an elderly gentleman with a bright red face glowering
at him furiously. “I beg your pardon Sir ….?!” he said
haff not my pardon you damn American vandal!
” roared the old
man “You haff broke my window with your silly ball ……I haff
warned you what would happen
” the elderly man was shaking with
fury as he spoke “You vill pay for this brat! And you vill not
like it!
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me Sir!” replied Bobby trying as hard as he could to calm the old
man. “You are mistaken, I did not break any windows, I have only
just arrived…..!”
not lie to me you vandal!
” the old man snarled “You think
I am a stupid old man, your guilt is before my eyes, you are holding
the silly ball in your hands! How dare you lie to me, you vil pay
twice …. ten fold, you vill pay for that!!”
looked down and saw that he was still holding the ball which the
young boy had tossed to him “b…but …I..” he stammered
attempting to explain
exploded the elderly and furious man “Get out of here, or you
will pay even more dearly!
to obey his elders and anxious not to upset the elderly gentleman,
who appeared close to a seizure, even more than he already was, Bobby
did as he was told, he put down the ball and looked at the old man
“Goodbye Sir!” he said “I hope you get your window fix….!”
snarled Goran, for it was he “Get out of here are you vill pay
even more than you already vill, your little brat bottom vill pay!!

obeyed instantly, and ran off down the down the alley way, the old
man’s words still echoing in his head.
was still thinking about the elderly gentleman’s threats to his
“little brat bottom” as he turned into the park, as a further
detour on his way home, until his attention was was caught by the a
plaintive meowing sound from above him. He looked up and saw a
kitten sitting on the branch of a tree he was passing. The poor
creature had obviously climbed up the tree, but was now stuck and
unable to get down.
Bobby’s many admirable qualities, he was an animal lover, and it was
not in his nature to leave a helpless creature in distress.
worry little Buddy!!” he called “I will come and get you!”
a further thought, Bobby climbed up onto the first branch which was a
few feet below the kitten and began clambering along that branch in
order to get to a place where he could reach the kitten. 
was then that he heard a loud ripping noise, he looked back over
shoulder and saw, to his immense annoyance, that his tight running
shorts had snagged on a small branch a,d the whole of the seat had
been ripped away, exposing his bare white bottom to the world.
… Drat!” murmured Bobby stifling a cuss”how am I supposed to
get home like this?” he was the aware of an even more perplexing
problem, for some reason he could not move from the position he was
I. He could move his arms and kick his legs, but it was as if his
firm muscular young stomach was glued to the branch. This was all
very weird!
loud buzzing sound announced a most unwelcome arrival in the form of
a the biggest hornet Bobby had ever seem, which was heading straight
towards his exposed and upturned bottom like some form precision
guided missile. The hornet landed squarely in the centre of Bobby’s
vulnerable rump, its thin gripping legs on either side of the cleft
between the cheeks, jabbed it’s stinger into the tender and tightly
sloping flesh between the magnificent pearly white globes of his his
19 year old behind, and ejected a sting of truly agonizing strength,
sending a pure white hot bolt of pain deep into Bobby’s rear.
let out an agonized howl of pain which echoed round the empty park
and again just managed to stifle back the worse swear word he knew.
Why on earth had a dumb insect done that? 
look back and to his mounting horror, saw a second hornet buzzing
towards their chosen target, seemingly with the same intention as its
earlier comrade. Bobby struggled frantically, but still he could not
move from the branch or escape.
he yelled “Help me …. Please help!!
cries for help, though ear piercing, were not loud enough to reach
the Draper home, but even if they had they would have been downed out
by the loud whacks and yelps of pain which were flooding out onto the
street. It the middle of the room, Me Draper was swinging his shiny
new wooden paddle, and gift he had received from his new friend and
neighbour Caleb Tartarus, the Ranger, and bringing it down with
repeated loud WHACKS! On Jordan’s now very red bottom, as his naked
son bent over in front of him.
comfortably on the sofa, was Ranger Tartarus, a grin of satisfaction
on his face. Having dragged the reluctant Jordan back from the
hospital, and informed his father of the boy’s exploits, he was sure
that Mr Draper’s new paddle would be seeing a lot of action over the
next few weeks and months.
were working out just as the were supposed to.
that day, Tartarus took a stroll round the Town, he was just
beginning to enjoy his visit there, and certainly did not want to
leave just yet. It had been a very long time since he he had been
called back from that deep are fiery place where had been dwelling,
to carry out the wishes of those who had summons him, and he had
almost forgotten how much fun it was.
he reached Capsaicin College, he made his way though a narrow gap by
the changing room, and the sight that met him served to re-enforce is
wish to stay in town.
Hunter was another member of the swimming team, and although not as
accomplished a swimmer as Jordan, was not less physically appealing.
Another trait which the handsome Taylor share with Jordan was that
his attractive appearance did not reflect his personality, at that
was significantly less appealing. At that moment Taylor was in the
act of leaving a strikingly unfriendly, and some might say somewhat
hateful message for the team coach, Thor Amundsen.
it was, again, such a hot day, Taylor was wearing nothing except a
pair of skimpy yellow cotton shorts, which clung most enticingly to
to curves on the lad’s bubble cheeked bottom. Tartarus’s eyes
travelled down Taylor’s back, and rested on the seat of those thin
cotton short. His lips curled into a cruel grin. “Yes” he
murmured to himself, I think I will stay around for a while longer!” 
The Shaman had conjured up dark forces to carry out his revenge, but as
others have found before him, once they are called, the powers
unleashed create ripples which have a wider impact than just on their
intended target.
Shaman’s Revenge is not going away.

11 Replies to “The Shaman’s Revenge – Part 11”

  1. Bruce you are spoiling us with posts!!!! I love the recent cocky young knight and this new one magnificent! I will always love a cocky bad boy comeuppance scenario but there is something quite delicious about a goody two shoes holier than thou Boy Scout being humiliated.

  2. Variety in targets is always welcome! Since "the bad news for men's behinds" is spreading to more than the just the intended victim, maybe some more manly men may be caught up in it. I've always loved my guys 25+ with facial hair. I've found the guys you've had dealing out the punishment way more attractive than the young'ens receiving it. Great stuff as always and loving all of it!

  3. Bruce, I love this creative spurt you're on! Much like the Anonymous poster, I always like seeing a hot but naughty guy get what he deserves, but I have a certain button that gets pushed by a hot guy just being unlucky, and getting his rear roasted through no fault of his own. I hope the Shaman isn't through with poor Bobby! And please don't leave Colby's delightful derriere unattended for too long!

    I'm kind of intrigued by the relationship between the Shaman and the Demon, who are appearing to work independently of each other. Is the Shaman even aware of the Demon's existence? Since it was his magic that conjured the Demon forth, does the Shaman have any control over the Demon? Or is Ranger Tartarus free to do whatever he wants and leave at his leisure? I realize this might be a bit too in the weeds for what's essentially a framing device to show us hot guys getting their butts spanked, but I just wanted you to know I'm enjoying the non-naked aspects of the story as well, and wouldn't mind a little more fleshing out there. And if you could throw in a guy or two getting spanked in his tighty-whities, I wouldn't say no to that either!

    Love it all, as always, Bruce! Hope you stay as inspired for awhile! Wouldn't mind getting spoiled on frequent posts! Later!

  4. Thanks for reporting this possible Terms of Service violation. We will examine it soon and take action as necessary.

  5. Truly awesome and much appreciated as always. The "innocent bystander" getting it right in the butt is a slapstick classic!

    Young Taylor has a delicious backside just asking for it, and Chase Colby still has it coming as well. Looking forward to more punished posteriors in the next update.

  6. I just re-read all of this story and, having read it all together, I'm just mesmerized by how well-thought out the plot is and how both hilarious and sexy Jordan’s unfortunate adventures are. Not only are you a fantastic artist, Bruce, creating all these great pictures, you are also a great storyteller weaving the pictures together in an intriguing story.

    So, I’m really looking forward to when you have the time and inspiration to return to The Shaman’s Revenge and hope that you will be able to see it all the way to a satisfying end. One thing that I’m particularly looking forward to and hoping will happen is Jordan’s two greatest tormentors, Coach Amundsen and Caleb Tartarus, teamng up to deliver some especially sore bottoms to Jordan and the other youngsters in the town.

    An idea I have is that it would be fun if Coach Amundsen took the school athletes out on a camping trip together with the town’s new ranger. The opportunities with nettles, campfires, teaching the kids how to tie knots… It would be great fun for everyone except Jordan, Bobby O’Rourke and Taylor Hunter. Jordan, I’d assume, would probably try to run off, only to get his butt stung on an electric fence he tries to climb then finding he climbed into a pasture filled with angry rams…

    1. Hi Feinstein

      Thanks very much for your kind comments, I am really glad you enjoyed re-reading the story, it was fun to write and it is great to know that readers also found it fun.

      Sorry there has been another delay in production, but I hope to get back to it very soon.


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